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Award-winning game designer Richard Garriott and creator of the highly successful Ultima® series of games announced today that he plans to reinvent the fantasy RPG genre during a simultaneous live stream on Rooster Teeth and the Shroud of the Avatar website.

The game is being backed on Kickstarter, where supporters will have a chance to help fund the project. One of the most anticipated pledge levels will include access to in-game player houses, which are available in multiple sizes and styles. The houses provide players a chance to own their own virtual property in the game.

Shroud of the Avatar on Kickstarter!

Lord British adds, “We couldn’t be happier to be introducing the game on Kickstarter, which has really changed the landscape for game developers. It allows us to connect directly with our fan base and it keeps us from being so dependent on the traditional publishing model. There’s now a direct feedback loop with people who like our game and have decided to back it. With Kickstarter we can listen to what our fans are saying about how we are developing the game and make changes and additions based on that feedback, before the game launches. We hope people will like what they are seeing and hearing about Shroud of the Avatar and back the project on Kickstarter.”



  1. resmenowresmenow

    I want to pledge from the beginning! but I prefer PayPal, is this going to be implemented at all?

    1. FireLotusFireLotus

      Yes, we will be adding the ability to pledge using PayPal to our website sometime this week! :)

  2. Lontra

    Is it possibleto Upgrade my Pledge?? I am Seriously considering making another pledge to have 2 accounts, but I want to know if it´s possible to upgrade the one I already made..

  3. FireLotusFireLotus

    Yes. If you pledged on Kickstarter, you can manage your Pledge though the project main page to increase your amount or even change your pledge level.

  4. Lady AdonaiLady Adonai

    I pledged on Kickstarter, there was ZERO hesitation when I heard about this. I only honestly wish I could have pledged on a much higher level. I truly can’t wait to go into the Beta phase. I really hope this project turns into an absolute blockbuster for you all and we all can’t wait to experience the finished product! Kudos for going back to your roots Lord British, we’ve long been waiting your return; best wishes!

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