Release 58 Livestream – Oct 4, 2018 (Dragon Themed)

The Release 58 Livestream is set for Thursday October 4! All Avatars from around the world are welcome to join us in the livestream activities. We will be doing deep dives, answering questions, having sales, handing out prizes, and tracking towards stretch goals. In honor of the Wyverns going live in Release 58 the theme for this livestream is Dragons!


Monthly livestreams are on Twitch and include answers to your gameplay questions, world building tours, prize giveaways, sales on items, and more! Here is the schedule:

  • 3PM: Introductions
  • 3:30PM: Deep Dive 1: Player Made Dungeons
  • 4:30PM: Q&A
  • 5:30PM: Deep Dive 2: Seasonal Content
  • 6:30PM: Q&A
  • 7PM: Ending Announcements

STRETCH GOALS (Dragon Themed!)

As a special bonus, we are offering funding rewards to any player that makes a minimum purchase of $5 during a twelve hour window during the day of the livestream, on October 4 from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CDT (Oct 4 17:00 to Oct 5 05:00 UTC). In honor of the Wyverns going live in Release 58 the theme for this livestream is Dragons!

All purchases during the twelve hour window will count towards the stretch goals, not just the four hours of the livestream! Also participation in the Rewards Program counts towards our stretch goal totals!

Please note that we have extended availability of the stretch goals to every Friday of the release for 12 hours per the new Stretch Goal Tracking Changes.

  • ACHIEVED $10K: Dragon Egg Decorations
  • ACHIEVED $25K: /breathefirespiral
  • ACHIEVED $35K: Dragon Skin Rugs (2 colors)
  • ACHIEVED $50K: Dragon Dungeon Entrance Pattern
  • ACHIEVED $65K: Dragon Bow & Dragon Plate Helm
  • $80K: Dragon Sword & Dragon Polearm
  • $90K: Dragon Mask Set (multiple color variants) with smoke VFX
  • $100K: Unique Dungeon Dragon Encounter Room

*Please keep in mind that stretch goal rewards take time to develop and will most likely not be available until Release 61 at the earliest. We will keep you updated!


We will be having twelve hours of sales around the livestream from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CDT (Oct 4 17:00 to Oct 5 05:00 UTC)! Items in the following categories will be on sale at approx. 20% off. As noted above, all purchases during this time will count towards the stretch goals!


We will be giving prizes away on an hourly basis with many being given away multiple times. Enter for a chance to win a prize by either logging into the game and typing “Light it up” into chat OR by purchasing any item from our store during the livestream!


We will be answering questions throughout the livestream, so submit them in the comments section below or on Discord chat during the event.

Please do NOT post questions containing:

  • More than 3 questions in total (post all three in a single reply)
  • Bugs or other problems best posted in the bug forums
  • “When is this coming” or anything related to schedule (for those answers please refer to our quarterly updates or our post release plans)
  • Questions with more than a couple of sentences. Please keep them brief! We will likely understand the context of your interest, so just ask the question and we’ll be able to respond.
  • For bug reports and extra idea suggestions, please use the forums for this purpose.

A Final Thought: We see a LOT of repeat questions. Please consider reviewing one of the other missed question posts, previous monthly livestreams, livestream transcripts, and/or reading our Post Episode 1 plan post before posting a question. Your question might have already been answered.

Watch @ShroudofAvatar updates throughout the day of the livestream. See you on Twitch!


  1. Kron Caledon

    Sheet Music shows the “crafted by” of the avatar who crafted the Blank Sheet Music. Can you add a “published by” to show who actually published the song? Same goes for books. This way “publishers” can get credit as well, not just the “crafters” of the blank sheet music / book.

  2. ShiftShift

    Can you please allow us to craft patterns out of weapons/Armors we already know how to craft. I want my Bronze Plate Helmet Stats but I want it to look like a Iron Bucket Helmet. It would allow for more customizability. Thank you for all that you do.

  3. Bridge TrollBridge Troll

    Yay Taming! Great improvements recently, thank you.

    I will submit three questions in this reply, I hope that is acceptable.

    1) Tamers are at a disadvantage when it comes to overall builds because our necklace slot is filled with something worthless to our build. We would like to be able to gain bonuses from enchantment and slotting a gem. (I also wanted material bonuses, but I am told that no necklace gets that).

    2) The upcoming change that intends to make certain pets non-resurrectable — I think you are trying to limit the use of summons by people that are not themselves tamers. Isn’t that what was accomplished by the recent changes to make Taming Specialization have much more influence over pet quality? Are there any other skills in the game that are rendered useless like this, situationally? How will people that purchase pets, or even tamers know that a creature falls into this category?

    3) Is there any future plan to implement protective and/or damage-enhancing gear for pets? Like armor or sharpened claw/beak/corpion tail accessories?


    1. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

      Please keep taming viable for non spec tamers as we, we want to participate in pet leveling and understand our pets might not be as good!!!

  4. kaeshivakaeshiva

    1- Can you confirm what determines your chance to “critical” while havesting nodes?

    2 – Any plans to improve/update survey skills? Currently, visually there’s no difference between level 40 and level 100 ..and for something like field dressing, your ability to ‘survey’ the location of the monster you’ve just hacked to pieces so you can skin it seems a bit redundant. Most new folks are advised to lock these at 40 and forget about them. – they could do with a further purpose…..

    3 – perhaps adding to critical chance?

  5. MetalocalypzeMetalocalypze

    Heya. Wondering if we could implement customisation options with overhead nameplates/health bars?

    Eg) Showing only Team and Current selected Targets. All dead bodies and unselected targets having no plates/bars. Maybe a toggle button to ‘Show All’ when looting bodies etc

  6. Vladamir BegemotVladamir Begemot

    !) Buy order postings for new players are kicking my butt. Is an update to vendors on the horizon? To buy orders specifically if not to everything?

    @) Can you start painting us a picture of your ideas for the future quest system?

    #) How you doin?

  7. carl321carl321

    1.DECAY is not a popular system. It can be said that many people do not like it. It is also one of the main reasons for the decrease in the number of players. Why must we keep it? Is punishment a way to make players happy? Or is punishment a way to attract players? Every time you die, you have a feeling of serious loss. Will the player still take risks?

    2.The game has a lot of praiseworthy advantages, one of which is that the mode can be switched freely, allowing the player to concentrate on their own adventure. However, many players mistakenly believe that they have always been one and have forgotten their companions. Can you change the town or POT into a public mode? As long as you enter the town or POT, the people around you will automatically appear, can SOTA also have the same city as UO’s LUNA?

    3.Skill 200 is the upper limit, but according to the current design, it is not desirable for any player to reach 200. Players go online to increase their experience every day, but the upper limit of 1 million per hour makes them feel helpless. Anyone who simply calculates and knows that a skill reaches 200 is close to impossible, not really impossible, and many are directly Give up and leave. In the previous 7GM, everyone’s goal was to take risks as soon as possible. Now it is only forever to absorb experience, it is not interesting. Can you consider changing the two skills of specialization to be easier to upgrade, so that players have an achievable goal?


    1.UO’s house design is definitely the most attractive. I believe that any officially designed house can’t surpass the player’s imagination. This is one of the most attractive places for UO. Why doesn’t SOTA open custom houses? A house is a commodity. If it is open, the official may have a lot less income. Why not consider opening a system and let the player sell it to other people after designing it? Officials can give COTO a reward. The more you sell, the more rewards you give. Can you consider it? Of course, I hope to open the game to the player himself. :)

    2.DECAY is currently the most unpopular system. Its lethality is beyond imagination. Many players with a certain level of skill leave the game when they think of DECAY. This is not a very good phenomenon, just like the higher the position, the more afraid The boss deducts his salary, and if you change it, you will also switch jobs (so the player will turn the game). The old method proved to be insufficient. Does the new method make DECAY no longer so annoying? Or is there a way to preserve the designer’s face while the player is no longer hurt by DECAY?

    3.After the game was officially launched, many of the functions that should be available were not opened, which is another dilemma of the current game. Therefore, the player can only play the monster experience value every day. Without more goals, it is very boring to play the monster every day. Moreover, with the experience value, I dare not use it to upgrade the skill. Because of the fear of DECAY, how can the player not? Leave it? I respect your schedule very much. I just hope that you understand that there are more and more people leaving. What is your current strategy?

  9. RedhammerRedhammer

    Greetings all – Thanks for the added content for the player crafting of dungeons!! I started working on this the other day. I have recipes and blueprints. I downloaded Unity and the player dungeon pack. I made a section of dungeon but I am not a programmer and I don’t have a clue how to start working on this…

    Question One – Do I need the Unity Program?
    Question Two – Did you already walk through the process? If so can you point me in the right direction?

    Thank you for the fine game, not used to asking for help but this one is way over my head…anything you can do would be great…

  10. InteyaInteya

    On fisshing there was talk about bait and “lure”. Will the jar of worms have a function in these lure items?

    Thanks :)

  11. Calan Caitin

    1) Will the Edelman birdbaths ever make birds fly over the property again?

    2) With the addition of dye-able deco, will add-on store ornates be allowed to be dyed also?

    3) For stretch goals in a future livestream, could we possibly get assets that are already part of the world? Skull throne, coy pond, avatar statue, pig spit campfire, etc…

  12. Kain DarkmoorKain Darkmoor

    1. How much longer will the ‘aether’ mobs be around? In Northwest Blackblade Mountains for example the aether corpions ruin the scene unless you bring a group now. Also in the future can these limited time harder monsters be placed in locations that won’t interrupt existing scenes.

    2. Are there any quality of life changes on the horizon for refining? Particularly the intensive time cost.

    3. If the damage over time from Puncture works on undead, than so should Rend. That or vice versa. It should be consistent between those two skills.

  13. SentinelSentinel

    Concerning Hobbits, and Vendors.

    Today, Vendors sell product in stacks. Could we also have the option where the customer may select how many they would like to purchase if they only want a partial stack. We could set a “per item” price like IRL when visiting a store.

    I suspect this may help spark the economy with micro transactions. Would something like this be easy to implement?

  14. EchondasEchondas

    1) Any plans for additional character hair options, etc. during creation or when using a “New You” Salon? Perhaps consider some as livestream rewards also, and/or even temporary hair dye as consumable items for fun?

    2) Will the new quest/journal system be retroactive for all Episode 1 content, or just for Episode 2 content?

    3) Any updates on the new combat music Shooter was working on several months ago?


  15. curtcurt

    I had 3 questions accepted on this page before what happened with them?

    Q: so how long is Lord Brittish friend list now and how long is second longest

  16. GodraGodra

    Offline Single Player Mode –

    Many of the Pledge homes and items are not available in Single Player Offline mode for purchase with in game gold. These items were supposed to be accessible in Single Player Offline mode to ALL backers for purchase with in game gold.

    For instance, “The bigger items like LotM house will only be affordable after many, many hours of play.”

    Are these items still coming to Offline mode for purchase? Will they be in before Episode 2?

  17. NickNick

    1) Any plans to reduce taxes for village lots soon?

    2) Could you add a months worth of tax credit (for row) for the monthly $9 subscription? This allows casual player who subscribed enjoy the game without worrying about taxes for Row houses.

  18. ElrondElrond

    1.The farming economy could develop much better if players didnt have to compete with NPC prices for what they grow on their farms. Can these goods be removed from NPC vendors or at least have their prices increased ?
    2.We really need to sell our stuff in bundles .Plate set of armor ( 5 pieces in one bundle), or 2 1h weapons …we could have a limit of 5-10 items /bundle to avoid exploits although i doubt storage is an issue for anyone . Can this be added ?
    3.Crafting Specialisations – Will there be enchants or masterworks unlocked on levels higher then 100 like 110 or 120..130 so on ? Would give us crafters something to aim for and greatly improve progression feeling.

  19. NickNick

    3) Will there be a POT to PA lot conversion service token available in the store in the near future?

  20. Amber RaineAmber Raine

    3 Questions with comments…

    1) Comment: Yet another amazing fun filled release! Well done on R58! I can’t wait to jump in!
    Question: How are you guys doing? Ready for the big SotACon event to relax and Party with? :)

    2) Comment: This may have already been asked/answered if so please skip but.. I am curious.

    Question: The amazing new bear that was introduced last release has a great amount of strength and power behind it making it a formidable companion in our travels. However, the Wyvern is very weak, even weaker then the Darkstarr Corpions. Will they be getting a buff? Reason to actually want to bring them out and risk permanently losing them?

    As a person with full GM training in the Taming tree ((except for specialisation which is in the mid 60s? 70s?)) I would think such a powerful companion would be more impressive then it currently is ((more HP, better attack speed, skill, etc etc)).. Considering risk vs reward. thoughts?

    3) Comments: The large bear who towers me by almost 2.5 times would be fun to ride on.. He’s great for cuddling..

    Question: Any thought on making the bear a ridable mount in the stretch goal? How about the wyvern? Perhaps with taming skill required to mount these “special” mounts?

  21. Cyryk VinktonCyryk Vinkton

    I must say i had an ugh moment when i found out that the dungeon entrances could not be placed into a basement. So it kinda put a wrinkle into my plan for my Obsidion Inn. I then thought well… If I can’t place it in the basement how about on top of the Inn.. Lots of space a sure-fire alternate location for a dungeon entrance… Just one problamo with that… I have the Circle of Stones Dungeon and I CANNOT place it there either.
    Question: If the home that we have takes up the entire lot why can we not place the Dungeon Entrance on the roof? ( the Obsidion Inn top is all roof fyi..)

  22. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

    If I could have one wish, it would be for POT Deco Bridges that could be placed by Governors. Water Platforms (or the tech that makes them possible) seem to be a 90% solution, needing only the ability to interpenetrate the shoreline sufficiently to allow an Avatar to step onto the bridge without needing to jump.
    I once talked to Hutch about this shortly after the introduction of the Water Deco Layer, and I could see the wheels turning in his mind, figuring out how to make it work.

    Question 1) What’s the probability of having POT Deco Bridges that can be placed by Governors in the foreseeable future?

  23. Moon Wyrdclaw

    1) Does Specialization have any weight to selection chance or draw speed of glyphs in unlocked decks? If not, could/should it?

    2) Thoughts on short bows becoming something a ranged character might want to switch to every so often, as opposed to just everyone using longbows and sometimes a crossbow?

    3) With the focus on group content – perhaps some new food recipes for a “Banquet” type food item – that spawns an item in the scene that everyone can use, like a fish fry, Dragon BBQ, etc?

  24. CordelayneCordelayne

    My questions this go round are more of the “slice of life” get to know you variety.

    1) Whats the best happy hour spot around the new office?

    2) What virtue exemplifies each Portalarium team member the best and why?

    3) Can Serafina and I sing the Grease duet “Summer Lovin'” for the next Livestream in full costume? Except, I sing the part of Sandy and she’s Danny Zuko? I think people would really enjoy it! :)

  25. Paladin MichaelPaladin Michael

    1. @Chris, could you tell the background for Crafting changes referring to + … please?
    Before: EXCEPTIONAL Items were shown with +1
    After: all items are shown as +3 items, and exceptional as +4.
    BUT, for example:
    Exceptional Fortified Leather = +4
    Exceptional Augmented LEather = +3

    Why is that?

    2. @Chris, could you tell the background for Crafting difference between Masterwork and Alchemy Enchanting, please?
    If I use Enchantement, an item gets +1 for every successful enchantement.
    If I use any Master Crafting an item gets +2 for every successful Master Crafting. Why counting +2?

    Point 1+2 are raising the digits, making it difficult to compare items (especially for a new player, knowing nothing about …)

    3. @TEAM: would you consider to change the Name of POT into OOT or OFT?
    Outlander came to New Britannia and founded Towns, so it would be more story related to name them Outlander owned towns or Outlander founded towns :)

    For the same reason “Player’s Manual” was renamed into Adventurer’s Manual …

    1. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson

      My guess for Fortified vs Augmented would be the number of components used in its creation (12 vs 10 on leggings, for example). Hard to say for sure without Dev feedback.

      I do agree, however, that the “pluses” are misleading and hard to understand.

  26. Spungwa

    1) Could you explain all the way we can get episode 2 early access?

    2) Would you consider giving episode 2 early access for X months of being in the reward program?

  27. John MarkusJohn Markus

    I know Dungeons are still in the early stages, but:

    1. Can we see who crafted the Dungeon Parts ? This will help us greatly by allowing to identify which part was created by who, when we lend (or contribute) each other dungeon parts for testing.

    2. Currently it is very difficult to make circular pathways around the foyer since the Ts and Stairs have irregular sizes.

    3. Can we have option to disable light sources (and night visions) ? Instead, let us place in-dungeon-only (lost when leaving Dungeon) darklamps, or limited quantity torches that burn out (that needs to be re-ignited using open flames). Exploring dungeons with just darklamps can be so much FUN !

    1. John MarkusJohn Markus

      My Apologies on #2. Looks like it is the Foyer that has irregular sizes.
      If you use “Ornate Triple Connection Stone Dungeon Foyer”, you are unable to make circular pathways connecting from one connection to the another.

  28. Gregg247Gregg247

    With the upcoming improvements to fishing, as POT owners, could we get the option of placing the NPC Fishing building over water? It would look really cool sitting on its own dock.

  29. GrimaceGrimace

    How can I update my forum name to reflect my in game name?

    (My forum name displays as Grimace2 … I want to display my name as Grimace.)

  30. Feldon GrimshawFeldon Grimshaw

    1) Can we please have a “suit of armor stand” to display sets of armor?

    2) Is it still planned to sell bundles (ex: elven bundle) on the COTO vendors in game? I haven’t heard any mention of this in a while.

  31. Sean SilverfootSean Silverfoot

    5 years in and still excited!!

    1) With the ingame map being redone, do you think Stewarts might someday be able to make adjustments on a POT map?

    2) Any news on guild alliances?

    3) I still want a Mimic Trout that only attacks @Winfield *BIG GRIN*

  32. XeeXee

    1. Can we get Ponds / water features for lots
    2. Can Sun Mages get another damage spell we only have one and its always on cool down… sniffle
    3. would it be possible for rare loot drops from regular mobs be spawned with Rare named mob so we can identify in the game world when we see a named mob that it has something of value. would make things more fun like the days of old camping for rare spawns.

  33. GrifflerGriffler

    Can we please get verification the Spider Encounter dungeon room drops are in game, the correct instances and accessible by all players before the weekend festivities.


  34. Plonkie

    with all the gold and silver goblets that we get as loot, can we please salvage them for gold and silver scraps?

    1. GrifflerGriffler

      Great idea Plonkie! If not this, are the silver/gold scrap placeholders in game remaining in error, or is this item still yet to come?

  35. yinki2yinki2

    will all content of episode 2 be delivered as a full release or will content be released piece by piece. If so when do you plan starting releasing pisode 2 content? thanks

  36. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson

    Q1. When the new map rolls out, will there be an API for it? I’d love to include the maps on SotAwiki, or use them on Guild pages to show directions, plan boss fights, etc.

    Q2. Would it be possible to get Basement floors as Blueprints? For example, I have a 3-story stone basement, and each of the floors are identical, except that the last has the stairway blocked off. This should be easy to mimic using the Dungeon system, and allow us to make our own basements look awesome. Arena Blueprints, FTW!

    Q3. Can the Encounter Blueprints be expanded to include POT-placeable deco areas? These would be in PvP only POTs, of course, but having a ruin full of skeletons or a pyramid where a lich spawns would do wonders for some towns.

  37. Jay NordJay Nord

    1. Ornate and Crafted Viking furniture like the Elven stuff, please?

    2. Are y’all working on that unlimited inventory issue so we can sell wine and beer for a profit? This was talked about a few publishes ago when you made it unprofitable, and I haven’t heard a peep on it since.

    3. Thank you for the work on dye-ables! Could we some day get wood stains as well?

  38. StarLordStarLord

    Q1. Could we please get a roll all. And better not a roll but a round robin (1st party member gets the first item, 2nd the 2nd,… for full party 9th then again to 1st and so on). Would evenly distribute all loot to the party. No more ninja looting for the <50 items.

  39. NelzieNelzie

    1. Are there plans to fully eliminate the locations currently used with bank storage? Currently, it’s a bit of a pain to see two or more stacks of the same item taking up bank space, with the only difference being which bank it was deposited in. It might boost DB access speed even further to eliminate that no longer required field altogether.

    2. With all the talks of Ships for Episode 2, all the cannon we see across several scenes, plus the Kobold’s unique “firearm” type weapons… Will we eventually see a new “Firearms” combat skill tree? If not… how about just firearms, pistols, rifles, Kobold “Electroguns” usable under the existing Archery tree? (I would dig seeing a new skill tree though with differing impacts, maybe a mix/meld of Archery and Bludgeon skill tree effects.)

    That’s all for now! Please keep up the awesome!

  40. SentinelSentinel

    Player Dungeon Foyers.

    The Add OnStore shows several pictures for the Ruined Stone Entrance (100 point dungeon). Are these all foyer designs to be available?

    It’s a little unclear what is offered.


  41. DolphoenixDolphoenix

    Q1- so good to be back in Britannia! SOTA release slipped right passed, and I’ve found that friends of mine didn’t know anything about it (avid gamers) are there plans to help get the word out about the game?

    Q2- Will we see any old Artifacts pop up, such as the indestructible skull of Mondain?

    Q3- Can I haz a prize? ;)

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