Community Livestream – New Inn First Look!

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We will be kicking off this week’s Community Livestream by giving players a first look at the upcoming Wood and Plaster Village Inn Player Home!

While room renting will work in any player home, the layout of the Wood and Plaster Village Inn is specifically optimized for renting out rooms to other players. We hope to have the Inn and Room Renting live in Release 43.

After the tour of the Inn, we have Damon Waldrip ready to talk about the visual effects in the finale sequence of the Titan Grannus story character that went into the game in Release 41. If there is any time remaining in the hour, we also have Fletcher Kinnear ready to show off the Oracle, which is due for appearance in Release 43.

The fun begins on Twitch this Friday at 4pm CT! Also join the community watching on Discord chat to ask your questions about Room Renting, the Inn, Titan Grannus, and the Oracle.


  1. redfishredfish

    I’m wondering if there will be NPC inns, in NPC towns. It would fit the Ultima tradition and add to the offline game.

  2. Gorn da MornGorn da Morn

    Will there be water home inns at some point? Or perhaps an opportunity to convert water lots to hold regular homes with a platform? I can envisage beach resort type inns with such a construct… :-)

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