Community Ambassadors Wanted

Dear Avatars,

To prepare for the growth of the Community after the official launch, we are looking for passionate Avatars, longtime citizens of Novia, to be volunteer Ambassadors of Shroud of the Avatar. We need those who exemplify the value of Avatars in the way they interact with the Community and help welcoming, onboarding, and supporting newcomers in their native language.

We are excited to initiate this project that empowers our Community to have even more impact and influence on its own expansion and evolution!

SotA Ambassadors will have a multifunctional role, being representatives and also caretakers of the Sub-Communities of a specific language. Their mission is to welcome and onboard the outlanders who are new to the Community, in their native language, and maintain the respective language forum as a fun and friendly place. In order to do so, the Ambassadors will have some moderation permissions for the section of the respective language, on the Forum as well as on Discord.

If you are one of those Avatars who can call New Britannia their home, uphold the Community Guidelines in an exemplary way, and are willing to actively help the Community Management team with this mission, keep reading to find out more about this role!

What does a SotA Ambassador do?

  • Be a representative and point of contact for German-, French-, Spanish-, Portuguese-, or Italian-speaking players (there might be more Ambassador roles in the future as the Community grows).
  • Keep the international Sub-Communities a fun and friendly place to be.
  • Be a guide and a helping-hand for newcomers and members in need.
  • Help to deliver important announcements to the non-English speaking Communities.
  • Plan and launch Forum events with COTO budget provided by Commnity Management.
  • Connecting the international Sub-Communities with the SotA Community Management.

What will change for me if I become a SotA Ambassador?

  • You will be in regular contact with the SotA Community Management.
  • You will have moderation permissions for the respective language-section on the official Forum and Discord.
  • You will receive the Character title “Community Ambassador”
  • Ambassadors will receive a few COTOs on a monthy basis as a token of gratitude

What are the requirements to become a SotA Ambassador?

  • You have been a highly active and supportive SotA member for more than a year and are very familiar with the game, the forum and Discord.
  • You have an open mind and a helpful attitude. You comply with the Hospitaller Code or, in the ideal case, already are an experienced Hospitaller.
  • Your are highly interested in the future of SotA and its Community.
  • You have never received any sanctions on your game- or forum-account.
  • If you already are a strong contributor to the Community, organize events or charity activities, generate valuable Community resources or actively participate in any of the player driven organizations, this will all be considered in the selection process.
  • You speak English and any of the following languages fluently:
    • German
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Italian


As an Ambassador will I be able to moderate the entire forums?
Ambassadors will have moderation permissions for the forum of their primary language. They will not moderate in other forums.

Can I suspend or ban other members as an Ambassador?
No. Threads and posts can be moderated, but no action can be taken on members. If you see the need to take an action on a member, contact a Senior Community Manager.

Once I become an ambassador, will I keep that role forever?
This depends on you :) Ambassadors are meant to be long-term veterans and commited members in the Community. But of course there is always the possibility for you to either step back from this role by your own choice, or lose the role due to long inactivity or major breach of rules. Additionally, we are considering to let the Sub-Communities vote for their Ambassadors in the future. The Ambassador would be elected for a 12-months-cycle, but can then be re-elected again. However, this concept makes sense only if the Sub-Communities reach a certain level of activity.

How many Ambassadors can there be?
We are not pushing for a minimal amount of Ambassadors. The amount will always be subject to change, depending on:

  • Members applying for this role
  • Members who meet the requirements for this role
  • Activity in the respective Sub-Community (For the future, we consider 1 additional Ambassador for every 10-20 active members. This is a rough guideline, not a strict rule).

If you would like to become a Shroud of the Avatar Ambassador, please let us know by filling out this <Application Form>.

The Ambassadors will not be selected right away. We will take our time during the selection process and keep you informed of updates to the program here in this thread.

We are looking forward for your interest, Avatars!

If you have any questions about the Ambassadors Program, please contact Berek or Cerus directly.

Berek & Cerus

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