Community Livestream – New Skills & Taming Skills (May 24)

Another content packed weekly Community Livestream is this Friday May 24 at 4 PM CT on Twitch!

This week Chris “Atos” Spears is going to talk about and show off some of the 14 new skills he is adding for Release 66 including a bunch of new Taming skills!

  • Sun Warding
  • Moon Warding
  • Air Warding
  • Earth Warding
  • Life Warding
  • Death Warding
  • Water Warding
  • Fire Warding
  • Magic Warding
  • Pet Speed Training
  • Pet Hide Toughness Training
  • Pet Strength Training
  • Pet Attack Precision Training
  • Pet Taunting Training

You can also earn Release 65 Hero Team themed stretch goals by making a purchase anytime during Release 65 or by participating in the Rewards program!

  • ACHIEVED! $15K: Replenishing Box of Green Growth Potions
  • ACHIEVED! $30K: Set of Six Glowing Cube Decorations
  • $45K: Red Full Face Mask with Forehead Jewel
  • $60K: Hammer with wrist strap and lightning effects & Winged Helm
  • $75K: Round Shield with Star & Matching Leather Helm
  • $90K: Dragonfly Wings & Plate Helm with Antenna (includes Aether Vibration Device)
  • $105K: Golden Jeweled Gauntlet
  • $125K: Red & Gold Clockwork Armor with Full Face Covering Helm (includes Aether Vibration Device)

NOTE: This has NOTHING to do with a certain culminating cinematic event about heroes happening right now…

As usual we will be giving out prizes at 4:15 and 4:45! To be eligible all you need to do is either make any purchase in the store or log into the game and type “No i in team” in the chat window (no purchase necessary).

Watch on Twitch this Friday at 4 PM CDT

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