Community Livestream – Fresh Water Fishing Contest (Feb 15)

Another content packed weekly Community Livestream is this Friday February 15 at 4 PM CT on Twitch!

This week we are going to have another Fishing contest! This time it will be a Fresh Water contest in Celestis!

To participate in the contest go to Celestis and start fishing at 4:15 PM. The best trophy fish (longest) caught by 5 PM will win a prize! NOTE: We will be verifying location and time!

UPDATED Fishing Contest Winners:

  • Runners Up (2): Ornate Fish Throne
    • Henrik Mountgrove: Pike 2
    • Hildegard: King Salmon 2
  • 3rd Prize: Small Longboat Water Decoration (digital)
    • Sawtooth: King Salmon 2.2
  • 2nd Prize: Shogun Lighthouse Village Water Home (digital)
    • Van: King Salmon 2.3
    • Engel: King Salmon 2.3
  • 1st Prize: Player Owned Town Village Water Lot Property Deed (digital)
    • Nubby Eerwiggles: King Salmon 2.4

This is the second Friday to earn the Release 62 Carnival stretch goals by making a purchase or by participating in the Rewards program!

  • ACHIEVED! $15K: Masquerade Mask
  • ACHIEVED! $30K: Carnival Colors (Purple, Green, Yellow) Cycling Dye Replenishing Box
  • ACHIEVED! $45K: Jester Mask Wand & Jester Mask Staff
  • ACHIEVED! $60K: Brewing Themed Basement Hatches
  • ACHIEVED! $75K: Formal Dress (Wedding Dress Variant)
  • $90K: Tuxedo Variant
  • $105K: Ballroom Dungeon Room
  • $125K: Jester Outfit

As usual we will be giving out prizes at 4:15 and 4:45! To be eligible all you need to do is either make any purchase in the store or log into the game and type “Let the good times roll” in the chat window (no purchase necessary).

Watch on Twitch this Friday at 4 PM CDT

Are You a Livestreamer?

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  1. BarugonBarugon

    Q: Can you please make it so that if I’m holding down a combat glyph hotkey then that glyph will start charging up as soon as the global cooldown expires? It currently will do nothing and that’s very frustrating.

  2. PerashimPerashim

    1. Will there be zombie and skeletal wyverns and dragons in the future? Will Necromancers be able to animate, summon, or seize control of them?

    2. Will tamers be able to pull up swamp, sea, and river monsters and tame them if underwater content comes out? Will some tamed pets be considered “amphibious?”

    3. Will new cabalists appear in the Isles in Ep2?

    4. What sorts of new pets and summons will arrive in Episode 2? Will some of them function as mounts?

  3. XeeXee

    Questions :)
    1. Can POT Owners get an automated way to notify people of sitting vendors?
    2. When Player Quest NPC’s come will POT owners have the ability to place Dialog NPC’s in the POT and not on lots? Looking to add ones that give information and quests for the town.
    3. Can we get more POT Decor. We have alot of items that work on lots but not on POTS. Example barrels and crates. I want to make my dock near boats look like they are loading things.

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