Cyber Monday Crown Bonus is happening now!

NOTE: In celebration of Black Friday we are extending the Crown Bonus to December 1 to coincide with the Release 48 Telethon.

Greetings Avatars,

‘Tis our favorite time of year: the holiday season! It is that special time where you purchase gifts for the ones you love (including yourself) and it is that special time where we release all sorts of fun holiday goodies for Halloween, Fall, and Winter.

To celebrate we are rewarding all purchases of $15 or more with a bonus of Gold Crowns.

Here is the exact award chart (NOTE: Dollar amounts between tiers will be awarded the Gold Crown amount of the tier below it. E.g., Spending $100 will get you 10 Gold Crowns.):”

  • $15      =       2 Gold Crowns
  • $35      =       5 Gold Crowns
  • $70      =     10 Gold Crowns
  • $165    =     25 Gold Crowns
  • $325    =     50 Gold Crowns
  • $665    =   100 Gold Crowns
  • $1665  =   250 Gold Crowns
  • $3325  =   500 Gold Crowns
  • $5000  =   750 Gold Crowns
  • $6665  = 1000 Gold Crowns

The above will be awarded for all new purchases (including bundles, bundle upgrades, add-on items, player owned town upgrades, and Make a Difference items) between 10:30 AM September 28, 2017 and Midnight CST, December 1 November 27, 2017 (6:00 UTC, December 2 November 28, 2017). NOTE: This will not count for purchases made with store credit.

[NOTE: The crown bonus is calculated every day for all purchases within the previous 24 hours and then added to your account]


  1. Cypher BlackCypher Black

    Errrr. Two telethons… That is what I meant! My bad, still, it would be nice to have it for the early December telethon. :)

  2. Daxxe DigglerDaxxe Diggler

    Does this also apply if we buy COTO’s with new money? So, if I bought 100 COTO’s for $85, I would get an extra 12 COTO’s free?

    1. HelverianHelverian

      No. Buy first something for 70dollar and next something for 15dollar. Importen it has to be 2 different transactions. Then made Store Credits out of that. Then you have 12 cotos and you can buy your 85 cotos with the Credit. When you buy it in one transaction then you will only get 10cotos.

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