Community Livestream – Ask Us Anything 2: The Sequel (Jan 18)

Another content packed weekly Community Livestream is this Friday January 18 at 4 PM CT on Twitch!

After such positive response from our last couple of AMAs we are doing another one! Post your questions below or in Twitch chat during the stream and Chris “Atos” Spears and Starr “Darkstarr” Long will do their best to answer as many as they can. We may also show off some content coming up in Release 62 if there is time.

This is the sixth Friday to earn the Release 61 Dark Winter stretch goals (in honor of Krampus) by making a purchase or by participating in the Rewards program!

  • ACHIEVED $10K: Black Ice Wings
  • ACHIEVED $25K: Black Ice Building Blocks Set
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  • $150K: Icy Dungeon Cathedral Room
  • $170K: Icy Dungeon Hallway Set

As usual we will be giving out prizes at 4:15 and 4:45! To be eligible all you need to do is either make any purchase in the store or log into the game and type “Its Cold Outside” in the chat window (no purchase necessary).

Watch on Twitch this Friday at 4 PM CDT

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  1. Worfgar

    What does monster “con” color indicate? Is the monster easier to hit when it turns green vs yellow? Do I have a greater chance to dodge the monster’s hits?
    Skinning: Does higher level field dressing affect the chances of a dragon head to drop in loot?

  2. twofoldsilencetwofoldsilence

    Q1) Since performance has increased enough to allow Row Lot owners to have empty lots would it be possible to allow all home owners to remove the wooden window shutters on their houses completely, as I really have no interest in the window shutters whether they’re open or not.

    Q2) Will we be able to eventually buy / upgrade Tax Free Lots from the new in-game Crown Shop Interface or from individual Crown Merchants.

    Q3) Would you guys consider adding Above Ground Coral Reef Houses to go with the awesome Fish Head Masks, because all of SotA’s soon to be fish men need familiar houses to live in.

  3. NickNick

    Now that we have dungeons going downwards, can we do a reverse and build a castle (or big house) going upwards?
    ie. castle rooms and hallway packs to build our own castles.

    1. NickNick

      2. We know the team has limited bandwidth. Is there anything that we players can contribute to help?

  4. PerashimPerashim


    1. Will the more xp expensive summons like the Daemon be more powerful than the other summons since it costs over 7 million to raise to level 100?

    2. How far down the year is the Chaos tree rebalance?

    3. Is it possible that the Death tree will be getting a zombie/skeletal wyvern/dragon summon in the future?

    4. How much more will the increased effectiveness from Undead Mastery affect the Death tree summons?

    5. Could the Enlightenment skill be combined with the Lich Fighter skill to make a Summon Lich Mage skill?

  5. Simon LeBonSimon LeBon

    With the forthcoming ability to upgrade deeds in-game for crowns. Will this apply to:

    (1) Tax free deeds? Example… a tax free row lot upgraded to a tax free village lot?
    (2) Upgrade from taxed to tax free? Example… a taxed POT row lot upgraded to a tax free POT row lot?
    (3) Upgrade from POT to Place Anywhere?
    (4) Upgrade from Land lot to Water lot?

  6. PerashimPerashim

    Will people with enough levels in their magic specialization be able to have more than one summon of that tree out?

    Will there be Death skills that reanimate more than one undead at a time?

  7. TazarTazar

    Is there any information on the Recipe/Blueprint for the Owl’s Head Sewer Lich Room that appears to have never dropped over the past few releases? Will the mystery be solved on it so that it is finally available?

  8. ElnothElnoth

    Could we get an update on the printed “Blade of the Avatar” book from the original pledge rewards. How is the progress going with printing this inhouse?

  9. XeeXee

    1. Can we have the ability to reskin Artifacts?
    2. Can we Get Dungeon stairs for the other types Blue/Green/Anc. stone types so they match.
    3. Can we get Polymorph potions that randomly change you into an existing game creature for fluff. Just like that of the growth and shrink potions. Also on this same question can we have the time increased to 30 min on these potions as they are for roleplay and go away anyway when you zone.

    1. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

      Yea I have a full armor set I’d like to wear but I’m forced to use my cabalist hood since I can’t reskin it.

  10. ArcanoxerArcanoxer

    Q: How many new unique overworld scenes are planned for Episode 2?
    Q: Will there be new Music for Episode 2?

  11. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

    Question 1: Lord British, can you please respond to my tweet of the 31st of December proclaiming my completion of the Episode 1 Quests and obtaining my Shroud? :)

    Question 2: What is the level of effort that would be required to put Mannequins for Armor and Clothing display in-game, and why is it so high?

    Question 3: What were the skies like when you were young?

  12. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

    When will we get our moon and sun skill you talked about was coming from last year?

    When will we see the new mega dungeon and is it forced pvp or totally avoidable?

    What’s the current status of factions and bugs? ( where are we in the design and implication phase)

  13. Antrax ArtekAntrax Artek

    Q: Any news about the much requested faction system? This could also help to solve the problem of friendly fire in clashes with teams of 8+ players.

    Q: Can we expect some love/meaning to the “rolling system” in the next release? (I mean the roll that the character performs when you double tap a movement key)

    Q: Any chance to give to players the ability to hide wands? For aesthetic and rp purposes many players would like to cast spells from their hands.

  14. DhanasDhanas

    – Any news about the long postponed castle sieges?
    – Any imminent plan to improve Ardoris and Owl’s Head Castle Arenas (Team PVP Instances)?
    – Any news about queue system? can we expect to see it in the next release?

  15. GushinexGushinex

    Would you ever consider adding an advance recipe for GM’s to create a consumable that would remove an enchantment failure / masterwork failure from an item, removing the durability penalty to allow the crafter another chance to get a successful enchant? Call it “correct flaws” or “unravel mistake.” mats for the consumable could still be high expense or rare (unicorn blood for example) to prevent over use.

  16. OmnedonOmnedon

    Q1: is there any plan to ever implement “chat bubbles” over our toon’s when speaking in person?

    Q2: is there a way to get RL pets immortalized in game in a town? I’m coming up on 1 year anniversary of my cat passing and it would be awesome to see him , even if it’s only his “avatar”!

    Q3: thank you @darkstarr for answering my question about the world being a shard or the prime one last time.. however.. I found the answer to have been a bit “chaotic”, and left me with more questions..
    I’m trying to figure out the fiction/history.. while there’s plenty of evidence that this is Britannia/Sosaria approx 500 years after the Guardian.. there’s also some evidence that this is a completely different/parallel world. So, my question: Has Novia always just been the only one world, or was is once upon a time split into other worlds?

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