Community Spotlight – Lake Cusabo Player Town

This week’s Player Owned Town spotlight has me, ‘Berek’ as I go by in the community, travelling to Lake Cusabo to visit this beautiful area in northern Novia.

After a hectic few weeks of work and outside activities, I realized that it’d been quite some time since I’d had a full day to relax and wind down from the travails of daily life. I made my way north from Central Brittany, past Brekken Bay, and onward toward the Serpent Spine foothills. As the road turned west, I arrived at the town of Lake Cusabo.

Upon entering the town, I was immediately greeted with the scent of fresh pine and the cool brush of a lovely breeze. Lake Cusabo sits high in the mountains, and the great majesty of the views from atop these mountains took my breath away.

Down in the valley, I saw the town’s namesake, Lake Cusabo itself, placid and glistening in the sunlight. Making my way down the mountain, I entered the city proper, a tree-lined boulevard of shops and private homes, sitting on the shores of the western side of the lake.

Tiffani SaintOnge, the town’s governor, met me in front of the bank. “Berek, thanks for coming by! Let me show you around our little town.”, she exclaimed, shaking my hand and leading me down Main Street, toward the center of town. “Our town is all about luxury and relaxation”, she continued. “We want our visitors and residents to be able to take a break from a full day of adventuring and exploring, and settle in for a little bit of pampering and indulgence.”

A block down the street, across from the Oracle, was the Lake Cusabo Beach Club and Spa, situated right on the lake. “The Spa is set up so weary patrons can take a rest and enjoy the scenery. We have massage tables, chess tables, a full bar, hot tubs, and a buffet. Swimming, fishing and boating at the beach are encouraged. If you want to get in a little crafting, we have our fully-stocked crafting pavilion right next door, with all expert crafting tables!”

While chatting at the Spa, I noticed how all the lakefront properties were situated to maximize their views of the lake. “That’s all by design”, Tiffani told me. “The beauty and tranquility of this place are fantastic, and everything we do here is centered on celebrating our location.”

On the cliffs above the downtown district sat a series of resident houses with soaring views of the distant mountains and the lake below. We reached these homes via hot-air balloon, and soon stood gazing out at the vista. “These are the million-dollar views”, she said. “How could your daily troubles compete with all of this?”

We took a leisurely walk around the lake, and then made our way to the other side of town, where the Bushwood Country Club is the main attraction. This stalwart institution has been the haven for the upper crust for decades, but it’s now open to all residents of Lake Cusabo. The manicured lawns surrounding the Club were incredible.

“The Club has a variety of activities for all visitors and residents”, Tiffani told me. “We have a Gustball court, Gustball croquet, hot tubs, a full buffet, serving 24 hours a day, and giant-sized chess and checkers are available. We also have another full set of crafting tables inside the Club, perfect for serving residents who live on this side of town.”

One feature that immediately caught my eye was the Botanical Gardens at the Club. Tiffani, an Avatar, told me that these gardens represented the beauty of nature from her original home. “We have a large formal Roman garden and a garden dedicated exclusively to the art of topiary design. The highlight of the Botanical Gardens, however, is our interpretation of the ruined gardens of Bonnie Doone, a beautiful, haunting place, remembered fondly, from long ago,” she told me, pausing to turn away for a moment. Perhaps to wipe away a tear.

I asked Tiffani what the entrance requirements were for living in Lake Cusabo. “No requirements at all!” she stated. “We welcome everyone. Our goal is to share this lovely place with all who arrive here. Many of us are members of the Lunar Dragons Guild, but we also have members from other Guilds (or no Guilds) as well. Some of our residents are new arrivals to New Britannia. For them, we have a free temporary housing program set up. Others are experienced adventurers who have vacation homes here, as a way to escape the daily grind.”

With the tour complete, I decided to spend the day taking advantage of all the town had to offer. I returned to the Spa, and after a massage and a full meal, I sat in the hot tub, drinking a hearty ale, and watching as the sun slowly set over the pristine, quiet lake.

Yes, the trials of daily life seemed very distant, I concluded.

There are so many towns to explore throughout New Britannia. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Lake Cusabo community, feel free to contact Gregg247 in the forums with any questions you may have!

Do you have a town, guild, or other group we can spotlight? Message community manager Berek with the details!

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  1. Gregg247Gregg247

    Thanks, Berek! If any players are interested in the housing experience in SotA but aren’t sure/don’t have the funds yet, we have a few free Row Deeds in Lake Cusabo that you can use until you’re on firmer footing. Just contact me in-game (Tiffani SaintOnge) and we’ll get you set up with your own home to lay your head at night!

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