Release 59 Livestream – Nov 2, 2018 (Fish Themed)

The Release 59 Livestream is set for Friday November 2! All Avatars from around the world are welcome to join us in the livestream activities. We will be doing deep dives, answering questions, having sales, handing out prizes, and tracking towards stretch goals. In honor of Fishing Phase 2 going live in Release 59 the theme for this livestream is Fish!


Monthly livestreams are on Twitch and include answers to your gameplay questions, world building tours, prize giveaways, sales on items, and more! Here is the schedule:


  • 3PM: Introductions
  • 3:30PM: Deep Dive 1: Fishing
  • 4:30PM: Q&A
  • 5:15PM: Deep Dive 2: Boss Behaviors
  • NEW! 6:00PM: Deep Dive 3: Deck Building
  • 7PM: Ending Announcements

STRETCH GOALS (Fish Themed!)

As a special bonus, we are offering funding rewards to any player that makes a minimum purchase of $5 during a twelve hour window during the day of the livestream, on November 2 from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CDT (Nov 2 17:00 to Nov 3 5 05:00 UTC). In honor of the Fishing Phase 2 going live in Release 59 the theme for this livestream is Fish!

All purchases during the twelve hour window will count towards the stretch goals, not just the four hours of the livestream! Also participation in the Rewards Program counts towards our stretch goal totals!

Please note that we have extended availability of the stretch goals to every Friday of the release for 12 hours per the new Stretch Goal Tracking Changes.

  • ACHIEVED $10K: Fish Pavers 
  • ACHIEVED $25K: Fish Throne
  • ACHIEVED $35K: Fish Mask Set
  • ACHIEVED $50K: Big Trophy Fish Stone Statue Set
  • $65K: Fish Shield & Swordfish Sword
  • $75K: Big Fish Mask Set (Shark & Lava!)
  • $85K: Unique Dungeon Encounter Room with Fishing Spot
  • $95K: Fish Scale Armor

*Please keep in mind that stretch goal rewards take time to develop and will most likely not be available until Release 61 at the earliest. We will keep you updated!


We will be having twelve hours of sales around the livestream from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM CDT (Oct 4 17:00 to Oct 5 05:00 UTC)! Items in the following categories will be on sale at approx. 50% off. As noted above, all purchases during this time will count towards the stretch goals!


We will be giving prizes away on an hourly basis with many being given away multiple times. Enter for a chance to win a prize by either logging into the game and typing “Reel it in” into chat OR by purchasing any item from our store during the livestream!


We will be answering questions throughout the livestream, so submit them in the comments section below or on Discord chat during the event.

Please do NOT post questions containing:

  • More than 3 questions in total (post all three in a single reply)
  • Bugs or other problems best posted in the bug forums
  • “When is this coming” or anything related to schedule (for those answers please refer to our quarterly updates or our post release plans)
  • Questions with more than a couple of sentences. Please keep them brief! We will likely understand the context of your interest, so just ask the question and we’ll be able to respond.
  • For bug reports and extra idea suggestions, please use the forums for this purpose.

A Final Thought: We see a LOT of repeat questions. Please consider reviewing one of the other missed question posts, previous monthly livestreams, livestream transcripts, and/or reading our Post Episode 1 plan post before posting a question. Your question might have already been answered.

Watch @ShroudofAvatar updates throughout the day of the livestream. See you on Twitch!


  1. Jay NordJay Nord

    1. Please update the Estgard map to show lots and lot ownership.
    2. Can we have a Universal Trade chat channel to keep Trade out of the new Universe channel?
    3. Can you add seed merchants to Harvest and/or Estgard? Harvest and Estgard are farming communities but neither sells any seeds of any kind.

  2. SneekiepeatSneekiepeat

    The bonus from the meteoric iron on my bone armor gives a straight bonus of +2 armor resist. While the bonus to my meteoric plate gives a % bonus instead of a flat increase. Is this as intended or maybe just a typo?

  3. ElrondElrond

    1.Can prosperity/artisan tool bags be added to the store ?
    2.Can we get some fishing baits from agriculture as well ? If its not too ”powerfull”
    3.Can you increase the number of water buckets on NPC vendor ? Buying 5k at once would be great instead of 500.
    4. Great release .. Universal chat will make the game much more smooth especially for new players for them is just one word away now . Not to mention is much easier to find a party… Thank you for the hard work.

  4. RatRat

    I’d like the NPC towns have more services in terms of NPC vendors. If you have a lot in Harvest or Goti, you have to go way too far on the map to buy supplies. Too many NPC towns are ghost towns except for the occasional quest run. Any chance this could change? Some of these towns have had a lot of work put into them.

  5. KardallKardall

    Any chance we could get different rotation settings for placing items in houses. Sometimes items just don’t line up the way you want them on chairs / shelves, and you can’t do anything but rotate them horizontally.

    Vertical rotation would be much loved.

  6. RadicusRadicus

    1. Why aren’t the cloth heraldry boots and gloves dyeable? We are stuck with boring grey.
    2. Any plans for new POT templates for Ep2? Maybe a community contest to come up with ideas or submissions?
    3. Is the NPC naming and story reward still happening? Kinda left up in the air, I was waiting for my town to come up.

  7. OmnedonOmnedon

    1 any chance of fishing up ancient Sosarian items? (Tattered Britannia map, cask of Trinsic ale, orc helm, etc)

    2. Need more book cover patterns! Elf, kobald, gargoyle, torn, burned, etc..

  8. Kron Caledon

    Can you please add more deck slots? There are so many skills / builds (plus non-combat decks) – this would allow for more experimentation.

    1. Kron Caledon

      Can you add a /fishtale emote, with a scale factor to show HOW BIG the fish was?

      /fishtale 1.7
      /fishtale 3.7

  9. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

    Feedback post only, sorry but required..

    R59 best release ive played best changes A+

    Next big change to make reduce all pet focus cost by 50% and give summoned pets +attunment and that will be a huge win in r60.

  10. Astor CerberusAstor Cerberus

    Q: I love the ornate marble dungeon foyer. Will you be selling hallways and rooms in this style soon too?

  11. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

    Question 1: I haven’t heard any mention of Animal Husbandry of late. Is it still on the drawing board?

    Question 2: I know you want to limit the amount of Deco that can be used off of a Lot in a POT, but I’d like to have some tables and chairs to set up outside my NPC Tavern. Might that be possible?

    Question 3: Chris: Good work on all the performance improvements. Might we be close to being able to support another increase in Deco Limits for Lots and/or POTs?

  12. TorulopsisTorulopsis

    1) When will toggleable EXP pool value displays be an option for main UI (like active quests)?
    2) When will search function be added to recipe book?

  13. LilyLily

    1) Since there’s not more decay, we don’t really need the “Maintain” in the skill window. Can you remove it, and maybe make “Not Training” a yellow circle?

    2) Can we please have a Toggle on the item Mouseover Tooltip and Item Compare in the Inventory, Bank, and Loot windows?

    3) When can we expect a Quality of Life improvement to make collecting Water less of a pain?

  14. John MarkusJohn Markus

    Back in R22 when Nightshade Pass was first implemented, there were talks of placing large aquatic monster at the center of the lake to prevent Avatars from swimming across the lake without enjoying the beautiful landscape.
    Now that fishing is being revamped, can we fish the Nightshade Pass Lake Monster ?

  15. ephialtesephialtes

    1. Will you add new NPCs to the existing scenes during the development of Episode 2?
    2. Are you planning to use scene caching or scene pre-loading when you approach it on a map for reduced load times?
    3. What are the key lessons you took from Read Dead Redemption 2 when it comes to appealing to modern open world gamers?

  16. StarLordStarLord

    1. Please comment on the future of SPO. With the latest patch now also sieges and encounters are forced open.
    If SPO is removed completely there is no reason for me to continue playing.
    2. Do “Life Power” and “Life Reach” affect “Banish Undead”? The mouse over does not show it.

  17. GrimaceGrimace

    1. How do we grow different sized pumpkins? Please describe how pumpkins function now.

    2. What is the current function of the public gardens? Will avatars have access to planting seeds there? (Specifically Ardoris near Oracle Confirmatory)

  18. SneekiepeatSneekiepeat

    is there a way to give the players the choice of having one spec. in combat and 2 in crafting or no specs in combat and 3 in crafting or the other way around for the players who chose to focus on crafting.

  19. Alleine DragonfyreAlleine Dragonfyre

    At SotaCon, we spoke to you and Lord British about adding a new skill tree to the game that I talk about in the link below at great length. It contains videos, the actual skill tree discussed and lots of people agreeing it would be cool and bring life to both NPC cities and POTs.

    Have you come any closer to possibly adding something like this to Shroud? Thank you!

  20. carl321carl321

    Thanks to the designer for canceling the DECAY that seriously affects game development. Are you still considering adding a new hostile system? I sincerely recommend that this part of the design time be used in a more correct direction. Punishment will only speed up the tiredness of the game and will not add fun. This has been verified for a long time, and I really don’t want to go back.

    1. When there is no DECAY, the player is more willing to take the time to upgrade the skills, will it enter a cycle of permanent NERF players again? NERF will actually disrupt the rhythm of the entire battle, and players will have to adapt. NERF is generally used to balance the game, but now every time NERF is weakening the player again and again, which is not conducive to long-term development. Can the combat system be more stable?

    2. The strength of the monsters is doubled. It is almost unreasonable to greatly surpass the players in all aspects. The average attack power is difficult for the player to reach, and it is also smarter. The blood return is faster. The warrior usually faces the adventure. Multiple monsters, if you team up, the blame in some places will be more powerful. The command of human hands to operate, the speed can never catch up with AI, and it is not necessary to increase the body BUFF regularly, it will become inexplicable to become stronger before dying. Is this unreasonable?

    3. Considering the increase in the intensity of the monster, can you give the player some convenience and make the battle smoother? Every time the player plays the monster (especially the warrior), it must be supported by the BUFF like a dance. Can you extend the BUFF time? Or give the players the BUFF of the measurements. Or can you see the remaining time of the skill more directly? Or can you add more to the skill bar for combat?


    Thanks to the designer’s efforts, the world without DECAY is really more attractive than before.

    1. Regarding the setting of the game, BUFF monster, NERF player’s situation is continuous, can you interpret the player as no matter how much time it takes to upgrade the skill, the designer can change the green monster to easily knock down the player overnight? The ability to change monsters is simply too simple, but what does the player have to do to improve their skills over the course of months? For a player who hasn’t spent a few months to improve his skills, isn’t it a month weaker than one? In the past, LV80 could challenge RISE. Now LV100 may be able to do it. Isn’t the new player standing in a disadvantageous position?

    2. Why not add new items to the new layout to increase the fun and fun? Probably because you know that players need experience values ​​very much, so the difficulty is greatly improved in the main map, making it harder for players to get experience. But the problem is that a skill needs at least several hundred million (or even billions, tens of billions of experience), which means that if the player has 1 million hours per hour, it can take at least a few hundred hours to raise a skill to 200. At least one talent has More than 10 skills, the extreme need for players to experience should be a design problem, and this does not increase the fun of the game. Players are dilemma and painful. Can you consider setting all settings to 200? Players are more likely to go to 200 (at least two of the specializations), then you use the ability of the player 200 to set the strength of the blame, the blame ability will be stabilized, the gap between the old and new players will be reduced, if SOTA is not a simple In the practice of the game, will players enjoy the more PVP, fishing, layout and more like MMORPG days?

    3. The change of fishing reminds me of the fish tank at home. Can I design a pool or a fish tank to raise fish? The arrangement of the fish tank is exquisite and does not require too much position. It is also possible to add different fish species. It may be a good product.

  22. wedraxwedrax

    The Release is great, features fantastic, keep that way and let people whining snare the game; The numbers will speak for all.

    Q: Can we use outside decorations inside dungeon? Cause it will be intersting and maybe move a lot the in game market and the addon market if we can made themed garden/nature dungeon or use giant decoration inside giant room, so huge items will be desiderable even for people that own just a row.

    Q: Can we have dedicated slot to non combat pet npc on our lot, basement , dungeon or make slot for npc pet purchasable using crown or addon store? That way we will use them more and maybe many people will do a catch em all collection.

    Q: About the vendor actually it can be moved without sending items back in bank, can you add a function to empty the vendor or remove other players items from it? Cause seem actually the item will just remain stocked inside the vendor and noway for who listed them to get items back.

    Thank you.

  23. OmnedonOmnedon

    oh.. almost forgot my #3..

    3. By the authority invested in me by myself, I am ordering my inclusion into the Order of Chaos because of reasons.

  24. BioxideBioxide

    Fishing questions:

    1) does fishing skill level improve anything or just a slightly further range? I heard a skilled fisherman might have better luck on the rare fish.

    2) when will crafable gear be in that will utilize fish parts?

    3) do you see fishing expanding into to boat system and deep sea fishing with risk vrs reward like uo and krakens etc?

  25. Gia

    THANK YOU for the awesome patches and work

    1)Can you kindly consider to let the DJ Console as an ingame instrument to let the radio streamers to stream without actually have to force players to tune to the music source ipstation? Can you image the awesomness of this :-) ?

    2) Can you consider to apply an object (decos) culling to the light sources or items to help the dynamic culling (occlusion planes) preventing items rendered that are not supposed to be visible?

    3) I’m sure it’s already on a Jira entry (As Travis always assures me :-) ), can you consider to remove the white glow on enchanted/masterworkerd items to let people show the beauty without that boring visual effect?

  26. Ghegatron

    Really well done patch, but something new for pvp?

    Q: How about to modify or remove the ransom? Cause in the way it is now you can win 50 times and loot 10k igg then die one time and loose 50k igg; So a currency that will not penalyze so much ? cause that ransom system will not encourage so much people try and join pvp.

    Q: How about a queue system for battlegrounds like obsidian trial and have some more mode like capture the flag, search and destroy, control point etc. made for pvp? It will make happy a lot of player and maybe call a lot of new one.

    Q: How about faction or alliances? Cause with a 8 person group, when you join something where 2 groups are allied and are fighting against someone else happen to attack or kill friendly target and it’s really difficult involve more then 16 people in a pvp scenario. So also just something simple like to flag as allied another guild would be great.

  27. CirseeCirsee

    1) Since we now have scaling tech for fish trophies, will this allow us to scale deco in the future. Thing like scroll wheel min max size a plant, etc.

    2) With adding fishing hole to the alpine template, will you be adding more fishing friendly PoT biomes or fishing spots, multi water types like fresh and fetid for swamps, a volcano pot template, etc.

  28. Paladin MichaelPaladin Michael

    1. Would you consider to give us the possibility to change GOLD COTO at the Coto Merchant / Bank at a fixed price? Maybe 1 COTO = 5.000 Gold. It would be great to know, there will be NO LOSS while using Coto’s or Gold. There is really enough business with so many items … Thank you!

    2. What’s the idea after the expired Bundles? Can we expect new EPISODE 2 Bundles? Or may be a kind of mini early access Episode 2 bundle? :)

    3. New User Training is good! It would be great, if a player could start a training lesson every time (later).
    Maybe (s)he skipped the intro and entered the main story too early? So a kind of training button would be fine :)

    4. I asked about at telethon, but heard/saw no response. If so, sorry ;)
    @Chris, could you explain, why crafted items are starting with +2/+3/+4, instead before exceptional at +1? Before it was more easy to compare an item (‘standard’ / augmented) with another (epic / fortified) …

  29. Antrax ArtekAntrax Artek

    1) Any plan to implement factions in game? in case there isn’t one, what are the reasons for not implementing this much-requested feature?

    2) Any chance to prevent players that just killed someone (or stolen items) from exiting the map mode for few minutes? Something like a criminal flag

    3) What about not letting people switching to party/private mode if they’re pvp flagged?

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