NEW DATE: Release 64 Livestream – April 12, 2019 (Dark Spring)

The Release 64 Livestream is now set for Friday April 12! All Avatars from around the world are welcome to join us in the livestream activities. We will be doing deep dives, answering questions, handing out prizes, and tracking towards stretch goals. To celebrate Spring and the arrival of the Envy Angel our theme for Release 64 is Dark Spring!


Monthly livestreams are on Twitch and include answers to your gameplay questions, deep dives, prize giveaways, and more! Here is the schedule:

  • 3 PM: Introductions
  • 3:30 PM: Easter Egg Tour (tour of hidden things and pop culture references)
  • 4:15 PM: Easter Egg Hunt (see below)
  • 5 PM: Ending Announcements


We are going to have our very first Easter Egg Hunt!

To participate in the contest search the game for Public Cache Chests with Easter Eggs hidden in them. If you find Eggs named “Easter Egg Hunt 5th Prize”, “Easter Egg 4th Prize”, etc. then you have won! Once you have found the prize eggs then you will need to find List Rostov (Vas Corp Por in the forums) or Atos in Hometown and turn in your prize eggs to claim your prize! Note that some chests will have miscellaneous prizes including confections, crowns, and regular eggs.

UPDATED with Winners:

  • 1st: Player Owned Town Village Lot Property Deed (digital)
    • Kal Knightwolf
  • 2nd: Hollow Log Two-Story Village House (digital)
    • Mandalar
  • 3rd: Elven Guard Tower (digital)
    • Silently
  • 4th: Ornate Elven Furniture Set
    • Molly Jaal
  • 5th: Royal Elven Longbow
    • Naid
  • Runners Up: White Rabbit Mask
    • Gwendolyn Obscuro
    • Zadien
    • Ironfish Warhammer
    • Veno Qorlan
    • Andrew Knightowl
    • Trufall Selarts
    • Dundrum
    • Araminis Darkblade
    • Ashyeena Marsh


As a special bonus, we are offering funding rewards to any player that makes a minimum purchase of $5 during Release 64. In honor of Spring and the arrival of our newest seasonal boss, The Envy Angel, our theme is Dark Spring!

All webstore purchases during the Release will count towards the stretch goals, not just the two hours of the livestream! Also participation in the Rewards Program counts towards our stretch goal totals!

  • ACHIEVED! $15K: Flower Hairpiece
  • ACHIEVED! $30K: Dark Leaf Spear
  • ACHIEVED! $45K: Flower Bed
  • $60K: Dark Thorn Wand & Dark Thorn 1H Sword
  • $75K: Redthorn (Shardfall Plant) Decoration Pack
  • $90K: Dark Thorn Mace & Dark Leaf Shield
  • $105K: Cenote Player Dungeon Room (open to sky with water and plants)
  • $125K: Dark Thorn 2H Sword and Dark Thorn Staff

*Please keep in mind that stretch goal rewards take time to develop and will most likely not be available until Release 67 at the earliest. We will keep you updated!


We will be giving prizes away on an hourly basis with many being given away multiple times. Enter for a chance to win a prize by either logging into the game and typing “Dark Spring has Sprung” into chat OR by purchasing any item from our store during the livestream!

  • Black Butterfly Mask (digital)
  • Wedding Dress (digital)
  • Wedding Tuxedo (digital)
  • Tall White Floral Box Hedge Fence (digital)
  • Ornate Elven Planting Beds Set (digital)
  • Storefront Greenhouse Four-Story Row Home


We will be answering questions throughout the livestream, so submit them in the comments section below or in Twitch Chat during the event.

Watch @ShroudofAvatar updates throughout the day of the livestream. See you on Twitch!


  1. EchondasEchondas

    FYI – you folks should probably change this to mention Vas Corp Por’s in-game name is List Rostov – so people know to look for the right character name.

  2. SpinokSpinok

    Question: 1)Can we please have some PVP zones to be adjusted to tier 10 ? For example Paladis shardfalls ? 2) As a POT owner of Guild POT, can you pls give us the ability to collect the taxes automatically from the residents(for sure if it not hard to implement) 3) Kobold king house in the Swamps has VERY cool mechanic(different buffs to NPC), could you pls expand this into other locations as well ?

  3. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

    QUESTION: Can we please get an update on the status of the physical copies of “Shroud of the Avatar?”


    Can the designer retain the original special features of the items that have been broken into patterns? The extra effect of the item is normal, as it may have been just a piece of clothing, and all attributes are added by enchantment or masterwork or made tools. However, some special clothes, they will shine, it is not any additional effect, it will shine when it is the most common clothes, so it should be kept unique except for dismantling, otherwise Those items will always be placed on the display. The light will not affect the balance of the game. Its appearance is originally to reward the players who support you the first time. What’s more, apart from the dismantling, I don’t know that all of this can’t be replied, even a little hint. I hope that at least they will have a chance to recover, or continue to emit the moving light after becoming a pattern. In fact, after the headset was removed, I heard that it can maintain its function.

  5. Belladonna RoseBelladonna Rose

    Question: Is there anyway that lights can be place at the exit of the Mine cart foyer. Its pretty dark walking up that ramp to the door. I have seen folks with candles there but I cannot get any to place there. This should of been something built in at the door.

  6. OmnedonOmnedon

    1: The Episode 2 isles to the north look like a Serpent.. what are the called?

    2: Are we going to get stair pieces for various dungeons?

    3: What’s a paladin?

  7. OmnedonOmnedon

    4: Since you guys are steaming from home, are you wearing pants during the live stream?

  8. John MarkusJohn Markus

    QOL Questions:
    1. On “Items to give” Quest item delivery dialog, can we click on bright blue item name to automatically apply filter ?
    2. When crafting, can we add filter to only show recipes that are craftable with current inventory ?

      1. John MarkusJohn Markus

        Normal question:
        1. Can dungeon corridor and stairs have end plates attached to either end, so that you do not see through into the nether when you connect corridors of differing ceiling heights ?

  9. AncevAncev

    Question: any chance the in-game mail notification can appear on the enter world (resume/start on world map) screen after you’ve entered your username and pw? That way if I’m just checking to see if I have mail I don’t have to log completely into the game?

    Question: since there wont be custom designed POT maps anymore, can we go through some of the existing dynamic maps and clean them up a bit? in forest02 there’s a rocky area where the ankh is, and it’s not particularly attractive. Loc: (120.009, 41.778, -99.789) Loc: (259.492, 45.25, -92.428) or maybe a rock removal tool..?

    Question: Any thoughts on adding mounts to the game for episode 2 and eliminating the stretch goal? might being more players in. If not, how about a horse and wagon deco object. on the stretch goal page. If you put it inside of a POT the horse & wagon warps you to the nearest ‘Local Destinations’ sign post?

  10. Warrior B'PatrickWarrior B'Patrick

    Greetings, my questions concern Player Owned Towns.

    Q1: will we be able to move out Nested POT (With service token) to the new lands as soon as they are reveled?
    Q1: Will there be any POT larger than we have already (Player Owned Municipality)?
    Q3: I enjoyed the “Community Spotlight – ” that Berek did. Any chance someone can start this back up to show off the New/Relocated Towns?

    Thank you for your teams creativity and constant new content.

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