On-the-Fly Level Creation and Map Design with Chris Spears

Join us as Tech Lead Chris Spears takes input from the community and creates a playable map, start to finish, based on your input to be included in R6! Feedback will be fielded via SotA chat.


  1. Veylen The Aenigma

    yes indeed TY chris and rusticdragon, not only is chris funny, hes got smarts as well.
    inspires me to give unity a go which i will do because it just looks plain FUN!

    your locale looks pretty beautimus too. :) hope to participate in a dev chat soon!

    1. abovenyquistabovenyquist

      Cannot recommend Unity highly enough.

      (Well… everyone who uses Unity will have nitpicks. They tend to implement features kind of half way, and you have to do some work to go the rest of the way. But overall, there’s no better game engine for rapid iteration.)

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