Release 48 Postmortem Telethon

** $75,000 **

Telethon Funds Raised


Telethon Stretch Goal Rewards:

  • ACHIEVED! $10K: Icicles Pattern Cloak
  • ACHIEVED! $25K: Ice Hot Tub
  • ACHIEVED! $35K: Ice Elemental Statue with icy effects
  • ACHIEVED! $50K: Ice Sword & Ice Shield
  • ACHIEVED! $65K: Ice Crown, Ice & Snow Themed Gown, and Ice Wand
  • $80K: Ice Dragon Statue with icy effects

Greetings Avatars,

The next Postmortem Telethon, for Release 48, is already fast approaching! The winter season has fully set in and we’re celebrating with holiday stretch goal items ready to be achieved. This telethon is coming up fast on December 1!

This telethon is going to mark a new format for some items. We will be somewhat going back to briefer Deep Dives. Also, we will be focusing more on related questions to those Deep Dives. Please see below on what questions we will and will not be taking.


Telethons are livestreamed on Twitch and include answers to your gameplay questions, world building tours, prize giveaways, sales on items, and more! See what we have planned below beginning at 3:00 PM CT on December 1:

  • 3PM: Introductions and Postmortem Q&A
  • 3:45PM: Deep Dive 1: Advanced Combat, Skills, Leveling
  • 4:30PM: World Building Tour
  • 5:30PM: Deep Dive 2: Economy, Crafting, Artifacts, Loot
  • 6:15PM: Postmortem Q&A Continues
  • 7PM: Ending Announcements

Schedule is subject to change. Check back here before the livestream begins!

The Cyber Monday Crown Bonus and the following seasonal Spooky Items are expiring on December 1:


Seasonal: Spooky 2017: Rare

Seasonal: Spooky 2017: Value Pack

Seasonal: Spooky 2017: Recurring

STRETCH GOALS (Frosty Themed!)

As a special bonus, we are offering funding rewards to any backer that pledges a minimum of $5 for twelve hours during the day of the telethon, on December 1 from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CT (Spending Store Credit to make $5 minimum purchase does not apply) .

NOTE: While the livestream ends at 7pm CT, everyone will have until 11:59 PM CT to spend $5 to get the stretch goals. We will announce the final total on the following day.

  • $10K: Icicles Pattern Cloak
  • $25K: Ice Hot Tub
  • $35K: Ice Elemental Statue with icy effects
  • $50K: Ice Sword & Ice Shield
  • $65K: Ice Crown, Ice & Snow Themed Gown, and Ice Wand
  • $80K: Ice Dragon Statue with icy effects

*Please keep in mind that stretch goal rewards take time to develop and will most likely not be available in-game at Release 50 at the earliest.


StarrDancingFor every $2,500 donated, all developers on camera have to either dance, sing, or perform some other act of amazement.

Additionally, we will be spinning the Wheel of Fortune! The wheel will have 12 different categories of sales plus the Lord British and Darkstarr wildcards where they get to choose any category! Each time a category comes up it will go on sale at approx. 20% off for 1 hour.



  • Frosty goodies!
  • Bank Upgrades
  • COTOs
  • Store Credit
  • merchandise
  • and a bunch of items we will announce on the livestream!

We will be giving prizes away on an hourly basis with many being given away multiple times. If you wish to win prizes during the event, be in Discord chat! We will be active on Twitch and YouTube chats as well, but they will not be our portal for prize giveaways.


We will be answering questions throughout the livestream, so submit them in the comments section below or on Discord chat during the event.

Please do NOT post questions containing:

  • More than 3 questions in total
  • Bugs or other problems best posted in the bug forums
  • “When is this coming” or anything related to schedule (for those answers please refer to our quarterly updates or our post release plans)
  • Questions with more than a couple of sentences. Please keep them brief! We will likely understand the context of your interest, so just ask the question and we’ll be able to respond.

For bug reports and extra idea suggestions, please use forums for this purpose.

Keep an eye on @ShroudofAvatar for updates before, during, and after the livestream. See you on Twitch at 3:00 PM CT on December 1!


  1. MerrikMerrik

    with the changes over the past several releases, how does damage and to hit work? (adv level vs skill level)

  2. DraugurDraugur

    Hello again @Berek! Going forward, if the announcement doesn’t say anything about expiring items does that mean there WILL NOT be anything expiring?

    1. DraugurDraugur

      As a suggestion I would put a permanent section for expiring items. Even if there is nothing expiring you could put N/A or something there.

  3. Lord RavnosLord Ravnos

    My question is: What is going to be done and should be done about it before release? I think it’s a significant enough problem thus far that it’s frankly my main concern for the longevity of the game at it’s (AI) current rate of improvement.

  4. Sheamus McGuinnessSheamus McGuinness

    QUESTION: Do you plan to release the Mustache themed items (Mustache Helm & Mustache Cloak) as separate items in the add-on store outside the very expensive make a difference bundles they are in now?

  5. Merv DeGriffMerv DeGriff

    QUESTION: Will there be melee weapon recipes (not patterns) that use no metal? Examples such as clubs or melee staves would be nice.

    QUESTION: Will there be more player made beverages? Beyond ‘demon tea’ and beer, tasty spirits and tea sipping abounds and seem like a good place for +focus regen.

    QUESTION: Why is the rum always gone?

  6. Mugly WumpleMugly Wumple

    QUESTION: Will skill level ever do more to enhance something rather than just open new recipes? As a tailor, my skill only effects my chance to increase durability. I want more.

    QUESTION: Will the gathering and refining skills ever become there own specialties. What additional benefits will high skill provide? I don’t mean just more recipes,

    QUESTION: Do you have any “Top Priorities” post launch?

    1. Mugly WumpleMugly Wumple

      Scratch # 1
      QUESTION: Could you outline how a new player is expected to advance crafting under the “Recipes as Loot” scenario? Where will they find recipes? Will it be a worldwide quest to find a recipe for Leather Straps? BTW, I’ve yet to find a single recipe.

  7. bastianbubastianbu

    Hello there!

    My 3 Questions are:

    1) Can we get numbers on the Salvaging of t3 Components out of Stuff? (% chance with gm skill lvl)
    2) Is there any intent to implement more tameable pet Variaty? I would love a Ranged Dmg Pet or a healing one so they are again comparable to the elementals (or better) …. (I still have a lot of skills invested in the Tameing tree)
    3) UI Suggestion: In addition to tell us what the skill does in20 lvls please also show us what the skill does on the next lvl

  8. monkeysmackmonkeysmack

    Question: Milk is very expensive. When can we get milk from cows?
    Question: Will artifact belts be masterworkable by tailors?

    1. FrostIIFrostII

      Regarding Q1:
      Milk IS expensive, dang butter costs 10gps…….. But yea, how many cows will I need to provide pasture for in order to keep up with my demands for butter ? Give us milking as a skill……

  9. Vallo FrostbaneVallo Frostbane

    Question: Could you maybe give us more details on PVP features that are planned? e.g. Will Castle sieges be in actual self built guild Castles or conquered castles on the map?

    Question: Any chance that we can get a faction system in place so players can act towards other players according to their alignment (evil vs good or mage guild, warriors guild, thieves guild etc.)? I think it would add depth to the game and also enables PVErs to do quests for their NPC guilds etc. and could bring new people together to achieve common goals for their NPC guild and also enable several PVP options. Example: Warriors Guild wants to capture sth in Verdantis Shardfall – Thieves Guild wants to stop them.

    Question: Could we implement a Justice system, so that even if you are PVP flagged there are alignments or good or evil and you are not instantly the enemy of everyone “Good” and that it has consequences like guards attacking you, NPCs refuse trade etc.

  10. RosemourneRosemourne

    1) Similar to how an ornate moondial changes the sky, could new items be made that change the sky to a unique theme to give POTs additional ambiance during the holidays or seasons? Such as Northern Lights in the sky when used for Christmas POT.

    2) Does Novia use the Imperial or Metric system?

    3) After a telethon would it be possible to have the funds between a reached stretch goal and an unachieved stretch goal go into a persistent pot that could unlock previously unachieved stretch goals? (This could also help maintain motivation when a stretch goal seems unlikely)

          1. RosemourneRosemourne

            I’m pretty sure it’s only the player and I don’t know if there is a duration, but it’s at least the entire night. You don’t need to stand by the moondial after you use it.

  11. SneekiepeatSneekiepeat

    As far as threat is concerned would it not be more effective to have the +/- threat abilities work over time as apposed to mashing a button constantly with little to no effect.

    1. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

      I must admit, I’m very disappointed in the solution implemented for the much anticipate Lawn Mower. You do make a valid point it would seem to me, though I admit to not having sufficient technical knowledge to know exactly how it works… but if you remove items that no longer need to be rendered by placing an item that doesn’t need to be rendered, it would seem to me that there should be no need for the item to count against the deco limit.

      Question 1: Chris, why must the “Lawn Mower” item count as an item against our Deco Limit?

        1. XeeXee

          I’m out of Deco even with using some of them removers… Isle of Xee, I use a lot of my deco to bring all the houses into theme and the likes. If I had had the option to keep adding I would :)

  12. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson

    Q1: How do you plan to make grinding less of a chore and more of a fun experience? I understand that it is necessary to have tiers of encounters, even along the main story, but there are times where you do nothing for long period except fighting in order to get enough experience to overcome the next part of the story. Expecting a huge number of T4-T6 quests to do during that period is probably not likely, so how else will you make it fun?

    Q2: What are your long-term plans (prior to Episode 2) for PvP? There is a significant population that wants to PvP, but doesn’t find it meaningful. Simply having PvP and saying the challenge is in the competition is not enough. How will you attract that crowd to SotA and keep them?

    Q3: There have been a lot of partnerships announced this year (Black Sun, Travian, Neverdie, Meretz). How do you as a company choose which partners to approach, and what type of due diligence do you perform beforehand? Are you still looking for more partners?

  13. oplekoplek

    Here are my questions for the humans:

    1) Will the deed raffle continue when Portalarium “goes dark”?

    2) Is there an upper limit to how many deeds will be handled out?

    3) Do you have any plans to limit how many times an individual can win deeds, from raffle to raffle?

    1. oplekoplek

      Just to clarify, by “going dark” I mean “hunkers down and stops putting out releases until full release”

      1. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

        1) Where was it stated that Portalarium would “Go Dark”
        2) Yes… The reason they control the number of deeds put into the world is so that if an Avatar acquires a deed, there is a lot somewhere to claim.

        1. Sean SilverfootSean Silverfoot

          If I remember corectly from long ago. The total number of deeds coming into E1 was in the 7-9 k range.

          Potalarium has said time and again they will ALWAYS be doing monthly releases, even after launch, part of the team will move on to E2 development and others will continue to work on Live.

  14. infernal

    1. can the mages who sell passage in control points be placed on the world map they currently are not worth it to me but if I can by pass the load in load out than I would use their service when I am in a rush.

    2. can you add tree house homes based on the epic trees?

    3. who has visited the most town crier to collect their 100 gold?

  15. Stryker SparhawkStryker Sparhawk

    1) @Chris – Are we still going with similar weapon classes for offhand attacks, or a plan to have them eventually be allowed to be mixed (sword/blunt, blunt/piercing)?

    2) @Chris – Would you consider steins/drinking horns to be improvised blunt weapons or bucklers? This may mean certain objects could use skills from both trees, but at reduced capacity or effectiveness. Broken bottles, also (for immersive pirateyness)

    3) Is there still a plan for Underground POTs to be connected to the underground travel paths?

  16. Sean SilverfootSean Silverfoot

    1) Are all player owned towns now in game? If not how many more need to be done.

    2) Any up to date information on how the College of Arms is doing?

    3) Who has the most rabbit carcasses in storage!! And/or who killed the most?

  17. Vladamir BegemotVladamir Begemot

    You aren’t taking into account the material type on trash, a Constantan Sword (waaaaaaaaaat? Good loot!) should sell for quite a bit more than a Copper one, or Maple/Pine Longbows. They cost over 2000 to make, and this NPC wants to give me 38 gold for it.

  18. TedioTedio

    Will you remove the autoattack on autotargets (or make an option for it)? This is very annoying and messes with the combat. (Only want autoattack on the targets I targeted)

  19. Warrior B'PatrickWarrior B'Patrick

    Q1:Can fishing poles be placed on weapon racks or leaned against a fence or wall? I have a Water lot setup as a fishing spot.
    S1:I would like to suggest a house boat as a home. Not a pirate, viking or obsidian water home, or other regular water home but a pontoon type fishing boat as a house?
    S2:I would like to suggest a user place-able fishing spot?

    1. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson

      In this vein, has there been any progress with the Furcadia cross promo that we talked with Richard and Dr. Cat about in February? One of the promotional items discussed was a recreation of Dr. Cat’s infamous hat, complete with cat ears, and possibly pants with a tail.

  20. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

    Question: As the long anticipated Lawn Mower has turned out to be just another deco item that suppresses the grass, should we report other items such as pavers that don’t properly suppress grass as bugged?

    1. XeeXee

      I agree, as well houses so I don’t waste deco numbers. I was sad that the removers are deco, but happy that the number of objects were increased :)

  21. Vladamir BegemotVladamir Begemot

    Question 2: Please, for the love of all that is Virtuous, bump the “Take All from my storage and weep as I put it in my inventory” button refactor up to highest of the high priority. I have to go remove a hundred things from my inventory now… brb.

  22. Kron Caledon

    Do any of the new artifacts drop from existing bosses such as Torc’Dawl, Phoenix, Daemon, etc.? Have not seen them drop from them, wondering if they were added to their loot tables.

    1. Kron Caledon

      Is salvage chance affected by the main skill? Or just the salvage skill?

      e.g. does only Carpentry Salvage matter, or do you want the Carpentry skill to be high as well?

      1. AjummaAjumma

        Id also like to know if using an obsidian pot increase just the creation of scraps or also affects how many usable crafted mats are dropped like bandit blades and bow strings?

  23. PorkCereal

    With the ability to have different sets of gear and costumes, it is possible to have a ‘gear bag’?
    A bag we can set that holds our different sets of gear so it doesn’t get mixed up with drop loot and items while crafting?

  24. Vallo FrostbaneVallo Frostbane

    Combat Questions:

    Any more changes to the way skills/buffs/heal over times work to avoid having a true classless system instead of a ONE CLASS system? Example: Make Heal Over Times from different schools overwrite each other like their shield spells do.

    Could we reward specialization more by making the spells in your deck count towards resistance/dmg calculation or maybe just limit the amount of schools one can have in their deck?

  25. Vallo FrostbaneVallo Frostbane


    Could we get Resistances as seperate tree that is leveleled by getting damaged with a certain dmg type instead of having to level all magic trees to increase our resistance?

  26. AlarionAlarion

    1) Kinda of petty and important. Just finished the “Betty” chicken quest. The reward is a mounted timber wolf. Can that be made more unique, possible calling it ” An Alph Wolf Trophy” or some such. Being a bit bigger than normal would make sense to me also since it is the “Leader of the Pack” so to speak.

    I want to say I do enjoy the every release telethons more then the old way way. I have a better chance to actually participate.

    1. Daxxe DigglerDaxxe Diggler

      I agree with this request. I know it’s a new player quest line, but I was a little disappointed to see the reward was an item I had already crafted myself.

      I’d like to see this one be renamed to be unique.

  27. 3devious3devious

    1. This one is for Richard: Please talk about your original idea to make this a mobile game.
    2. Do you think “I told you so” when some of us comment that we’d like some of the functionality on our phones and tablets?
    3. This is for Chris: I am building Caska to use polearm weapons with many skills from the earth tree for strength and defense. How much more inefficient is it in comparison with your suggested build of polearms with water?

  28. DoctorfaceDoctorface

    Question 1: Why are shoguns the only ones who have craftable housing as far as factions go?

    Question 2: Whats the motivation for placing the citizen outfit for the norgard people on very strong enemies rather than as a craftable?

    Question 3: Why can’t Raggie dance? Do you hate Red Spiders? (Mostly kidding,just never have enough questions…)

  29. RinaldiRinaldi

    Sometimes looting requires clicking and sweeping the mouse all over the place to find the “sweet spot” where the corpse is located.

    Question: can we please make it so we can also loot by clicking on the corpse name (the location of which is completely obvious)?

  30. AjummaAjumma

    Questions; User experience

    1. Could we have a “buy back” option from the vendors please of the last things you sold, selling the wrong thing is painful and we all make mistakes :)

    2. Discord integration, could we have a tick box remember our username and password please? and auto log us in if the box is ticked?

  31. AjummaAjumma

    Questions; Water based deeds

    1. Water platforms, could they be made useful please? I can’t place anything practical on them; deeds that can also go on water are really expensive to buy, yet we can barely use them vs. a land base deed for the time being.

    2. Could we have a recipe to create a half size rectangle shape Water platform as the current one does not fit around ships using all the available space.

    3. Could we have some water deco? like water lilies for decoration and tall reeds as a hedge that can go around a water deed.

    4. Could ship owners have the option of a title of Captain; those of us who use our ships are the captains of our ships ;) and we got so few benefits right now using our ships vs. land based deeds.

    5. Could we have a basement that is a Grotto of some kind together with a smugglers hatch that works from the ship.

    6. Could water deeds have a uniform size bit of land that could accommodate say a stage so we have a basic minimal amount of land we know we can use?

    1. FrostIIFrostII

      I think we only get to ask 3 questions…..
      And I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m mistaken in that regard……..

  32. Dominor666Dominor666

    Question : When will we see some form of a “looking for group” ability in the game.
    Question : Will we ever have the ability to place something for sale on a vendor that will be seen on a game wide Auctioneer.

  33. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson

    Now that the results of the Gameplay survey are in, can we get some general idea of what kind of metrics you got from it? What are there places players feel need the most work, and does it match what you guys already knew?

  34. SlegnorSlegnor

    QUESTION: Could a filter be added to the recipe book so only recipes you have all the components for in your backpack are shown? Material highlighting is already in for the recipe book, so can we take it one step further?

    QUESTION: Could recipes be highlighted on vendors/in inventory lists. Example: Red text if you already know them, green if it’s unlearned. Having the colour on the item text would give you an idea of which recipes to buy, at a glance, instead of having to tooltip over each one

  35. WombyWomby

    QUESTION: Can we please have a pop-up text box appear when we click on the skull pole at a scene entrance, giving some background lore and context for the scene? Maybe hint at things to discover. This would make exploration more interesting.

  36. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

    Question 1: I know in the past you’ve (Starr has) said you don’t like the idea of being a good black smith making you stronger. But what about being stronger making you a better blacksmith? Or being more dexterous making you a better tailor? Being smarter making you a better alchemist? Etc…

    Question 2: The way we work magic resistance is out of whack with how our combat system was originally designed. A person wearing plate armor still gets maximum resistance to magic if they have enough skill. This doesn’t make sense. Can you please consider making the benefits from high attunement lower the heavier armor you’re wearing? This would help balance both PVE and PVP so that being a “tank mage” is not the best way to play the game.

    Question 3: The combat HEAT system is far more advantageous to use than the DECK system. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest one is that you don’t have to wait very long to five stack anything with the HEAT system. Can you please consider making the time to stack using the HEAT system much longer? Also, can you please consider requiring decks using the HEAT system to have the amount of glyphs in the deck to stack? (For example, you would need at least two of the same glyph to stack something twice. Currently you just need ONE glyph in a deck to get a five stack.)

  37. EchondasEchondas

    Q1) Since the stacking change for Death Shield, Douse, etc – as a compromise, could stacking said spells increase duration – not power – to provide some usefulness/incentive for stacking?

    Q2) How about having potion usage be faster/better if the player has an empty hand, and adding animation of swigging the potion then throwing away the empty bottle ?

    Q3) Any chance the “escape” skill can get some love? It’s not very effective at removing hate, even with charging it to 5, when I use it during guild boss fights (dragon, phoenix, etc..)

  38. Dakon BlackbladeDakon Blackblade

    Hope this ice sword isnt a cutlass shape like the flame sword.. and the leaf sword. A pointy shard of stabby ice!

  39. John MarkusJohn Markus

    QUESTION: When will the “Additional Features” on PoT Submission Form revisited ? I have three year old request for an Epic sized cherry tree with $100 deposit in Service vouchers specifically for this purpose.

  40. Vallo FrostbaneVallo Frostbane

    Why can’t we stealth with the light spell, when soothing rain, elysium Illumination or Ignite Weapon still work when stealthed? Shouldn’t all auras, HOTs etc break it?

  41. Vallo FrostbaneVallo Frostbane

    The way leveling works currently means that the higher level I am the easier it is to GM skills. I GM a “normal” skill in less than an hour if I want to. That not only degrades the reputation of such a GM title, but it also leads to less distinctive characters overall in late game as EVERYONE will have THIEVING/LOCKPICKING/STEALTH or any other skill that usually would be a distinctive trait for a character in a RPG. Any plans to change that in any way to lessen the feeling of a ONE CLASS game.

    1. Vallo FrostbaneVallo Frostbane

      What are your plans for armor set bonuses? Could we also see set bonuses for T2 crafted armor? Like a set of white iron plate armor gets a specific bonus compared to a bronze plate set?

  42. Raven SwiftbowRaven Swiftbow

    Q1: Could the animations for greyhounds please be looked at? In real life Greyhounds do not “sit” like other dogs. They do have a “sphinx” position that they use instead.

    Q2: While I’m thinking about animations…. [gonna keep GIX busy] ;) – Cats in the game have some great animations already. One animation that they do not have is the ‘curled up sleeping’ animation. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home and find the cat curled up in front of the fireplace?

    1. FrostIIFrostII

      Regarding Q2:
      When cats come “in from the cold” they tend to gravitate to someplace warm and safe.
      Give us cats in front of fireplaces, pls……

  43. hrothhroth

    Spoilers! :)

    1. Is it true the two features of the Assassin’s Blade is extra charge (like the extra charge in a Crossbow of Accuracy?) and +50% (instead of +25%) poison effectiveness for a sword?

    2. What are all the hidden features of the Hammer of Breaking?

    3. What are all the hidden features of the 2H Mace of Unsummoning?

  44. SmokerKGBSmokerKGB

    -Is there a chance you would increase the yield from coal & salt nodes?

    -Is there any chance you could reduce granite yields from ore nodes and increase the yield from granite nodes?

    -Is there am ETA for the “dead hedge” fence set from 2 telethons ago?

    1. SmokerKGBSmokerKGB

      Sorry, I got my dead hedge set, thanks…

      -When will you be looking at yields from all nodes and quantities needed to create items?

      1. SmokerKGBSmokerKGB

        -Do you devs have the ability to “Mirror” a player’s client? Meaning, can you see through their eyes as they play…

  45. HornpipeHornpipe

    – What’s the average proportion of pvp flagged players in the game ?

    – How many pvp flagged players really fight other players ?

    – What is the average level of the players who really fight other players ?

    – What could be your conclusions about those stats ?

  46. Uncle SvenUncle Sven

    It has been stated many times that the top Item durability is only supposed to decrease on repair.
    Q1 When will this be put into effect?
    Q2 Why hasn’t this issue been higher on the list?
    Q3 unrelated, Where are all the combos we heard so much about?

    1. FrostIIFrostII

      Regarding Q3: I know of at least one combo that doesn’t appear in Glyphs/Combos, and I’d love to know why ………..

  47. Gregg247Gregg247

    1. Drachvald is the most segregated section of New Britannia because of Vauban Pass being so difficult for most of us to cross. I know the original design intent was to create regional economies by making crossing large distances dangerous. However, it seems that players in Drachvald rarely leave (unless they really have to) and players outside of Drachvald rarely venture there (unless they have to). Could Vauban Pass have an “alternate” route that, much like Eastreach Gap, is still difficult, but more of a straight-forward run-through, so lower level players have a fighting chance to make it?

    2. Much of the game is balanced in a way that tries to be fair to both “casual” players and “high-end” players. Could you share with us the percent of players who have Adventure Levels of 1-40, 41-80, and 81+ (or at least some general ranges)?

    1. FrostIIFrostII

      Regarding Q1:
      Vauban Pass already gives the ability to avoid the CP… It’s high up and annoying, but it’s there…

      Regarding Q2:
      I’d also love to see these numbers…..

  48. curtcurt

    Q: can we get a progress bar on the website showing how “this scene is still under construction” goes?

    Q: when buying from a vendor could we have recipies you can learn showing off in a different colour?

  49. ⒹⒿAlleine DragonfyreⒹⒿAlleine Dragonfyre

    Q1) I understand there are technical reasons for the limit, however with all the optimizations being made I thought I ask if we could please have one light source pool to use either indoors or out?

    Q2) If that is not possible, can we make it so that greenhouses are considered indoors for lighting?

    Peace ☮

  50. KabalyeroKabalyero

    Q1: We had the Leather Flame Armor as a reward in a previous telethon but we missed getting the Plate Flame Armor. Can you guys add the Plate Flame Armor in the Add-On store?

      1. KabalyeroKabalyero

        Q3: Can you guys add a Sent Confirmation message or mail when using the in-game mail system? Right now, it’s very easy for a recipient to deny receiving anything in the mail. Thank you.

  51. DamightyEwokDamightyEwok

    Q1) Does any of the team play(ed) dungeons and dragons or table top game like it? If so, what type of ideas have you pulled pull from it?(I would love familiars, not just summons)
    Q2)In the future, can we have a window under the skills page that can show something like “All skills:training” “All Skills:Maintaining”. A window like this could lead to a template training window to help with getting skills up. Like, I sometimes forget what skills I planned on doing next after I finish one skill.
    Q3)Any chance of us getting a lick emote next release?

  52. BarugonBarugon

    1. Can you please add an on-screen indication (like perhaps an icon) to show when we’re in decoration mode?

  53. jiirc

    Could Chris or someone else spend a few minutes talking about masterwork and enchantment, In particular, how accurate is the tooltip % chance. Are there behind the curtain influences, such as the number of times the item has been already enhanced, the type of item being enhanced (different pieces such as plate legs, boots, chest, etc,) or the kind of item (such as store bought plate armor, crafted plate, crafted augmented plate, crafted epic plate, etc), or anything else that might be influencing the % chance to enhance the item. Or is just a random number roll that is compared to the tooltip % chance?

  54. Spungwa

    1) Can the linked equipment on a deck be on a slot by slot basis. So for example I can link just the weapon and it will keep my current armour. Have to have 2 decks at the moment, one with grinding armour and one with good armour.

    2) Can you make it so vendors can change prices. Having to unlist items and lose commission just to change with market prices, makes commissioned vendors next to worthless if not worthless. Note this is not public vendors.

    3) Make leather and cloth scrap useful by giving scrap recipes give 2 resulting items. Currently scrap recipe : 1 animal hide + 1 curing salt + scrap = 1 Leather. Or 2 animal hides + 1 curing salt = 2 Leather. So scrap recipes use twice the fuel and scrap for nothing in return.

  55. AthenaBoruneAthenaBorune

    1. Are there any plans for any type of parsing meters in the future? For example it would be awesome if I could stand at a target dummy, see what my dps is, change out a piece of gear and then see what effect it had to know if I was actually benefiting more from it instead of guessing.

    1. AthenaBoruneAthenaBorune

      Oh, and we have a bunch of mob statues in the game… can we get some elf statues? that would be so sweet… thanks!

  56. CordelayneCordelayne

    Question: Can the Obsidian armor and weapons get a little love? As perhaps the coolest armor/weapons in the game (also the hardest to obtain) it would be nice if they stood out a bit more. Maybe emit an black aura or something. Thanks!

    Question: Are filled bookshelves as storage, an option for the add-on store/crafting?

  57. Bow ValeBow Vale

    I remember when i bought the Viking long boat stretch goal and at the time it was said these ships will be able to sail one day. Is this still the case?

    Will we be able to sail the dry docked ships for sale, the galleon and such?

    If we can sail the dry docked ships, i assume they must be in our inventory to be useable?….and cant be used as a decoration/living space at the same time as being able to be sailed?

  58. Paulie WalnutsPaulie Walnuts

    Q: Would you please consider creating a baby reaper pet for spring or sometime in the future? That’s all.

  59. ArcherArcher

    QUESTION: Would you make the bank inventory list default to Local only. I can’t imagine looking for items across all banks is that common.

  60. AncevAncev

    How about the ability to double click the compass and it brings up sota map with all of the points of interest/available quests displayed on the map? too much hand holding?

    Could we get a duplicate mining section of the lower area of serpent spine mines, but this area would be connected to The Fall dungeon? so you’d basically push the cavern area/serpent spine mine’s entrance (in the fall) deeper and fill it with similar undead and it would be a multiplayer undead farming area vs solo instance?

    Are there ‘critical success’ enchantment and masterwork options in the crafting system.. and if not, what do you think about that idea? it would add another level of rarity to an item? perhaps there could only be one critical success enchantment on an item, and it wouldn’t modify the success chance for additional enchantments?

  61. NietzscheNietzsche

    Question : can we use alchemy to transmute metal scrap into Gold and Silver scrap by using the crafting table and reagents? Cold solve some of the overpriced ore issues

  62. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

    1) I would like to give shroud money every monthly via subscription, will I be able to do this and have use of a property deed?

    2) will nested POTs have the ability to gain overworld access when you allow new pots to be sold?

    Saving #3 for later

  63. HazardHazard

    Has Donald K Glinkie and his legendary letters been immortalized somewhere in game yet? Please say yes. If not feel free to use my NPC submission.

  64. Stryker SparhawkStryker Sparhawk

    May I make the silly deco request for an Epic Tree using the current lumber yielding tree graphic?
    It doesn’t have to fall over, just look different among all the other POT trees.

  65. NickNick

    Question 1: Will you consider a PVP online mode. Where PVP players selecting this mode will match make with other PVP players and never see PVE players.

    Question 2: Are boss mobs like dragons primarily designed for group, and not supposedly to be solo-ed. A yes or no answer will suffice.

  66. Aberwine

    Question: I was very happy with the look of the Norgard Barbarians. Any chance the Ebon Cultists and human mobs in other areas are getting the same treatment?

  67. KnownInGameAsGeorgeKnownInGameAsGeorge

    During combat deep dive please explain in detail how on hit spells enchanted on weapons are calculated, what level does it activate with, how does my skill impact the math and what happens when I activate spells I do not have unlocked?

  68. Vothric VileheartVothric Vileheart

    1. Currently buffs and their durations are displayed under your Health/Focus bars. Any chance of allowing us to move these small icons to other areas in our UI, or even resize them(make them larger)

    2. Any plans on adding some form of specializations to reward focused non-hybrid decks? Whether that be special skills, passives, perks, or even gear.
    Examples: Fire focused decks having access to an exclusive skill/passive only for a fire themed deck. Or pure warriors having access to special weapons/armor if the deck has no magic. etc

  69. Arturius MagnusArturius Magnus

    Q1: Could we use Fyndoros Tablet of Finding to actually find something???, How bout a particular item based on the lowest price in all the vendors???

    Q2: ONE WORLD PLEASE!!!, not loding between Novia and The Hidden Vale

    Q3: Middle Finger emotesome time???

  70. Moon Wyrdclaw

    Q1) Can the puke emote(s) get the added effect of removing the last food effect? (since you can’t right click food and dismiss the effect, this would be a fun way to accomplish that)

    Q2) How about a rare/special monster ability that removes food effect(s) – i.e. causes you to puke since you’re so grossed out? (to help cooks generate more business)

    Q3) Can we get the ability to recall or teleport while seated?
    (asking for a friend who already submitted 3 questions!)

  71. AartemisAartemis

    I see you are making dynamic adjustments to the COTO vendors in-game to match sales on the add-on store.

    Can you please at the Bundles to the respected COTO Vendors in the game? Maybe at least to the Row and Village level?


  72. Proteus TempestProteus Tempest

    What are the current plans for the 2nd and 3rd character slots on some of the early backer accounts and does Lord British still plan on having the characters share the same virtue score/pool?

  73. Hunter RoseHunter Rose

    Can we set a default On-line mode that no matter what mode we are playing, when we exit a zone we would switch to that mode. I usually play friends-on line when exploring new zones or farming zones. But really enjoy being a presence in multiplayer on the overland map and in NPC or Player Owned towns, but often time forget to change back after exiting a zone or don’t want to take the extra time to do so after I’ve loaded a zone. Be nice to have this done automatically and it could increase the multiplayer population.

  74. ShurTugal

    Question: Do you have plans to make items such as the basher and slasher dropped by the boss troll have a unique look. for those of us who like to display trophies the fact that these look like everything else takes away from the deco look. thank you.

    Question: Do you have plans to have the heads you can mount have unique looks based on the creature killed? meaning the ancient dragon having a different cooler head to mount than a standard dragon or the boss troll having a unique cooler head to mount rather than just a standard ole troll head?

  75. FrostIIFrostII

    Question: In order for group hunting to finally become a “thing”, when can we expect the ability to get the xp’s awarded for kills in a group come up to the level that grinding solo now gives us ?

    P.S. (I can grind solo, but it’s BORING)

  76. disyntheticdisynthetic

    QUESTION: Is there any way that pattern yields from equipment and weapons can be raised to a reasonable success rate? These thing have such a crazy rarity that makes no sense for a purely visual affect. I’ve been trying foreeeevvvveeeerrr to get a leather doublet legs pattern to complete my “Spartan aesthetic”, yet salvage after after salvage yields nothing for my tortured effort. Do katanas and cabalist robes even yield patterns?

    QUESTION: I wanted to hear your thoughts on an idea for tier 3 materials. Let’s say that each boss character has a single, low-yield node for one type of wood, metal, and fabric. These materials could offer a notch up on the tier 2 wood, metal, fabric. If someone were to farm Torc’Dawl for 12 hours straight, they may end up with enough to craft a weapon that stands on its own and the rarity would make the crafter think twice about masterworking or enchanting something too much. I envision these items to have 2 enchants and 2 masterworks tops, as the material is hard to get in quantity to rival obsidian ingots.

    QUESTION: Some masterworks leave much to be desired. Critical Chance for one seems all but ineffectual considering the calculation for actual chance to critical hit, or, 0.3 Weapon damage after extensive testing seems to add so little I cannot extract a difference from much time in front of a practice dummy. Can these and others be brought up to a more impressive level, where any given one has real impact on whether it is employed or not?

      1. disyntheticdisynthetic

        1: Current pattern yields on new equipment are really hard to acquire for a simple cosmetic change. Are these intended to be so hard to get a pattern from?

        2: Is it possible to put new, ultra rare materials next to bosses that spawn is limited amounts, and exhibit tier 3 properties?

        3: Is there any intention to go over masterworks and make some of the less-desirable ones become either much more desirable or replaced with better options?

        Love you all! Thanks for the great fun I’ve had so far!

  77. Daxxe DigglerDaxxe Diggler

    Q1: Do stats on an off-hand weapon get applied only when using the off-hand attack skill, or do they also get applied to your main hand weapon attacks?

    (For instance, if I have a “Masterwork: Weapon Damage” stat added to my off-hand weapon, do my main hand attacks – ie. autoattack – get that bonus too?)

    Q2: Related to Q1 – What about other MW/Enchantment stats like: “Masterwork: Rend Length” or “Enchantment: Soothing Rain Power”, etc.? Will those bonuses on an off-hand weapon get applied when I use those skills (at least via animation display) with my main-hand weapon?

    Q3: Are there any rules to stacking stats from gear (will the same stat on multiple pieces all get applied additively, multiplicatively, or just using the highest one by itself?)

  78. ToadsterToadster

    With the player resurrection benefit of reducing decay in game now, which I am hoping is just a first pass at relief as it only spreads your decay over more deaths but does not reduce decay. Are there additional changes for Decay coming to ease the suffering of the mid level players?

  79. ToadsterToadster

    Could you please finally give us an official explanation of why decay is in game, and how you feel it is a benefit to gameplay? Please be convincing with this answer as i know of a few players, including myself, that are about to give up on this game because of decay. Maybe your answers can turn it around.

  80. Warrior B'PatrickWarrior B'Patrick

    Sorry I have 1 more question.

    As far as linking a nested POT there are boats, wagons, and balloons. I would like to propose a link that is like a building or sewer entrance. That way I could have a POT and a nested holdfast with an underground template. It could be my own sewers, caves, or dungeon.

  81. Sway

    Any plans to add a base stat to light armor to counter the huge base stat (strength) and added strength buff that heavy armor gets?

  82. Cypher BlackCypher Black

    In a very early release of the game, you could make a sword that had an electrical effect. (Blue electricity running up and down the blade). Will we eventually get effects like this (tied to the type of enhancement) back on the weapons?

  83. skeggy Mediaskeggy Media

    hi, there great game I enjoy making videos and streaming the game.

    q1 could you at some time in the future give us tailoring dummies to display in our properties all of the great armor sets and our own creations?

  84. BerekBerek Post author

    Thank you all for the questions! We will not be accepting any more in this post. Please direct all other questions in Discord chat when the telethon starts.

  85. Antrax ArtekAntrax Artek

    Q: Is it normal that Ice Shield’s attunement buff lasts less than 40 seconds and avoidance and fire resist more than 4 mins? It is really disadvantaged compared to other Shields.

    Q: What do you think about reducing a bit magic resist of Liches and other bosses? Actually we’re missing the role of mage dps when in party.

    Q: Rapid fire hits also while behid a wall if the archer softlocked you as target, is that a bug?

    Q: Will you add a buyback option for npc vendors?

  86. bereniceberenice

    question: could pavers not considered in the number of items that we can stack?, when building, the second floor cannot be used to place items if we use a paver on the ground (we don’t want building laying on the grass…) example: paver/column/blocs/columns/blocs/no objects
    Question: could we get more deco items such as statues linked to chaos (daemon statue) ?
    Question: could we get an air elem statue?
    Question: I am so happy that most of the addon armors and clothes can be displayed, but, are you planning to bring more display as the existing for cloth armors or leather and not folded like what was updated in r48?

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