Charge of the Dragons Event


Our fears have been confirmed!

The meteor that recently struck Quel has destroyed an undiscovered dragon lair and awakened dozens of savage creatures that have been sleeping for centuries. Arisen from their deep sleep, enraged by the devastation of their lair, they have taken to the sky and are setting off for human cities. The Charge of the Dragons is about to begin…

A drop of sweat dripped onto the parchment, where Merim the bard had just recorded his diary entry.

At the time, he did not know it would be his last. The devastated lair, those scales, the reptilian bones, of which some were still glowing. The traces of wrath all around him, he followed the giant footprints heading north-east. He knew he should head home, back to Brittany, and report what he had discovered. But his curiosity prevailed, and so he followed the traces, even though the sun had already set. He started shivering when he suddenly noticed a gentle but lofty growl just a few steps behind him.

Red, glowing eyes were the last thing he saw. The only thing that remained of Merim was half a diary page.

Event Description:

The dragons will unleash their wrath upon humans during the next days. They will attack some of the cities in Novia. The Avatars must gather and defend their homeland!

After the battle, we will reward the Avatars who come up with the most fascinating Dragon-themed Screenshots and Videos.

Event Schedule:

The dragon attacks will take place on the following days:

  • Kick-Off: After the monthly Community Livestream (R53 Livestream) – Friday, May 4th 7:30 PM Central Time (00:30 GMT) in Desolis.
  • Monday, May 7th 2:00 PM Central Time (19:00 GMT)
  • Wednesday, May 9th 7:00PM Central Time (00:00 GMT)
  • Final attack: Saturday, May 12th 2:00PM Central Time (19:00 GMT) (Baubbleshire)


For the best Screenshots posted until Thursday, May 17th in the submission thread of the event, we will give away

  • 5 x 19 COTOs

The winners will be announced during the Community Livestream on Friday May 18.

To arms, Avatars! Join the battle and defend our beloved New Britannian homeland!


  1. Xavier Aggramar

    I like this. I am sad about the times though. 2pm and 7pm seems like rough times for the average working person especially with a full house hold.

    It would be great if some of those times could accommodate some of us players who get on later due to life. I jump on around 8-8;30pm after the kids are put to bed.

    Just A considerate thought for future events.

    1. MasterWan

      I think that’s just when the event starts for that particular city. Itevent goes on until the dragons move to another city at the next time. You won’t miss it!

  2. NikkoNikko

    THIS is exactly what SotA needed! What a great idea. I have not taken part in this yet, but I feel like things like this should happen with different creatures and for different (in game) reasons nearly every week. Perhaps they can eventually become scripted to a certain extent, so that the Devs don’t have to physically do a lot to make them actually take place. Wonderful! Thanks!

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