Community Livestream – Music System

Another content packed weekly Community Livestream is this Friday at 4pm CT on Twitch!

Our weekly livestream in April where we showed off the music system was very popular so we are doing it again this week with even more details to show off! Travis “Vas Corp Por” Koleski will be on to play some instruments and walk you through how you can create sheet music by converting MIDI to ABC files, how music can be acquired from other players, how to use the radios and phonographs, how to use emotes to dance along with the music, and how to get your pets to dance too!

Watch on Twitch this Friday at 4pm CT! Also join the community’s Discord chat to ask questions about what’s presented:




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  1. Toff

    Hello, I’m not sure where you are going to be hosting the steam, but I would like to offer my Music Hall location in Alleine Dragonfyre’s POT of Immortal City (Nested in Xee’s POT of Silverdale). It is a beautiful outdoor venue just to the left of the main gate into town, located in the park. Avatars Radio/DJ Alle Dragonfyre is having her Friday night dance party from 8pm-12am NBT tonight as well in the same town at Club Chaotica located just down the road from the Music Hall.

    The Music Hall has seating for 60 Plus Avatars and has all the floor instruments needed as well as chairs for the band.

    You can contact me in Discord or in game with the same name.

    Thank you for your consideration


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