Community Spotlight ~ Cave Fables: An Unofficial Writing Contest

Greetings Community and welcome to the latest edition of the Community Spotlight!  One of our very talented users, grnarrow (who has also submitted some awesome art assets) is holding an an unofficial contest for aspiring writers and fans of storytelling.  His goal is to generate a series of fables for The Dev Team to collect and put in a book called “Cave Fables” that will tentatively show up somewhere in-game! These fables would be ones that would have been written during the time that humans who survived the cataclysm were forced to live underground.  Here is a sample written by grnarrow:

The Mouse and the Toad

There was a mouse and a toad who lived near each other in the same cave complex. Each day when the mouse went out to forage for food he returned carrying not only food, but also a rock, which he deposited in his cave. When the toad, sitting in his own cave, would see the mouse pass by carrying a rock, he would call out and make fun of the mouse. “Why do you waste your time and energy carrying rocks? Silly mouse, we are surrounded by rock!” The mouse ignored the jibes of his neighbor and continued to collect a rock on every trip. One day a cry went up across the cave complex, “Weasels have entered the caves! We are under attack!“ The mouse ran into his cave and pushed the rocks he had collected up against the entrance, sealing himself in. The frog hopped frantically around the tunnels searching for enough rocks to seal his own cave, but before he could collect any the weasels were upon him and made a meal of him. The mouse stayed safe in his cave until the weasels moved on.

The contest will run through Noon CST on Monday, January 13, 2014, so if you have a gift for storytelling, you should definitely check out the full details and submit your Cave Fable on our forums.  I, for one, look forward to reading everyone’s entries!

4 thoughts on “Community Spotlight ~ Cave Fables: An Unofficial Writing Contest

  1. KeldrinKeldrin

    This sounds like fun. Will try and cobble a story together.
    Can you submit more than one story?
    Also, does it need to be short? or are longer stories good as well?

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