Update of the Avatar #150 – 2015.11.06: Hilt, Mariah Overlook, North Naryad, NPC Requests, Extra Life, Winter Expirations, and More!

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

  • The Fortress at Hilt in Nightshade Pass – Part 4
  • Mariah Overlook Teaser
  • The Making of North Naryad Pinelands
  • NPC Submissions Requested for Etceter
  • Thou are Invited to the Release 23 Postmortem!
  • Extra Life. Play Games. Heal Kids.
  • Avatars Radio Race Challenge for Extra Life
  • 59 Day Countdown for Winter Reward & Price Expirations
  • Get Your 15% Black Friday Bonus
  • In-game Community Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recommended Projects to Back

The Fortress at Hilt in Nightshade Pass – Part 4

[Continuation of A Dev+ Forum Post by Scottie Jones]

And so here we are with the final series of images from the completed exterior of Hilt Fortress and Nightshade Pass…. Quite a few last-minute touches carried the end of this one past our big office move, but it was certainly worth the extra time spent! In this first image below you can finally see, with terrain decorations complete, one of the great scenic views of the fortress from the opposite side of the valley on the trail leading past the travelers’ encampment as it heads toward the forgotten exit near the volcano itself.

Further up the overgrown trail, more evidence of the volcanic nature of the area can be seen in steaming fumaroles that have formed here and there. As you climb higher, the sulfur-rich waters seeping into the ground leave barren patches of soil and dead trees, opening up even more vistas of the distant fortress.

But it’s heading into the fortress itself where you’ll see evidence of the final pass I made to fill out all the areas of interest in this locale. At the base of the fortress, by ruined walls and the roots of a twisted old oak, waits the pale troll who delights in accosting those who dare try to cross “his” bridge.

In the levels above, if you choose to walk deeper into the brush-choked overgrowth between the cyclopean walls, you’ll find ruined remnants of the Obsidian occupation over 200 years earlier. In the image below you can see a crumbling decorative courtyard, and even the remnants of a walled grave-site.

As you finally emerge onto the last level leading to the front of the fortress tower itself, the way is illuminated by the undying light of Obsidian crystal sconces. This was once an impressive grand avenue of approach for those who dared present themselves before the might of the generals of that ancient army. This avenue would lead through the main gate to empty out into the primary courtyard of the tower itself, as seen below in a convenient bird’s-eye view.

Standing within this courtyard, long after dusk has fallen, it’s easy to see how time has taken its toll. Ruined pillars lay crumbling before the great entrance, pines now grow where once soldiers marched, and vines cling to its ancient façade. At either end of the great central structure, long abandoned barracks lay filled with relics of the troops that once occupied them. And above, the eyes of the enormous attendant statues which flank the main doors stare down accusingly…

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little journey through the build process of the Hilt Fortress exterior and the valley of Nightshade Pass. Now I officially begin work on the interior map of the bowels of Hilt itself!

Scottie ^_^

Mariah Overlook Teaser

[From a Dev+ Forum Post by Keith “Sannio” Quinn]

Here’s a quick peak of Mariah Overlook, a new adventure area crafted by Richard Matey and conceived & spawned my me…coming soon!

Nestled in the Mariah Mountains, Mariah Overlook once hosted an entertainers’ commune, with actors, singers, animal trainers, clowns, and more. The shows were frequent and diverse. Each year, tens of thousands of visitors enjoyed the region’s nightly improvisations, weekly shows, monthly extravaganzas, and the annual Mummers’ Festival…but no longer. Now, the Mummers’ Parade is a ghost of its former glory. Brutal Satyrs now patrol the aged streets, the cages that were once home to trained animals now imprison slaves waiting to be sold to the highest bidders, and wild beasts slaughter any visitor to the once-grand Amphitheater.

Mummer’s Parade

Welcome to Mummer’s Parade. Abandoned long ago by the thespians, acrobats, tamers, and others that made this their home, this village has recently been appropriated by nefarious Satyrs.


Grand Amphitheater

Generations ago, visitors to the Grand Amphitheater would take in plays, witness feats of skills, or enjoy tricks performed by exotic animals. Now, visitors are lucky to escape the area with their lives.


Keith Quinn

The Making of North Naryad Pinelands

[From a Dev+ Forum Post by Esteben “SorcerousSteve” Zaldivar]

Hey guys, I’m Esteben Zaldivar, level designer on Shroud of the Avatar and this is a foray into some of my world building adventures! Here is a sneak peak at the upcoming North Naryad Pinelands (a new adventure scene).

The North Naryad Pinelands was an area largely driven by logging and lumber production until recent events have forced much of the area to be abandoned, now only signs remain of a once thriving regional center. As the Avatar you will explore the northern Verdantis wilderness and uncover what truly happened here.


Inspiration for the area has come from the Black Forest region of southwest Germany, as shown in the following image:


Throughout the level, you’ll discover how hardy lumberjacks chopped pines from the rugged terrain and hauled them off to a nearby shipping and processing center.



One of the many threats to the settlers of Northern Verdantis are bands of savage barbarians who have utilized the land to craft their homes up on the trees. Initially conceived by chatting with level designer @Sannio from this rough sketch, I then took the plan into action and a few hours later we had the start of a new location.



Stay tuned for more progress…

Esteben Zaldivar

NPC Submissions Requested for Etceter

[From a Dev+ Forum Post by Scott “Lum” Jennings]

HumilityThank you for your continuing support of Shroud of the Avatar! This month, we’re seeking entries for inhabitants of the mysterious port of call, Etceter!

Etceter borders the Bay of Storms, and is the largest settlement in the Quel region. Etceter is unique in that it is a city run by Satyrs; though often hostile to humans when encountered in the world, in Etceter the Satyrs have found a more lucrative path; that of trade and commerce, specifically facilitating the travel of pilgrims to Xenos and the legendary citadel of Artifice. Enterprising avatars may have their own reason to explore the meaning Artifice – for Etceter is a key waystation along the path of Truth.

In Etceter, satyrs (and their fawn slaves) and humans live and work together. It is not always an easy coexistence, but it is an often profitable one. For many make their way to this port; Etceter holds many riddles, and many mysteries…

First, some brief notes:

– NPC visual customization, as you may have noticed, is still at a very early stage in development. Right now for the backers who want to be added to Etceter, we cannot offer any visual customization options beyond our standard gallery of NPC models. If you would like to have input over the visual customization of your NPC, please wait for further releases when we can offer this.

– Response to this will be on a first-come first-served basis for each call for responses. Etceter is a fairly large settlement, but there are limits to what we can accept this go-around. If your NPC doesn’t appear in Etceter, feel free to respond again thereafter. We have quite a few towns and cities to populate!

– When responding, please list a first and second choice for profession.

– NPCs for Etceter must be human. No satyrs or fawns, please.

Still with us? Great! Here’s what we need this month (this is the low end of what we expect to need; we’ll take submissions on a first-come first-serve basis):

  • 15 merchants, of almost every type (no banker or realtor, satyrs have already filled those positions)
  • 20 visiting pilgrims, seeking to travel to Artifice! The legend has it that travellers who reach Artifice have their every desire fulfilled, thus pilgrims should have some wish they want granted.
  • 9 travellers, who are in Etceter for their own mysterious purposes (or perhaps not so mysterious)

If you’d like to have your namesake be a resident or visitor of Etceter, please respond via private message on this forum to me (Lum) using the following format:

NPC name:
NPC gender:
NPC profession (first choice): Merchant / Pilgrim / Traveller
NPC profession (second choice): Merchant / Pilgrim / Traveller
NPC background (optional): A paragraph on whom your NPC is, how they would respond to nosy outlanders poking about their business, what brings them to Etceter (or keeps them there), or anything else you’d like to add. We reserve the right to edit and/or reject any background that does not fit the lore and setting of the game.

Please specify in your submission that this NPC is for Etceter.

We will respond if: your NPC is used; we may not respont if it is rejected for whatever reason, such as an inappropriate name, ora supplied background is inappropriate (we will enforce this somewhat harshly for pilgrims), or if your NPC missed the cutoff for this release.

Thanks for your support, and see you in Etceter!

(Note: Since we are requesting so many NPCs this go-around, we will accept submissions from backers who have already submitted an NPC. Backers who have already submitted an NPC may be “bumped” by backers who are submitting their first one)

Thou are Invited to the Release 23 Postmortem!

Please join us Thursday, November 12th at 3:00 PM Central (20:00 GMT) for our monthly Hangout of the Avatar! Richard, Starr, and Chris will be chatting about Release 23 and looking ahead to a very special release indeed; Release 24!  And as usual, FireLotus will be taking your questions and feedback live in the chat-room and also in advance in the comments section of the original post.*

We are giving out some really awesome prizes during the 90 minute extended Hangout, and all you have to do to qualify for one is to come hang out with us in the IRC chatroom during the broadcast.  Be sure to tune in… the link to the hangout will be in the original post before the hangout begins.

*Please keep in mind that questions and feedback related to Release 23 specific topics will be given priority and really verbose questions may be skipped, as they can be a challenge to shorten and summarize live on the air. In brief… please keep your questions… brief. 

Extra Life. Play Games. Heal Kids.


The Eighth Annual Extra Life Charity 24-hour gaming marathon to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals begins tomorrow, November 7th! Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $14 million for local hospitals to help provide medical treatment for children across the country.

This year, the Shroud of the Avatar community came together to host events and provide prizes for donors. Community member Browncoat Jayson has coordinated many of these events, and will be streaming gameplay of Shroud of the Avatar on Twitch for the entire 24-hours, beginning at 8am. Other community members will also be streaming, including Amber Raine and the RizeUp Gaming crew, Kazyn Phoenixfire, and Lazarus Long. Here are some of the events scheduled for this weekend:

Bear Tavern Logo
Lunch with Laz at the Bear Tavern

Jayson and Lazarus Long will simulcast a two hour segment from the Bear Tavern at noon, where the community will show off some of the music capability introduced last month. This will end in a rousing game of name-that-tune, New Britannia style. This will be followed by the monthly Welcome Quest, run by Duke Gréagóir.

The Shape of Things to Come

In the underground warrens of Neath, the Caverns’ performers are hosting a game of The Shape of Things to Come at 4pm. Teams will try to form shapes called out by the leader. Come one, come all, to this excellent game.

AvatarsRadio_iconAvatars Radio Race

Amber Raine, following her weekly Church of the Dark Star message at 11am, will join the DJs of Avatars Radio in hosting this month’s variation of their incredible obstacle course race at 5pm! This event is not to be missed!

Fishing With Winfield For Extra Life

SotA_Fishing_with_WinfieldWinfield has been holding his Fishing With Winfield event every Sunday, but has agreed to an early performance for Extra Life. Jayson will join him Saturday at 9:30pm in what is described as “Come sit with Winfield on a log or rock to hear some fish tales or tell your own. Chat about anything from the moons to the earth worms.”

Dragonsmeet at the Hearth of New Britannia

sota-hearth-of-britannia-520x245[1]The midnight hours will be filled with companionship, song, and rabble, as Rustic Dragon, Browncoat Jayson, and the other Ultima Dragons congregate in the Hearth of New Britannia, both in Kingsport and in front of the camera. Raise a pint and sing a Theme for Rabbling!

Dont Forget the Prizes

ExtraLife_prizesThe community has stepped up to make this charity drive unforgettable! Every two hours, donors who support Browncoat Jayson’s efforts will be drawn to win prizes, including Add-On Store credits, licensed merchandise from Relics by Rild, and games on Steam. When the marathon ends, additional prizes will be drawn, including a signed Shroud of the Avatar comic and an original comic board used to create it, a custom Lego minifigure of your character, and a handcrafted ceramic mug decorated with Lord British’s coat of arms! The generosity and compassion of this community never fails to amaze us!

Visit this forum thread by Browncoat Jayson for information about how to take part!

Browncoat Jayson’s 24-Hour Extra Life SotA Gaming Schedule includes:

7:30 – 8:00 AM: Introduction
8:00 – 9:00 AM: Character Creation and the Tutorial
9:00 – 11:00 AM: Deck creation, skills tutorial, and game mechanics
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Church of the Dark Star with Amber Raine
12:00 – 2:00 PM: At the Bear Tavern
2:00 – 3:00 PM: Welcome Quest
3:00 – 4:00 PM: Gustball
4:00 – 5:00 PM: “The Shape of Things to Come” by the Caverns
5:00 – 6:00 PM: Avatars Radio Race
6:00 – 7:00 PM: Shardfall Free-for-All
7:00 – 8:00: Port Phoenix Social Night
8:00 – 9:30 PM: Vengeance 1-on-1 PVP Tournament
9:30 – 10:30 PM: Fishing with Winfield
10:30 – 11:00 PM: Journey to the Hidden Vale
11:00 PM – 1:00 AM: Dragonsmeet at the Hearth of Britannia
1:00 – 2:00 AM: Yo, Hometown Cribs
2:00 – 3:00 AM: Grand Tour
3:00 – 5:30 AM: Open Questing
5:30 – 7:30 AM: Explore Novia! with royalsexy
7:30 – 8:00 AM: Thank you and Signoff

Avatars Radio Race Challenge for Extra Life

[From a Release 23 Events forum post by Woftam]







59 Day Countdown for Winter Reward & Price Expirations

As major milestones such as Alpha and Beta loom ever closer on the horizon, we are announcing the Winter Reward Expiration Event that occurs at 10:30 am CST, January 4, 2016. This event includes the following reward expirations:

Please know that these expirations DO NOT affect any backers that already have these pledge rewards. If you already got ’em, then you get to keep ’em! These expirations only affect new backers, or existing backers that have not upgraded to the specified pledge tiers before the expiration date.

[NOTE: Payment plans started toward a pledge tier with expiring rewards (or higher) prior to 10:30 am CST, January 4, 2016 will not be affected by these expirations]

Player Owned Town Add-On Store House Expirations

On January 4, 2015 the Add-On Store Houses will no longer be included with the Player Owned Town bundles. This includes:

  • Player Owned Holdfast: 1 Add-On Store House
  • Player Owned Hamlet: 2 Add-On Store Houses
  • Player Owned Village: 3 Add-On Store Houses
  • Player Owned Crossroads Village: 5 Add-On Store Houses
  • Player Owned Town: 6 Add-On Store Houses
  • Player Owned City: 9 Add-On Store Houses
  • Player Owned Metropolis: 16 Add-On Store Houses

Please know that these expirations DO NOT affect any backers that already have these Player Owned Town rewards. If you already got ’em, then you get to keep ’em! These expirations only affect new backers, or existing backers that have not upgraded to the specified Player Owned Town before the expiration date.

[NOTE: Payment plans started toward a Player Owned Town prior to 10:30 am CST, January 4, 2016 will receive the Add-On Store houses described in their bundle]

Add-On Store Price Expirations

The price will increase on January 4, 2015 for the following Add-On Store items (as displayed in the item description):

Get Your 15% Black Friday Bonus Now!

Last year we extended our Black Friday Promotion to give you 8 weeks to take advantage of our Black Friday 15% Bonus, and we’re doing it again this year! This is especially helpful for backers that intend to pledge or upgrade prior to upcoming Expiration Events! Here are the details:

For all new purchases (including pledges, pledge upgrades, add-on items, player owned towns, player owned town upgrades, stretch goal items, and Make a Difference items) between 12:00 am CST October 2, 2015 and 12:00 am CST December 1, 2015, we will add an additional 15% bonus to your Store Credit! You can use your Store Credit toward additional purchases (which includes pledges, pledge upgrades, add-on items, player owned towns, and player owned town upgrades).

[NOTE: The 15% bonus is calculated every day at 1:00 pm CST for any purchases within the previous 24 hours and added to your Store Credit account; Any monthly payments paid during the promotion period also receive the 15% bonus; Store Credit cannot be applied toward the purchase of stretch goal or Make a Difference items]

You can use the 15% Bonus to save on your next purchase! For example, if you have the $45 Adventurer pledge and really want to upgrade to the $90 Royal Artisan pledge, you would normally pay the extra $45 for the upgrade. But using the 15% bonus you can immediately save $5. To do so, you would first purchase $40 worth of Store Credit Gift Coupons (via PayPal, Amazon, Bitcoin, or credit card; excluding existing Store Credit) then use the “Convert to Credits” option on your account page to transform the Store Credit Gift Coupons into Store Credit. Within 24 hours an additional $6 bonus ($40 x 15%) would be applied to your Store Credit account, bringing it up to $46. You would then use $45 of your Store Credit to upgrade to the $90 Royal Artisan pledge.

In-game Community Events

Our amazing community has another great lineup of in-game events planned for this weekend. Special thanks to community member SpookyJenny (aka Jenny Phoenixfyre in-game) for her help in compiling the latest schedule of player events from the Avatar’s Circle Community Events calendar and the Events of the Avatars community calendar:

Recurring Events

  • RPOTA Monthly $150 Writing Contest – November Theme is Thanks, Goodwill, and Cooperation
    • Here ye! Here ye! Biographers, Historians, Diplomats, Journalists, Story Writers, Quest Designers and Videographers! RPOTA is in dire need of your amazing talents! Role-Players of the Avatar is hosting a monthly contest to award those most famous with their quill or camera! (details)
  • The R23 Unreliable Travel Guide
    • The Unreliable Travel Guide, created at the SotA Writing Round Table, is not an event, but a collection of hilarious short stories published by two drunken layabouts who have nothing better to do than try to derive a dishonest income from newly arrived avatars. (details)
  • Avatars Radio (Daily Programming)
    • Welcome New Britannians to Avatars Radio – Radio of the Avatars. Rocking your socks off from the town of Radio City with the Terrestrial and New Britannian bards together under one roof through the power of the Moon Towers.  Check out their daily program of amazing DJs:  http://avatarsradio.info/schedule.php
  • NBNN Lunch with Laz & Jack (Weekdays, 12pm CST)
    • Join NBNN every weekday for Lunch With Laz & Jack. They will be covering the daily goings on in SOTA. Calendar updates, Relevant issues happening in the days news. Come chat with us about upcoming events and general information. http://nbnn.info
  • Daily War Time PVP Event (Daily, 8pm CST – 9pm CST)
    • Invitation to all guilds, PK hunters, PVP’rs or players interested in PVP training to come to Chaos Crossroads (Located at the crossroads outside of Kingsport on the road to Owl’s Head). PVP Event rules: None! Use whatever spells you want, kill in mobs or solo, group with new allies and defend your territory, lure newbies into the town and wack them! (details)
  • Daily Breakfast Club – 12am CST (London UK); 6am CST (Central US); 3pm CST (Sydney Australia)
    • Breakfast Clubs offer a time when people from around different time zones can gather. (Wody’s Pub, Paxlair)
  • “The Tavern Respite” RP Event (Mondays, 8pm CST)
    • The tavern door opens before you, and the scent of pipe and stew waft outwards with a wall of warmth from the hearth. Join in with the patrons of the Bear Tavern as they share tales of their adventures amid endless mugs of ale, legs of mutton, and merriment unbounded (The Bear Tavern in PaxLair; /zone Elgarion De’Khali; details)!
  • Challenge Dungeon Run (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 7pm CST)
    • This is a self-host event, meet at the Braemar Cemetery and organize into groups to take on the infamous Chillblain’s Compendium of Pain & Suffering!
  • PaxLair Working Hours – Host Sean Silverfoot (Tuesdays, 2pm)
    • PaxLair town and community “working hours” are for anyone interested in PaxLair. We will be in New Britannia doing things as a town when many people can work together. Sean Silverfoot hosts this working period. / zone Sean Silverfoot
  • Novian Academy – New Citizen Help Hours (Tuesdays, 6pm CST)
    • /zone Kazyn Phoenixfyre of Novian Academy in Soltown as they provide guidance to those new to the world of New Britannia.
  • Happy Hour Wednesdays (Wednesdays, 8pm CST)
    • Otherwise known as “Spend Stryker’s Gold” – Stryker will open a bar tab at one of the local Novia taverns for an hour or so for drinks, stories, news, critique of the arts, dancing, and otherwise unplanned mayhem. Zone /Stryker Sparhawk or watch this thread for locations each week!
  • Gladiator Wars (Thursdays, 7pm CST)
    • A call to all fighters PVE and PVP! Would you like to participate in the “Gladiator Wars” PvP Tournaments? Registration starts at 6pm CST. (Finchfield; /zone Pestilence; details)
  • Phoenix Republic PVE Nights (Thursdays & Fridays, 7pm CST)
    • Join the Phoenix Republic as we send our weekly foray into the control points, dungeons and other of the most dangerous locales. Each week we will depart to a different PVE locale to help train our combatants. Contact Kazyn Phoenixfyre or Malakas for more info!
  • Novian Academy – Role Play Courses (Fridays, 4pm CST)
    • Luka Melehan is hosting RP classes and practice sessions. (/zone Luka Melehan)
  • Shardfall Madness (Fridays, 6pm CST)
    • A PvP event. Contact Wind Silvermoon for details.
  • Vengeance Madness (Fridays, 7pm CST)
    • This is an Open PvP event where everyone fights it out in a royal rumble to see who the ultimate death dealer is! (City of Vengeance; /zone Bambino LudoVate)
  • Astronomy Event (Fridays, 7:30pm CST)
    • Interested in New Britannia Astronomy? Just enjoy gazing at the stars? Join us every week as we explore the night sky above New Britannia. (Player Town of Caer Dracwych; details)

Saturday, November 7

  • 9:00am CST PaxLair Working Hours
    • PaxLair town and community “working hours” are for anyone interested in PaxLair. (/zone Winfield)
  • 11:00am CST Church of the Dark Star – Saturday Service
    • High Priestess of Chaos, Amber Raine, and the Dean of the Novian Academy, Kazyn Phoenixfyre, welcome you to the Church of the Dark Star. A shared project, built upon equality, where all are welcome. Services range from what is Chaos and Order to how they affect different aspects of our life. The path you choose is yours. (PaxLair; details)
  • 12:00pm CST Bear Tavern Musical Interlude – Extra Life Event
    • Please join us in High Rock outside the Bear Tavern as we circle together to create live music. It may not be simple as abc, but we’re hoping to make it fun…and it might even sound good too. Come share your good cheer or some coin. (details)
  • 2:00pm Welcome Quest 23.5 – Extra Life Event
    • Welcome Quest showcases many of the Player-owned and Player-ran towns in New Britannia. Come for unique events in each town. We rotate towns between each Welcome Quest. Will be traveling to Jade Valley and Sparrowfall! (/Zone Dara Brae to join in; details)
  • 3:00pm CST Gustball – Extra Life Event
    • Two teams are pitted against each other in a sporting event not dissimilar from soccer, football, and basketball. The object of the game is to Gust a Gustball around the field and into your opponent’s goal (/zone Bambino Ludovate, details)
  • 4:00pm CST The Shape of Things to Come III – Extra Life Event
    • Join the Caverns as we celebrate the Shape of Things to Come! This is a game where avatars divide into two teams and try to form shapes called out by the leader. (Neath; /zone Vyrin; details)
  • 5:00pm CST Avatars Radio Race Challenge – Extra Life Event
    • Come to Radio City for the 3rd Avatars Radio Race Challenge! If you consider yourself fleet of foot, a bit of an acrobat, or just enjoy a good laugh, then this is the event for you! And, yes, the Crapper Run returns! (Radio City; /zone Woftam or Peabo; details)
  • 7:00pm CST Port Phoenix Social Nights
    • Come out and join the Republic in one of many potential events (chosen new each week). Each week we get together for everything from fishing, to music, to gustball, to PVE duneoneering and adventuring. (Contact Kazyn Phoenixfyre for more details!)
  • 8:00pm CST Vengeance 1v1 Tournament
    • The longest running Player vs Player tournament in Shroud of the Avatar. (City of Vengeance)
  • 9:30pm CST Fishing with Winfield- Extra Life Event
    • In support of the Extra Life fund raising campaign, “Fishing with Winfield” has this special day and time to come together. Bring your fishing pole, worms, humor, and ideas. We casually chat, laugh, and talk about all things. We actually fish too! (Some pond, river or shoreline; /zone Winfield)

Sunday, November 8

  • 6:30am CST Explore Novia! – Extra Life Event
    • Starting at the entrance to Owl’s Head, come explore the wide world of Novia – for people on our side of the calendar! (Dancing Rock, Owl’s Head Entrance, /zone royalsexy)
  • 8:30am CST PaxLair Meeting
    • Come see what PaxLair is up to in Novia and other town areas! Many people also attend from towns and guilds for a bit of a weekly wrap-up and what’s happening. Good discussions! (PaxLair, /zone Winfield)
  • 11:00am CST Phoenix Republic Weekly Teamspeak Meeting
    • A Gathering of members of the Phoenix Republic to cover important topic areas of the month. It is here that the republic shall discuss new event types, ideas on new laws and other concerns effecting the Phoenix Republic. (Republic Town Hall, Port Phoenix, teamspeak at ts3.portphoenix.com)
  • 1:00pm CST Serenite Shopping Extravaganza
    • Shopping Extravaganza at the Serenite Selfridge Mall. Crafters will be available for special orders.
  • 3:00pm CST Gustball
    • Two teams are pitted against each other in a sporting event not dissimilar from soccer, football, and basketball. The object of the game is to Gust a Gustball around the field and into your opponent’s goal (/zone Bambino Ludovate, details)
  • 5:00pm CST BMC Grid Iron Feast and Registration
    • Register to compete in the BMC Gridiron and mingle with other participants and spectators before the big fight! (Blackrock Point on Novia near Etceter Crag Mines, details)
  • 5:30pm CST BMC Gladiator’s Grid-Iron
    • The BMC is proud to present the nastiest, the foulest, the most feared arena in all of New Britannia! The Grid-Iron is equipped with a pit-style arena, locker rooms, a VIP round-table, betting & vendor booths, and all the blood-sport you can handle. (Blackrock Point on Novia near Etceter Crag Mines, details)
  • 7:00pm CST PaxLair Meeting
    • Come see what PaxLair is up to in Novia and other town areas! Many people also attend from towns and guilds for a bit of a weekly wrap-up and what’s happening. Good discussions!  (PaxLair, /zone Winfield)
  • 8:00pm CST Fishing with Winfield
    • Come sit with Winfield on a log or rock to hear some fish tales or tell your own. Chat about anything from the moons to the earth worms. Spend a relaxing day in nature near a stream or lake — bring insect repellent or a sword.  (some fishing spot or pond, /zone Winfield; details)

Be sure and check out the Release 23 Events thread in the SotA forums for additional events that may not be included here.

Upcoming Events

2015.11.09 – FuNKon15
2015.11.19 – Release 24
2015.12.17 – Release 25
2016.01.28 – Release 26
2016.02.25 – Release 27
2016.03.17 – SXSW Gaming

Recommended Projects to Back

Underworld: Ascendant

Far more than a dungeon crawl, Underworld Ascendant is a next-generation sequel to the legendary fantasy RPG’s Ultima Underworld & Ultima Underworld 2. It not only modernizes the series’ visuals and user interface to take full advantage of the today’s powerful PC’s, it innovates in bold new ways.

Fountain War Book

A book about the epic true stories from EVE Online and the galactic firestorm that culminated in the largest battle in gaming history. The Fountain War book project brings bestselling author Jeff Edwards together with The Mittani Media and CCP in creating the first ever book about EVE Online based on real player experiences. The resulting novel will be the first book of a completely new genre: sci-fi non-fiction.


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