Richard Garriott and SotA Demo at RoosterTeeth eXpo!

Roosteteeth_lgbb Richard “Lord British” Garriott talks about the next generation of Game Development, The power of Crowd-sourcing, and play though a Demo of our latest progress on Shroud of the Avatar at RTX 2013.  If you missed the presentation, you can catch up right here!


  1. tradyblix

    Demo looked really impressive. Everything I’m hearing and seeing is what I’m looking for in a RPG. Can’t wait to explore New Britannia !

  2. Overt EnemyOvert Enemy

    Missed it due to due to technical issues. *waits patiently for someone to post it somewhere*

  3. FireLotusFireLotus Post author

    I’ve added the archive video of the entire presentation to our YouTube channel and embedded it above. Enjoy! :)

  4. Cos

    D’oh! The header should say “Rooster” not “Rosster”.
    Also, very cool presentation. I eagerly await future developments. :)

  5. timedilation

    Demo looks awesome so far! Keep up the great work. I love the direction you guys are going with everything- sandboxy with ability to be what you want and do want you want, minimalist UI with emphasis on immersion, a system that encourages discovery/exploration (Conversation w/NPCs being a prime example), etc.

  6. Shades2585

    I watched the Rooster Teeth demo and was impressed. What I like most was the conversation aspect. This got me thinking about accents.
    I posted my thought in the Developer Depot forum under
    “Writing with an accent?”.

    I would love to hear your feedback.

    Thank and Keep up the Great Work! :D

  7. Gunga Din [Pax]

    What happened to the planned statue of me in front of Firelotus tavern?????

  8. MatherynMatheryn

    Wow im really impressed with the demo and any reservations I had with the 2d 3d model scaling just went right out the window as that demo looks fantastic im really happy and now really eager to play sota

    @gunga din – I don’t think they will be putting anyones statue infront of firelotus’s tavern as it would be bias and unfair to anyone else unless you were joking


  9. Navi1106

    As a former GM in Ultima let me just say this makes me so happy, and I can’t wait for the game.

  10. jacerjacer

    I went to your panel at RTX this year and loved the presentation. Can’t wait to see more and to be able to actually play SoTA!

  11. DeliverenceDeliverence

    Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from this game but after seeing that trailer I’m both relieved and blown away buy it.

    I’m now really looking forward to this and understand what all the fuss is about you’ve really created something special here most excellent work.

    I’ll certainly be upgrading my pledge when I can.

    Thanks for the reveal and all your hard work.

  12. NamodiasNamodias

    I was so excited to see the progress made on the game in this demo :). thx for the hard work LB and team!

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