Community Spotlight: Chateau du Lys – Player Owned Town

This week’s Player Owned Town spotlight features Chateau du Lys, brought you by your wood elf druid, Berek! A magnificent and thriving metropolis led by Duke Dariuss, Chateau du Lys is located on a spacious island near Kingsport in the Hidden Vale.

Chateau du Lys is a safe haven for people who like to be next to important cities such as Kingsport or Owl’s Head, and at the same time, to live in a peaceful, natural, beautiful environment. The town is based mainly on French culture and that reflects into their merchant NPC names and also by the PoT name itself. Many of the members are bilingual and love to share and learn with people from different cultures. It’s an amazing experience to live.

The island is also the home and headquarters of the guild Gardiens du Lys. It is connected to BattleDale PoT, which is accessible by boat from the main port. Chateau du Lys is a unique place in the Hidden Vale for people who like a variety of activities and locations to meet their needs.

Right from the entrance of the island, you can notice the natural beauty that nature in New Britannia can offer you. From the main port, you can see the warmth and welcoming path ahead, waiting for you to explore its mysteries. This is where I came in and began to explore the town around me.

The streets were filled with a bustling market that day with many traders to meet all your needs. Right up the hill from the main island’s port, you are greeted by the big bell tower which is the entrance to our downtown, crafting vendors, and a second market area. There are a total of 15 active NPC buildings contain shops and services here!

It is in this square that I met Duke Dariuss OfChateauDuLys, a short and kindful man who is really involved into his community. He has a very generous heart and is always willing to help his citizens, and loyal subjects, become outstanding members of this Metropolis. He also acts as the Governor of the island and is the leader of Gardiens du Lys guild.

Quartier Général des Gardiens du Lys (Gardien du Lys) – Dariuss of Chateau Du Lys’s Manor

As I walked along side Duke Dariuss, he described how the activities of the day flowed from one area of the town to the next. During the warmth of the next day the town can look entirely different. The merchants return from their lodgings to begin trading at the communal crafting area.

“All of this is located right by the docks!” Dariuss explained. “It’s important that we can load the goods we produce on to the merchant ships as soon as they arrive. Delays cost money after all, and we can’t have that.”

As we settled in for the evening, I asked Dariuss…

“It’s a beautiful town! You clearly take great pride in its appearance. What can you tell me about Chateau du Lys?”

Chateau du Lys is a safe haven on a Metropolis size island and open to everyone. We value Justice, Equality, Respect and Share. Anyone who adheres to these values are welcome to come. We are a very friendly and generous community and we’d like everyone to have a place to establish themselves and become citizens. We are of course open to PVP combats, we even have an area for that purpose at our guild HQ’s basement. Chateau du Lys is a place where everyone can be part of the decisions no matter their ranks or skills, everyone has a word to say and we are always listening.

There are also many activities we organize especially during the weekend, our citizens are hanging around and having fun and form groups so we can become stronger and at the same time combine our strength.

Square du Clocher (Bell’s Square)

“Who is welcome to reside in Chateau du Lys?”

Anyone who wants to be in a respectful, peaceful but active community and willing to help and share with the community. People who want to be part of our adventure and help us develop the PoT and experience fun by doing so :). We want to shape our metropolis in the image of its citizens. We have bilingual speaking people (French and English) so anyone is welcome despite the PoT’s French name. There is still plenty of space available for lots, just ask me :)

“What are the unique areas of Chateau du Lys?”

Chateau du Lys has many unique areas to fulfill any citizen’s needs or just to add more atmosphere to the PoT. We have lots of NPC shops from crafting and housing to weapons and armor. When you first enter the bell tower entrance, you are greeted by the main avenue which is our “downtown” area. Many of our most glorious homes are located in this area.

L’Avenue Principale (The Main Avenue)

La Maison Hantée (The Haunted House)

Manoir de Cylia Veca (Cylia Veca’s Manor)

Manoir de Terrence Phillip (Terrence Phillip’s Manor)

At the end of the main avenue is where our second market area is located. Many stalls are installed along the road with many merchants to fulfill all your needs. In the end, there are two market districts on each side for easy access to nearby residents or visitors.

Marché du Lys (Lys Merchant’s Square)

Here is our crafting pavilion which has all expert stations for all crafting professions to meet our crafter’s needs.

Place de l’Artisan (Artisan’s Place)

We also have a giant dragon statue which overlooks all who travel in or out the island and protect our citizens in case of attack. There are rumors that it can transform into a real dragon! The balloon is also a nice place to hang out and have a nice view of the island.

Dragon du Lys (Lys’s Dragon)

This is our cemetery, but beware, it’s haunted during the night. Its evil magic corrupted the vegetation nearby, please be cautious! At your own risk and peril and all of that :).

Cimetière Place de l’Oracle (The Oracle’s Place Cemetery)

This is our main port. This is where visitors and citizens get to the island, and where you came in on earlier. There are lots of ships coming and going all day and night. Chateau du Lys is a very big mercantile hub in the Hidden Vale!

Port des Gardiens du Lys (Gardiens du Lys’s Port)

Le Temple de l’Oracle (The Oracle’s Temple)

Chateau du Lys’s citizens are really tied to each other, always there to answer as many questions possible and to offer their help to people in need. We have citizens from many different time zones, so there’a almost always someone to play or discuss with.

What is the future of Chateau du Lys?

We plan to expand even further into making our town the largest mercantile hub and thriving community in the Hidden Vale! We are located in a very strategic part of the island too, so anyone from anywhere can visit or set up their houses on our island.

We will also adjust our PoT’s design to accommodate as much possible the needs of our current and future citizens. There are many lots available and others to be placed as we expand so if anyone has a spare deed, send me a message or come see us and we’ll find the best place for you :)

If interested in becoming part of the Chateau du Lys community, please message Duke Dariuss of ChateauDuLys in the community forums to show your interest. You can also send a message to our Officers in-game:

– Bjorn Dyonisys
– Cylia Veca
– Lordx Bacon
– Seth Aeva
– Terrence Philip
– Valor Bastagio

“Ensemble nous sommes et resterons à jamais liés pour l’Honneur et la Gloire. Car c’est dans l’unité que nous puisons notre force.”…

“Together we are and will stay forever, for honor and glory! In unity we stand, stronger than ever.”


Do you have a Player Owned Town, guild, or other type of group that makes available great things for the community? Let us know! We would like to include your establishment in an upcoming spotlight. Just send Berek a brief proposal of what you have to share!


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    This is a very very nice POT, one of the best I have ever seen. I wished you guys would have shown photos of one home in the town; its a Knights home down the back side street I think, it is the best home I have seen in game to date. I can’t wait to see more from the players in this town!

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