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    Here are the questions that we did not have time to get to. I tried my best to answer these but some we just don't have details yet to provide. I will try my best to follow up but please understand I probably won't have time to do any follow ups to these. The community did a great job assisting us this telethon to make sure we didn’t miss a single question. However this resulted in a record 22+ pages of questions! So please forgive both the brevity of some of my answers and the fact that it has taken me an entire week to gather all the answers here.

    Schedule / Budget / Misc:

    Lord Andernut: Update requests: Family crests, Mini-maps, In-game Mail.
    Mail will be in Q2. Mini-maps we have decided to solve for now by integrating SotAMap and that will be seen in R40 hopefully. Heraldry / Family Crests will be closer to end of year.

    Elgarion: when will the next novel be released?
    No ETA currently.

    Deathadder: can we talk about funding, is it thought that there is enough money or enough money being made to get through phase one and continue development
    At our current funding level and pacing we have enough funds for Episode 1

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Richard mentioned in the forums that we may in the future see Pirate and Wizard themed assets. Could you please give some examples of what you're thinking of adding? (ROBES?!)
    Pirate theme: Pirate ship homes, pirate clothing (eye patches, arrr!), parrot pets, monkey pets, pirate weapons (cutlass)
    Wizard Theme: Wizard Towers, Wizard Huts, wizard familiars/spirit pets, magical decorations, wands, staves, robes, pointy hats

    Ryuunosuke151 : please fix the memory leak bug. That is not that hard. (wut)
    Working on it and if it was truly “not that hard” don’t you think we would have fixed it already? :)
    Seriously though memory leaks should be better in R40 with our upgrade to Unity 5.5 and some optimizations we are doing.

    Mistan Larix: Currently, we are unable to keybind Shift + 12345 etc, will that be implemented someday?
    Currently we don’t let people map the shift versions of keys. The shift key is currently set up as a state toggle. For letters we don’t let you use ‘G’ for one key and then map ‘g’ to another key. We could but it would be a fair amount of work. Currently 12345… is mapped to use the skills and Shift 12345 is mapped to the utility bar skill and Alt 12345 uses skills/spells on the caster. Due to some upcoming changes in the starting experience, we could consider breaking the use of shift as a state key but it would require significant work.

    Schneider DragonFang: when can players who use multiple gpus start to see optimization for ski or crossfire?
    I believe this is a Unity engine limitation, not in our control

    Jaath Windsong: Second Character Slots ETA?
    Q3 or Q4

    matpsch: Does Bob wear that suit out to the club on the weekends?
    We don’t ask those kinds of questions of our employees. :)

    shanna_dawn : I know it was mentioned that the free trial was to get some noob feedback..as a noob, i can tell you that the things being talked about are so far away from my understanding of the game that they sound trivial in relations to the basics of the game play. Are there any plans to invite noobs to a Q&A session of their own?
    We have a player group called the Hospitallers that hosts such sessions on a fairly constant basis. You can find them in our forums.

    Ravalox: Can we have the compass graphic adjusted to show the direction facing (Chevron at the center point of the compass)
    Great suggestion

    Daxxe Diggler: When will we be able to detach chat windows? It was said to be coming but got pushed back.
    No ETA but hopefully sometime in Q2

    Macnlos : Can you host a public/open launch party where people can attend??
    We can definitely consider it but we would have to consider how we would fund something like that.

    Player Housing / Player Owned Towns:

    2112Starman: When will we see decorations with default options in game?
    We do know that some objects that have multiple states, like Battle Banners, should have a way to toggle which state you prefer to display. We do not have an ETA yet for this feature.

    Rufus D’ Asperdi: When will Farming Supply (Seed) Vendors be available for Governors to place in their POTs?
    We are adding a basic set of seeds to the cooking vendor hopefully as soon as R40

    Lord Andernut: Can there be a pass on some of the more expensive backer homes? The Duke Homes have really great interiors, but the LotM City Homes are in general rather awkward.
    Since we are now persistent and these homes are already placed it is unlikely that we will make any alterations to layout as that would adversely affect all those who have placed decorations. It would take a unanimous agreement among all the LotMs for us to proceed with those changes.

    Lord Andernut: How close is the ability to place water lots on the shore or docks that are not “perfectly” aligned and flat for placing water lots?
    Duke Greagoir (LordG Dragon): When will POTs be able to use water lots on a DOCK. Dara Brae needs to use our dock with the Waterfront Castle! Thanks.
    It is unlikely that we would ever get the ability to be more forgiving when placing lots along shorelines if the terrain is rough as those tolerances need to be pretty exact to get things like the bridge/dock connection to line up properly. Placing water lots on docks is something we do plan on doing but there is no current ETA.

    Lord Andernut: Can we get time-based tickets to charge admission for interesting spaces for outlanders? (ie. Mazes, Museums, Brawls, Contests, Plays, Concerts, etc.).
    We do plan to have tickets as part of the Theater system promised during the Kickstarter.

    Presto/BridgeTroll: Can we get a town sized mining basement?
    We will consider it however the current mining style basements were not big sellers which is why we did not make more size variations.

    Datendrache: Any possibility of a decorative writable book set that can be placed flat, have fancy covers, of different sizes, etc?
    We are going to use the Patterns system to allow the creation of books with different covers.

    Phil Scott: Will someone with a lot that is set as a Guild House be able to rent rooms in a house or basement on that lot?
    Yes when that room rental system comes online.

    Engel: Is possible to place a special chest for donation to reward the owner of the pot
    Yes we plan to do this

    Brass Knuckles: When will underground biomes have their “new over world icon” that has population indicators like all the other biomes?
    No ETA

    Brass Knuckles: Many npc towns including ports are empty and many have large city or bigger lots not being used, what is the plan for those?
    Most property owners have not claimed their lots yet, believe it or not. Probably only 50%.

    Balandar: Any updated information regarding Static Towns?
    We will begin work on these probably in Q3

    Brass Knuckles: Can we have a public vendor to place in pots?
    No. As stated previously Public Vendors will remain exclusive to a few large cities to concentrate traffic and inventory.

    Haraldr Skjaldarberi Polk: Can we please have more home NPC slots so that we can actually use more of the pets that we have collected in our houses?
    Presto/BridgeTroll: Please can we get lights increased for outside? I built a venue but there is insufficient light outside.
    Deathadder: any word on increasing number of placeable objects for POTs?
    Paulie Walnuts: Is there any chance we could get a small increase for outside lighting on plots? +2 to each lot would be GREAT! It's very restrictive when you put crafting tables outside, and 1 outside light on Row homes is no fun. :frowning:
    Cairo Hayden: Can we increase POT deco limit and in response to placing chairs, the POT limit right now is so low that you can't make a house out of it lol
    Applerust: Can we get a larger outside item count on row lots? 5 external items is an extremely small amount.
    As stated EVERY SINGLE post mortem and every telethon all limits will be increased once we have done more performance optimizations.

    Meccaleccahi meccahineyho: can you tell us if we will be getting weapon displays or racks for our best weps or armour racks/displays??
    In R40 you will be able to place weapons as decorations anywhere you like on your property. You will not need a weapon rack to do so.

    Lace: can we look at having some Round Tables both small like the previously mentioned end tables but one on the size of a gothic/turdy

    Merrik Dragon: can we have some tree spawns in POTs?
    Yes but only when we get the variable spawning in that is inversely related to population.

    Macnlos : Rentals????????
    Not yet. Sorry

    Emperor Borg: Will there be any chance for a discount on UPGRADING existing Player Owned Towns?
    Good idea for another telethon!

    majoria70: Will the Statues that were going to be carrying blessings at first lose their NPC Building status soon and become deco instead? This is what was said would happen but I don't see it yet, they are still buildings and un-ususable with our limits.
    Daxxe Diggler: Will the old statues (formerly thought to be devotionals) going to be changed from "Building" to just a deco item?
    Yes, hopefully in R40

    Lord Andernut: Can we see heat maps or transactions data for our POT?
    Yes this will likely be part of the public data we plan to expose but we would want to let you opt in

    Zap: Will the Zeppelins/Balloons ever be used for shipping?
    We hope so!

    lialyn70 : can we have walls snap to property lines as an option?
    Yes eventually

    aesowondah: I have 1 more question currently. Off topic. Would you guys consider putting in some sort of measuring/leveling tool for decorating buildings? It would be nice if I could easily place pictures and lights and other deco at the same height without the tediousness.
    Great suggestion and yes eventually

    Murtera: Is there any timeframe which we can expect to be able to place general items around our houses? (ie armor, weapons)
    Music Instruments were in R39, Weapons will be in R40. No ETA yet on Armor as that is MUCH more complicated.

    Svahn: Are custom fences for row lots planned? Like a one-piece fence decoration item, to keep number of items down.

    Talon_Zorch: Will there be another way to get a Lot then lottery, in game trade and real money trade? Will there be an available way with in game gold?
    Those are the only ways to get Player lots in Online mode. In Offline Mode you can get them with in-game gold.

    Lord Andernut: How close are we to tree mowers, and can we also mow down trees on hills that pavers wouldn't normally squish?
    Hopefully sometime in Q2 but definitely by end of year. Not sure if it will work on non-flat areas yet until we start work on it.

    mccp_x : Bloodbay housing was loosely tied to R40, is that still the plan? or more likely R41+?
    Unlikely for R40 at this point.

    Lord Andernut: At one point @Lord British hinted there would be something unique planned for those who got every Hat Quest, is that still planned? Like a hat rack or special hat or something?
    Maybe eventually but not a priority right now

    pike1968 : will we ever be able to move saved houses to another scene?
    Yes, as soon as R40 hopefully.

    Emperor Borg: TOWN OPERATIONS...can we be able to put more Wax Cylinders within the town music box so it will cycle thru a bunch instead of only playing 1 cylinder.
    It should be playing as many of them as your town size will allow (2 at Holdfast). If it isn’t please report as a bug.

    Illiott (Ray): any plan to implement a way to travel between multiple houses owned by the same account?
    Not at this time outside of the bind and teleport system already in place.

    Mal Hari: can we get the devotional shrines changed so you have to click on them to get the buff. this will prevent running past a shrine and getting a buff you didn't want and losing one you did
    We are evaluating the scope of what it would take to make this change

    criskriisxan : Playing music cylinders. Currently cylinder has to be in inventory to activate Phonograph. Would be more intuitive if Phonograph was a container to store cylinders, like a juke box. Any chance of a change?
    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Can we please play record players without being required to stand there with the wax cylinder? It needs to work like a juke box where you just put a bunch of cylinders into it and anyone that plays it can hear the music.

    Ravalox: Can we get these "water wind mills" in the game as a craftable item? Our poor towns have electricity, but no water! Oh, the humanity!
    Sure! Eventually

    Omegaflux: 1) When will ABC music "sync" and "playstart" for party instrument playing be fixed? 2) Can we please get a permanent fix to raining inside of houses? Thanks
    Hope to have the sync issue fixed in R40. Would love to get a fix for raining in houses but it is quite complex and there are other much higher priority issues

    May Day: Can our extra pets be turned into statues?
    Lord Andernut:: Is there a likelihood we can have pets placed as inanimate decorations instead of NPCs?
    We are considering it but we are also hoping to just turn up NPC limits after a few more months of optimizations which might make this moot

    scroda: Is it intended to be possible for everyone other than the owner to be able to play 'Sheet Music' that is used as deco?
    No the owner should be able to play the sheet music. Please report as a bug

    Yordic Meyers: is there any intention to make an in game board we can pin messages to,like a town notice board or a tavern's posting board?

    @Marcus86ed: Can we see row homes with open roofs? For example a 3 story row with 2 floors and an open roof patio?
    Yes they are called the Obsidian Row Houses

    JaayyJaay : Are they going to fix elven homes roof foliage to not cross lot boundaries and stick into other peoples houses? :)
    We believe we already fixed that issue. If it is still happening then please repost those as bug reports (even if you have posted before).

    Latnem Chaos: @Lum Will we ever be able to put Bags in chest and trunks to allow for better sorting outside of the Bank
    Yes but their item limits will be controlled by the container limit of the chest they are contained in that is the one sitting in the world. I.e. you can’t increase the item limit of a container by adding more containers inside it.

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: When will all of the POT maps be able to move their town crier to a new starting point? Right now I can't move mine in the Walled Swamp Map. Also, Can we PLEASE move the banker? It's ruining my town design by having it in the front.
    You have the ability to place additional ones anywhere but we have to leave a default one in place because of potential abuse. For instance if you just removed all bankers from the scene then that would be really bad. We have discussed perhaps a set of fixed locations like we did for the entrances.

    Rilien Hlaeettln: Will there be new Shogun furniture? More of a japanese style.
    None planned in the near term but perhaps later

    Furious Farmer: could the volume of the wax cylinder player be turned up a bit more? It is too quiet even when the volume is maxed under settings.
    We will examine

    Paulie Walnuts: Can we please have a way to make nested towns more identifiable/unique than just plain wagons or balloon ladders? Custom banners or something for the sides?
    Good suggestions, we will consider how we can scale that.

    Ancev: Will there ever be a village or town version of the 4 story stucco/tuscan home with balcony?
    Maybe but not currently on any near term schedule

    jackalopesota : Will there ever be larger greenhouses? Example: Town size greenhouse
    No plans for this as the 1.5 bonus has potentially unbalancing issues if we scale up to really big sizes.

    Rosemourne: Does current tech support Kobold Banking Devices to allow users to use the bank without giving the player full access? If so, is that a change that could be made?
    We know the permissions for this device need improvements. We hope to get a pass done in Q2

    elryin_silvertree :Are there any plans to fix the existing wall pieces such that we can hang the new wall hangings on them (eg. rough stone block walls) also can we get the wall pieces to be place-able in the arena basements again
    Cairo Hayden: Any reason if we place stone blocks, that we can't place many items on top of them(Fireplaces, etc)?
    Tech cannot allow them to accept wall hangings or other certain decorations because they can be oriented in multiple directions so that is unlikely to change.
    The issue about placing in basements is a bug, please report.

    indimartin : What's the status on getting guestbooks for POT's? Some way to leave a note for the town, like "I liked the hedges shaped like barnyard animals, well done!" or "I got bedbugs in your inn :("
    No ETA

    William Wiltfang: Is there going to be a decrease on the daily taxes on taxable deeds?

    imgirlirl : Can we please have an option to bind to our basement hatch instead of house or town crier? (for easier access) (Edited)
    Chaoticimp : i wanted to know if you guys could make a portal door for your home that you could use to leave town and set it so that when you come back into town you come in through the portal instead of the town spawn

    Elgarion: Do you think we’ll get the opportunity to add traps to our POT’s and houses and basements at some point?

    Elgarion: Can the ability to allow POT Row Lots to be blank land-only lots be toggled off by the town owner at some point? We spent a lot of time planning streets with surrounding Row Lots and intermittent blank land-only rows would can mess up the city planning in some cases.
    We do not plan to support empty Row Lots

    Peabo: Can we start to see some quests for unlocking items for POT's? I really feel an opportunity was missed when implementing the new devotionals. I would of loved to see townsfolk "players" completing quests to unlock them.
    Yes eventually but outside of scope for Ep 1

    Thexedor Markhamm: How about task reminders for tasks like paying lot taxes?

    Crafting / Economy / Gear:

    Phil Scott: Will we be able to add “light source” as a modifier on an object (as some pledge items have)?
    Yes there has been a light enchantment in the crafting system for some time now

    Enchondas: Can we get an equipment/dye/housing item preview, so as to better see what an in-game purchased item will really look like when equipped/dyed/placed, etc?
    Yes, eventually.

    Jonathon Northwoode: Would you give any consideration to a slight modification to the length of a large planting bed,where it can be placed width ways in the rusted large greenhouse?
    We will evaluate.

    Echondas: Can we get an item protection function from accidental discard/sale, buy-back from NPC vendor function, etc?
    Draugur: They can answer this later, but when can we expect to be able to lock items down so they don't show up on the vendor list when I sell? Or even how about a bag that anything you put in would not show up on the sell tab. Thank you

    Garfunkel Humperdinck: Will we ever get craft-able crafting tables that can compete with the pledge ones?
    We do not yet have a final design for craftable crafting tables.

    flinderkevantmeeden : when will we be able to dye leather armor pls?
    No ETA

    Grizzless : and wands.
    It looks like this question was cut off?

    frostshoxx : Are we getting brewery this coming release or not?
    Not in R40

    lialyn70 : when will we see a fix for making leather from leather scraps, been a long time that the recipe is unbalanced
    We are currently reviewing all the scraps recipes but remember scraps recipes are meant to be extremely inefficient versus deriving goods from primary sources.

    Valkaryiie : OH I remember my other question now. I was wondering if we could have a website that tracks the player vendors?
    Yes we do plan to make that part of the data we expose publicly.

    Ancev: Can the majority of the artifacts in the game be salvaged for rare/unique crafting components at this point?
    Not yet, but eventually

    Vassflam: Can we please have a visual identifier that shows whether a vendor is buying or selling or both? Looking for buyers is currently a very arduous chore…

    Liquidblaze1 : Question, why can't we harvest in outhouses for fertilizer?
    Ha! Good question!

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Will there be any changes to travel that make it less easy so to preserve the regional economy?
    None are currently planned

    Umuri: You said selling gold causes inflation but selling cotos does not. Since cotos are used directly as a gold surrogate (a lot of items list for sale in gold/coto values) and you've gone on record saying you want to add player vendors being able to price things in cotos. So doesn't this indirectly inflate the total gold wealth supply and does this factor into your gold drops per day stats?
    It does not inflate the gold in the economy because it is a surrogate for vendors but it could inflate the gold wealth because people can avoid paying gold for rent

    Umuri: What was learned from an economy distribution standpoint, about artifacts this/last release, and how it affects inflation/distribution of wealth?
    Gold drops haven't changed.  Artifacts sell for 50 gold to a vendor.  There is no more gold in the economy. It has increased how much gold the hoarders are spending

    Umuri: Follow up to "rich getting richer" - Chris, can you please elaborate on how you measure player wealth? is it only IGG? Because most keep wealth in cotos/sc/other high value inflation proof items(edited)
    In-Game Gold PLUS the gold value of dropped items are used to track wealth. COTOs only have gold value relative to what players will pay for them so there is no way to track that wealth. Bottom line, no IGG = COTOs or any item is worthless except as a barter system of item for item.

    Umuri: Economy: Are there plans to put in high-level gold sinks for guilds. Expansions that cost millions of gold, maybe a guild bank, or some guild items, etc. What plans are there to counteract the current (estimated 2 mil/day i could be wrong) net gold creation?
    We will continue to add more gold drains and adjust values. What we don't want to do is introduce items that players feel they MUST have to be competitive and then stick giant prices on it.  Potions and poisons were recently added and those have been draining some gold out of the economy as people buy more fuel elements

    Umuri: Darkstarr said they don't set exchange rate, except they control supply (coto spawns) and chris has said once coto prices hits a certain point, he will increase spawns. Isn't this directly controlling the market in a way? :stuck_out_tongue:
    But there’s another source of them which is the store sooo…. <sticks tongue out too>

    Scoffer Kada: Are there any plans to review the benefactor benches so that they have useful bonuses (benefactor smelting bench is useless at the moment)
    In Q2 we plan to review all the crafting numbers (including the table bonuses) for overall balance. However please be aware there are currently no real Smelting skills yet so of course there are no useful bonuses on the Smelting Table!

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Can you please make the Blacksmith in Owl's Head move to a new town so that the other town can have economic prosperity? Owl's Head gets enough benefits, don't they? Spread the wealth in the Hidden Vale!
    Hidden Vale has not yet received a pass on regionalized merchants but it will.

    Scoffer Kada: Can you explain how the node spawns work in mines / adventure areas? Is there multiple spawners for each type or a single one that randomises which node gets generated
    There are multiple nodes of each type scattered throughout the scene. When the scene starts we randomize which nodes are visible. There is a fixed number of nodes that can be visible at any given time and a timer that governs how quickly they will respawn. When a node is mined/gathered we then respawn a new node in another location after the timer expires.

    Robert Brightstar: Will we ever be able to dye pillows, beds sheets, rugs and other cloth materials on furniture pieces?
    Perhaps eventually. We also hope to eventually allow the wood type to affect the color of the furniture.

    Bella Bones: Any plans to make curtains, new patterns for pillows, and smaller banners that fit normal sized homes? Perhaps banners that we can stitch guild emblems into? Also any word on bulletin boards for towns?
    Eventually curtains, pillows, small banners, etc. will happen. Banners with guild emblems would come online once we have Heraldry working sometime near the end of the year. Bulletin Board will also be something closer to year end.

    Vladamir Begemot: Player Vendor Question: Will customers be able to buy partial stacks? If so, will be there a way for people who share the vendor to add to the same stack if they want? So they don't each have to have a stack of silver, for example. One stack. Amazing.

    Lord Andernut: What are the plans for the various refining skill trees
    There will be actual skills in them, unlike now!

    majoria70: The gathering of water is causing carpal tunnel, can we get it refactored to help with that and what about rain and worms?
    As mentioned in the hangout when Agriculture skills finally come online (sorry it's taking so long!) there will be a skill that lets you gather multiple buckets at once. Also a skill that lets you batch plant and batch water and batch harvest! Eventually rain will water plants too. No current plans for worms but that of course could change.

    Silis: where's the goggle pattern!
    We are still debating what, if any, protection goggles would provide and if they do what classification it would be. Cloth armor? Leather armor?

    majoria70: Question: When will the public gardens be working?
    Closer to end of year.

    Robert Brightstar: How about making simple/low level or quality gear, weapons, etc. wear out or break faster than higher level quality items, for the purpose of making low level items sell more often and get rid of the over abundance of low level items on vendors. It will help newbies be able to sell low level items to make gold.
    While this would be more rewarding for low level crafters this would be more frustrating for low level players so not sure how we would balance this.

    Deathadder: any plans to add different types of trees to harvest wood from such as Oak, Dogwood etc? Maybe for use on new recipes.
    Eventually but perhaps out of scope for Episode 1

    Draugur: Could we get some ornate planter beds?
    Good suggestion!

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Can we please not have ethical hedonism signs on the rewards? It makes it so my character automatically won't use them for roleplaying reasons.
    Sorry but that is the defining characteristic. :(

    Kron Caledon: can we please get detailed, reliable vendor logs?

    Latnem Chaos: Are working Cask on the list for items? They hold X amount of potions or beer/wine that you can buy empty bottles and just fill as needed?
    Yes something like this.

    Draugur: The welcome torch recipe never made it into game, intended or a mistake?
    Yes it did for the person who runs the welcome quest.

    Solazur: maybe let us add to a recipe (like add gold ingots) to get gold highlights on armor?
    We will consider

    Garfunkel Humperdinck: Can we get a harvestable maple tree that looks like a maple tree?

    Viper Venom: Can we get plantable trees that take very long times to grow. Like take a year irl to fully grow and we can see it grow from a seedling?
    Not sure many players would enjoy this...

    Deathadder: any plans to add more wood types for crafting other than pine and maple.
    Eventually but unlikely for Ep 1 scope

    Lace: Any more thought on being able to varnish/dye wood furniture
    Eventually but unlikely for Ep 1 scope

    Graynight: Can we get craftable furniture like what is down in the Crypt of the Avatar? (Rustic Throne, Rustic Chairs)
    Yes! Great suggestion

    Trezir Pyle: could we get something similar to "Commodity Deeds" to decrease the weight of a crafting items such as wood, ore, granite?
    Since weight is one of the primary ways we balance these items this would have a dramatic impact so highly unlikely in the near term.

    Scoffer Kada: will there further breakdown of the masterworking skills such as masterwork plate being broken down into helmet, chest etc specialties
    Maybe eventually if we see a driving need to create finer levels of specialization

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos I believe that one of the reasons we have such a gap between rich/poor is that the people that can hoard become rich. If you make hoarding more difficult to do, you will FORCE players to sell items for less money than they want to. This will create buying opportunities for poor players that do not exist now. Can you please consider putting a "shelf life" on all commodities so that you have to use it or lose it?(edited)
    While that would be a solution (and one that already exists for Public Vendors) it would be an incredibly unpopular one.

    Umuri: Patterns: Will artifacts get patterns (torch/new orbs)? Will the emperor's new clothes get a pattern so we can make invisible cloth/bone armor?
    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Can you please ensure that we do not have invisible armor or weapons (i.e. emperor's new clothes) since it will be horrible for PVP?
    Yes Artifacts will get patterns. No the Emperor’s New Clothes will not get patterns. No invisible armor for PVP!

    Deathadder: any chance of allowing people to name weapons they craft?
    Yes eventually

    Bella Bones: Are there more skills that can contribute to raising Dexterity. Such as planting, gathering buckets of water, mining, etc. It seems like those are skills that would naturally raise dex and str.
    Non-combat skills that don’t expose players to risk that have secondary effects like raising attributes are prime cases for abuse.

    Manahotep : Are patterns the answer to the cosmetic question?
    No idea what this question means.

    Mal Hari: during a previous telethon the question was asked if commision free vendors will have their item limit increased (presently 100) Dark Starr had said he thought i should be higher and would check but the amount has not been increased. will it?
    We are not planning on doing that at this point as it will dramatically affect the value of those vendors and the value of property because a single vendor could stock too many items which could perhaps give unfair advantage to prime locations.

    Zap: Can we have patterns to convert mugs into Lord British/Darkstarr/Atos Commemorative Mugs?
    Great idea!

    Bodhbh Dearg [SecrOfPublicWorks]: Question: When will bagpipes start to sound like bagpipes?
    The hard part is making the sustain part work in the ABC system, something it currently does not support.

    Conner Hawk: Will we be seeing Violins for Instruments?
    Maybe eventually

    Wolf: Has the Obsidian Sheet recipe been removed from the game???
    Not that we know of. Investigating now.

    Latnem Chaos: Is there going to be a look at the pledge artisan box so they give something better than 1 lettuce for example
    We do have a tuning pass planned

    Coral LLTS: When will Agriculture be getting some love? Because on Earth, lots of farmers rely on rainfall to water their outdoor crops. Also, with indoor crops, Earthlings rarely have to use a full bucket of water for each plant.
    Monkeysmack: Have the agriculture changes been pushed back again?
    Some in Q2 but mostly in Q3

    Latnem Chaos: Is there any plan for a Steampunk Sprinkler system that would cost money for those who are not able to get on everyday but would like to run a farm
    Yes that would be awesome. Maybe a rare Kobold recipe that you have to find

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Can you guys please consider updating the original Obsidian Cloak to go over the shoulders like the new one does?
    No. That is defining difference between the original and the new Obsidian cloak!

    Balec Fares deCani: Perception that aesthetics of addon items are better than crafted seems valid, with the exception of artifacts, addon store ones are always better than what someone ingame has to grind hours for, e.g. recently chainswords. Will fine-looking items be available in game that aren't in the store?
    While true to date for purely cosmetic items like clothing and decorations it is not entirely true for gear like armor and weapons. There are plenty of counter examples and we are actively working to increase those counter examples like Bone Armor, the upcoming Obsidian Cabalist gear and Vile Weapons, the 30 new weapons we are adding in R40, etc.

    Brighton Rock: will we get other stuff for the cloak slot like quivers or wearable backpacks

    Viper Venom: Can we adjust the weight for sheets of music? 1 pound for a sheet of music seems excessive and hurts music business for people who need to be careful with their weight.
    We will evaluate

    Drake Aedus: if you use a clockwork helm pattern does the new helm get the radio headset ability?
    No you lose the radio effect currently but we are considering leaving non-game impacting effects like that intact in the future.

    Emperor Borg: COOKING Can we have a PIZZA recipe and then we can have normal foods and Lord Britishes Canabalistic Sausages toppings etc.
    Um sure eventually

    John Markus: When are we going to get the cherry trees ? (Been asking for Epic sized Cherry tree ever since I bought my PoT).
    No ETA but eventually

    Despothes: where are the wand patterns!?
    They are coming but it takes time. It will take many, many, many releases to get a full coverage across all weapon and armor types.

    Bowen Bloodgood: Why is corpse wax an ingredient in healing potions? You guys know that's a bit cannibalistic right?
    Lord British says: Yeah, you got a problem with that? I don’t :)

    Browncoat Jayson: So... When is the SpeedWeed going to be implemented in-game?
    No current plans

    Applerust: Can we get a buy back option on NPC vendors?

    Alaric Mondragon: I have a crafted cloak that is taking damage. Not a big deal, but as we can't enchant or masterwork it, should that be happening?

    Rumblebore: Currently basic combines (spools of thread, leather) can get exceptional success but item made is not separately showing in inventory. Is this an oversight detail or part of a future plan to help give greater chances at exceptional crafting?
    Critical successes don’t yet apply to refining because as mentioned elsewhere Refining does not yet have a defined skill tree.

    Rosemourne: Will be get flowerbed decorations for our towns or outside of our homes?
    Rosebushes are coming to agriculture hopefully in R40

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Will we get scalemail? (Dragon, Scorpion, etc...)
    Anything is possible

    zeek latreck: will i ever get a dragon head to mount on my wall?

    Combat / PVP:

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Does having greater moon attunement give you greater resistance against Mesmerize?
    Greater moon attunement lowers the duration of a mesmerize

    Jobe: Would you consider making the player/target status bars movable?
    Yes will consider

    Echondas: How about removing increased fizzle chance from equipped weapons, if the character is NOT in combat? ie: bow equipped, but is sheathed?

    Peabo: Can we please have a new section added on to the existing combat bar for consumables such as food and potions. I know we now have the non-combat bar persistant in combat however does not actually add anything to my gaming experience due to it already being fully stacked with "non combat" skills
    No because it won’t easily map to any obvious keys (i.e. 1-10)

    cyllyria : is there a way to manually adjust how the healthbars are stacked in a group (eg. expand the vertical space between them)
    Not yet

    ragnarroforganizedchaos : Can you explain why the thugs in Soltown Catacombs carry more gold coin than the higher Elite Thugs? Will we see a little more gold coin added on the higher end Thugs/mobs?
    Just a bug, will investigate

    kgb420j : deck swapping cast time...are they gonna have shorter cast time for less equipment swapped?
    Probably not

    Brenton (Parzival): Can we get some attention on the COMBAT HITCHING that we have been dealing with for so many many releases now for r40? The mouse combo/glyphing hesitation? (reported numerous times) This has been a long time frustration for lots of people. Your sky and ground look beautiful, but I am getting tired of staring at it all the time! :smiley: Love, me.
    Yes. Major focus of Q2 will be on performance and R40 will see a first pass at this.

    Valor Bastagio: Are there any future plans to re address the pick pocket System. Will it stay out of the 5 card system or do you have idea maybe to bring it back?
    No near term plans to change

    masseter: Do you have plans to roll back players who abused the various exploits you have been discussing the last half hour.
    We have banned players for different amounts of time and completely deleted their characters in some cases so more than roll backs in extreme cases.

    Alaric Mondragon: All of the Shield spells except Immolation have Shield in the name, and don't stack. Shouldn't Immolation have Shield in the name so it is clear it is a Shield spell?
    We've considered changing the name to Fire Shield since that makes it more inline with the others in terms of name but it doesn't protect you though death shield doesn't either and it is called a shield. We'll keep it under consideration

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: What's the long term plan to keep players from reaching levels that make the gap between new and old players huge? The decay system is obviously not working to prevent that, yet.
    Unlike many games where the level gap creates completely unplayable disparity our game actually does not create such gaps. Lower level players can actually play with higher level players in many scenarios (but not all obviously). For Episode 1 this is not a problem we think is worth solving and we never intended decay to be a solution for it anyway.

    NazariSuzaku:It is difficult to identify my hits when fighting in a Party. Can visual indicators be added or improved to make it more clear when a hit occurs and which enemy(s)? Do you plan to make ranged attacks and spells dodge-able effects rather than this homing effect they seem to have currently? It would make movement in combat more interactive and make good use of the tumbles and backflips.
    All visual effects are in the process of getting polished. Many ranged attacks are dodgeable, we just haven’t yet updated all of them.

    Kron Caledon: are there plans to have mob mages use different types of magic? (not just fire)

    InLight: will we ever be able to heal/rez players that are not in our party?
    Yes we hope to make that happen

    Garfunkel Humperdinck: Can we get separate skills for magical weapons instead of leaving them in the bludgeon tree? Arcane tree perhaps?
    Not likely for Ep 1

    Furious Farmer: Will mobs that wear armor/clothes have armor/clothes as loot?
    In some cases yes (like the Obsidian Cabalists).

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Will Summoned creatures (like Liches and Skeletons) be resistant to what the regular creatures are resistant to? (poison, death magic, etc...) Also, undead should be resistant to bleeding effects like rend, duh!
    Yes they should be and when we do the balance pass we mentioned in the telethon this should be part of it (and something that should increase as they level). And yes they should be immune to rend, please report as a bug!

    kigustarfish : Will the difficulty of mobs/bosses be scaled down in offline mode?
    Yes all combat will be “easier” in offline

    Kigu Starfish (Kor): Are the spawn times for the new bosses that spawn in PvP areas (ruins and shardfalls) driven by Celestial Mechanics?
    Not currently.

    lialyn70 : will addon store instruments apply the new 'bard' buffs?

    blaquerogue: Can we get some more diverse sets of monsters out there (ettins stuff like that for lower level players

    Manahotep : Will the vile sword be available in 1h config? There's are more 2h than 1h sword patterns
    There is a different Vile Weapon we did not show (hasn’t been built yet) that is a 1-handed blade.

    Ancev: Any chance we'll get an old turn based ultima combat experience in the game somehow?

    Slaze ElvenLore: Will we get Bow Artifact drops or Crossbow perhaps?
    Yes, starting in R40 there will be a Vile Crossbow artifact

    Abahinadan Flameblaster: What plans do you guys have in store for thieving on shroud? I'm a big fan of the skill and i'm really just wondering what you guys were thinking about it yourselves.
    We already have multiple stealth skills as well as Pickpocket. Lockpicking is also planned. We will continue to explore “subterfuge” in all its aspects over time. Hard to say what will eventually be offered, but it will remain aligned with the virtue / karma systems as well as PVP rules. Otherwise, we are open to explore the boundaries.

    Browncoat Jayson: about what he said about whips and flexing weapons. Can't they create flexible weapons using physics joints in Unity? I'd really like to see whips, flails, and other flexible weapons.
    It is not “impossible” for us to make flexible weapons but it would take a lot of work to make it look good and there are much higher priorities. Likely out of scope for Ep 1 launch

    MacGaellen: Can we please get a new sound "Thrust"? I use that glyph all the time, and I hate the way it sounds. It should sound more like something getting stabbed. I'm not really into the way bladed combat has started to look and sound like cheap light sabres. Can we maybe get an option to turn off the tracers?
    Your request and feedback are noted.

    Leostorm: Perhaps a combo system added into melee combat done with aswd+lclick where successful attacks scale the dmg %. That way skills are more tactically used in between combos and the skills are relied on less, thus not having to constantly look at the hotbar.
    We know we need a solve for the “I look at my hotbar, not the world” problem.

    Black Tortoise: CAN ANYTHING BE DONE ABOUT FAUNS? Can they be made interesting? Right now they're just extremely annoying while posing no threat. I'd like them to actually add value to the game experience, instead they just feel like an annoying waste of time until I can kill them (and hopefully do whatever I need before they respawn..),(edited)
    Not every npc is meant to be a threat by design.

    MalakieUSN : What are the plans regarding creature spawn, trains of creatures especially on newer players etc? And can you explain how exp works for new people? Why do i lose experience after I finally get some?
    Creatures have leash ranges and other AI features that prevent massive creature trains. If you want more information about how experience works you can visit this post: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/use-based-systems.35948/

    World / Story / Scenes:

    Lesni: when will the entire storyline be revealed? Or will it be a continuing story.
    July for Episode 1

    Browncoat Jayson: Can we get a Overworld Map (in-game map) before the next Free Trial? That seems to be really confusing once they get out into the world and get lost.
    We are working on integrating SotaMap which should help greatly.

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: Rustic Dragon had previously won a custom building for the Hearth of Britannia in Kingsport. Are you still planning on making that custom Inn? If yes, when can we expect to see that?
    There is an inn in Kingsport with a custom sign that has been in the game since Release 4.

    Trezir Pyle: Bulk Order Deeds. any chance of getting orders from NPC's to fill out for rewards of sorts?
    We have considered this so definitely a possibility

    Headquake: Is there any plan on adding ''illegal stuff '' and i'm not really speaking about drugs, but let's say some kinds of ''potion or plants'' that give buff but that are illegal to carry on . I had seen it in another old mmo that i don't want a name and it was pretty awesome that you could get arrested by guard or get a fine for carrying some specific plant,food etc.. on you.
    Neat idea!

    0xef2387 : Is Anapa going to get a lil more buffed than his current state?

    NazariSuzaku : When resetting a quest, can you archive the flags so it just gives tiny XP for parts of quests you have completed? That way it can be completed just to replay story?
    Interesting idea if I understand the suggestion correctly. So you would not get full XP when playing the quest again, just a small part. We will definitely consider.

    xxxpapxxx : Is there going to be notes in a bottle and treasure hunting in the game like UO had ?
    Yes, eventually but likely out of scope for Ep 1 launch.

    Cairo Hayden: Was wondering if Portalarium plans on adding different mining scenes (including ones that are more new user friendly) Right now about any mine you go into, many new lower level players cannot solo them and mine.
    We are currently working on polishing/uncloning all the mining scenes right now (see recent updates and standup notes). With that said underground scenes in general are not really meant for new characters.

    Brainmanager : my question is as follow: how can it be that the spawn rate for silver ore was changed in fort hiltress in release 38?
    It was not changed.

    Vallo Frostbane: Can you give an ETA for the virtue vs. anti-virtue system in PVP? Maybe you could elaborate on how it is going to affect the players and the world? (e.g. lose access to certain towns etc, Dread Lords ;)?) Will guilds be able to flag as virtuous or anti virtuous and be in permanent or one sided declared war with each other?
    This is not something we are going to be talking about right now in detail but a true faction system is likely not in scope for initial launch of Episode 1 and is something we plan for Episode 2 and is a critical plot point triggered by the finale.

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: The Obsidian Septagram of Dominion has 7 (not 8) points (see below for reference), and this continues to confuse me. Perhaps the Septagram and the 8 Cultists are not supposed to be a one for one match? Which is fine, I'd just like to know how a loyal follower of the Obsidian Order would use the Septagram and how the 8 Obsidian Cultists (and I assume 8 celestial bodies) would/might align.
    I had Scottie and Richard help me on this one.
    The 8 Cabalist Leaders and the 7 Attributes of Dominion do not align, and for this reason: ...After the fall of the Obsidian Empire, as had been foretold in the Dire Prophesy of the Obsidian Eye, the last remnants of their sorcerous Cabal made the decision that, if the world could not be theirs under Obsidian Dominion, then it should come to a "perfect" end as indicated by the Prophesy... Interestingly enough, they recognized that the edicts and might of the Obsidian Empire had not been enough to stop its fall. Instead, as the Prophesy seemed to hint at, the Sword of Midras and its link to the Principles and Virtues has something to do with this eventual "twilight of the world"... it’s important to realize that, like most prophesies, the Dire Prophesy could be interpreted in many ways… The currently known, fairly short set of verses that the prophesy consists of (as seen in the Sword of Midras), are believed to be filled with meaning beyond the runes in which they are written, and could be interpreted as indicating an end to Obsidian rule, and the beginning of a new age,…OR could be interpreted as the end of the world itself… The remnant Cabalists seem to believe the latter, and seeking to bring this about, seem to think this can be achieved by twisting the Virtues, venerating the Anti-Virtues, and laying siege to those who display devotion to the pristine Virtues.... With the help of their remnant re-shaped abominations, their mindless slaves, and their undead servants, the Cabalists firmly believe that where the Obsidian Empire failed, they will succeed,...and that their terrible bloodshed will eventually bring about the end of all life and the world itself, "until only the night remains" (as it says at the end of the known portion of the Dire Prophesy)...
    If you wished to follow in the path of the ancient Obsidian Empire, then you could certainly follow the ideologies of their old Aspects of Rulership, as illustrated using the Septagram of Dominion.
    These concepts are simply for historical significance, and represent the Obsidian Empire of old, which in the present day has obviously failed and crumbled in ruin, leaving behind only remnants of its former glory… If your character were to follow these aspects, he would be venerating ideologies that are not part of our game’s current “system” of Virtues/Anti-Virtues… The Cabalists no longer have faith in these ideologies (since they didn’t prevent their Empire from falling), but you certainly can…(there just aren’t any game systems to support them)… These concepts were purposefully not meant to be “evil”, but following them too strictly, and with no concern with the Free Will of others and the Virtues (as with ANY “system” of living one’s life with others), caused the old Obsidian Empire to veer inexorably toward fascism and corruption.
    On the other hand, you could certainly try to follow the current path of the Cabalists, but they truly are ancient and powerful sorcerers who were once member of the Obsidian Cabal… The Cabalists don't want allies now, they want only slaves to their will... Their cultist minions have essentially been indoctrinated into the Cabalists’ fascist ways as either mindless servants or slaves whose Free Will has been utterly subjugated by fear and oppression, and whose only actions are the demands of their masters... Imagine, then, that these minions will always be NPCs, because even the most villainous of Players will always be judged by them as having too much free will and desire for self-gratification to support their cause mindlessly, and will therefore always be attacked as opposed to allied with... If you imagine your character could eventually rule the world by corrupting the Virtues and Anti-Virtues toward Dominionist fascism, you can certainly try, but the Cabalists will not currently see you as an ally,…and they and their minions will attack you because you have Free Will… They’d rather see you and your individual pursuits as dead and they want the world itself to eventually be… Currently we are developing a system that supports the Oracle recognizing anti-virtuous deeds as well as virtuous deeds, and flagging things accordingly along your path of character development. So if you’d like to feel like you are supporting the Cabalists even though they currently aren’t set up to see you as an ally, you can certainly do this, although in reality you won’t be supporting their apocalyptic goal as much as you may be paving the way for your own path toward Dominion as a “Dark Avatar” of sorts…
    The basis of the radiating portion of the Septagram symbol, which contains the runes representing the first letters of the seven Aspects of Obsidian Rulership, is explained below…


    Ancev: How about an undead samurai, shogun, kensei style boss wearing bone armor? and a suit of craftable samurai armor made out of bone plates?
    Neat idea

    Infineon: Can we have a Daily Quest ? with awesome rewards?

    aesowondah: I have a question for you guys. The main story line quest, for a player like me who has held off until it is complete, will it be too easy for me? Or will you be able to make it scale to our levels?
    It will not scale so it will likely be very easy for you.

    Dndoldie : are there going to be any other races besides the elves we see now? like dwarves gargoyles:)?
    Deathadder: any plans to ever introduce other playbel races?
    Not for Episode 1

    Viper Venom: Do you plan to implement sailing into the game, which also allows you to fish while sailing. If so, any estimated time for this?
    Not in scope for Episode 1 launch.

    Cairo Hayden: Any plans for making the control points useful again? I'm not finding anyone doing those anymore. Can we make it great again please?
    They were being too abused for unlimited XP gain by high end players. We will circle back to them at a later time when we have a way around the abuse. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    Latnem Chaos: Is there going to be focus on MPO Solo instance dungeons at all with Bosses?
    Not for Ep 1 Launch

    Baron Drocis Fondorlatos: How many years is the Oracle expected to remain solvent? Do recent Obsidian Cabalist sieges impact the solvency of the Oracle 500 gold a day program?
    There are quite a bit of rumors about where the Oracle might be getting her gold. Most of them are not flattering but all of them are consistent in the fact that they do not seem to indicate that there is any risk of insolvency any time soon…

    Kigu Starfish (Kor): Do the races that the Obsidians created from humans (elves, kobolds, satyrs, fauns) have souls?
    Lord British: Just as with the our previous games, Shroud makes no mention of nor takes any position one way or the other about religion or afterlife. Yet, I would argue, elves, kobolds, satyrs, fauns have whatever the other living things had, whatever it may be.

    Browncoat Jayson: Can we get a Lunar Rift spell in the Moon tree to transport to the active Lunar Rift destination? This will help the travel issue.
    Probably not

    redfish: Are things like travelling gypsy caravans still planned for the game? As showed off in Kickstarter with the duck quest.

    Malcipher: at any point is there a chance we will be able to get quest string reward titles to earn like "captain" or "priestess"

    SeanPaxlair : Can we get a form of challenge coins in game?
    Cool idea

    Zap: Can we please discuss the merits of having multiple entrances to scenes? Especially the large ones?
    Please do! What do you think the merits are? Or do you think there are problems with it?

    fonsvitae: question are the virtue hits incurred from looting corpses at solace bridge (starting scenario) ever going to be reversed?
    If you do virtuous things later then while not “reversing” it does balance your virtue

    Lady Caelee: is there a plan to reopen the forest Cave near Braemar ...maybe a decent mining spot?
    No, it was super easy to farm it with no risk

    Raven Swiftbow: when towns are sieged, how will you handle the number of Cabalists v. the number of POTS that have devotionals up.
    Cabalists are supernatural

    Raven Swiftbow: can there be a visual clue for those inside a POT to tell the inhabitants that a siege is happening?
    Dividion: When a town is under siege, can you signal it to the players inside the city by throwing the occasional fireball across the sky?

    Elgarion: At launch, about how many unique adventure scenes will there be?
    A lot! Can’t give exact number just yet

    Zap: Why is Malice a solo dungeon? Why can't we do parties?
    Because players can be in different states along the story.

    Merc Fredis: Is astrological-imbuing of items part of the story?
    I don’t know what this question is asking

    Duke Violation Clauth: when will you guys allow a whistle with custom tunes to discover new pets (IE: whistle for monk and he comes... if you get the right whistle and a pet is in the zone it will come to you???) I think that would be an amazingly cool way to hijack or start quests for the obsidian overlords of doom and yesness....
    Definitely way outside of scope for Ep 1

    Kigu Starfish (Kor): Does the pool that the obsidian eye used still exist in modern New Britannia?
    Lord British: I know the answer to this… but, it is for you to find out.

    Malkhelm: if my courage path bugged and became stuck what am ii to do when it is fixed
    When the Episode 1 plot line is finished in July we will give the ability to perform a one-time reset of quest state, you can redo it at that time.

    Social / Character:

    Conner Hawk: You have features such as Nobles Chat and Guild chat, how about something similar for Hosp/Outlanders? Sort of like a player guide chat for new players so they can easily reach out with questions.
    We have considered it but the spam potential is so great that we have shied away from it.

    Presto/BridgeTroll: what is the best way to see if there are open positions on the project?
    When we have them we post them to our website and our weekly updates.

    Lord Andernut: Please discuss the reasoning behind only allowing one bind-point, but allowing you to currently teleport to any of 1000 or more friends.
    You can control the fixed location, you cannot control where your friends are.

    Peabo: Would it be possible to craft an "exceptional" teleport or recall scroll that could be instant cast?

    Borinal: Regarding moving resources and items, how does everyone feel about expanding on the mail delivery system to allow a player to commission the movement of items between bank locations that creates orders for players to fill? Another way to make money other than delivering mail but at the expense of real players and it could help to balance out the movement of such resources/items, it also wouldn't be instant someone would actually have to take and complete your delivery.
    We plan on having an in-game system to allow this but I think it would be great for players to be able to compete with this.

    Valkaryiie : when can we expect a world and trade chat channel in-game so we don't have to go out of game to make sales.
    Too much potential for spam and abuse.

    Bodhbh Dearg [SecrOfPublicWorks]: Why can't we easily change our [facial] hair? I may want braids in my beard one day, and not the other…
    Because we just haven’t had time to add a feature to support that yet.

    Dirk Hammerstrike: Can we get more skin changing effects? Like food you eat that turns you red for 2 hours or something.

    Bodhbh Dearg [SecrOfPublicWorks]: Can we have more avatar BODY customization options? (weight, muscle tone, etc.)
    Definitely not in scope for Ep 1 launch

    Obsidian Tempest: Can we have pet Mongbat?
    Mongbats are Ultima lore exclusively so we have to be pretty careful about using that exact name.

    C'Nedra: Is there a plan to enable previewing an item on your character (to see what it will actually look like before equipping or buying)?
    Yes eventually but not anytime soon.

    Umuri: Why do our characters have underwear, when the statues are now entirely nude with high detail?
    Because the rules for ratings are VERY different for animated, full color, characters versus inanimate, monochromatic characters like statues

    Roebaron-Trina-Adonias: some of the disdain of players towards the game is the out-of-date graphics. Is there any plan to do update passes to existing items like the houses or the trees. This is much like how Star Citizen has done update passes on their ships throuhgout the years.
    Where we can we will and we have. You can go back and read some of our Release notes or weekly updates for examples.

    Ravalox: Would it be possible to add audio alerts for whispers in chat and Group invites? In addition; to enhance this and some other audio features, it would be A W E S O M E if the sound could be selected by the player. Options such as: <none>, <Default>, <User Selected> Where, <Default> is whatever sound Portalarium assigns and <User Selected> allows the player to select an MP3/other supported audio file.

    Browncoat Jayson: @Lum Can we get the Peanuts Dance as an emote?

    LetucePrey : we have emotes for dragon's breath and for puking , so could we have one for lighting farts? or are you not drunk enough yet ?
    First telethon we hit $500K we will add that one!
  2. I'm done with this game

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    How certain is the team that the connection to SotAMap will not allow players to gather and use location data about other players not on their friends list?
    Is there any risk to player PC's involved with using SotAMap (a third party application that Portalarium does not own)? (i.e. what if SotAMap data is corrupt or contains other unwanted problems?)

    Rats Nest opts out. How can I make sure that my POT is not opted into heat map data by accident? It would be very unhelpful to publicly provide this data to other players.

    I would enjoy this, and I think others might too if the payoff was something "good". Much like aging wine might result in better wine. Please consider.

    I'm aware, I have a home right by it. Stephen Danellie had a developer hangout with Rustic and they designed concept art for "The Hearth" as a reward before he ever joined the Portalarium team. I was hoping you still planned to let Bob Cooksey create that Inn, it looked cool.
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  3. Bowen Bloodgood

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    Caer Dracwych
    Would pirate patches occupy the hat slot? Or necklace? Or would it get it's own?
  4. Draugur2

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    YES! Have been waiting to read this. Thanks Darkstarr!
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  5. redfish

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    Pirate assets! --> here
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  6. Lord Andernut

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    New Britannian Market
    Awesome! Literally been checking like every 15 minutes all week lol. Good thing Patience is not a virtue.

    My question was snipped I think. BUT to clarify, my request/suggestion was to make these changes work the way the elven row deeds work. 1 deed = 2 choices (right alcove or left alcove).

    Apply the same concept with modified houses ie. LotM homes, 1 deed = 2 choices (old manor, new manor).

    Suggestion1 :RE: Flat land: Leave it up to the Governor to place the lot so that the dock does intersect with the land - they almost all have a dock that hits the land at one point in the land, not the entire length of the lot deed.

    Yes, it has the potential to look awkward if it does not line up... but let us try to line it up. It wouldn't be any more awkward than if a POT owner decided to put their houses backwards on the street or put down stage staircases leading nowhere or any manner of POT choices.

    Suggestion2: Default Dock Markers - Until you have a tech solution for this, could you source some community input and put down some default town/village stone markers on the docks in POTs?

    Would love if this one was answered - one answer would make us happier than others, but just giving us craftable 4-length giant pavers would be fantastic. No curves needed. Unless you have a bigger plan planned, 4&8 lengths of giant and large pavers would solve a lot of decoration problems in trying to lay out enough lots to fill a POT.
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    Seems my questions are missing.... Will have to go back through discord to see what they were. ;)
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    Thank you Starr!
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  9. DarkStarr

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    If they duplicated other questions or were answered on air they might not be here.
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    We are still calling them "Telethon's?" :)
  11. Bowen Bloodgood

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    Caer Dracwych
    Oh really? I wouldn't mind having a shot at this one. Any thoughts you can share on direction? Limitations etc? :)
  12. DarkStarr

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    Sorry! Totally missed that one. These will be available as a full set of all shapes in 32 m lengths (based on the giant pavers as base) in R40 in ALL styles.
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  13. Bowen Bloodgood

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    Caer Dracwych
    Yeah.. I have a problem with starting players being given cannibalistic potions when they create their character and NOT being told what's in it. People naturally assume a healing potion is made of healthy ingredients. I remember one player actually saying they literally felt ill after finding out. That's not the kind of reaction you want players to have, and in terms of RP purposes I will not craft, buy, sell or quaff one of these. (Not that they're all that useful to begin with).

    I don't have a problem with other players opting into cannibalism. That's their choice. I DO have a problem with the game itself pushing it on people, especially without their knowledge.
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  14. Magnus Zarwaddim

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    Out of everything here, this one affects me every day I get to play. First, it was a group activity like no other, IMHO. Second, yes, it was a nice way to spend an hour or two to level up - but lets not pretend like that was an easy thing to do for an hour (we regularly wiped and had to start over). Now, I miss the group activity. :(

    Maybe you guys can figure out a way to time lock it, or simply cap the xp gained per day? Either that or make more fun group stuff! :)
  15. Mishikal

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    One was when could we expect the walls around keeps and castles to be removed so that the lots can be fully utilized, along with the walls that came with our pledges. Another was definitely answered on air. If the keep/castle one was, I missed it. ;)
  16. Mishikal

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    Additional questions I had:

    1) Will Portalarium consider partnering with GOG Games in addition to Steam? A lot of people find Steam/Valve to be rather evil
    2) Will it eventually be possible to buy all addon store items via COTOs?
    3) Future development idea (Guessing out of scope for episode 1): Some type of ability to do trade related quests. Given the design of game is to have resource limited regions, it would be neat if, similar to the mail quests, there could be quests to deliver resources that are "scarce" to certain areas. In addition if the area has been recently devastated (sieges, etc) there is a higher value for goods (and those good could be crafted items, not just raw resources).
    4) For fishing trophies, it would be nice to log who caught the fish (comment rather than question)
    5) Water gardening for water lots (For examples, oysters have been farmed since 1st century BC)
    6) Will meticulous be fixed so that it applies to more than just the base item (I.e., if you get meticulous on an iron node, you'll get more iron ore, but only a single of anything else you might have proc'd like tungsten, nickle, etc)?
    7) On the idea of not having trees in swamps, I counter with Louisiana ;)
    8) Will it become possible to add your own Points Of Interest to the compass, like /way X Y Z <Desc> so you can add a waypoint to something you want to track specifically?
    9) The keep/castle wall question mentioned above
    10) Will husbandry be added to the game? (Chicken coops, barn stalls, etc) Chicken coops were at least somewhat discussed as I recall, so maybe. ;)
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  17. GreyMouser Skye

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    Wherever the Moongates take me.
    I love this post. Learned a lot in 30 minutes over a time period of my choosing. However, I learned that my question must have been answered in the telethon which makes it impossible to find without listening to 12 hours of sound. Alas.
    And yes. I will make this comment every time there is a telethon. I wish someone would compile answers (short quips are close enough).
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  18. Ancev

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    That was a lot of stuff to read but I managed to get through it! Thanks for answering the questions!
  19. Vladamir Begemot

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    Are you kidding me? It would be the best thing EVER!
  20. Bowen Bloodgood

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    Caer Dracwych
    Lot of players don't have the patience to walk from point A to point B if it takes more than 4 minutes. (some not even that) A full year? That'd have to be one hell of a tree. :)
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