Community Spotlight – Whyte Roc

Located in the region of Quel, near the Etceter Crag Mines, Whyte Roc was founded in the year 493PC as a small crossroads village. Since it’s founding, the town has since grown into a metropolis that overlooks the mighty glistening Bay of Storms.

The town has some neighboring allies, which it relies on for commerce. Many of White Roc’s inhabitants spend their days working the mines, located just a short trip along the Crag Foothills. The warriors, on the other hand, spend their time warring against the undead and elves that infest the region.

As told by town Govenor, Cypher Black

It is a dangerous place to be traveling in the undead and elven regions, so when visiting White Roc, be sure to avoid those areas on your way to our magnificent town!

Whyte Roc can be found in an area once ruled by the ancient dragon, Fzol. While the area has started to recover, it is still marked by the devastation that the foul dragon brought to the region.

For more than a century, the mighty ancient dragon Fzol tormented the residents of Quel. At the height of his power, rarely did a season pass where a village was not raised. As Fzol ravaged the countryside, he left a wake of death in his path. It was during this time that the desperate leaders of Etceter put out the call, begging for any warriors that had survived the Fall to come to their aid.

Alas, the calls for help went unanswered. As the seasons passed Fzol’s power grew. Then, in 492PC, an Avatar named Cypher Black came to Quel and bargained with the leaders of the region. In the end, those who ruled agreed that should Cypher Black rid the land of the ancient wyrm, then the lands surrounding the remains of Fzol would be his to rule. The rest they say is history.

Not everyone that joined with Cypher to fight Fzol lived to tell the tale. As evidenced by this graveyard, once filled with gravestones, it has fallen into disrepair as the final descendants of the original occupants themselves perished. Some say that these are the undead that fight the unending war against the elves in the Crag Foothills to the south, but it is only stories.

From the top of the western escarpment, this is the view of Whyte Roc from the statue of the ancient dragon Fzol. To the right you can see one of the look-out balloons that the town militia use to guard against his prophesied return.

Whyte Roc at Sunrise as taken from the east lookout. From here you can see eight of the remaining eleven look-outs. In a bygone time the inhabitants of Quel had the skill to craft these items. Passed through the generations, tales are told that in the final confrontation against Fzol, Hundreds of airships filled the sky. Alas, only eleven of these grand ships survived that epic battle, and now they float above the town in a silent vigil against his inevitable return.

This is the view to the south from the main crafting square. In the background you can see what remains of the fabled woods, left over from a time when trees grew so large, they touched the heavens.

The main crafting square where residents gather to share news, engage in commerce, and on occasion test each others skill in the heat of battle. Overlooking the area is a statue of the mighty Fzol. This monument was built as a reminder to all that, while we live in peace today, danger is ever present.

A view of the mountain to the west from the main entry area at the docks. In the background you can see all that remains of one of the epic trees. The town is surrounded by such trees. It is said that during the final battle, they were were burned by Fzol as he faced off against the army of Cypher Black. It is prophesied that when the final tree falls, Fzol will be restored and return to enact his vengeance.

For those looking for a place to rest, the Whyte Roc Inn is located across the bay. A bridge has been built for those that do not wish to run around the long way, or tempt the sharks that patrol the seas by attempting to swim across.

Who lives in Whyte Roc?

The residents of Whyte Roc are made up of active adventurers and crafters. In fact, Whyte Roc is currently home to one of the top crafters in the realm. (Fzol – No relation to the dragaon!) ;)

Is Whyte Roc a guild town?

No. While many of the residents are members of the House of Mangar, a large number are not. All are welcome here in any case!

What does it cost to stay at the Inn?

Lodging is free! Just contact Cypher Black and he will set you up in a room and give you access to the remote bank.

Is housing available?

Yes! Many of the lots are available to be taken at any time, others are locked. If you want to live in a specific area and need a lot placed, moved, increased or decreased in size, that can be arranged. Even a bothersome tree in the way of a good lot can be removed…

There are so many towns and historical landmarks to explore throughout New Britannia. If you are interested in sharing your tales of adventure, message community manager Berek!


  1. Damian KillingsworthDamian Killingsworth

    As a long time resident of Whyte Roc, I would highly recommend it to anyone searching for a PoT in which to place a lot of any size. Cypher is a great guy and very accommodating. Not to mention, you will have Fzol as neighbor!

  2. sappersteel76sappersteel76

    This is a great town for any adventurer, as it neighbors the Crag Foothills for crafting materials and FIVE Skull adventuring experience. The denizens of White Roc welcome anyone to enjoy the amenities of the town to include the excellent craftsmanship of Fzol and the wealth of gaming knowledge therein. Come one come all to the town of Whyte Roc!

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