Tracy Hickman, New York Times Best-selling author of Dragonlance and Deathgate series, joins the Shroud of the Avatar team as Lead Story Designer!

Two Legends of Gaming join forces! International and New York Times Best-selling fantasy author Tracy Hickman is pleased to announce that he is joining Richard Garriott’s team as Lead Story Designer for ‘Shroud of the Avatar.’

“There is a tremendous opportunity to create something meaningful, challenging and wondrous in Shroud of the Avatar,” Tracy said. “I’m thrilled to play a part in it.”

“Tracy is not only a good friend, but also a master storycrafter whose writing I’ve greatly admired for over twenty years,” says Richard Garriott. “Tracy’s talent will add a unique richness and depth to Shroud of the Avatar.”

Tracy is known world-wide for creating the incredible worlds and stories of Dragonlance, the Deathgate Cycle, the Annals of Drakis and ‘Wayne of Gotham’. He, with his wife Laura, pioneered the use and integration of story into role playing games. He currently has over fifty books in print and is also a pioneer in the New Media publishing world of e-books and online serial publishing.

“Join us,” entices Tracy. “We’re taking adventure to a whole new realm.”


  1. TAZMan

    Hi Tracy!

    Tom & Susan Z here. LONG time no Chat! Anyway, just wanted to let both you and Richard know that I am a (gasp!) $100 Virtual Collector.

    This was my very first KickStarter foray and, Lo and Behold, it is once again for online gaming. From everything that I’ve seen from the Team et al. It does indeed look extremely promising. Of course, with you’re knowledge and background, along with the team assembled thus far, it shall be a hit.

    Oh Yes… it shall be a HIT!

    See you all at GenCon INDY!

    Best to the Family and all our Love,

    — Tom & Susan

  2. Forric BlackheartForric Blackheart

    What great news, I have such fond memories of Dragonlance when it came out, what a great heroic tale it was, one of my favorite all time reads. Richard n Tracy together on a new rpg project, my high hopes have soared even higher at the thought of it. Can’t wait to see the results of your two minds together, along with the rest of the teams work.

    1. TAZMan



      Yes indeed. Dragonlance with Tracy and Margaret. Great Read! As an aside, Tracy & Richard have been very close friends for decades. The last time we spoke at GenCon, he mentioned his annual invite for the Halloween Party at the Manor.

      OK, of course that tiny little Sting crept into my being. Me! Me! Nah, all is fine. I understand.. Friendship as well as cohorts, how would or could even state my case, as it were.

      My wife and I plan to see Tracy & Laura Hickman, Margaret, son/daughters, the great artists and all the rest and we so look forward to it all. I hope that we have our typical Sunday Lunch/Dinner like we always have.

      All in All, kinda neat! Now, if I could only afford that $10k donation for the visit…


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