Community Spotlight: Beran’s Reach – Player Owned Town

This week’s community spotlight features the Player Owned Town, Beran’s Reach! Each week we tour towns and talk with guilds and other groups, all of which are open to be spotlighted on coming tours brought to you by Berek, your community wood elf druid.

Here is what I witnessed while I roamed this holiday themed town:

On a high peak dominating the environs of Central Sanctus, the walled Metropolis of Beran’s Reach takes a commanding position in the wilds north of Regalis. For many who live within the northern realms, ‘the Reach’ has become synonymous with sanctuary from the great dangers that lurk within the moors and forests, both men and beast alike. It is, perhaps, with no degree of relief that my caravan rounded corner to reveal the stark, imposing walls and turrets that mark the outskirts of the settlement-proper.

After being ushered in by grim-faced guards, I must admit that I was taken aback by the splendor of a bustling settlement, a far cry from from the wilderness beyond.

The streets teemed with all-manner of folk, from adventurers to traders, artists to craftsmen and merchantmen. The broad, well-kept streets are flanked by imposing stone and timber buildings, the home of many a guild and shopkeeper. Dominating the interior, the high keep of the famed Bear Tavern rings with the sound of song and laughter, a multitude of bright lights and roaring fires helping to stave off to bitter cold of the world beyond.

It is here that I met Vallas Tellen, a tall and rather direct man who served not only as the tavern keeper, but also as the local governor. With a firm handshake and a nod, he gestured to a quiet table. Before long, the table was groaning under the weight of fine ales and beers, as well as an array of goods from the tavern kitchens. Contented murmurings from the other patrons as well as the soft tones of a musician on the stage gave the expansive tavern a warm and inviting feel.

As we settled in for the evening, I asked Governor Vallas Tellen…

What can you tell me about Beran’s Reach?

Beran’s Reach is a one of the largest of the northern settlements. For many who live here, it offers a place a sanctuary and respite from all manner of foes that live out there, especially this far north. It’s acted as a sanctuary for oh, well past living memory, with bards and storytellers telling great tales of the Reach as a bastion of hope in times of need. For many who venture to and from the northern wilds Beran’s Reach acts as an important waystation, a natural layover before either venturing deeper on into the wilderness or heading south towards Brittany herself.

We’re a big settlement, with all manner of trades and businesses catering to those moving on and those who have stayed and called this place home. You’d be surprised how many new faces try their luck out here to earn a bit of fame and glory. Bards, adventurers, merchants, you name it, we don’t tend to ask too many questions about people’s reasonings for venturing out here. Still, despite all the toing and froing we’re a tight-knit community. We look after our own.

Who is welcome to reside in Beran’s Reach?

The Reach is already home to more than a few guilds and merchant houses that live out here on a permanent basis. One of the benefits of living out in the wilds is that we have more than enough space for everyone, though we do of course keep an eye on travellers and citizens of the Reach to ensure that things stay civil. The militia patrols the roads to ensure that the roads stay safe, as best we can make them anyway.

If anyone fancies joining us, they’re welcome to. We have plenty of room in our local guest houses and we’ve plots of land available. Simply make an enquiry and we’d be happy to oblige you.

What are the unique areas of Beran’s Reach?

We are fortunate to have some of the finest amenities outside of Britanny, a testament to years of hard work and toil at the hands who have decided to live with us. Within the Reach itself, we can offer both comfort and a feeling of warmth and security for those who perhaps prefer to live away from the civilised world to the south. Nearby, not only do we have the city-proper, we also have a variety of villages and isolated farmsteads that each have a their own distinct character; or for those who wish to keep to themselves.

Within the centre of Beran’s Reach, the market and the grounds of The Bear Tavern itself provide an attractive setting for all manner of celebration. Here, a pumpkin festival has taken on a life of it’s own.

To the North West overlooking Beran’s Reach, Victory Arena provides an enormous venue that is open to all. The size of a castle, the Arena floor regularly is the setting for all manner of events and tournaments.

To the South, the headquarters of the Beran League Militia makes its home, ready and willing to defend the lands if called.

To the North, the Beran’s Reach courthouse ensures that the rule of law is maintained. Its magistrates work with the Beran League militia to ensure that a modicum of peace remains within the northern lands.

Some of our residents have brought a taste of civility with them. The Crusty Lobster, moored nearby is run by Master Cook Ertai Vodalion, providing some of the finest cooking found anywhere.

The High Rock Brewery Theatre provides a cozy venue for bards and entertainers alike. It plays host to the works of all-manner of theatrical groups and entertainers, all while serving a fine range of wines and ales.

Still, less reputable individuals may find other venues to cater to their particular tastes. Budner’s Lounge in the south west of the Reach has a somewhat dubious reputation.

Across Beran’s Reach, many artisans ply their respective trades, ensuring that both locals and visitors have all they need to survive in the harsh wilderness beyond.

This is just a selection of what Beran’s Reach can offer. We are keen to support those that choose to live with us and we encourage new arrivals to explore!

Beran’s Reach is a proud founding member of The Beran League, a community of guilds and land owners working together to foster mutually productive relationships and to act as a force for good. With many members having substantial experience dating back many, many years, the League provides aid to those in need.

What is the future of Beran’s Reach?

Beran’s Reach has established itself as a vibrant and unique part of the world that is proud to support those that call it home. While much has been built, there remains much more still to do. The Reach will continue to build to accommodate those that wish to join us, providing new land for future citizens. What’s more, we aim to further our aims of building a thriving economic hub, for the benefit of the entire community.

Finally, we want to make Beran’s Reach an experience that everyone can come to make full use of, regardless of rank or affiliation. It is our dearest hope that everyone can come to enjoy what we have built here, be it hosting parties at the tavern, concerts and tournaments at the arena or simply making use of the surrounds by running your own shop or venue. We are here for the benefit of all, and we’d dearly love to have you spend some time with us.

If interested in becoming part of the Beran’s Reach community, message Duke Vallas Tellen in the community forums to show your interest.

Do you have a Player Owned Town, guild, or other type of group that makes available great things for the community? Let us know! We would like to include your establishment in an upcoming spotlight. Just send Berek a brief proposal of what you have to present!


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