Shooter Jennings “Shooter” Album Release Party – July 31

You are invited to another historical album premiere inside the realm of Shroud of the Avatar! Rolling Stone lists Shooter Jennings’ latest album: “Shooter”, which releases on August 10, as one of the most anticipated albums of 2018!

For his latest album, the follow-up to his adventurous tribute to Giorgio Moroder, Countach (For Giorgio), country-rock-electronica mad scientist Shooter Jennings looked to his outlaw lineage, cutting an album of stripped-down classic country in the vein of his dad Waylon and one of his heroes, Hank Williams Jr. He also returned to where it all began, re-teaming with Dave Cobb, who produced Jennings’ 2005 debut, Put the ‘O’ Back in Country – the first album the Grammy-winning Cobb ever produced too. Simply titled Shooter, the LP will be released sometime this year via Cobb’s Low Country Sound imprint on Elektra. Says Jennings, “It’s the most country album I’ve ever done.” J.H.

The event will kickoff through a series of quests that will appear in Release 56 which goes live on Thursday July 26. The quests will lead to the party at 7:00 PM CDT on July 31st inside Shroud of the Avatar, in the Player Owned Town of Ordinis Mortis. The first players to collect the clues and finish the quest will receive prizes from Shooter himself! Those prizes will include exclusive items with Shooter’s heraldry in the game (armor, brewing casks, etc), wax cylinders with songs from Shooter’s new album, and framed art of Shooter’s heraldry that they can decorate their home with. There will be a variety of festivities at the party, including a listening of the album through Avatar’s Radio hosted by DJ Darkstarr who will also DJ a dance party!

PRIZE UPDATE: To receive a prize you need to find the real shooter at the party, whisper him the secret phrase, have a subsequent brief chat, and then he will initiate a trade with you if he is satisfied with the discussion.


  • Ordinis Mortis is one of the POTs clustered directly south of Brittany in North Central Novia:
  • Once you enter Ordinis Mortis
  • The main entrance is “Central” on the sign post and the Bridge
  • Head to the WEST side of the Bridge toward the Red Wagon.
  • Make a LEFT to the south along the river toward the Hot Air Balloon.
  • Follow the path of dead trees and lights.
  • The basement hatch is in the crypt in the backyard

Shooter has a long history with Shroud of the Avatar. It all started when he decided to have the World Premiere of his album Countach in the game a couple of years ago! Shooter said about the event, “Having created a system where you can not only listen to streaming radio inside the game, but also having the ability to collect wax cylinders with audio stored on them which you can play on in-game phonographs, it seemed like a no-brainer to be able to share music inside Shroud of the Avatar. So I suggested we do a listening party in the game.” One news outlet dubbed it “…arguably the weirdest gaming event of all time.” He followed that up by donating wax cylinders of the album, album cover art, and other items to our Breast Cancer Make A Difference Store

He backed up this charitable work by donating items to and participating in a Think Pink Streamathon to raise funds for breast cancer which raised over $8000.

He even played our Launch Event this March at the Bob Bullock Museum! So join our longtime friend and collaborator for another night to remember on July 31 at 7 PM CDT and hear the new album “Shooter”!!


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