Update of the Avatar #55 – 01/10/14: BotA Chapter 4, SotA #1 on Indie MMO Top Ten, More Spoony, Citizen Waterfront Cabana, & More!

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

Welcome to another edition of Update of the Avatar! The team is working hard to get Release 2 ready for this month’s launch, and the excitement is mounting! Stay tuned for more Release 2 launch information in an upcoming update. Here’s what we have for you this week:

  • Blade of the Avatar Novel: Chapter 4
  • SotA on More Top Ten MMO Lists for 2014
  • The Spoony Interviews
  • Founder Citizen Village Waterfront Cabana
  • Founder Royal Artisan Taming Creature Call
  • Carpentry Hammer of Prosperity


Blade of the Avatar Novel: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of the serialized SotA novel, Blade of the Avatar (BotA), written by Tracy Hickman & Richard Garriott, is now available for download! If you are an Early Founder, or you purchased BotA in the Add-On Store, then you will find a download link for the current installment of the novel on your personal SotA account page (log into SotA website and click on “Account” in the top-right corner).  If you are a Kickstarter backer you’ll need to have your Kickstarter account linked to the SotA website (click here for instructions to link your Kickstarter account).

Here is a brief excerpt of Chapter 4 (illustration by Denis Loubet):

Chapter 4: Messages

“Captain Bennis!”

Aren awoke with a start, sliding his feet over the edge of the cot and coming to sit in the familiar gloom of his tent. He was awake at once, though noted he was feeling a few aches and pains that were unfamiliar to him. He still wore the tunic and the breaches from the previous day. He reached for his nearby boots, dragging them on even as he spoke.

“I am here,” he called out, his voice still a little hoarse. “What is it?”

“General Karpasik requests that you come at once!”

The captain stopped what he was doing immediately, dropping the second boot and then running his hand back through his untamed hair. The cascade of actual emergencies that had suddenly flooded into his mind along with each of their dire and immediate responses fled from him. “And did the general say what it was that he wanted?”

“He… He would like to inquire as to just how soon the Victory March might begin.” The voice from beyond the tent flap was young and high-pitched. Aren felt some sympathy for the young warrior. Few soldiers in the Army of Conquest received a message from the general with politeness.

“The Victory March?” Bennis shook his head in disbelief. “Is the general in some particular hurry?”

“The General has received orders from the Obsidians,” came the muffled voice beyond the canvas of the tent. “We are to leave a garrison force, but the bulk of the Army is to strike the encampment and prepare to march.”

“So the General has received orders to move the Army, but he still insists on having his parade,” Bennis muttered, shaking his head once again. He raised his voice slightly so that the messenger could hear him clearly. “Please inform the General that I will report to him shortly.”

“Yes, sir! And… Err…” “What is it, boy?” Aren could hear the hesitance in the voice outside.

“The General asks that you bring the tribute that you discovered in the ruins yesterday,” the warrior said, tripping over his words.

Download your copy of the latest installment of BotA to read the rest of this exciting chapter!

Map Reveal

Here is another map piece for your puzzle:

MMORPG.com Picks SotA Again!

MMORPG.COM Ranks SotA #1 Most Wanted Indie MMO of 2014!

Last week we reported making #2 on the MMORPG.com Most Wanted MMOs of 2014, so we were both thrilled and surprised this week to see we made #1 on MMORPG.com Most Wanted Indie MMOs of 2014!

“We don’t want to get our hopes up, but Richard Garriott’s crowdfunded project is making it awfully difficult. SotA:FS (say that three times fast) is sounding more and more like a complete and welcome throwback to the RPGs of old, plus you can play it fully online with friends and strangers alike. Or if you’d rather, you can go it solo like the Ultima games of old. The choice is yours, as Shroud just might help usher in a new era of MMORPG that has an offline component…”

Here’s their complete 2014 Most Wanted Indie MMOs List:

  1. Shroud of the Avatar
  2. Elite: Dangerous
  3. The Repopulation
  4. HEX
  5. Black Desert
  6. Gloria Victis
  7. Albion Online
  8. Day Z
  9. Shadowrun Online
  10. Origins of Malu


SotA one of Massively’s Perfect Ten MMOs in 2014

Perfect Ten: New MMOs to watch in 2014

“It’s a brand-new year, and while we don’t know all of the twists and turns that we’ll travel in MMO news in 2014, I dare say it promises to be a fascinating ride…[SotA] was another crowdfunding success story that has some folks hoping for the second coming of Ultima Online. The crafting and housing systems, in particular, look deep and involved.”

The Spoony Interviews: Richard Garriott on “How to Make Apple II Artwork”

Spoony follows Richard down memory lane with stories of making games way back in the beginning…

You kids and your Photoshop…

Founder Citizen Waterfront Cabana

Next up in our Parade of Homes is the Founder Citizen Village Waterfront Cabana, available as an Early Founder reward in the Citizen level pledge. Lovingly crafted by Bob Cooksey and Michael Hutchison, this one-story, waterfront cabana features a single spacious room with four cozy alcoves outfitted with porthole windows.








Founder Royal Artisan Taming Creature Call

SotA_RoyalArtisan_CreatureCall Included as one of the Early Founder rewards in the Royal Artisan pledge tier is the unique ability to tame an elusive monster that an ordinary player could never tame! This Taming Creature Call will summon a creature which is automatically tamed.

Carpentry Hammer of Prosperity

SotA_CarpentryHammer_Prosperity Next in our “Prosperity” line of unique items is The Carpentry Hammer of Prosperity!

This unique indestructible carpentry hammer increases the ability to make higher quality items, enhance existing items and repair damaged items. While hammers with similar effects can be crafted and purchased in the game this particular hammer never needs repair.

Get Your Carpentry Hammer of Prosperity Now and save 33%!

For a limited time we’re offering 33% off the Carpentry Hammer of Prosperity! Reserve yours (or send as a gift) at the Add-On Store!

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    Congratz on ranking number 1!
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