Community Spotlight – Ordinis Mortis

Welcome to another Community Spotlight feature! These spotlights are dedicated entirely to community content, usually about a player town and presented by a single individual or an entire guild.

For this week’s spotlight, we toured the famous town of Ordinis Mortis. The town is located conveniently just south of Brittany and across the river from Novia Market. After a few days journey, we arrived safely on the island to be greeted by lady governor Minerva. We were eager for a tour of this famous town that’s hosted countless events for the citizens of New Britannia, including a relaxing inn along the riverside called ‘The Two Vikings Brewing Co and Inn’.

As told by lady governor Minerva: Upon first entering Ordinis Mortis you are greeted by the sight of a welcoming market that surrounds a river. As you listen to the soft breeze and gently flowing water, your eye discerns an ever-growing collection of shops of all types, set in a circle offering easy access. The lively market is merely the introduction to this special community. Ordinis Mortis rests just south of Brittany in the Grunvald region, and is uniquely known for its welcoming community; a joint effort lead by The Orders Guilds and Memento Mori to provide a place for all.

Minerva, of the Order of Chivalry, explains that the odd name was actually taken from each of the guilds as they decided to plant the early seeds that inspired this town; “Ordinis” (Order) to represent the Orders Guilds and “Mortis” (Death) is for Memento Mori. Although the name seems to be a message of darkness it is actually at tribute to the unity of the people of Novia working in tandem as they create together.

The town not only hosts over a hundred vendors but is home to iconic landmarks, destination points, and more importantly people from all over who call this town their home. Even for those who merely choose to visit our fair town, there are inviting inns filled with weary travelers having a place to hang their hat after a grueling spate of adventuring!

After a hard day out in the world, the community can be found gathering at the crafting stations or singing and playing music in one of these fine taverns. The Filthy Stag is the oldest in the community and gladly hosts many visitors. This historic tavern was the home to Lace Delamorte’s first video, and Arkah EMPstrike’s first large music arrangement. Even Lord British himself has been seen dancing the Time Rift on the roof.

Ordinis Mortis boasts many exciting destination locales that draw people from the far reaches. The award winning Adultima, an after-hours night club, has been the host of many an evening’s revelry. In fact, there are many hidden wonders throughout the town. The Two Vikings Brewing Co and Inn, the Ugly Troll, the Art Museum, the Dutch Coffee House (hidden deep underground), and so much more to discover. The Inkling Coffee House and Literary Society has books written by community members and is a comforting nook where people can sit and sip their coffee by the fire as they read the works of the masters.

The town plays host to many seasonal events and celebrations that bring people together for exceptional jubilees! The Three Kings day, for example, is a memorable time of wild races and exciting battles. St. Knut’s Day has become a local tradition for citizens and visitors alike, who eat sweets and look eagerly forward to Spring. Lovers and friends travel from far and wide to visit the romantic Sequanna Brasserie each Valentine’s Day. And, of course, lusty May Day brings out the “spring fever” in almost anyone! Regardless of the seasons, multiple Shopping Extravaganzas are held with music, fireworks, and of course, good bargains. Throughout the year, wonderful memories such as these are made and shared with others.

Anglers from the surrounding towns come to the lake or the streams for some of the best fishing in the region! They then stop by Halte’s Fishy Business for a brew and a yarn about the one that got away. They can also find some of the lowest prices for starter gear to satisfy all their adventuring needs.

Two guilds have their Guild Halls nestled in its borders, Order of Chivalry and Furia, but well over ten have a footprint. This is a community built by many, and a great testament to the power of fellowship within this New Britannian community. Feel free to contact Minerva if you would like an event, a shop or a home.

There are so many towns and historical landmarks to explore throughout New Britannia. Visit the Community Spotlight section of the website to read about more of these sprawling towns. If you are interested in sharing your tales of adventure, message community manager Berek!


  1. Hero Of Britannia DragonHero Of Britannia Dragon

    A lovely town. Was given a tour by Minerva as well and would endorse visiting and residing there.

  2. Lord Merlin

    Not my home, but the home of many of my friends. It is a great community. I highly recommend the events if you want to make some new connections to interesting citizens of Novia.

  3. Alleine DragonfyreAlleine Dragonfyre

    A beautiful town that really knows how to party! I love broadcasting from here on Avatars Radio and hope to come back very soon :)

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