Fall into Winter Telethon of the Avatar

Fall into Winter TelethonAvatars! Are you ready to join us on Twitch and continue celebrating the biggest event to hit New Britannia since the great cataclysm itself? Today, we’re announcing the ‘Fall Into Winter’ Telethon!

At Midnight CST, November 28, 2016 (6:00 UTC, November 29, 2016), we are expiring the following content / features:sota_grim_reaper_mask2

  • House Stacking in Bundles (only 1 House per Bundle going forward)
  • Adobe 2-Story with Upper Deck Village Home
  • Adobe 2-Story with Patio & Balcony Village Home
  • Adobe 2-Story Village Home
  • Adobe Brick 2-Story with Roof Access Village Home
  • All Kobold Masks (some will still be exclusively available in Kobold Bundles)
  • All Prosperity Tool Packs (will still be available as part of Bundles)
  • Wax Cylinder Soundtrack Vol 1
  • Battle Banner
  • 2016 Jack O Lanternsjuggle-jack-o-lanterns
  • 2016 Jack O Lantern Mask
  • 2016 Jack O Lantern Mask with Glow
  • 2016 Grim Reaper Statue
  • 2016 Grim Reaper Mask
  • 2016 Rotten Armor
  • 2016 Rotten Flesh Cloak
  • /juggleseveredheads
  • /jugglezombieheads
  • /jugglejackolanterns
  • 2016 Spooky Soundtrack

Help us to achieve the following goals during this next event!

As a special bonus, we are offering Telethon Funding Stretch Goal Rewards to any backer that pledges a minimum of $5 from the start of the telethon, until Midnight (Spending Store Credit to make $5 minimum purchase does not apply). The Fall Into Winter Telethon of the Avatar Funding Stretch Goal Rewards are:

  • Achieved!  $10,000: Rain Autumn Leaves Emote (/rainautumnleaves)
  • Achieved!  $25,000: Autumn Leaf Crown (increases length of /rainautumnleaves emote)
  • Achieved!  $35,000: Autumn Fairy Leaf Dress + Autumn Leaf Wings
  • Achieved!  $50,000: Red Tufted Squirrel Pet
  • Achieved!  $65,000: 2016 Snowball Box (100 Snowballs!) + Ice Wings
  • Achieved!  $80,000: Ice & Snow Shooting Bagpipes
  • Achieved!  $100,000: Frozen Fountain
  • $130,000: Ice Titan Statues

Did you see what was unlocked in the last telethon? This one is going to be even bigger!

Cheer on the Devs!

StarrDancingFor every $2,500 donated, all developers on camera have to either dance, sing, or drink a shot of alcohol.

Additionally, we will be spinning the Wheel of Fortune & Doom! The wheel will have 14 items at any given time, but dozens of total prizes ultimately will be given away! This includes developers that, if selected, have to either dance, sing, or drink a shot of alcohol.

As the wheel is spun, what is selected will be replaced by something else. Details list of wheel items coming soon. Items already selected will be removed for a time (some may not come back onto the wheel for the rest of the telethon. Keep in mind that some of these may never come up, so cross your fingers for your preferred item!

Telethon Schedule

  • 12:00 PM: Welcome to the Fall into Winter Telethon!
  • 12:30 PM: R36 Postmortem Q&A and review
  • 2:00 PM: Homes of New Britannia Tour
  • 3:00 PM: New Scenes/Builders Deep Dive
  • 4:00 PM: Story & T/L/C/Offline Deep Dive
  • 5:00 PM: Player Housing & Towns
  • 6:00 PM: Community Hour
  • 7:00 PM: Crafting & Economy Deep Dive
  • 8:30 PM: Combat & PVP Deep Dive (with tour of Blood Bay)
  • 10:00 PM: Tour of Xenos changes with Scottie
  • 11:00 PM: Adventure Tour!

Win These Great Prizes!

  • 2016 Jack O Lantern Mask with Glow (Expiring)
  • 2016 Grim Reaper Mask (Expiring)
  • 2016 Spooky Soundtrack (Expiring)
  • 2016 Rotten Flesh Cloak (Expiring)
  • Adobe Brick 2-Story with Roof Access Village Home (Expiring)
  • Adobe 2-Story with Patio & Balcony Village Home (Expiring)
  • Adobe 2-Story with Upper Deck Village Home (Expiring)
  • Kobold Mask 4-Pack (Expiring)
  • Elven Village Tax Free Bundle!
  • Pristine Gothic Mansion
  • 2016 Snowman mask (w/hat)
  • 2016 Winter Holiday Decoration Pack
  • 2016 Winter Holiday Pack
  • 2016 Yule Stockings 3-Pack
  • 2016 Yule Gift Box set
  • 2016 Regular Gift Box set
  • Winter Holiday Gift Pack
  • Winter Holiday Pack
  • Tabletop Yule Tree
  • Ornate Snow Family
  • Ornate Umbrella
  • Ornate Scarecrow
  • Ice Nightmare Mask
  • Speckled Turkey
  • Breathe Emote 6-Pack (includes Breathe Snow Emote)
  • Store Credit ($10)
  • And several items courtesy of RelicsbyRild.com

We will be giving prizes away on an hourly basis with many being given away multiple times. If you wish to win prizes during the Telethon event, be in Discord chat! We will be active on Twitch and YouTube chats as well, but they will not be our portal for prize giveaways.

*Watch The Telethon on Twitch and YouTube! The final recording will be archived on YouTube after the event as well. Please be aware that if we have any connection problems, YouTube will be the first service to be dropped from the stream.

*There will be some really awesome prizes awarded during the telethon, but you have to be present in the Discord chatroom to qualify for each drawing. Please keep in mind that questions and feedback related to each segment will be given priority and really verbose questions may be skipped, as they can be a challenge to shorten and summarize live on the air. In brief… please keep your questions… brief. Only 3 Questions per person!

Keep an eye on @ShroudofAvatar for updates before, during, and after the telethon. See you on the livestream chat at Noon this coming November 28th!




Warning: Telethon is Rated PG-13 for Alcoholic Content
(might get upgraded to Rated-R depending on rate of pledges)


  1. Duke Avery

    Can there be an official PVP event during the Telethon? Start planning right now we can put together some teams and start a proper bracket! :D

  2. Govenor RuinGovenor Ruin

    Tbh the first 4 telethon items are pretty boring, usually i look forward to the rewards. Pets have to many, crowns ehh, emotes blah.

    Just food for thought this is one mans opinion (dress item anwser).

    Ill be watching and if something cool hits at 65k ill be rdy.

    1. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

      I feel the same way. I wish the rewards could be a little more diverse. It seems like the seasonal themed items are things I’ll never use or want to use. I know there are others that love these items and that’s great! But more serious and practical themes would be nice.

      I’d love to see a cooking recipe, or some kind of special crafting resource be one of the secret items. This would require very little work on the part of the development team but be something special that could more memorable and useful to the community at large.

    2. redfishredfish

      IMO, they’re much better than ! and ? hats and even flaming bagpipes (sorry — it’s fun gag, but there’s little use for it in the game).

      I’m probably not going to use most of them, but it’ll be nice seeing them in the game, I think they’ll add to it, and people can definitely use them for RP. Just wish the reward pets like squirrels, owls, eagles, etc. could also be in the wild.

    3. Moiseyev TruedenMoiseyev Trueden

      Yeah, none of the telethon items have interested me since the gossamer cloak. Oh well, c’est la vie.

      I’d love to see something that was actually useful in game (like BDF suggests).

  3. FrostIIFrostII

    Can you please see to it that everyone’s mic/volume is relatively equal this time.
    Often it’s difficult to hear some and others blast your ears if you turn the volume up on the low ones.

      1. Andrew SilverstonAndrew Silverston

        LB is usually the loudest of all, and all of you in studio have about 2x times lower volume. If you all use one big studio microphone, prolly can adjust sensitivity 1.5x times. Or ask Richard to lower his… :D.

  4. ElgarionElgarion

    Think there’ll be a 15% credit for add-on store purchases coming again with this? Great news — love the telethons — I’d better start saving!!!

    1. Andrew SilverstonAndrew Silverston

      Yeah, all the bundles need to go down 25%. I bet they remember what happened when they gave people 25% discount on deeds? All the normal deeds were SOLD OUT in a matter of 10 minutes. If they lower the price on current bundles by 25% for 1 hour, during the telethon, they will make $250.000 like last time.

  5. Ninnk UmpoupNinnk Umpoup

    Any chance of you guy breaking the Spooky Emote pack into individual $5 emotes by then? I might want one or two of them, but i am positive that i will not be spend $35 for all eight of them.

  6. jaibyrdjaibyrd

    I’m really pleased that there are some clothing items for women in the telethon! Thank you, i hope you make enough to give out squirrels at least.

  7. Corp Por

    1. What’s the plan for PvP going forward? Is there a bucks den coming?
    2. Status on artifice being released?
    3. Can we get black sandals or neon sandals? :)


  8. Balec Fares deCaniBalec Fares deCani

    QUESTION: The R34 chang, “Tree Clearing Increased: The range around a lot in which trees and other flora are cleared” wiped out tons of beautiful scenery from the land, often changing the very qualities that gave specific lots their appeal and that were a major factor in lot selection.

    Are there any plans to provide the ability for NPC town residents to restore the flora around their homes (e.g. wipe distance slider in the lotstone controls)?
    Example before-and-after: http://i.imgur.com/uIwGaHA.jpg

    1. redfishredfish

      Actually, aside from the radius, something I’d like a lot is being able to have control over what’s cleared and what’s not.

      So, for instance, lets say when you went to the lot settings, you had this set of options…

      1. Keep trees, tall grass and other flora
      2. Clear trees, but keep tall grass and other flora
      3. Clear both trees and all tall grass and flora
      4. Pave ground (ie. with rough stone pavers… it would both make things load a lot faster for the average player in the scene, and cut down on the item use count if you’re interested in paving an entire lot)

      Obviously, the home that’s placed would have to clear everything underneath it and in the space around it so trees don’t enter the house. It would then be nice if certain decos like walls would clear trees automatically. But then anything else would require you to use a mower.

  9. jinto jacob

    hi shroud of avatar team
    i am having a slow internet connection and i am not sure if the game work properly with my internet. i want to know if any demo or trial version of this game is available to download so that i can play it and check it before buying.

  10. Corp Por


    Going all crafting here:

    1. Can you look at the PROC’s for enchanting wands? – Avatars don’t use wands as a melee weapon so the PROC’s are useless and should be attached to spell casting, no?

    2. Archery/Shields has no special enchantments in 50+ Masterworks

    3. 50+ in Wand (Bludgeon) Masterwork gives no additional specials.

    Are these going to be fixed/looked at?


  11. Corp Por

    Any plans for a form of gambling / Casino?

    1. Blackjack
    2. Dice Roll Cup
    3. Roulette tables
    4. One of my fondest UO memories was “betting on chicken fights” can this be incorporated with tameables?


  12. Keflara

    1. Are there plans for more light sources? Crafting or otherwise. The tall standing lamps like what are found at the entrances of scenes and the blue light ones in particular are what I am looking for. Those work great in greenhouses and provide more light than candles. Prior to persistence we could purchase them at the bookseller.

    2. Will agriculture ever provide pool experience or have skills associated with it? I love that we have more to plant and harvest but wish there was some way to allow the time and effort in planting, tending and harvesting to provide some pool benefit.

    3. Will raising animals like cows, chickens and pigs be something added to agriculture?


    1. redfishredfish

      Q: Is there a possibility you can give players the ability to make or purchase hanging wall lanterns… that are just like the lanterns hanging on lamposts, but can be affixed to the side of buildings ? You see a few on NPC buildings in the game.

        1. Keflara

          Oh, and the hanging lanterns in Ardoris would be awesome to be able to craft and hang in greenhouses or around the PoT in various places. Just a thought.

  13. SephrosSephros

    1. Can you look into the resist rates after the resist patch? I have 116 fire attunement, with +25.3 fire resist and seem to take a huge amount of damage from the Saytr Mages fire spells.

    2. Is the inability to masterwork the new cloth items in tailoring by design? IE Wizard hat and Cloak.

    3. Can you add a craftable/purchasable item that allows larger volumes of water to be drawn from the well?


  14. Drake AedusDrake Aedus

    Why do you hate Island/Tropical Island POT owners so much? Every other POT template includes some basic necessities like pre placed paths, or cobble stone town centers… little niceties that, as a POT owner, I could work around to make some nice living spaces. These things, that are included in the other templates, can make up hundreds or even thousands of decoration objects freely given to “pax-like”, fully polished POT templates.

    So that’s my question: Why do you hate Island/Tropical Island POT owners so much?

    1. Drake AedusDrake Aedus

      Yes, my comment is a bit of tongue in cheek, but I don’t feel that each of the POT templates have equal value. Is there any chance that this could be addressed?

      1. majoria70majoria70

        lol I am not saying anyone is hating anything or anyone but as a reminder in a Snowy Biome water is frozen, do we still have plans for ‘ice fishing’?

  15. HER0HER0

    Is the difference between equivalent axes, hammers, and maces only cosmetic?

    What is the reasoning behind not being able to heal those not in your party? I would like to wander around saving players from death, but it requires them to quickly accept a party invite.

    1. HER0HER0

      One more question: I haven’t tested it, but with no life magic spells that negatively affect players, the life ward gem should be useless. Would it be possible for there to be a life gem that amplifies the amount of healing you receive?

  16. Mad HatterMad Hatter

    May we please get an update to “Bags in Chest” ? (which has been an ongoing thread in Feedback Forum for quite sometime) = Question 1

    Animal Breeding/Raising… I remember talking about it at a Duke’s event and also in some past Telethons but is this something that is looking promising for Episode 2? = Question 2

    Duke Walls… I know this is a sensitive topic… Any thoughts about given owners the option to have a toggle menu to have them remain up (by default) or taken down through the lot owner sign?

  17. SilisSilis

    Can we expect to see damage types and resistances added to melee and ranged combat to differentiate the weapons more?

    If damage types will be introduced to weapons will additional arrow types or ranged options be introduced?

    Can we expect to see future updates to the stealth mechanics in the game?

  18. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

    Question 1: How much more do you believe the crafting system will expand for episode I? (For example, Alchemy only has two crafting skills, will there be more?)

    Question 2: The original design of Chaos magic was that it couldn’t be resisted. Is this still true or does attunement in Chaos magic provide a mild form of resistance?

    Question 3: Can you please consider allowing players to have the recipe for making a Lich Axe? That way it can be socketed and enchanted. Perhaps it might also possess a special quality similar to bone armor.

  19. Justyn04Justyn04

    Question 1: Back in June, the Elven Fighter Armor was given a face-lift which resulted in the boots being broken. I believe in a hangout it was mentioned those would be fixed, but we haven’t seen that fix in game yet. Is that still in process?

    Question 2: At one time, it was discussed in a hangout/telethon that we would be able to upgrade Player Owned Towns with in game gold, but we haven’t heard anything about that lately. Will that still be an option in the future?

    Question 3: Several of the new female hairstyles now have bushy sideburns. Is that by design? If yes, could we have a lil shave, please? They look great on the male avatars, but they are seriously thick for the females.

  20. mikedeathdealermikedeathdealer

    Question 1: Are there any plans to add Low, Medium, and High level control points? It seems we only have really High level control points. Sanctus Spine used to provide a FUN lower level group play that is much needed.

    Question 2: Any plans on making some battlegrounds for pvp? Capture the flag? Maybe a world of warcraft like arathi basin with 5 “control point” type platforms with a system that adds points over time for how many you control. Also maybe make a Star Wars the old republic like “Hutt Ball” with a gustball. Add a ability to make it so you can throw a gustball. I think this would peak interest and bring a lot of joy into the game.

  21. MerrikMerrik

    Question 1: will our tamed pets be able to be placed on LOTs like NPCs and reward pets?

    Question 2: can we have the placed pets take item count and not NPC count? (they don’t do anything so don’t need to count against our vendor count)

    Question 3: Why is my Obsidian Bear stronger then my Ferocious Wolf Spider?

  22. RhiannonRhiannon

    Question: When it comes to designing the various systems (i.e. combat mechanics or GARDENING), are you open to us saying “hey look at the XYZ system in this or that game for a great way of doing it”?

    Question: Can you tell us the designed growth rate of plants inside homes or on cabana decks? I don’t know if mine are growing as designed or if I need to submit a bug report.

    Question: Actually, a comment. I hope that you take all that negative stuff from the forums as passion for a beloved game (both past and present). That’s how I see it anyway. I would say that most of us appreciate you and the team and love what you have created and continue to improve.

  23. MenchiMenchi

    1. Will you be adding material specific Masterworking, f.x. Constantan having more mage-type bonuses?
    – Issue might be with if you use many different materials on one item, so mabe have the masterworking only use the main material like sheet and sword blade etc.
    2. Can we have it so the inventory of our bags and backpacks don’t show up in the sell window when we are selling things to NPC’s?
    3. I remember you talking about selling and getting rare drops for molds for armor and weapons, will that include the wonderful hats in the add-on store and will we be able to use all the current recipe’s(like epic, augmented, fortified) and just add the mold to make it as good as the stuff we use now?
    – And as a side question if you don’t mind, if we buy any of these armors and hats in the add-on store will we get the mold later on?

  24. RatRat

    Most PRT and NPC towns are neglected in terms of NPC services – materials vendors, recipe vendors, Oracles, trainers, etc… This leaves places like Owls Head and Brittney (and Adoris to a lesser extent) as absolutely indispensable and the others as empty. How will future releases balance these resources? It’s very lonely on the western shores.

  25. Vothric VileheartVothric Vileheart

    Question 1: Will there ever be any tamables added that require a high taming skill in order to be used and controlled? Something stronger, and more exclusive, for players with much more invested in all of the taming tree (and not just summoning skill)

    Question 2: Bone armor added an extra element of farming monsters, both weak and strong for rare materials. What future plans or details for new armor sets can you share similar to this?

    Question 3: Are there any new spells planned for the current magic schools in the game? Any sort of new projectiles, single-target spells, or even rare spells that could be sought out and acquired in a similar fashion to the bone armor components? (examples: seeking out ancient texts for research, gathering scroll fragments off monsters, weaving new spells together with the help of NPCs, ritualistic objects etc.)

  26. PikegirlPikegirl

    Question 1:
    Some Skill modifiers on Weapons are ambiguous e.g. 7.5% Increase for Drain Life.
    So is the bonus on all sorts of Life Drain effects i.e. Death Touch & Death Field, or for the specific Drain Life proc on a wand/staff?

    Question 2:
    Will Feign Death be introduced as a Skill in future? Necro or Subterfuge?

    Question 3:
    Can we get a service or upgrade whereby we could change a Deed or a House without all our existing Deco on that lot being trashed into the Bank?

  27. Roycestein KaelstromRoycestein Kaelstrom

    Question 1:
    Now that skill decay has increased to be accrued up to 12 hours. Could you please make some changes, so that those who prefer to “play the game without worry about things” will not be forced to min/max by locking skills and selective train certain one(s)?

    Question 2:
    Are we getting brewery this coming release?

    Question 3:
    Is the POT toolkit coming in the next release?

  28. DancingShadeDancingShade

    Q1: How far away are we from auto stacking similar items in containers so we can easily offload gathered materials into banks or containers? I know it’s already somewhere on the roadmap but I think it would be a big quality of life addition.

    Q2: Love the Edelmann birdbath birds that fly over my house. Any chance of similar items that perhaps summon a different “flock of deco animals” for our properties? (crafted or add on store) Bats, vultures, swarms of buzzing insects, etc

    Q3: Warning: gross question. We already have marvellous vomit emotes. Any chance of vomit or blood stain deco going into the add on store? (similar sort of thing as the spider web deco). Something to make our spare rooms or basements particularly nasty.

  29. DoctorDoctor

    Question: Can you integrate an ammunition system for wands/staves? For example, crystal shards can be used to charge the wand/stave and depending on the type of shard, have an added effect and giving them ranged attack. Once depleted, they must recharge with gems/shards.
    More about this idea : https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/whats-wrong-with-wands-and-staffs-ideas-for-improvement.63715/#post-664015

    What are your thoughts? Wands and staves aren’t meant to be used for bludgeon melee.

  30. Jack KnyfeJack Knyfe


    1. Will there be a polish pass done on all wearables so that more combinations of things can be worn, and if so, when?

    2. Can we have a floating island POT template? (Floating meaning “in the air”, not “on top of the water”.)

    3. When more land masses are added to the game in future episodes, will you give existing POT owners who don’t have overland map access the opportunity to have overland access with the caveat that they move their town to the new areas?

  31. DraugurDraugur

    Any thought on coming out with an official Gustball uniform? With the gustball league getting started it would be awesome to have s sports uniform for it! Thanks!

  32. niteowl57niteowl57

    Question 1: Could we please block the pop-up comparison between looted rusty and broken items with equiped items, and instead press/hold a key in combination with the mouseover when we actually want to compare items, or even a toggle to turn it on and off?

    Question 2: When a player clicks on a corpse to harvest/loot, could you please pass a stop or reset value to the decay timer to prevent it from disappearing mid-harvest?

  33. AcredAcred

    Question 1: (Crafting) Will you please add Cupcake recipes into the game and make them weigh less than the one-pound consumables?

    Question 2: (Crafting) Will my activities doing Agricultural be more beneficial if I only have one of my characters doing them, and would the quality of her hoe affect any aspect of them?

    Question 3: (Overland map) There are already patches of flowers on the Overland Map. Will traveling through them offer a single known (ORDERly) effect someday – Like:
    60 seconds increased run speed, or
    60 seconds dense fog overlaying the map, or
    an immediate and unavoidable spawning of a random encounter –
    or could it be a random effect such as a (CHAOTIC) triggering of one of the above or sudden moving of the Avatar in an unexpected direction or to one of a special set of scenes?

  34. Belladonna RoseBelladonna Rose

    Why are all things only in the add on store. Can you not at least bestow something small unique to everyone. It doesnt have to be anything major….but something to show appreciation for being here.
    Fall items……leaf pile or stack of pumpkins. Winter a named snowman with a devs name on it or something fun. Deco items are always liked and appreciated. Just a thought

  35. May DayMay Day

    1) Would you consider allowing people to plant 20 seeds at a time in a large planter the same way they can craft 20 items in a patch at the crafting table?

    2) Could you make empty Vendors invisible to anyone besides the owner?

    3) Will there be row house with green house on top that are fewer floors?

  36. Lord BarugonLord Barugon

    There are two bugs that are very negatively affecting me: #37427 and #36501. When they will be fixed?

  37. majoria70majoria70

    Question 1
    Our world is atm disconnected hexes of people imo, Will you please, please, please seriously consider plans to connect the SOTA world by taking the work order option off of our vendors and create NPC town Bulletin Boards to place work order requests, wanted posters, and town announcements?

    Question 2
    @Darkstarr, You mentioned you would like to have our ideas in one place, I did start a thread entitled ‘Before Release’ to encourage great idea posting in one place and titling ideas to make them a later searchable document, will this help you, or could you please provide an example of what would help?

    Some threads are full of bickering and the great ideas can get lost in them. We want to help if we can please. I’m hoping that negativity is not overshadowing that there are many of us who care so much about this game and are in awe of the many wonders we have so far.

    One of my greatest hopes for this game is that we have things in the game that connect what’s happening throughout our gaming experience, that make our world feel more alive, things that give us reasons for why we play and what we do and why we do, a rewarding game play so ideas listed below:

    For example our character and journal remember what we are doing and comment on it, and it would be possible to get conditions for not completing a timed quest or task, choices matter from the choices we make, sleeping in beds matter before logging off to give ‘resting bonus, ‘starvation’ from not eating, ‘worry’ from not completing a timed quest (drinking wine or apple juice would provide a temp help), also pvp quests for criminal points to generate wanted posters.

    Question 3
    Are there plans to add in things seen as missing still in the game like the reasons for doing things, such as achievements, such as example pvp quests that generate criminal points and a wanted poster from completing the criteria in the quest players are added to the wanted list, and more to do that impacts our character, please can you consider and read the ideas of what’s still missing in the game for some of us and comment if there are plans in this direction before release?

  38. Uncle SvenUncle Sven

    1. When will the missing glyphs / spells be added? Chaos control daemon / Subterfuge Pick lock

    2. When will we see the content that will distract us from power leveling?

    3. Many releases ago undead were made resistant to physical damage, we even had to use magic to guarantee they would stay dead. Now thier resists to all magic (some less than others) is significantly bumped to require physical damage to kill them. My question is; have you all settled on a direction for combat? and when will we get to know what is going on?
    (Please note I am not asking for details. but I have changed my play style a couple of times already trying to keep up. I simply feel I have wasted experience points on styles I wouldn’t have used normally, and I don’t wish to see release before I know how I want to play.)

    1. majoria70majoria70

      I love #2 Uncle Sven and could we get some details of some things that will achieve this? I don’t play on steam so with no in-game achievements, we need in-game achievements and tasks and we need an if you dont take care of your avatar by eating and sleeping with a sleeping and eating requirement added in. ie ‘resting bonuses 4 hours if put to bed before logging.

  39. Bamboozle

    1) will you ever release tax free place anywhere deeds again? is there a chance they will be released in episode 2?

    2) will founder / benefactor / expert stations get an overhaul soon (better bonuses than +5)? Is there a chance founder bonus would be greater than benefactor?

    3) have you thought about pledges for episode 2?

    4) how do you plan to attract new players to the game once you launch?

  40. Duke GréagóirDuke Gréagóir

    Are you going to “experiment” next on PVE players by giving those not flagged for pvp during this entire release our missing 25% bonus for 30 days? Fair is fair.

  41. EclipseMaidenEclipseMaiden

    Question 1) Any news on the POT water lot deeds?
    Question 2) Any plans for beach deco aka Beach towels, Lounge chairs, tiki torches, umbrellas to be placeable in town or on lots.
    Question 3) Do you have a favorite town to visit when you just want to chill?

  42. Govenor RuinGovenor Ruin

    Can you or will you please change the [pvp] tag to a symbol. Ruin[PVP] looks terrible. Its been recommended a skull to show pvp mode id suggest a flaming skull…

    What is coming online for pots in the future, we have the best and want it to be even bestier. ;)

    Why does ransom still not pay the skull even if they pay?

    Why do you auto attack after casting dazeling rays still either that or your pet attacks it, please allow dalezing rays to turn this stuff off when casting.

  43. ScanphorScanphor

    What plans do you have to make PvE only healing a valid playstyle again? With a lot of people PvP flagging solely for the XP buff healers are useless unless they also flag. I’ve been unable to take part in guild PvE groups since this came in :(

  44. Vallo FrostbaneVallo Frostbane

    1) Will there be a functioning faction system before Release of Ep.1 ?
    2) What will be the reward/motivation etc. for guilds to war each other in Ep.1?
    3) Will we see guilds controlling territory longerm or Ep.1? E.g.: Guild XY controls Adoris and collects tax etc.?

  45. Phil ScottPhil Scott

    Question 1: If I have GM in a crafting skill (say blacksmith) and I am in a party with someone when they make something at a blacksmithing table (and I am right next to them) do they now get double skill points? If not will that be the case in the future?

    Question 2: Can you increase the limit on private vendor items like you did a few releases ago on the public vendors?

    Question 3: At one point you said that the limit on vendors per lot would go up. Do you still intended to do this and if so can you share the target release?

  46. Duke GréagóirDuke Gréagóir

    Can you please add taming acheievements on steam.

    – Number of animals tamed (100, 1000, 5000)
    – Different badges for the type of animals tamed (1 for all type of bears, 1 for all type of spiders, etc.)

    Thank you.

  47. Themo LockThemo Lock

    Question: Will PoT merchants ever pay full price for items sold to them like the NPC town merchants do?

  48. Craye Lontra

    I hope your holidays went well and thanks for your time in answering all the community’s questions.

    1) I think I recall a question being asked in a previous post-mortem about avatars choosing to be muggles, if I might borrow a term from Harry Potter, and I think I recall that the answer was it was assumed that Avatars would want to use magic. Has there been any more thought about bonuses/abilities for Avatars that choose to be muggles?

    2) Seeing some of the Kobold technology in the add-on store makes me want to ask if there plans for technology to mimic/mirror magic effects? Could we see alchemically/technologically powered weapons with elemental effects?

    3) Are there any plans to turn emotes like rain of spiders or breathe fire into effect causing spells?

    Thanks again for all you do to support the community and Happy Holidays.

    1. Craye Lontra

      Sorry, I had one last question I just remembered. I feel like with the addition of farming(which is a good thing) that the gathering skill in not one with which you can make money.

      1)My question is, are more ingredients that can only be found by gathering in the wilds going to be introduced or is gathering just supposed to be a way to save a few coins and not a profession?

      Thanks again.

  49. Tensoon

    1 ) Will there be any new dungeons added? If so, would it be anything like a raid setting, with multiple levels and a boss at the end of each level; (I suppose this is more of what I hope to see than a question lol); each boss having a rare special loot similar to a demon hoof for making bone armor, but maybe an ingot for crafting metal gear or imbued cloth for casters, a legendary enchant scroll that lets you add +3 to a chosen stat on a piece of gear, special powder for a 100% masterwork chance, idk, something rewarding for the difficulty of beating the boss, and put him on a few day cooldown before rewards can be obtained again.

    2) I’ve seen a lot of tweaking and adjusting of current content; what new content do we have to look forward to?

    3) Would it be possible to have a real money purchasable row lot house that is designed like a shop or market and allows the player to place more than 2 vendors at it? To centralize shopping and make it less of a hassle to travel literally all over the place looking for vendors.

  50. Dirk HammerstrikeDirk Hammerstrike

    Can we lose the “do you want to water this plant?” popup? Or at the very least make YES the response for hitting the hotkey for interact?

  51. BrightstarBrightstar

    1 – Regarding stacking. Just like you have limits on lights, containers, and objects, could you make a limit of maybe 2 for pavers (one example) just to have that ability. Not being able to stack is cutting into the creativity part of decorating your lot.

    2 – I love the rain and stormy weather that occurs, but it needs to be toned down a bit. It rains too much. Will you be able to make it snowy in the non-snowy biomes just for the winter season?

    3 – It would be cool if you could take a picture with the camera, while having a picture frame available (craftable), and somehow transfer it to the picture frame and make it a picture you can hang on.

  52. Nemesis

    Can we get more deck slots?
    Can we get a customizable UI or allow mods to make the UI more customizable?
    When can we expect more tactics to be used in more places, instead of just face-tanking cps etc?
    WHEN are you going to make pets worth using past lvl 40, ALSO WHEN will we see other TYPES of pets?

  53. Tripp SwindleTripp Swindle

    Will the payment plan option plan be made available again for store purchases?

    Will hanging sausages ever be craftable/placeable?

  54. ValdorValdor

    Is it by design or a bug that dragon statues cannot be placed in homes / on roofs? The small dragon statue should fit on the roof of a duke home, but it is not allowed.

  55. rednoughtrednought

    Would there be additional gold sink measure? If so, what other measures are the team looking at to counter inflation in game?

  56. fedwook

    What are differences Between moon magic vanish an the Sub tree stealth? Any plans combine the effects of each to stack?

  57. RavaloxRavalox

    The “Rewards” bank type currently doesn’t do anything. When working; will this show only rewards, newly claimed rewards, or something else?

    (and if not intended to show recently claimed, can we get some way to sort items by age of deposit?) Very hard to figure out what was added after claiming rewards :-)

  58. SilvanusSilvanus

    Are you going to make recipes more generic so that once you learn to make one version of something like a strap of a binding or a weapon you can simply substitute different primary materials (metal, wood, cotton) without having to buy virtually duplicate recipes?

    Are we any closer to having the ability to bundle items together to sell as a package? As an example, put a complete set of armor in a bag and price the bag as a complete set.

  59. rednoughtrednought

    Would there be any game relevance for grand mastering refining skills like smelting, tanning, looming? Also, what’s the significance of the expert level table for the respective tables? Currently they don’t seem to give any benefits.

  60. RatRat

    Are the NPC cities outside of Brittney, Adoris and especially Owls Head going to get some love? There are basic NPC vendors that everyone needs and most towns are bereft of anything coming near complete services. Some towns don’t have anything beyond a banker and town crier.

    1. BerekBerek Post author

      Hi Nefar! We should have awarded all of the known persons for the prizes that were handed out on the hourly basis. If you are speaking about the stretch goal rewards and such, those still need to be developed and will make it into the game at a later date.

      If you won a prize and haven’t received it yet, please email us at support@portalarium.com and we’ll check!

  61. Nefar

    Ahh yes – I was not lucky enough to win any of the hourly prizes . I was referring to the achievement prizes.

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