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Community Spotlight – The Library of Spiritual Knowledge

By Therdan Redwauld: “The Library of Spiritual Knowledge in Diamond Fields was created to provide a place to showcase player created content. The tremendous work which individuals undertake in building actively useful resources, great fiction, and quality music, continues to amaze me. I really wanted to build something which did those efforts justice and provide a great source of game knowledge and entertainment to everyone who plays Shroud of the Avatar.

The library provides players a significant volume of material covering everything from guides to fiction to musical scores. I also wanted to provide a number of ways people can get involved in evolving and building out the library content, and also naturally profit from their efforts and contribution.

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Community Spotlight – The Metropolis of Moonglade

Located in the North Paladis region of Novia, the Metropolis of Moonglade was founded as a village alongside the more well known Yew town (which is getting a makeover for Release 50!). Now these two towns share heavy traffic as goods are traded on a daily basis. Moonglade has a lot to offer, so we sent our very own community manager, Berek, to check it out.

Excerpts from Berek’s Novian Travelog…

Berek, friend of Novia, to outlanders far and wide:

By royal decree, my travels have recently taken me in search of Yew, the hidden city of the elves, to learn of their culture and customs. While searching for the reclusive elves, several dark towers marking the metropolis of Moonglade reached above the tall trees bordering the Hallowed Plains. Perhaps the residents of Moonglade could direct me to the hidden city…

Almost forgotten to time, the locals recount tales of Yew long past in which humans, not elves, lived in what we now call North Paladis. Tall, densely packed trees encircle Moonglade, but the town is not the first to grace the forest glade. The earliest recorded settlement was built near the ruins of an ancient monastic citadel, the nature of which has likely been lost to the cataclysm. The ruins can still be explored not far from the city center.

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The New Britannia Carolers Creative Writing Contest

Sing along with us! Just like last year’s contest, this one is simple and fun – for the next couple of weeks, from December 15 to January 2, 2017, we want to see what songs, poems, and other holiday stories you can come up with that are related to Shroud of the Avatar.

When you have a submission ready, please post it in this thread! You are allowed to edit your entry up until the contest deadline.


Similar to previous contests, we will be judging entries based on the following themes:

  • “Most inventive”…
  • Romantic theme
  • Holiday theme
  • Adventure theme
  • Character/NPC theme
  • PvP/Combat theme
  • Unexpected theme

If a theme doesn’t get any entries, we will add a winner to a theme that has multiple entries. Please limit entries to no more than 800 words and 3 pages with up to 4 images (if you need imagery). Shorter is usually better, so don’t feel you need to max out these limits.


Each winner will be awarded $25 worth of in-game COTOs, as well as the 2016 Winter Holiday Soundtrack – Wax Cylinders – perfect for replaying holiday tunes well into the 2018 new year.

Have fun being a creative creator, Avatars!

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Community Spotlight – Festival

Located as a Nested POT in Owl’s Head, Festival was founded as a village alongside the more well known Owl’s Head town. Now these two towns share heavy traffic as goods are traded on a daily basis. Festival has that frosty holiday cheer to it, so now is a perfect time to visit!

As told by town Govenor, Engineer (aka Datendrache)

How does a miner become the Govenor of a Hidden Vale reach, home to lavish parties and known as a playground for nobility and avatar alike? Well, friend, let me tell you a story…

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Community Spotlight – Whyte Roc

Located in the region of Quel, near the Etceter Crag Mines, Whyte Roc was founded in the year 493PC as a small crossroads village. Since it’s founding, the town has since grown into a metropolis that overlooks the mighty glistening Bay of Storms.

The town has some neighboring allies, which it relies on for commerce. Many of White Roc’s inhabitants spend their days working the mines, located just a short trip along the Crag Foothills. The warriors, on the other hand, spend their time warring against the undead and elves that infest the region.

As told by town Govenor, Cypher Black

It is a dangerous place to be traveling in the undead and elven regions, so when visiting White Roc, be sure to avoid those areas on your way to our magnificent town!

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Community Spotlight – New Fawn

Today’s spotlight is about a very old town, one that was around before the days of the sundering. Long before the world was re-made into the lands of Novia and Hidden Vale, this town had many names. It was often called Fawn and sometimes “The City of the Sea”. It was originally a beautiful place to visit and honor a great many people.

Since those times, the town has grown, but many parts have kept the ways of the past. You can still find the followers of Love in one of the town’s three boroughs, along with followers of Virtue and Chaos. Smiths do not hide their exotic armor and weapons anymore, but actively promote their skills. All who live here now come willingly and with hope to see the town eventually grow to be a major seaport.

Let us take a tour of the crossroads sized town of New Fawn. My name is Warrior B’Patrick and I will guide you. I was elected governor 36 years ago as noted in the records of this land. I had no experience leading a town, but I care deeply for all creatures and so the residents of New Fawn deemed me worthy of the title. Since that day New Fawn has grown into the city you see upon visiting.

New Fawn is located in the Naryad Channel and can be reached from the town of Harvest using a boat at the docks, or reached via our sister town of Hollaim using a wagon near the stables. There is a note on the town’s bulletin boards with instructions.

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The Avatar’s Guide to Knowledge and Virtue – A Video Creation Contest

Do you have in-depth knowledge on a feature in the game that new players should know more about? Would you call yourself an expert in a particular field of gameplay? This is your chance to create a valuable how-to video that can be shown to the entire community (and help grow your channel as well!)

The ‘Avatar’s Guide to Knowledge and Virtue’ video contest kicks off today. You have from Nov. 17, 2017 to Jan. 15, 2018 to design a walkthrough video for all New Britannians to use as a resource for making their way successfully in the game.

When you have a video to submit, please post it in This Thread. You are allowed to edit your posts up until the submission deadline on Jan. 15, 2018 at 11:59 PM CT (Jan. 16 at 5:59 AM UTC). We will be posting all final videos on Portalarium’s YouTube channel in a Playlist after the contest ends.

Below are the details of the contest, including what you can win!

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Community Spotlight – Mynwent Haunted House

This week’s spotlight takes us to the Player Owned Town of Mynwent to the Mynwent Haunted House. Here is the town’s story as told by community manager Berek:

In my latest travels amidst the towns and peoples of New Britannia, chance would have it that my path lead to Mynwent. Surely, this was an opportune time for me to resupply before braving the dangers of Nightshade Pass, but as misfortune would have it, my attempt at respite inadvertently exposed me to an even greater danger. At first glance, Mynwent was an inviting town, but upon closer inspection my realizations horrified me. One might think me mad for saying this, but the town of Mynment has a dark history, and deep within its borders lies a house, so haunted, that I barely escaped alive to tell you this tale, oh Outlanders!

So take caution upon your travels to Mynwent, and heed my words! Make resupply in Etan Glen, perhaps Britanny, for the horrors you shall face in Mynwent are not worth the bobbles and trinkets you might procure, and likely, anything you might acquire from this forsaken town is cursed by the depraved spirits still lingering within.

And to further dissuade you, friends, I shall share with you a story. A story so tragic that perhaps it will overwhelm your curiosity and thankfully allow for good common sense to take hold. Read on only if ye dare, adventurers, for this wicked tale is one of great sorrow…

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Community Spotlight – Veritas Sanctuary

This week’s Player Owned Town spotlight takes us to Veritas Sanctuary nearby the Longfall region. Here is the town’s story as told by governor Dereck Visaard:

We are happy to announce a new town on the Path of Truth, Veritas Sanctuary. The town, released in R45 and located in the Longfall region of Novia adjacent to Blood River and Blood River Outskirts, is devoted to the search for Truth in a forsaken land.

Veritas Sanctuary has a rich history dating back prior to the Obsidians’ rise to power when a band of humans and elves allied to escape their former masters from the north and find sanctuary and a new life in the Longfall area. Ruins of the ancient settlement still exist in town and can be seen in the northern and southern residential areas. In fact, an ancient wizard’s tower has been restored and is available for rent for those who dare to tempt the ancient magic that still lives there.

Most recently, the town has been settled by an active group of avatars who hail from Earth as far west as Western Canada and as far east as Prague. Most residents are online and in town daily.

Our mission in Veritas Sanctuary is to create a unique, active, and engaging community for new and established residents and visitors while providing a strategic base of operations for players on the Path of Truth and an excellent sales location for discerning vendors. To that end, the town council has master-planned the community to cater to all playing styles and will continue to invest in the town as it grows. The town is also guild-neutral, meaning that anyone is welcome to take up residence, whether solo or a member of any guild.

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