Community Livestream – Ask Atos Anything (Dec 28)

Another content packed weekly Community Livestream is this Friday December 28 at 4 PM CT on Twitch!

This week we have a AAA (Ask Atos Anything)! Post your questions below or Twitch chat during the stream and Chris “Atos” Spears will do his best to answer as many as he can. Chris will also be showing off the new rework of Mysterious Swamp (that went live in Release 61) and his personal Player Dungeon.

This is the third Friday to earn the Release 61 Dark Winter stretch goals (in honor of Krampus) by making a purchase or by participating in the Rewards program! As a reminder we will be having massive sales (up to 50% off!) all weekend to help us hit those stretch goals.

  • ACHIEVED $10K: Black Ice Wings
  • ACHIEVED $25K: Black Ice Building Blocks Set
  • ACHIEVED $35K: Haunted Snowman Mask
  • ACHIEVED $50K: Black Ice Bow & Black Ice Sword
  • ACHIEVED $65K: Haunted Snow Family
  • $75K: Black Ice Staff & Black Ice Wand
  • $85K: Haunted Yule Tree Set
  • $95K: Icy Dungeon Encounter Room with Fishing Spot
  • $105K: Dark Leather & Fur Yule Outfit

As usual we will be giving out prizes at 4:15 and 4:45! To be eligible all you need to do is either make any purchase in the store or log into the game and type “Its Cold Outside” in the chat window (no purchase necessary).

Watch on Twitch this Friday at 4 PM CDT

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  1. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson

    Question: Are there going to be any more rewards available from Meretz soon? I’m overloaded with potions, and have all of the emotes. Perhaps something that can be used more consistently, like Food?

  2. the Lacedaemonianthe Lacedaemonian

    Are there any ideas bouncing around about how to make dexterity have a little more oomph? As it stands, there’s a much greater diminishing return for adding more dexterity past, let’s just say, 100 points, for an archer player especially. This feels to be in great contrast to strength and intelligence, which give the most benefit to mage players that can afford to forego dexterity almost completely. The downside to running around with very low dexterity is easily countered, but no build style can really survive most encounters with low strength AND low intelligence.

    There are a great number of ways to balance the situation out. Either tweak existing scale and/or range of effect. Say that in order to be fair to all stats, add a detrimental effect of having dexterity below, lets say, 50 points, perhaps a negative dodge modifier. Possibly tweak the higher dexterity, say 250+ to have a slightly more noticeable dodge modifier.

    Other ideas include dexterity effecting attack speed. At 50 dexterity you have 1.0x attack speed, at 1 dexterity you have 0.5x attack speed, and at 150 dexterity you have 1.5x attack speed, and at 300 dexterity you have 2.0x attack speed. And hypothetically speaking, at 450 dexterity you have 2.5x attack speed. Something like that. I have no idea how that particular scale would balance out.

    The major idea here is to essentially create a viability for dexterity based-builds and make them attractive as an alternative to the power-gaming method of taking every magic skill and circle to 100 then be able to do all content in the game.

    It is very likely that a great deal of people will be very happy once dexterity is universally attractive to all builds/play-styles.

  3. Paladin MichaelPaladin Michael

    1. would you consider, that caltrops can be salvaged for metal scrap, please? (Also still missing silver+gold scrap from master crafted items).
    2. could you tell about the changes of crafting digits? Once it was +1 = exceptional. Since a while it is +3 and +4 (for exceptional). Why is that? It’s harder to identify stuff than before…
    3a. Would you consider to rename title GM into Master (from 100) and giving new title Grandmaster (from 150)?
    3b. Would you consider to make ONE(1) -very special- new skill for every specialization, so specialization would give another feature – A GM skill you only can use with this specialization!

  4. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

    Question 1: How’s Bob the Builder doing? Did he recover from his fall?

    Question 2: Now that the Decay Penalty for Death is no more, can’t you simplify the Settings in the Skills window by removing Maintaining? I would also suggest changing the – for Not Training to a Yellow Circle.
    (Green Up Arrow for Training, Yellow Circle for Not Training, Red Down Arrow for Unlearning)

    Question 3: What was my Ordinal Number for all POT purchases… I’d like to know if I was 5th, or 10th, or 100th… No need to know who was ahead of me, or behind me, Just the number. :) (You said Anything!)

  5. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson

    Question: I know there are in-game Achievements planned, likely during the rework of the Journal/Quest system. Will this include new Steam achievements as well, or are those separate? What about new Steam trading cards, emotes, backgrounds, etc, any plans to add to what’s there?

  6. Vladamir BegemotVladamir Begemot

    1) Starr just said Vendors in Magic Movers is coming, but this is totally redundant!

    We can already pick them up and they keep all their inventory. We can sell them full to other people, put them in the bank, trade them, etc. No need for a magic mover at this point!

    We are actually screwed right now because there is no way to dump them, not because there is no way to save them. Sell your enemy a vendor with your inventory on it, and now he’s stuck with a vendor full of your inventory! His only way of clearing it is to buy your stuff!

    What we need at this point is a “Send this (these) items to bank” button like on the “Locate Player Vendor Items” window. Job done, saved many hours of work.

    2) PvP in towns could use some breakable (but no loot) deco that get destroyed by being hit, not by the “use key to break” mechanic. Fights should have collateral damage. Of course they have to pop back after a bit, ready for the next fight.

    3) Are vendors getting any love in Q1? I’m not talking about question 1, the unneeded magic mover / critical “can’t remove others items” bug, but in the stocking/buy orders UI?

  7. PerashimPerashim


    1. Could there possibly be an arcane conduit weapons tree in the future for staves, wands, and orbs?

    2. Will the Daemon’s trident artifact be one handed or two handed?

    3. Will the specializations grant unique effects to their tameable/summons, or will it all be the same?

  8. Alley OopAlley Oop

    does a key exist in game for the new locked entrance to owl’s head sewer next to the middle bridge?

  9. msmith4299

    1. Does higher level skinning (field dressing) give a better chance of getting a dragon head?
    2. When a mob goes from a yellow “con” to a green “con” does that mean I can do more dmg to that mob or take less dmg? What does this indicate other than perhaps the level of the mob?

  10. Morhir (IronFist Warhammer)

    What does the +6 weapon damage modifier mean? Is there 6 points added to the base damage or is it calculated in a damage formula?

  11. GiaGia

    1) Is there any plan to reduce the delay (desync) between players actions? Movements/actions suffer from a major lag between clients even in the same worldwide area. Chars movements are translated into warping around the map without any consistence. This preclude any kind of competitive pvp and players oriented to any kind of modern multiplayer games. Likeable a zero day situation to fix.

    2) have you consider to cull lights and vfx or object presence if behind walls/structures? Atm lights get through buildings and affect all neighbour structures. Distance culling is not enough and only bring issues with range targeting without correcting the base issue: occlusion culling required.

    3) Is it possible to communicate directly to the playerbase a realistic guide regarding the bonuses affecting characters? Bonuses on weapons are really tough to fully understand. Eg. Weap bonuses on weapons not affecting thw total dmg but the weapon dmg itself. This list it’s so long and the difficulty to handle game formulas keep back players from theorycrafted builds with a common sense and knoledge. Crafting is really expensive. Durability strikes hard. Players don’t like to waste weeks/months of grinding to have a such ethereal game formulas in return.

  12. GamicianGamician

    Percent Chance to catch a Fish in the Fishing, Fishing Gathering Innate Skill seems very low. Best I have seen is 28% – 36% and that combined with getting “You caught Nothing” about 8 out of 10 times, plus wait time. Is this Broke?

  13. Barbarian King

    Question: any plan to have selections to enter nested towns when entering a town with overland access?

  14. GushinexGushinex

    Could we get a new type of lot home that is something like a small fountain, spaced into one corner, instead of the middle, so that we could use a lot size for creating a garden instead of using up all the space with a required house. It would be nice to own two side by side row lots with one having the house and the other used as a garden, planting, outdoor deco’s.

  15. tolgator

    Can you make sure the sell value of 25yo whiskey will be proportionate to the time it takes for it to mature compared to 2yo whiskey? Waiting a year until it matures should feel rewarding in the end.

  16. Jay NordJay Nord


    1. Will there be a brown marble dungeon pack to match the Ornate Triple Connection Marble Dungeon Foyer currently in the store?

    2. Will you ever make more existing items usable as deco, such as dyes, leather, thread, cloth, cooked foods, ingots, boards, and potions?


  17. ShiftShift

    Why are intelligence based ingredients for consumables so much harder to obtain than their strength and dexterity equivalents? Int Potions require lich skulls and the New high tier fish food requires fish that are nearly impossible to catch. All while strength and dex consumables are super easy to get ingredients farm. thanks.

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