Release 44 Postmortem Mini-Telethon

** $67,500 **

Telethon Funds Raised

Telethon Stretch Goal Rewards:

  • ACHIEVED! $10,000: Oracle Eye Sparklers
  • ACHIEVED! $25,000: Oracle Eye Mirror: Home decoration with the Oracle Eye on top
  • ACHIEVED! $35,000: Oracle Eye Helmet: Fencing Mask with Oracle Eye painted on mesh like the Obsidian Cabalist masks
  • ACHIEVED! $50,000: Oracle Eye Throne
  • ACHIEVED! $65,000: Oracle Cable “Wings” + /juggleoracleeyes

Greetings Avatars,

Traditionally our Telethons have been held quarterly and lasted 12 hours (and in some extreme cases 24 hours!). While these lengthy telethons allowed us to cover a very wide range of subjects, they also led to a bit of meandering at the end due to fatigue (and maybe a bit of overindulgence). Recently we had a much shorter telethon (6 hours) for Lord British’s birthday, discovering that we spent more time answering questions and remained much more focused and alert. Your response was also quite positive in both pledges and feedback after the telethon!

So, starting with Release 44, we are going to experiment with extended Postmortems that are also Mini-Telethons. This will increase the frequency of our telethons to monthly but also keep them short (4 hours). We are confident that this will both allow us to focus more time on development while at the same time provide a higher frequency of direct interaction with you, our community.

Since this is a shorter telethon we want to make sure as many people can participate in the stretch goals. We are going to extend the amount of time that your purchases can be eligible for the stretch goals to be 12 hours from 12:00 PM CDT to Midnight. NOTE: We will still stop tracking towards stretch goals at the end of the telethon at 7:00 PM CDT, but everyone will have another 5 hours to spend $5 to get the stretch goals.

We hope you find this change an improvement! Now, onward to this telethon’s details!


Telethons are livestreamed on Twitch and include answers to your gameplay questions, world building tours, prize giveaways, sales on items, and more! See what we have planned below beginning at 3pm CT on August 7:

  • 3:00 PM: Introductions and R44 Postmortem Q&A
  • 4:30 PM: World Building Tour
  • 5:30 PM: Postmortem Q&A Continues
  • 7:00 PM: End of Mini-Telethon!
Schedule is subject to change. Check back here before the livestream begins!


As part of the R44 Postmortem, at 7:00 PM CDT, August 7, 2017, we are expiring the following content from the Add On Store (and the in-game Crown Merchants). This means that these items will no longer be available in our store after this date.


As a special bonus, we are offering telethon funding rewards to any backer that pledges a minimum of $5 for twelve hours during the day of the telethon, from 12:00 PM CDT on August 7 (Spending Store Credit to make $5 minimum purchase does not apply) to 11:59 PM CDT. NOTE: While the telethon livestream ends at 7pm CDT, everyone will have until 11:59 PM CDT to spend $5 to get the stretch goals. We will announce the day’s total on Tuesday.

  • $10,000: Oracle Eye Sparklers
  • $25,000: Oracle Eye Mirror: Home decoration with the Oracle Eye on top
  • $35,000: Oracle Eye Helmet: Fencing Mask with Oracle Eye painted on mesh like the Obsidian Cabalist masks
  • $50,000: Oracle Eye Throne
  • $65,000: Oracle Cable “Wings” + /juggleoracleeyes


StarrDancingFor every $2,500 donated, all developers on camera have to either dance, sing, or drink a shot of alcohol.

Additionally, we will be spinning the Wheel of Fortune! The wheel will have 12 different categories of sales plus the Lord British and Darkstarr wildcards where they get to choose any category! Each time a category comes up it will go on sale at approx. 20% off for 1 hour.


  • All of the above Expiring Items
  • Bank Upgrades
  • COTOs
  • Store Credit
  • merchandise
  • and more!

We will be giving prizes away on an hourly basis with many being given away multiple times. If you wish to win prizes during the Telethon event, be in Discord chat! We will be active on Twitch and YouTube chats as well, but they will not be our portal for prize giveaways.

We will be answering questions throughout the telethon so submit them in the comments section below or on Discord chat during the Telethon. Please keep in mind that questions and feedback related to each segment will be given priority and really verbose questions may be skipped, as they can be a challenge to shorten and summarize live on the air. Please keep it to 3 total questions in the comments section below!

Keep an eye on @ShroudofAvatar for updates before, during, and after the telethon. See you on Twitch at 3pm CT this coming August 7!


Warning: Telethon is Rated PG-13 for Alcoholic Content
(might get upgraded to Rated-R depending on rate of pledges)


  1. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

    Please don’t use this medium to publicly attack me if you don’t like or understand my questions, Thank you.

    q1: Are there more plans to expand out the current crafting trees say beyond the current specialties?

    q2: Many npc towns and Pots have teleporter signs to navigate arround even some of the bigger story towns have them, will all the towns get these (harvest, port graff etc.)

    q3: Can we please get where Vendor Owners can boot single items out of a shared vendor, dumping the whole vendor to clear a few items is very painful to all the people on the vendor.

    1. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson

      As far as specialties, do you mean masterwork skills or recipes? For example, in the Blacksmithing tree there is Blacksmithing Masterwork, and below that Masterwork Blade, Masterwork Chain, Masterwork Plate and Masterworld Shield; are you looking for another skill there? Or are you instead looking for recipes that help create specialty gear within the existing skills? Either way, could you give an example? Just trying to clarify, as the question is a bit vague.

      (The only thing I’ve previously heard about here is sub-skills for Enchantment to provide additional options on specific gear types, like Master Ring Enchantment Proficiency or somesuch. Is this still being planned?)

      1. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

        Talking about more skills beyond whats currently in the tree, not the salvage or the repair side but the actually crafting side. I know the plan is to add more choices I would like to keep developing the crafting tree for progressions reasons. Currently most my carp stuff is well beyond 100. It would sadden me if this were it as far as my crafting developement goes.

        1. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

          And to be honest it was ment to be “vague” since my question was about what plans do they have for expanding crafting trees beyond the current content. If I knew enough to ask about specific plans they had I doubt I would need to ask at all.

  2. Belladonna RoseBelladonna Rose

    Will the fix on the Path of Courage be fixed before the game goes live. I was told it would be fixed asap and have yet to see that its been fixed.

    1. Daigoji GaiDaigoji Gai

      It should be as that is one of their stated goals – to have the paths completed. They are working on it per last patch notes.

  3. AnimoshAnimosh

    QUESTION: What is the point of bludgeon in PvE? knockdowns are ignored, stun at 100% work 1/3 of the time on Npcs. These are major things for the bludgeon tree and they do not work in PvE.

  4. MurphyMurphy

    I have been wondering. Early in development we had the College of Arms working to get Coat of Arms approved for the game. I have not heard much about Coat of Arms items or The College of Arms in quite some time. Are we still expecting Coat of Arms items? and if so when can we expect to see them? I was under the impression they were to be Episode 1.

  5. Skyo

    Q: can we please get a toggle option for the experience bar?

    Q: are magic users intended to be able to use defensive stance? If so why? Move this to the heavy armor tree.

    Q: chainmail and plate are both considered heavy armor, so you should be able to wear a mixture of plate and mail and still recieve the armor bonus… right???

    1. ChateleChatele

      I use defensive stance, and I am all leather armor….. If they move this to heavy armor I would be upset, I spent a lot of time and exp points to get it to lvl 80 …. and I am not the only one …

      1. Skyo

        You shouldn’t be able to have more damage mitigation than heavy armor wearing individuals. You have dodge in the light armor tree. You can stack additional dodge with gear enchants that are not available to heavys, being able to also stack defensive stance makes no sense for the balance of the game.

        1. amaasingamaasing

          I thought this was for questions for the devs and not a place to disagree with questions that others have asked. Where is your question?

    2. FrostIIFrostII

      ..are magic users intended to be able to use defensive stance? If so why? Move this to the heavy armor tree.
      Defensive Stance is in the Tactics tree, and is available to anyone – as it should be.

      1. FrostIIFrostII

        Please stop “balancing” skills based on that small backer segment of PvP’rs. Leave Defensive Stance in the Tactics tree.

  6. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson

    Question: I’m surprised the old-style, animated Oracle confirmatory wall panels were not included in this, since the assets already exist. Would you consider this as a higher stretch goal item?

    Question: Thank you for the daily xp bonus! Its a great way to keep us logging in. However, since it resets 24 hours after it is received, it tends to get more and more delayed. Would you please change this to use the same reset timer as the Oracle quiz? Its still a daily limit, but doesn’t have quite such a stingy timeframe.

    Question: For anyone on camera at the time; what is one feature that is not yet in the game that you are most looking forward to, and why?

  7. Cage StormCage Storm

    Great work on the game so far guys. My three questions are more like requests,

    1) When you know for sure that items from the addon store are expiring could you show that against the item in the store ? similar to how you show “got it” at the moment. Thanks.

    2) Could the result of Blacksmith Salvage be more predictable ? Seems that the random aspect of the current system sometimes negates any advantage one gets from raising salvage from 40 to 80. Maybe use a fixed algorithm using size and remaining durability to determine outcome.

    3) Can we have add-on rooms for our basements ? I’d be happy to purchase these from the addon store.
    My row basement is now almost full and I still have more items to put out and I am nowhere near the current limit to the number I can use. As basements are “mini-scenes” we could create some awesome basements and each one could be unique and fun to explore maybe creating a “basement sub-culture”.

    Anyways, thanks for the consideration and the chance to ask questions and make suggestions, loving the game.

  8. Morgoth redbeard

    can we have some of the loot that can be crafted actualy have a worth so they dont pile up in box
    i for one was werry upset wen bear and wolf hats was lowerd to 70 gold each hat that make them so little profitable that its not worth it to make them
    so they pile up in box bad move item that is amassed in bulk like heads shood have a worth so they actualy get crafted and not just horderd

    or if you cant raise the money then atlest raise xp gain upon craft as if i am getting less money and xp from crafting them then mining why bother wen i can just be board out of my butt mining

  9. Arcadeguy

    So could this be considered a $5 per month “optional” subscription then?
    (Please discuss further in forums for non-developer responses.)

  10. Baron Drocis FondorlatosBaron Drocis Fondorlatos

    Q1: Could we please change the way POTs are shown on the overworld map? Making blank lots looks bad for the game, and it unfairly penalizes POT owners that may not wish to use all their available square footage by making them look less desirable.

    Q2: Although you’re a small team and the night is dark and full of terrors, customer service and community management is a full time job. The development team is there to develop the game, not to perform these functions. Isn’t it time that we had a full-time customer service/community management staff that is not also wearing hats in the development world? I bring this up because we’re about to launch the game “soon” and the excuses (while understandable during development) that we’re “in release week” or “we’re a small team” just doesn’t cut it once that happens. As Portalarium moves to being a Publisher, this will also be true for any games that they publish. Full-Time staff to manage the community and handle customer complaints and concerns is not a luxury, it’s a nessessity.

    Q3: Can we please get a status update on ALL pledge rewards? Please provide the intended delivery date, and in cases where you might feel that you can not deliver on a pledge reward can you please provide some indication of how you plan to provide backers with compensating reward verses just ignoring the pledge reward entirely? (This should go without saying, but I’m not writing this to give you guys a hard time. I’m writing this because as a future investor this seems like a reasonable and thoughtful way to communicate with our player base.)

  11. Astor CerberusAstor Cerberus

    A few telethons ago I asked about getting a ‘residents’ lot permissions similar to ‘guild chapterhouse’ which would infer kindred permission on all town residents. This is a great way to allow town residents to share vendors, etc. The idea was JIRA’d at the time but I’m wondering if there is a way to track where this falls on the priority list/roadmap.

  12. Jens_TJens_T

    1) Is the UI (window graphics) getting a rework before commercial launch (end of 2017)
    2) Is the NPC dialogue UI (bigger / different text window) and “zoom-in / background blur” going to be reworked before commercial launch
    3) Will we have phasing technology for quests beyond the current implementation with NPCs being replaced with “different” NPC?

  13. oplekoplek

    Question: Many people are becoming irate because elemental are at the end of the skill trees, and are then perceived as being “useless”. Do you have any plans to counter this common frustration? Such as putting them earlier in the tree?

    1. oplekoplek

      Note I’m not necessarily suggesting buffing them up, but they feel like starter pets, which surprises people after they’ve spent a lot of effort unlocking them.

  14. Jens_TJens_T

    As only 3 out of 5 questions appear here (wonder why they’re not shown?) I post them again.

    4) Will Portalarium professionalize the communication of changes to its kickstarters/pledgers, investors and players by ensuring that communication only goes through Starr or a dedicated person and that communication in the forum is aligned with press releases / coverage on external media.

    5) Will technology implemented to have an impact on Novia for multiplayer online in Episode 1 / by commercial launch. Impact = Quests have a permanent state change for NPC / locations for the individual player.

    1. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

      Possibly because the instructions for posting questions specify a limit of three?

  15. Warrior B'PatrickWarrior B'Patrick

    1. In the new Post-Morten/Mini-telethon style are we going to get enough time to have questions answered? I understand about the effects of a 12 hour telethon as far as fatigue and sobriety go but is 6hrs a good balance for questions and singing and dancing?
    2. Can we rename the destination signpost in our POTs? I have created boroughs and it would be great to choose the sign for the “Chaos Borough”.
    3. I am still hoping that interactive Deco items can be given a group setting like Residents. It would be great if we could share chest, bank devices, billboards, and other things like we can share crafting stations that are on private or public property now.

    One additional question please. Can the pets be given a longer range? It would be fun for residents to let their cats/dogs roam the POT. You could put a recall or whistle icon to call them home.

  16. AvatarGGAvatarGG

    1) When will ladder animations (as opposed to instant teleportation) be finally implemented?

  17. Kigu Starfish (Kor)

    1) Lord British’s Birthday Telethon had a PvP event that was cut out due to performance problems, because there were 50+ people in the zone. What are the recommended computer hardware specs to get over 5 fps in these situations?

    2) A scene “Master” with a bad computer or connection can negatively effect play quality for other players in Zone. How do you plan to overcome this bottleneck when you have a single “Master” for a zone with 20+ players in it (or even 5 players)? Are you ever going to change the “Master” server architecture, or will we always have our network performance constrained by the first person to enter a zone?

    3) POT sieges are different from NPC town sieges for a few releases now. If a Player Owned Town has all the devotionals, how does the game decide if it goes under siege?

  18. Dereck VisaardDereck Visaard


    1) Can POT owners/stewards have a way to control the names for teleport locations? “Town Boundary 1” is not that great.
    2) Can POT owners/stewards have placeable street signs as deco? Something similar to the craftable ground signs, but more like the NPC town flavor that has an arrow pointing a certain direction. Monetization path = have ornate versions in the add-on store.
    3) Can we please have decay built into craftable homes? You could build an economy around home repair. Monetization path = sell home repair kits, build a skill tree around it in carpentry. add-on store homes don’t decay, etc.

    1. bwtdozerbwtdozer

      3) I’ve had the same thought but for furniture. Something to give that part of the economy some more legs and continued use.

  19. Alleine DragonfyreAlleine Dragonfyre

    This is exciting! However, is it possible to do these on weekends?

    can participate because I telecommute from home, however my husband does not as I’m sure many will also be at work during this event (making the money we would use to support you!) Thanks :)

  20. curtcurt

    1) When will you start to honor the “two weeks early access to skills as they are added to the game” pledge reward?

    2) You can PvP in 100% of the world how many % should you be able to PvE in?

  21. FrostIIFrostII


    1) Is Chris aware that Next Target just does not work as described the majority of the time.

    2) If the answer to #1 is Yes, then what is the timetable to fix it.

    3) Is Chris aware that the current state of Death Decay is causing our game to NOT be nearly as much fun as it was prior to it’s existence, and are there plans to revisit it?

    1. Dirty Deeds

      For some reason they think decay is a fun mechanic, same with confusion on all the higher end bosses. Confuse on a mob or 2 is fine but please come up with some stuff thats actually fun to encounter.

    2. Skyo

      I think the deth decay system is way fun and challenging. Honestly if death has no consequences what does the game even matter. Three cheers for port on the way they have handled to his awesome feature.

      1. BluefireBluefire

        Death decay system = few casual players. I’ll have to commit and completely grind out my template sometime in chapter 2 then decay won’t matter anymore.

    3. GamicianGamician

      Sure would like to know the answer to these questions.

      I cannot see how anyone who has reached levels where they are able to handle level 5 on their own and major bosses in large groups can be happy or think the loss of Experience is a good thing. When you only have 2 or three hors to play and spend 1- 1 1/2 hours making up the Experience you lost from the day before it is totally ridiculous. Yes those who are at level 40 and less, experience no loss and those who took advantage of the Control Point fiasco and have 100 or more GM’s and Millions upon Millions in stored Experience points very rarely die and do most of their hunting Solo.

      1. FrostIIFrostII

        The death decay system being championed by those handful of players who abused the cp’s to the tune of over a hundred gm’s is both painfully obvious and sickening. With that many gm’s, they rarely die and the last thing they want is for Chris to see how damaging the system is currently and come up with a way to achieve his goals of reducing their hold on both gm’s and the market for artifacts which they own.
        Please remove the current system of decay and replace it with something that does what it was supposed to do to begin with. Currently it only serves as the best way to reduce the population to nothing in the long run.

  22. Vladamir BegemotVladamir Begemot

    1. How awesome is this game getting? Thanks for the hard work and I’m kind of wore out on asking questions because I can see you’ve got it all on the menu, it just takes time.

    2. But I’ll ask some anyway: What’s your plans for going to Unity 2017 and embracing their new camera cutscene fantastical technology?

    3. Will you be raising the price of learning new skills some day? I’d like to pay more for higher level skills as it makes them feel more important.

  23. KoldarKoldar

    1) Now that the story is complete, do you have an actual date planned for shipping physical rewards or is it still nebulous?

    2) See question 1.

    3) See question 1.


    1. BerekBerek Post author

      It is still nebulous I’m afraid, but the dates for future events like this are becoming clearer internally, and that’s a good thing for you! :)

  24. BarugonBarugon


    – Can we please get an on-screen indication (like an icon) that shows when we’re in decoration mode?

    – Can you please make it so that if we loose a lot due to timeout or unpaid taxes that the house, basement and all decorations go to the property manager and not straight to the bank?

  25. KliirkastKliirkast

    1) What are the plans in the future for Agriculture ? Is there any hope for some improvements (in functionalities and/or at least in crafting XP return)
    2) For those who started the 3 Virtues quests lines a long time ago, when shall we get the possibility to restart those quests from scrap and with all the side quests (i.e. like a newly created character) ? If and when this will be possible, shall we still get the xp rewards ?
    3) When will there be another round for entering new “starting screen tips” ?

  26. Alley OopAlley Oop

    are there plans to return weather to the overland?

    (i’d rather you didn’t answer during the telethon. the post on missed questions afterward is much easier to find an answer in.)

    1. BluefireBluefire

      All questions answered should be posted afterward. I’ve missed several of my questions that were answered because viewing a 12 hour telethon recording .. just no.

        1. BerekBerek Post author

          Someone needs to transcribe these telethons for us! Impossible for us to answer and transcribe at the same time :(.

  27. Dirty Deeds

    Can you combine all the diffrent cotos into two, gold cotos and a non premium one that drops. If your unwilling to do that can you make buying obs potions easier to navigate. Id rather just use my gold coto to buy what ever potion vrs selling my gold coto to buy a bronze coto to buy my potiin.

    Id love to see a list of ideas you have for esp 2, i know eps 1 still needs a lot of content but I could use something to be excited about.

    Thanks for taking the time to awnser my questions.

  28. bigta1982

    Question 1 – A lot of newer and low level players are posting on the forums and talking in game about struggling with light armor and the suggestion is always to switch to Heavy Armor. Now that Dodge is being nerfed which might make it even harder for new players, will dex be fixed? The tool tip for dex says that it increases dodge chance but in a recent Tech Talk, Chris said that it is not working.

    Question 2 – DR and AVOID are shown on the paper doll but Dodge isn’t. Will Dodge be added since it seems like the go to stat for light armor especially with the change to Acrobatics.

    1. bigta1982

      Please also answer in the missed questions section because I will probably miss the answers in the long telethon.

  29. Gregg247Gregg247

    1. Will there be additional choices for hairstyles, facial features and body types for character creation prior to the game going live?

    2. Now that SotA Maps is an “official” part of the game, can you better control updates for this valuable service? We haven’t had an update since mid-April (build 40). (E-Mail requests sent directly to SotA maps have not been answered.)

    1. FrostIIFrostII

      2. Jakub White hasn’t been around for some time now.
      Will Port take over management of this essential tool ???

  30. Obsidian TempestObsidian Tempest

    I truly believe PvP needs some “Love” How about;
    A PvP registrar where a player, group or guild, could sign up for a capture the flag, team death match, or other type of encounter. This would promote grouping, socializing and introduce non pvp’er to pvp. We could earn points for;
    completed missions,
    healing and other support roles.

    An official Portalarium webpage could be created to track these stats daily. Prizes (rares,resources, gold, cotos) could be awarded weekly,monthly for kills, bounties collected, most hours of participation, Most healing etc. There are plenty of examples in other games. This would give a whole new dynamic to our PvP community, allow people who would not normally get involved in pvp to give it a try and give us more options with our gaming time.
    Will you please consider some of these?

  31. Trevour

    [1] Can we get an update on the plans to add glyph stacking to the heat system? Hold to charge the rune then you get the effect of the stacked skill. Improvement to heat system by still weaker then the unlocked.

    [2] For locked buffs on the command bar, can we get the duration indicator. Maybe a little line on the bottom. It would help me manage my short term in-combat buffs.

    [3] Release notes indicate mid-range mobs received loot bundles. I have killed 200+ bandits in a five skull zone. I have not noticed any difference in loot. Is tier 5 not mid-range mobs or is the drop rate super silly low? Does the comment “while still maintaining game balance” translate to 0.002% drop rate?

    1. Trevour

      #3 has been answered on the forums. Drop rate for tier 5 is 1 in 200. It is completely possible to kill 200 and not get a loot bundle.

      Replacement question #3 – All the new armor visuals look amazing but they are for chain and below. I am looking forward to updated art work for Plate mail. Any time frame?

  32. amaasingamaasing

    1. Everyone knows that many houses still have rain coming through the roofs. Any ETA on when this will be fixed?
    2. For a while there were new plants being included with each release. Any plans on continuing that? Seeds for different types of ornamental trees might be nice.
    3. I read where the “reset” of quests will be coming in the next release. Can you explain how that will work and any particular details around how it that might be important for us to know?

  33. Tiina OnirTiina Onir

    As of this release, there was a change to weaken dodging. Allegedly, this was supposed to help melee against ranged. As a melee/light armor user my entire character has become completely useless this release. So, my question:

    1) Can we revert changes that damage abilities that were never OP (like dodge, the only ability I have to mitigate damage from archers), and instead fix the things that are (like chunks of the ranged tree) or increase the power of the weaker skills in the other trees?

  34. CordelayneCordelayne

    Question: Would it be possible to make an auto-fill bookcase that acts as a container? Or maybe a few variations of “filled looking” bookshelves that are containers but only for books? This would help reduce item limit issues for those of us who want to build libraries. Heck you could even sell them as a bundle in the add-on store! ;)

  35. twofoldsilencetwofoldsilence

    1) When will I finally be able to either find silver/gold scraps or salvage enchanted/master worked items and receive silver/gold scraps from the salvage?

    2) Will any NPCs/Journal Entries on the Path of the Oracle ever hint at how one would be able to get to the various ruins’ vaults through the non-PVP areas?

    3) Is it just me or are there issues with the bludgeon stun skills, as even when I see the sparkly affect on enemies I am fighting they still continue to attack me or run away from me either immediately or within a few seconds?

    ***Bonus Question***: Will I ever be able to salvage arrows?

  36. Duke GréagóirDuke Gréagóir

    Can we also reset the blood river outskirts and the other two starting area quests with the “quest reset” option? If not, can you please make it so?

  37. that_shawn_guythat_shawn_guy

    1) can people with a GM in a skill be able to teach that skill (like a trainer)? This would provide more social value to GM’ers.

    2) how many of the devs regular deal with managing inventory of player vendors? I’m asking because i want to understand the priority of addressing pain points such changing prices, managing multiple stacks, paying taxes upfront, can’t buy all items that can be sold, etc.

    3) can we have the category of the message in the log file.
    e.g. [07/25/2017 09:48:51] [Combat] Hardened Skeleton Mage tried to attack phil and missed.

    Thank you

  38. that_shawn_guythat_shawn_guy

    Can you add some mechanic so there is a major reason for 2 groups of Avatars to have a reason to fight over control of a control point?

    Not suggesting turning them into pvp zones. But, a major benefit to 2 groups of PVP flagged Avatars fighting for control from not only the NPC but also the other Avatar group could make for some great battles.

  39. bwtdozerbwtdozer

    1)Shogun, elven, kobold, Ancient Columned village Inns being made and sold in add on store any time soon? I like the village Inn layout just would prefer a Shogun or possibly Ancient Columned one.

    2) As a land owner in Westend I ask, when will we see some love via uncloning, themed deco matching the region, quests, etc)?

    3) I asked a couple years ago (and it was added to the official to do list) about making it so furniture crafting works like weapon and armor crafting vis a vis using different mats to achieve a different coloring/naming of the furniture (ie a pine dresser, maple dresser, Crimson pine dresser, grey pine dresser, rock maple dresser, etc). All use the same asset but are named with material prefix based on the materials used to craft the item and also use a different color texture is the basics. When will this make it to the game?

    1. AnimoshAnimosh

      this would also be awesome for the different colored animals as well. make colored leather for different looks

  40. amariousamarious

    Q1: I am a terrible klutz and press E more than I’d like to. I was curious if we could get a prompt asking whether or not we wanted to take everything out of a chest. Sometimes my dumb fingers press E when I have a chest open and now I have accumulated 300 more items than I wanted to.

    Q2: Have you considered releasing a new item once a week to the add-on store that’s only up for limited availability? Lets say item up for 1 week. Incentive is to buy before it’s gone thus generating more cash flow.

    Q3: How’s the economy? I might have missed it during the last couple telethons but I don’t recall an in depth talk about it.

    Thanks for your time and I hope you are all having a great day.


    1. Michael DragonBreathMichael DragonBreath

      I would also be interested in the answer to Q1. I posted it for the last telethon but it was misunderstood. Perhaps the prompt could be set to only trigger while in town or when the container has more than a certain # of items.

  41. Mischievous DragonMischievous Dragon

    Q1: Can you please release both current, reworked and new Avatar animations in the next delivery of the new Assets Packs?

    Q2: Can you please release both current, reworked and new Avatar emotes in the next delivery of the new Assets Packs?

    Q3: There will be many new players playing the QA Release 45 with non-Dev+ backer accounts.
    Would you add a QA Server-exclusive feature to the UI that warns the players of the fact that adding New Friends in the QA Server does not replicate to the Live?

  42. Warrior B'PatrickWarrior B'Patrick

    Q1: Do renters of rooms count toward the population of a POT? If I have one character and have him rent all my rooms would that change my icon on the over world map?

    Q2: Can Portalarium take over the SOTAMap? I love the idea that I can edit my map that shows on the Interactive Map.
    Q3: Can we get an edit mode? Or at least a visual grid or selection point on items. I have problems placing items on top of each other or picking up an item once placed. The Walkway Pavers are very hard to pick back up once placed.

  43. skeggyskeggy

    Q1. is there any plans to be able to have more than 1 charter on your account in the future?

    Q2. can pattern’s be released so they are either both male and female attire in a single pack or a male and a female pattern made available as like the eleven patterns are only available as a female option.

    Q3, any plans on improving the farming tree in the future? bows have the ammo scavenger so farming could have an ability that would increase the chance of getting the planted seed back at the point harvest.

  44. Blood ArtistBlood Artist


    Do you evaluate the play time anf number of hours people play? It seams a little low atm will you be adding more interesting stuff to increase activity?

    Would you consider putting pot housing deeds on a vendor for igg?

    Will there be a reward system like uo that rewards account age, I realize this isnt a subscription game so it will not be apples to apples?

    Could this game ever go subscription based, a monthly stipon is easier for me to manage, thanks for taking my questions.

  45. Lightiger8Lightiger8

    We’re having good luck developing a monk class using the fist spells and trip, but are missing normal punch doing useful damage. Can we get either a fist weapon, more fist damage, or a fist skill?”

    shouldn’t Sneak attack add a percentage on to the attacks from stealth instead of have a damage value? As of right now I do more damage with my bow from stealth from behind. It would make the ability much more useful I believe, as of right now there is no reason to lvl the skill.

    Shouldn’t stealth movement and Shadow form have comparable stealth buffs? right now stealth movement makes Shadow form obsolete.

    Thanks for a great game!!! me and my kids are having great time!!!!

  46. Duke GréagóirDuke Gréagóir

    Will our virtues also be able to be reset once just like the main love, truth, and courage quests?

  47. curtcurt

    Q3: Has you considered making a voice pack for ‘voice attack’ would be a way for the player to actually saying words of power => resulting in pressing specific key.

    1. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

      Underground biomes and several other zones dont yet have sotamap support. Im all for linux support as well but it would be great if the other stuff was complete also.

  48. amethyst25amethyst25

    Q. 2 part question
    A. Would it be possible to have an option on the commission free vendors to change the price of the item with out having to reclaim it? There is just so much clicking involved if you just want to manage the cost of the items being sold.
    B. Have the option to remove all or selected items from the commission free vendor?

  49. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

    Question #1: When might we see Mannequins to display armor on?

    – Having the armor displayable is certainly an improvement, but having the soft armors… everything but plate… stand up by themselves is off-putting.

    Question #2: Could we please get a command to fetch SotAMap data on the fly? (/mapdata)

    – I recently went through the exercise of setting up my town in SotAMap. It was tedious to say the least, but worth the effort. It was made More tedious by the need to log out and back in to fetch fresh data to see if the changes I’d made were correct.

    Question #3: Would it be possible to make a version of the Practice Dummy that is a POT NPC that would be available and functional at all times, and not just when the Owner is online?

    – This would be a boon to everyone.

  50. RosemourneRosemourne

    Q1) Will there be new crafting tables with brewing?

    Q2) If there are new crafting tables for brewing, will there be benefactor / founder versions?

    Q3) What recording equipment / microphones are used for your telethons?

  51. blaquerogueblaquerogue

    I wish you all would have these on the weekends! More people would be able to buy stuff! We have to work during the week!

  52. Sir_MichaelSir_Michael

    1.1 Is there a chance to receive a better arranged Journal with TABLE OF CONTENTS = Chapters (minimum for each path) to click on and find all quests in connection with the chapter?

    JOURNAL (The Quest Books of Novia / Highvale)
    The Book (Path) of Love
    The Book (Path) of Truth
    The Book (Path) of Courage
    The Book (Path) of the Oracle

    1.2 having a “check” for done parts

    1.3 maybe also possibility to further sort …
    current quests

  53. Alleine DragonfyreAlleine Dragonfyre


    I am an aspiring tailor hoping to open a store that sells clothing. I noticed that there are only a limited number of clothing recipes and the rest are in the store.

    Are there any plans to offer tailors a bigger selection of clothing to make? I’m not sure about other players, however this was my number one aspiration in the game.

    Forum thread for reference:

    Thank you for considering my question :)

  54. Cypher BlackCypher Black

    Q1: Currently we have the option to ‘hide’ tools in our inventory. Can we also get the option to ‘hide’ our quest items on the list view? Thanks.

    Q2: Still waiting for more placements in both houses and POTS. As updates have occurred to the optimization of the game, can we can an update on when this might happen? (R45… R46…)

    Q3: When the Duke reward (Avatar heads) go live?

  55. TeddyMITTeddyMIT

    (Q1) Please consider making the stun buff after being stunned into two different types, one for magic and one for physical. They shouldn’t have shared the same type of stun buff.
    (Q2) Please explain the description of the Dodge skill in detail, for example: Dodge skill with Level 111 has a +16.5 dodge. Is it a added chance to dodge or damages to be dodged.
    (Q3) Please explain the effect of Air Attunement on the magic “Air Shield”. I asked this question before and the answer is that the effect is small. However, the effect of 100 Attunement and 180 Attunement are exactly the same after I tested using this magic. I don’t understand the meaning of only a small effect on the Air Shield. How much Air Attunement do I need to have so that it has a significant effect on magic “Air Shield”.

  56. Stryker SparhawkStryker Sparhawk

    1) May we have a gazebo mimic please? It will provide proper targets for arrows.

    2) May we have the viking long boats as tabletop versions? Also the other types of boats as well.

    3) Is there any plan to lock the world map for POT placement before launch, or impose a further charge to move a POT to a new location on the world map?

  57. Shade CidoShade Cido

    If these telethons are going to be shorter and more frequent, can we please have their times in UTC (also known as GMT) as well as your local time? It can be difficult to figure out the times for us non US residents and I wouldnt want to miss them. I didn’t matter so much for 12-24 hour ones as if you checked on the day you were usually good, but 4 hours is a fairly short window.

    Pretty sure it starts at 21.00 here in the UK if I’ve worked it out right.

  58. Phil ScottPhil Scott

    Q1: What results have you gotten so far from the Trial Accounts (visitor), how many and
    what % conversion to paid accounts have you seen?

    Q2: Would it be possible (and if so how hard) to get say every 15 minutes a entry in the
    Public Stats API that has, at that moment, the total number of players in multi-player and in solo/party
    so that we can see the server load over the day? I don’t think that the total number of players at any
    one time would open up any exploits.

    Q3: Do you have a feel (and can you share your feelings if you do) for when you will start
    spending real money on marketing the game, I assume (but I don’t even pretend to play a
    marketing person on TV) that you would want to start marketing before the “Commercial Launch”?

  59. Brighton RockBrighton Rock

    can we please get a clock in the forum displaying your local time? Would make it so much easier for people from outside the US to adjust to their time zone …


  60. Dartan ObscuroDartan Obscuro

    Q1: Are there any plans to add crafting to adventure scenes to change the environment e.g. use carpentry to repair a bridge to cross or a mining skill check to break a rock wall?

    Q2: When will gems be placeable decorations?

    Q3: What’s the most exciting change coming in the next release?

  61. EchondasEchondas

    Q1: Will those of who received the bugged version of the Heart of Sorrows with only 25 durability be able to get a replacement version with full durability?

    Q2: How about updating in-game maps to function similar to Ultima Underworld – where players could add notes on the map? Map items for new areas?

    Q3: Can we get autocomplete added for typing player names in the chat UI and the ability to quickly switch between recently messaged players (or just friends?)

  62. jiirc

    Lots of questions here and a summary may have already been put together, but here goes anyway.

    could you explain the rationale behind:

    1) why you decided to make some crafting recipes drops
    2) why you decided to regionalize recipes
    3) how you decided whether a recipe should be on a vendor or dropped by a mob
    4) how a player can determine whether a recipe is on a vendor or dropped by a mob.

    And any other information about the recipe drop system that is relevant to know but hasn’t been communicated to the masses.

  63. pleasedrivefastpleasedrivefast

    Q1 – with the last release, supply bags were added as a way to increase loot chances. Do you see any adjustments needed to the drop rate or loot tables within these supply bags?

    Q2 – With regard to dread artifacts, can you provide more clarity on “suffering a significant penalty” or what your vision is for these penalties?

    Q3 – In the Q3 2017 Update, could you clarify what UI improvements you’re updating aside from chat windows?

  64. BayridgeBayridge

    Q1: Regarding NPC Farming vendor and seeds changes (mandrake/nightshade). In this release stock seed selections were redone for Farmer NPC’s. For example mandrake and nightshade were taken away. What are the plans for the game mechanic to get nightshade and mandrade seeds now?

    The current game mechanic of retrieving 2-3 seeds per 50 harvested plants doesn’t make it plausible to increase your stock. So removing them from NPC vendors will essentially make it extremely hard (harvest constantly for low yields) to impossible to sell these reagents at player vendors anymore, thus forcing players to buy the actual reagents from NPC alchemist. Was this the intent?

  65. TheGrinchTheGrinch

    Q 1.) Would it be possible to add a display of how many experience points are needed to achieve the next level of each skill? The small tracker bar does not really tell you much about how much exp you need to level.

    Q 2.) When will the loot on bosses, cabalists, etc high level mobs be updated so that you can get more than 5-10 gold off a high level mob?

  66. Volman2003Volman2003

    agnarrOfVeratChaos: QUESTION: I am a Viking to the bone, I realize there is new garb coming out in the next update for Norgard guards. When will you bring more Items Viking based, Like Viking Ale, Small tabbed barrels of Ale for our Taverns, Sexier Viking shields, and a possible Viking based Platemail armor.More Viking hair and beard options, tattooing??

  67. RuathazRuathaz

    Q1. When will we be able to sell over 50 items? Currently selling over 500 weight of weapons is a daunting task.

    Q2. Will we be able to see foxes in the game?

  68. jrfodderjrfodder

    Question 1: Can we get quivers in game for Archers?

    Question 2: Will there be a balancing or better abilities for leather armor, like stealth attacks?

  69. jack102367jack102367

    How about being able to move the different windows….like crafting window…chat window….inventory window…….out of the game play window and on to an empty space. Especially when you have 2 monitors we could move those to the 2nd monitor.

  70. radicusradicus

    Can we get a window to display all our items on our account maybe tabbed by item type and defaulting to property deeds to minimize loading. With all the stuff one accumulates , with some placed as deco, stored in chests or vendors all in different lots, etc. It would be great to have one window to see all one’s assets.

  71. jack102367jack102367

    Can we get a toggle or arrow that will change all the skills in a particular tree to either Train, Unlearn, Not Train, or Maintain? It’s a real pain to go and flip them all to something, then go back and change them again….and so on, and so on…….

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