Community Spotlight: Jade Valley – Player Owned Town

This week’s community spotlight features the Player Owned Town, Jade Valley! The upcoming Release 35 dance party (which starts this Friday at 2pm CDT) will also be hosted in Jade Valley. We will be livestreaming the last half hour or so of the dance party, leading into a new livestream event that officially begins at 4pm.

As told from a visit to the town by your community wood elf druid, Berek, Jade Valley is a unique town with many opportunities for new and experienced players to find a reason to visit. Close to Port Phoenix and several other player owned towns on the east side of the isle of Elysium, I saw a great many things across Jade Valley that drove me to write this spotlight.

Here is what I witnessed:

Jade Valley is very easy to find with many distractions to appease your adventurous spirit along the way. As I neared the town, nestled along the Twins Foothills in the southwest of Novia, the howl of the wind from the mountains threatened to rip off my cloak. Fortunately, as I approached the town’s entrance, the valley tamed the winds down to a nice breeze.

Mal Hari the town Govenor greeted me upon entering. He escorted me to the outdoor bar area, which had an amazing view of the coast. A group of fishing vessels were anchored there, bobbing up and down as the occasional wind gust came along.

As we walked, I asked Governor Mal Hari…

Why was Jade Valley founded?

Initially, Jade Valley was a place for my friends and family to live. As I began to decorate the town, I realized that I had so much stuff and plenty of space that I could share. To find people who could contribute to the town, I started a guild (the Jade Dragons), which has grown immensely, and now includes several player owned towns (together known as the Jade Empire). Jade Valley is the Capitol of the empire, and is a place where avatars can share the public amenities and the generosity of the townsfolk.

Who is welcome to reside in Jade Valley?

Everyone is welcome (Jade Valley is a PvE area). You do not need to be a guild member to live in town. There are already so many great people living here, including PVPers, roleplayers, crafters, grinders, casual players, etc. As the governor, I have strived to create a great town that can bring players together. Our town was founded on the principle of being friendly and respectful to each other. So as long as you are friendly to your fellow player, Jade Valley may be the place for you.

Tell us about your residents of Jade Valley?

I can’t say enough praise about the players living here. I feel rather lucky that they have chosen to settle in Jade Valley because they have created a strong sense of community and helped build the town through selfless cooperation. There is every type of player here and they are all very helpful to each other. At almost any time of the day, you can find someone from Jade Valley online crafting, heading out on adventures, or sitting around the Jade Tavern.

What are the unique areas of Jade Valley?

Jade Valley has a well organized central area with a shopping market, a crafting pavilion, the Jade Tavern, a gustball field, and an amphitheater. The market has a 1-stop shopping plaza with 8 player vendors and 6 NPC vendors selling almost everything you need. The crafting pavilion has every expert crafting station for public use. The Jade Tavern is an outdoor bar where you can stop in for a drink. The Tavern also has a stage for musical performances! The large outdoor amphitheater is a perfect venue to host community events including plays, meetings, and concerts.

Underneath Jade Valley is the Jade Caverns (a PVP zone), where 4 v 4 PVP events will be hosted. We also have some of the best fishing around!

Jade Valley (and the rest of the Jade Empire) is part of a grand alliance called the Phoenix Republic, which is a growing coalition currently consisting of 6 guilds and 15 cities. This alliance has extended the strong sense of community to locations and players throughout SotA.

What is the future of Jade Valley?

The future of our little piece of New Britannia is bright! With so many great people living, shopping, crafting, and playing here, we are sure to grow both as a place of commerce and a place of fun. There is plenty of space still available for the town to grow, so we are confident that as the larger game community grows, so to will our town.

If interested in becoming part of the Jade Valley community, message Mal Hari in the community forums to show your interest.

We will be touring towns and talking with guilds and other groups, all of which are open to be spotlighted on coming tours brought to you by Berek, your community wood elf druid.

Do you have a Player Owned Town, guild, or other type of group that makes available great things for the community? Let us know! We would like to include your establishment in an upcoming spotlight. Just send Berek a brief proposal of what you have to present!


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    Nice job on the feature. I also went to explore several nights ago, as I had seen some postings about the market area, and it did not disappoint.

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