Release 53 Livestream – May 4, 2018 (Sky Navy Themed!)

** $90,000 **

R53 Livestream Funds Raised

Another release livestream is upon us! The Release 53 Livestream is set for next week May 4, right after Release 53 goes live on April 26 this week.

All Avatars from around the world are welcomed to join us in the livestream activities. We will be doing deep dives, answering questions, having sales, handing out prizes, and tracking towards stretch goals. In honor of spring time here in the north, this event’s stretch goals are entirely spring themed!


Monthly livestreams are on Twitch and include answers to your gameplay questions, world building tours, prize giveaways, sales on items, and more! Here is the schedule:

  • 3PM: Introductions and Q&A
  • 3:45PM: Deep Dive 1: Combat & Crafting
  • 4:30PM: World Building Tour: New Scenes
  • 5:30PM: Deep Dive 2: Physical Goods
  • 6:15PM: Q&A Continues
  • 7PM: Ending Announcements

EXPIRING ITEMS: Store Credits convert to COTOs on May 7!

NEW! STRETCH GOALS (Sky Navy Spring Themed!)

As a special bonus, we are offering funding rewards to any player that makes a minimum purchase of $5 during a twelve hour window during the day of the livestream, on May 4 from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CDT (May 4 17:00 to May 5 05:00 UTC). NEW! All purchases during the twelve hour window will count towards the stretch goals, not just the four hours of the livestream! NOTE: Spending Store Credit to make $5 minimum purchase does not apply.

UPDATE: Our stretch goals have changed! We are celebrating the Sky Navy with a set of stretch goals inspired by the brave Aeronauts who fight in the skies above Novia.

  • ACHIEVED! $10K: /floatmeditate (sit crosslegged and float)
  • ACHIEVED! $25K: Blue Electric Sword
  • ACHIEVED! $35K: Cylindrical Automaton Pet
  • ACHIEVED! $50K: Electric Halberd, Electric Staff
  • ACHIEVED! $65K: Adobe Dome Deco Set (with bonus Burned Skeletons & Blue Cylinders decos)
  • ACHIEVED! $80K: White Aeronaut Clockwork Full Face Helm, Black Aeronaut Clockwork Full Face Helm, & All Metal Crossbow
  • ACHIEVED! $90K: Double XP for 1st 2 Weeks of R54 (including Crafting) & Red Electric Sword
  • $100K: White Clockwork Aeronaut Armor
  • $110K: Black Clockwork Aeronaut Armor with Cloak
  • $10K: /rainbow
  • $25K: Leaf Backpack
  • $35K: Flower Still Life Painting Set
  • $50K: Floral Print / Style Dress
  • $65K: Dark Thorn Weapons: Bow & 1h Sword
  • $80K: Dark Thorn Weapons: Mace, Wand, Staff

*Please keep in mind that stretch goal rewards take time to develop and will most likely not be available until Release 55 at the earliest. We will keep you updated!


StarrDancingFor every $2,500 contributed, all devs on camera have to dance, sing, or perform some other act of amazement.


Additionally, we will be having twelve hours of sales around the livestream from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CDT (May 4 17:00 to May 5 05:00 UTC)! All of the following items in the below categories will be on sale at approx. 20% off for the entire 12 hours. As noted above all purchases during the twelve hours will count towards the stretch goals!


  • In-game items!
  • Bank Upgrades
  • COTOs
  • merchandise
  • and a bunch of items we will announce on the livestream!

We will be giving prizes away on an hourly basis with many being given away multiple times. If you wish to win prizes during the event, be in Discord chat! We will be active on Twitch and YouTube chats as well, but they will not be our portal for prize giveaways.


We will be answering questions throughout the livestream, so submit them in the comments section below or on Discord chat during the event.

Please do NOT post questions containing:

  • More than 3 questions in total (post all three in a single reply)
  • Bugs or other problems best posted in the bug forums
  • “When is this coming” or anything related to schedule (for those answers please refer to our quarterly updates or our post release plans)
  • Questions with more than a couple of sentences. Please keep them brief! We will likely understand the context of your interest, so just ask the question and we’ll be able to respond.

For bug reports and extra idea suggestions, please use the forums for this purpose.

A Final Thought: We see a LOT of repeat questions. Please consider reviewing one of the other missed question posts, previous monthly livestreams, livestream transcripts, and/or reading our Post Episode 1 plan post before posting a question. Your question might have already been answered.

Watch @ShroudofAvatar updates throughout the day of the livestream. See you on Twitch!


  1. that_shawn_guythat_shawn_guy

    Can pot owners get a mail when a lot is claimed, unclaimed, expired, etc?

    Can guild members also get the tenant flag on guild houses so their stuff goes to their bank if a lot is unclaimed, expires, etc?

  2. Kron Caledon

    Question 1) Any thoughts on revising / updating the “Survey” skills? With the new harvest node highlighting, these skills are not very useful. Perhaps an increased chance at the rarer drops from the node.

  3. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

    Question 1) Can we get some meteors back, please? I miss them… the heavens are boring now.

    Question 2) Can we get time stamps in Chat?

    Question 3) Can we get an on-screen, persistent visual indicator that Decoration Mode is enabled?

  4. OakenhammerOakenhammer

    1. What is the design philosophy regarding additional tiers of crafting materials? i.e. will there be tier 3+ materials that can be refined or is the approach to add additional tiers through salvaged / rare component drops?

    2. What are the thoughts around having random Gathering focused encounters on the world map? e.g. meteorite strikes providing high concentrations of obsidian, landslides revealing valuable ores, rock slides revealing temporary path to ancient forest grove, low tide to reveal oyster beds, etc.

    3. What is the possibility of seeing keep and castle sized homes?


  5. DoctorfaceDoctorface

    Question: Can guild masters get the ability to send out a daily message to our guild that they will get upon logging in? It would be nice to remind guildies of our notice board or to spread word of the current guild goals.

    Question 2: With Brewing coming in R54 will we be getting a dedicated bar building? Something like the first floor of the inn with a flattened roof Ala Moe’s Tavern from the Simpsons?

  6. Warrior B'PatrickWarrior B'Patrick

    Q1: Please add a dock item to crafting or the add-on store. Same style as the water platform but narrow so that we can setup Marinas in anticipation of water transports. A village or larger water lot would allow me to rent dock space or place my many long boats.
    Q2: Since we have Viking bundles and hope to have Pirate Bundles soon can we have Bundles that include a TF POT water lot instead of a land based lot?
    Q3:Additional destinations have been added to the Destination Sign Post at the entrance to towns but we still need the ability to name the destination instead of Main Docks or Side Dock 2,3,4.

    Thank you

    1. XeeXee

      TF Water pots are Founder Deeds which were a backer reward. They stated before that to get one you must buy from a player that has this reward. :)

  7. AlmarAlmar

    Can we please have recipes as place-able deco? Especially for hanging on house interior walls?

    I ask this, as I currently have about 100 odd recipes for Tabletop Catapults that could be put to good use as wallpaper! :D

    Seriously though – can we have more in-game items as deco please? Especially player made food and potions?

  8. econnereconner

    Question: Will we be seeing traveling vendors again in the overworld? Perhaps they can be selling a few random recipes that usually only drop.

  9. Grape-ApeGrape-Ape

    Can the ancient ring and necklace found while fishing have an increased droprate? Also, can you allow them to be enchantable with double gem socket to allow for +10 attunemnt? Kinda like a tier TWO crafting component.

    Can we get thermal imaging tied into nightvision? undead and mobs of no-low body heat dont have to show, so it would not be too game breaking. It would honestly make night vision feel less uglymode.

    Can the phoenix get an updated nest on the messa above wynton’s folly? maybe some eggs we can smash to hurt virtue? keeping in mind he is a fire bird and the nest would catch on fire with standard materials

  10. PromiscuityPromiscuity

    Question: Also posted as a wish item in the forums. Can we get either an extension of the open window or some mechanic that allow the Lost Vale to be open at times other than 12,4 or 8 am/pm.

  11. ArcanoxerArcanoxer

    Question: Can you please explain what is going on with the “completely custom piece of code” for the SotAMap Plugin on Linux?
    And why is Portalarium waiting for code from the original creator from SotAMap, when the plan was to rewrite it from scratch after the acquisition?

  12. ArcanoxerArcanoxer

    Question: Some items in the Add-On store have a Special Introductory Price and get Marked down from the regular price.

    How long exactly is the Special Introductory Price period?

  13. Pounce

    Nightvision in greyscale please so i do not have to call it anymore ugly vision? Or blueish grey or anything but green..and no pink, i am well aware of dev humor.

    1. Daigoji GaiDaigoji Gai

      I like my cat vision green, so maybe an option to select which shader rather than forcing those of us that like it to accept an ugly blue or greyscale. Assassin’s Creed does they greyscale thing for vision modes and it sucks all of the life and vibrancy out of a scene.
      Just,… no.

      1. Tiki PirateTiki Pirate

        I like the current greenish color tone as well. Perhaps if you drink enough Brittany Ale it could be a sepia color tone.

        Brown cap mushrooms could turn the world into a jelly rainbow kaleidoscope and result in a -25% speed penalty.

  14. Merv DeGriffMerv DeGriff

    1) Can we please remove the skulls from the player crafted mage staves? I’m neither a cannibal, a grave robber, or a mass murderer. I have also not run across in game lore for any “Duty even in death..” stuff, No more skulls, I’m a friendly fire spewing, sun worshiping mage.

    2) Will specialization affect summoned pets beyond increasing attunement? My lovely lil’ phoenix could use some love.

    3) Sack/haversack like backpacks? Plain and ornate? They would go well with some of the Ardoris peasant and barbarian things.

  15. ThePureAxiomThePureAxiom

    Any chance of expanding the pugilism skill into a broader unarmed/martial arts skill to compliment armed combat or be used as a stand alone? Several of the schools of magic already have unarmed strikes in stone/ice/flame fists.

  16. majoria70majoria70

    Question 1: I want to make an upscale theater and concert hall. The bleachers and stage are indeed worn looking and do not say upscale whatsoever. Also the size of these limit use for us to create. Can we get some other versions and sizes to make beautiful places to hold our concerts and plays?

    1. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

      At one point in the not too distant past, there was to have been a dedicated theater building built to satisfy a Kickstarter Stretch Goal. I haven’t seen another reference to it yet. Perhaps this could be your second question.

      1. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

        $1.9M: The W0rld is a Stage!
        – A new City Center Theater Building.
        – Rentable by individuals or group for a performance
        – Only approved individuals may enter backstage or on stage.
        – Players must pay to enter seating areas.
        – Viewers may only emote., such as claps. (Claps are tracked to ‘rate’ the performance)
        – Money toes to performers for their performance.
        – Also useable for weddings and other community events!
        – We add a full complement of “Masks” and “Costumes” for use at various events.

        1. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

          From my point of view, an “Ornate Stage” and “Ornate Bleachers” or something along the lines of the Ornate Gustball Field would be sufficient if the entirety of the original stretch goal is now out of scope.

  17. curtcurt

    Suggestion: currently we have only one kind of basement hatch. You could add different ones as hangout stretch goals.

  18. snupi

    Question. Will the prices on the website store get adjusted so that the customer price will be the same for all regions?

    Question. Are you going to add the viking and elven planting beds to the obsidian crown merchant?


    Q1. The player own town has great potential for development. Apart from building or layout, it can develop more lively elements, and increase the number of npcs and items placed, making pots more interesting and more like a living city.

    Q2. The earthquake was cast for 2 seconds. This is one of the longest attacking skills, but its damage is not as good as other magic. Can it make it more practical? In addition, many skills have no effect after charging. Can it be more useful?

    Q3.After the game is officially listed, each update is still a re-adjustment of the game’s combat ecology (etc. DR), players how to adapt it? How long does this unstable environment last?

  20. Paladin MichaelPaladin Michael

    Could you provide a list. telling the exactly borders of each region, please?
    Some regions are very clear, like Norgard, Elysium, Drachvald and Perennial Coast.
    Others unfortunately not.

    If there is one hidden [hidden vale? lost vale? Forum? ;)] so please just tell, where we can find it!

    I thought all towns right of Fortus River remains to Regalis region.
    In a post Darkstarr mentioned one of them belonging to the North Paladis Region.

    Is Eylo River the natural border between Midmaer and Grunvald?
    And is Etan Glen, the town next to North Midmaer way, belonging to Midmaer?
    Belongs Magna Planita to Quel?
    Is the South Midmaer way a part of Midmaer or Quel?

    Any thoughts about spreading a treasure each month/quarter in Novia/Hidden Vale?
    –> NO hints should be given outside the game on monthly / quarter updates!
    Only inside:
    old maps or notes or letters found in loot, in a chest in an old hut, a message in a bottle on a beach, a story told by a tavern patron or a beggar after spending ale or coins over a time period,

    III. Would you consider special recipe telling about the making of virtue weapon?
    –> Needs special material parts, made in a special crafting station (special location, like Monastary) on a special time …

  21. MalimnMalimn

    Awhile back you mentioned that we would be able to use something like a mannequin or way to have Armor and clothing stack so we can setup displays for Armor and Clothing.. Example is when Portalarium posts a suit of Armor it is shown as a complete set like it was being worn. Any update on this???

  22. Vladamir BegemotVladamir Begemot

    1) I just found out that “Free Cam” (camera can be in front of me while I walk) is already implemented when using instruments. Since it’s already in, is there any chance that could make it into non-instrument walking/running without a huge amount of effort?

    2) Flamenco/Spanish/Gypsy outfits for an upcoming Livestream please.

    3) Jump. It is as though the cement shoes have been removed, and I am now a butterfly, travelling the lands of Novia, free and alive! It’s a whole new game.

  23. NickNick

    1. Heraldry Banners are rather expensive, would you guys consider lowering the price of the banner or make it 2 pairs of banners (2 long, 2 short banners) instead of 1?

  24. Val RavarVal Ravar

    1) Now that shroud of the avatar cloak has great bonuses, there is absolutely no reason not to wear it – I feel its mandatory. Can we have cloak patterns so we would not all run in shroud? Or enable enchanting (but I cant see this as competion to shrouds stats). I would love to wear heraldry cloak, but stats say no to that.
    2) Could planetary positions or special materials enable us narrow the randomness of enchanting? In Masterworking crafter should allways know what they are making so not going to touch that ;)
    3) Could we get planter beds for oysters on waterlots to make them have a go with agriculture mechanics?

    1. By TorBy Tor

      +1 on making cloaks pattern-able. I’m already seeing a huge amount of players running around in white shrouds.

  25. Sheamus McGuinnessSheamus McGuinness

    1. All the heraldry pieces are looking great and all seem to be dyeable except the Banners. Will we see the new heraldry banners dyeable in R54?

    2. With brewing coming in R54, will the crafting of brew related items get a “makers mark” or some sort of way to denote your personal brewing “brand” or name labeled on each brew?

    3. I have been trying to keep the Gustball League going during release and it has been hit or miss. Can we get some new Gustball items to inject some interest back into the game? Perhaps craftable Gustball Uniforms with numbers on back, a Gustball gold, silver, bronze trophy, or maybe even a Gustball themed Live Stream!

  26. ElrondElrond

    1.How do you plan to incentivize crafters to sell powerfull crafted items to NPC ? (quote from R53 release ”powerful crafted items will appear in supply bundles found on more powerful enemies”)
    2. Is crafting specialisation still on the table ?
    3.Can we have crafted gear that enhances gathering abilities ? Or enchants that do that ?

    1. XeeXee

      1. Why do you need an incentive? I sell high end gear to NPC every once in a while if the Durability is lower then expected just to get my name out there :) too bad we can’t tag them with Crafting location so people know where there maybe a vendor.

  27. VulgarenVulgaren

    Q) 1. Can we have an interior door option to remove doors? Making for more open interior layout for houses of any size.

    Q) 2. Can you please add a particle effect to mining when striking the surface being mined.

    Q) 3. Can we have the ability to, for a small fee, to have a personalized gravestones permanently placed in places in game scenes that are dear to our hearts? individual personalized plots ther than Brit Graveyard, these would be individually picked by the player.

  28. ElwynElwyn

    Can the Mardi Gras garlands be made stackable pleeeease? This isn’t just a storage issue, this is a matter of selling them, too! If we can stack chairs, we should be able to stack the garlands too!

  29. DarkStarrDarkStarr

    UPDATED OP and Web Post with following info:

    NEW! STRETCH GOALS: We are offering funding rewards to any player that makes a minimum purchase of $5 during a twelve hour window during the day of the livestream, on May 4 from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CDT (May 4 17:00 to May 5 05:00 UTC). NEW! All purchases during the twelve hour window will count towards the stretch goals, not just the four hours of the livestream! NOTE: Spending Store Credit to make $5 minimum purchase does not apply.

    $10K: /rainbow
    $25K: Leaf Backpack
    $35K: Flower Still Life Painting Set
    $50K: Floral Print / Style Dress
    $65K: Dark Thorn Weapons: Bow & 1h Sword
    $80K: Dark Thorn Weapons: Mace, Wand, Staff

    NEW! 12 HOURS OF SALES: We will be having twelve hours of sales around the livestream from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CDT (May 4 17:00 to May 5 05:00 UTC)! All of the following items in the below categories will be on sale at approx. 20% off for the entire 12 hours. As noted above all purchases during the twelve hours will count towards the stretch goals!

    Viking Bundles
    Obsidian Bundles
    Kobold Bundles
    Elven Bundles
    Shogun Bundles
    Make a Difference
    Home Decorations
    Outdoor Decorations
    Lot Deeds, POT Upgrades, Homes and Basements
    Pets and Music
    Emotes and Fireworks
    Dyes, and Patterns

  30. tolgator

    Could you add an option to visually not show an equipped cloak or hat on your character while still benefitting of its stats? Basically make it invisible? Thanks.

    1. XeeXee

      Helm I think if you have a cloak with hood should allow you to hide with hood, would be nice :)

  31. XephosXephos

    Are there plans to make ship bundles? It would be nice to be able to buy the ship and a tax free water deed on which to place it. With the haunted pirate ship for example, you could add a ton of items similar to those found in the obsidian bundles (ghost: cat/raven/dog, skeleton decorations, etc). Thanks for all you do!

  32. Fenrus MacRathFenrus MacRath

    1. When can we expect the simple option of locking the locked glyph in the bar so that they cant be switched or worse dragged off of the bar during combat? This is for those who fight mouse and move with WASD keys.

    2. Can we expect a Master craftsman to actually produce more exception items than a character without a grand master? A master craftsman makes master items always , not just by lucky accident. You could limit the amount of items craftable in one day ,due to extra time required or require additional items to craft the exceptional, but 1 in 7 is very unrealistic.

    3. Can we please limit the amount of “Worthless crap” loot or find some way of easily purging your inventory of the newly added worthless crap?

    Thank you!!

  33. BarugonBarugon

    Q. When will I be able to use the Property Manager to move my stuff from a keep lot to a keep island? Now that you have implemented fast travel to private docks in island POTs, I would really like to move to a keep island and free up that space for other lots.

  34. TedioTedio

    1. Can we get a 360 degree camera, so you can look straight up and down from your avatar? As it is now it’s hard to look down a cave hole or over a ledge etc.
    2. Can you make improvements to the cursor? It happens often that I loose the cursor because it’s fading into the background.
    3. Can you make it possible to sort our friends list by location?

  35. AinanymousAinanymous

    1. Can we please be able to search the Add-On store and Bundle store with key words? Finding a “tax free vendor” or “second online-character slot” are exceedingly difficult to find without this feature.

    2. Can we please be able to rebind our Sprint to another key? Double-tap forward jams up on me a lot due to lag and combat interrupts.

    3. Can we please get the option to receive a receipt from vendors as a buyer? Sellers automatically get a receipt but, as a buyer, I’d like the option to track purchases over time. A simple click-yes box in the vendor-buy window would do very nicely. Thanks.

  36. Diab Blackbow

    1) In the R52 missed questions you said “The base crit chance for ranged is Dex/400.” Is this the current live formula and can you elaborate on that? Crit for ranged was Dex/1000, this looks like a buff.

    2) What determines if and when I will Dodge a frontal attack?

    3) Do you see Dodge being a primary defensive ability?

  37. AncevAncev

    Any thoughts on a small chance to salvage rare components such as insignias, magic inscriptions, notes or other sorts of oddities from the worn armor types? perhaps the armor may have been from ancient battles or handed down from older eras of novia and some of these items could lead to quests or discovering new lore about the game that npc historians may be interested in?

    Could there be a rare chance for a mimic boss to spawn when encountering a mimic? and said mimic would have decent boss loot that can be obtained when looting it’s mimic corpse? if you’re not strong enough to kill it, leave it alone or call friends.

    Can we get patterns for the practice dummies, and perhaps some rare ones in the loot table?

  38. ShiftShift

    During the community live stream you mentioned the fact that adding heraldry gloves and boots. Being as all the sets of armor in the addon store come with boots and gloves included. Are the heraldry gloves and boots gonna be given to those of us who already purchased the heraldry armor, or are you gonna charge us extra for those?

  39. XeeXee

    1. Can we get POT add-on section in the store to buy NPC’s / NPC buildings and other POT related concepts?

    2. Can we get the ability to add life to our towns like that of NPC towns where there are lamp lighters etc. to make it look less desolate.

    3. Can we please have ability to dye the herald Banners like that of the clothing to match our colors :)

    Thank you also for all the awesome work!

  40. Dereck VisaardDereck Visaard

    Great release folks! Here are my questions:

    1) Can you please consider a magic mover / trade enhancement that allows one player to transfer the contents of a magic move slot to another player? That feature would enable many real-estate transaction scenarios. For example, rent-to-own. Right now when a tenant buys a property that they were previously renting, they have to scrap everything they decorated and start over. Same applies to players that have multiple accounts and would like to transfer contents to switch lot ownership without starting from scratch.

    2) Is there any word on the ability for POT owners to place water lots on the docks? This has been in the known issues list for many many releases with no update.


    1. Dereck VisaardDereck Visaard

      2) Can we please oh please have a way to add a property manager to a property once such that they get property manager access for every door on the property? Manually updating 15+ doors on an inn is painful and error prone. Inns are quite popular so this would affect a LOT of landlords. Thanks!

  41. Lorddread

    How do we see our magic resists? I tried using /stats command to it shows resist to each school but if we get half our attunement from each school as resist then why are all the numbers there for resists 0? The only resists i seem to have there are from fire proof, the air and water ones can’t remember there names offhand and from and warding gear i have on? But why no resists from attunement? Is it broken or what and if working why dothey not show in /stats?
    Also why is there not a gui page showing stuff like those resists since they are a big part of the game? I mean you show phy resists and avoid so why not the mage resists as well somewhere? Thanks in advance.

  42. TeddyMITTeddyMIT

    1. Do you consider letting players to re-socket a gem on their gem-socketed equipment?
    2. When are we going to reinforce the INT stats effects on magics? e.g. the higher the INT stats, the lower the preparation time for casting a magic spells.
    3. In Episode II, Will multiple summoning of pets be implemented?

  43. GreyfoxGreyfox

    Question: Why is so much time and effort spent on PVP? SOTA will never be a successful PVP game, lessons should have been learned in UO. PVP is not cheap content as the time spent balancing and rebalancing is taking away developer cycles from creating content and improving the PVE experience.

    Question: Tanks were just “balanced” for PVP and now they can’t tank in PVE. Arrrrrghhhhh! Why?

    Question: When will the player content creation tools be released? IE: Monster spawners, etc.

    1. CordelayneCordelayne

      Question: Tanks were just “balanced” for PVP and now they can’t tank in PVE. Arrrrrghhhhh! Why?

      +1 on this, great question brother!

  44. ThePumpkinQueenThePumpkinQueen

    Q: If we reach 80k stretch goal will you give us baby reaper pets as the bonus reward?! Baby Reapers or bust!

  45. chrisjwhitechrisjwhite

    Q1: Can the homes in Hometown be labeled on the map system? I ran all over that place looking for a particular home to look at and couldn’t find it. I eventually found one but it wasn’t in Hometown.

    Q2: Why is the kickstarter pledge that included game access, not considered the lowest Game Client bundle? Would be nice to get a bundle with a house, (now that I have a good job), without buying game access again. (I have no gaming friends to gift to.)

    Q3: Can someone work on a couple more generic row houses? It would be nice to see a variety even in the more empty towns with rows and rows of unclaimed lots. Even a generic 1 story row would work.

  46. Vallo FrostbaneVallo Frostbane

    1) How large do you plan the siege battles? 8v8, 16v16 (Guild size) or even more like Faction/Virtue size?

    2) What kind of quests/resources/control will we be able to obtain when succesfully or even unsuccesfully take part in a castle siege?

    3) When the tech is developed, would you also like to implement smaller versions of this PVP scenario, like guard towers etc on the map, so smaller groups could conquer stuff too?

  47. Armeleon VesazArmeleon Vesaz

    1. Can we get more slots to save decks? Frustrating to remake the same deck every day.

    2. Can we get a loot filter and/or sell all button on merchants?

  48. Lightiger8Lightiger8

    1. Arrrr be looken for some of yeee booty, there be land lovers about trying to take yeee trove of treasure. Wood therrr be a way to lay mee gems on the deck, say is so to catch them land lovers red handed?

    2. Love the new look in the Challenge dungeon great work. Would be more rewarding and would attract more attention if the treasure chests could be usable once per person. Like the ones in Saquannas. would be a possibility?

    3. Thanks to Team Avatar for the great job on the game!!!! its been a long road and now its turning in to a Highway Huzzah!!!!

  49. By TorBy Tor

    It appears that chain armor and plate armor have nearly identical damage resistance numbers even though plate’s fizzle rate is much higher. Will we see any upcoming changes that makes plate armor a more viable option over chain armor?

    1. CordelayneCordelayne

      I would expand on this to simply ask for a review of all armors in an effort to properly balance them. Currently it seems that Bone Armor is a little OP. It offers exactly the same exact DR as Chain Armor (Max 55.8%) but with significantly lower fizzle because it is light armor.

  50. BerekBerek Post author

    Thanks everyone for your questions! For any remaining questions you have, please save them for the livestream tomorrow. We’ll be taking questions directly from Discord chat!

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