Hangout of the Avatar ~ Release 40 Postmortem

We have been extremely happy with the community’s reaction to Release 40 so far, and want to hear more of your valuable feedback! Join us Tuesday, April 11th at 3:00 PM Central (20:00 UTC) on Twitch for our monthly Hangout of the Avatar. We will be answering your questions and looking ahead at what’s on the development schedule in Q2 2017!

Once you get a chance to check out Release 40, post your questions in the comments section below. Only one post submission per player allowed, and keep questions to 3 or less. This will allow us to get to as many questions as possible.

As always, we will be giving out rare artifacts of immense power and glory. For a chance to win an artifact, or to speak your voice on the latest game changes, be in Discord chat during the livestream. There will be multiple chances to win throughout the broadcast!

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    1. macnlosmacnlos

      And what does the future hold for the Sotamap integration? Party location showing on map tracking?

    2. curtcurt

      Originally it sounded like the moontower barrier would protect against sieges
      What will they do now?

    3. redfishredfish

      There are a whole host of questions it raises, including
      – What type of maps will be included in the offline game?
      – Doesn’t this make in-game map system redundant?
      – How will cartography as a skill be useful if ever added?

      Which all personally lead me to hope the sotamap integration is a temporary stopgap.

  1. Cypher BlackCypher Black

    In Episode 1, will the owners of POTs be able to place “pets” within the towns? If not, is this planned for the future?

    As a follow-up to that question, will we be able to set guards to ‘patrol’ specific areas as we see them do in NPC towns and PRTs?

    ON a different topic, as they burn so easily, shouldn’t undead be casting lightning bolts instead of fire?

    Cypher Black

      1. Cypher BlackCypher Black


        Replacement Question then:

        Is there a plan to tweak the experience given to parties? Right now, it is more beneficial for me to play solo as I will gain more experience then if I am in a party. If I do join a party, the more members we have, the less experience I get. Ultimately this leads players to prefer to play solo in a multi-player game. While I do prefer to play with groups of people, I have to forgo that in order to effectively build my characters experience pool and thus his skill.


        Cypher Black

  2. TalonZorchTalonZorch


    Here you can find a translation of this post in german language:

    I also offer to translate your german question into english to relays them towards Portalarium.

    Hier findet ihr die Übersetzung dieses Artikels in deutsche Sprache:

    Ich biete auch an eure deutsche Frage ins Englische zu übersetzen und an Portalarium weiterzugeben.

    Have Fun / Bis dahin

    Aurelius Morgenstern

  3. macnlosmacnlos

    I’ll put my top questions here:

    1) What’s the general plan, status and target release for the Rental system?

    2) Usage permissions on the Remote Bank Device? We want to put one in the Guild house but today if we give access to it, anyone can take it. Is it planned to add permission like there are on containers so we can give just usage rights to it?

    3) Coordinating activities in game is difficult without an effective communication/bulletin system. We have to rely on external things like the forums, discord or personal websites. It would be great to be able to plan/schedule/ask things to guild members even if they are offline and can see it when they login.

    4) This crosses both the trade system and the vendor system. I would so like to be able to sell or trade a bag of items (like a set of armor) but can’t. Are there any plans for this?

    Thanks for all the great work!
    Macnlos (Elaina Strongbow)

    1. TalonZorchTalonZorch

      @Rent System:
      Release 43, June 29, 2017: “Additionally the ability to rent rooms in a player home will start to become available to homeowners.”
      Source: Q2 Update

      @Bank Device:
      Rosemourne: Does current tech support Kobold Banking Devices to allow users to use the bank without giving the player full access? If so, is that a change that could be made?
      We know the permissions for this device need improvements. We hope to get a pass done in Q2

      @Bulletin Boards:
      Bella Bones: Also any word on bulletin boards for towns?
      Bulletin Board will also be something closer to year end.

  4. Gringo

    Will we see some kind of treasure hunting in game anythime “soon”?

    How hard do you expect this to be to implement?

    What are your thought on the mechanics on treasure hunting. How do players get the map,parts of map,clues and so on?


  5. WombyWomby

    Q1: It would be great to be able to trade a container that is not empty, for giving presents at parties. Any chance of this soon?

    Q2: If we had a container that allowed players to remove only a single item, it could be used to:
    1. fairly distribute gifts at parties
    2. provide rewards in player created quests
    Any chance of this soon?

  6. twofoldsilencetwofoldsilence

    1) As curt asked above is sotamap integration the final iteration of the mini map stretch goal that was achieved during the Kickstarter?

    2) Whether sotamap integration is the final iteration of the SotA mini map or not can a fog of war be added to it, so I can’t see a whole area or the world map before I actually explored?

    3) Do archers and magic users receive any penalties when I’m wailing on them with my 2-handed great axe, because they still seem to do tremendous amounts of damage to me?

    1. SolazurSolazur

      I hear ya on #3. Seems like they should have a min distance they need to be from you to use a bow.

  7. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

    Q1. Its been stated all boats including pledge homes will be useable as a fishing vessel in future epdsodes, will I be able yo use my current home as both or do I need a second one if I wanted to use both ad a home and a fishing boat?

    Q2. What are some of the ideas floating arround for the underground biome population indicators?

    Q3.whats the current thinking of having a internal pot people mover? We really really need one if your willing.

    1. EchondasEchondas

      First off, I think the size of the underground biome icon on the world map needs to be increased a bit, and made to stand out a bit more from the surrounding environment?

      For the population indicator, maybe add glowing mushrooms of varying amount/size near it ?

  8. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson


    Q1: When Iolo hit 500 followers on Twitter, we were going to get a new song from him in SotA ( What song is this, and when will we get to hear it in-game?

    Q2: Can we get a Collector’s Edition of The Sorcerer’s Daughter books in the Add-On Store, with special edition covers and an “autographed” illustration title page? Added points if it included a wax cylinder of Karelia’s Song sung by the master bard himself (as on Truly Carmichael’s CD,

    Q3: During the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary event, Richard and Dr. Cat talked about having SotA/Furcadia cross promotional items. Some ideas were Dr. Cat’s fetching cat-eared hat (perhaps with matching cat-tail breeches), and a Furcadia-themed pet in SotA and character skin in Furcadia. Is this still happening (can we get a JIRA)?!


  9. Jakub WhiteJakub White

    Q1: Do you plan to add some more water homes that looks like ships, especially for a smaller lot sizes (i.e. Pinnace, Sloop, Barque, Fluyt, Brigantine, Brig)?

    Q2: Can you make an “invisible hat” pattern. Many players just want to hide their helmets. It should not be a problem since you already have technology.

    1. Browncoat JaysonBrowncoat Jayson

      They’ve answered Q2 several times. There will not be a way to make your helmet invisible to other players, however they will consider an option that will allow you to hide your hat for your client so you don’t have to see it.

      Basically, this is one of the areas where they do not want to hide equipment from players due to PvP concerns. I think being able to hide your own headgear should be enough. Alternatively, there are lots of patterns coming into the game, so you should be able to find something that you prefer the appearance of.

  10. dorkish

    Q1: are you going to have a easy to mine iron mine to replace serpent spine around 3 to 4 skulls in difficulty?

    1. Rufus D`AsperdiRufus D`Asperdi

      From the Q2 2017 Schedule Update post in the Announcements Forum:

      RELEASE 43, June 29, 2017
      Mail: Players will be able to send mail to each other through an in-game interface.

  11. Trevour

    Q1: in the telethon, Chris mentioned that bludgeon and polearms are currently under powered. Improvements did not make it into release 40. The quarterly update mentions combat balance in release 43. Do us mace users really have to wait three more months for relief?

    Q2: Many GM buffs only last 30 seconds. Most of my fights last minutes. 30 second buffs need to be reapplied 4 or 5 times. Are buffs duration balanced as expected?

    Q3: Any possibility to allow the masterwork and enchanting interface to give us more then three options? It would be nice if a gm enchanter got six options.

    1. Daxxe DigglerDaxxe Diggler

      In response to your Q2… have you tried stacking your buffs? When you use a 5-stack of a buff, it usually lasts minutes instead of seconds.

      With the addition of the extra combat decks, you should have plenty of slots to create a “Buffs” deck and experiment.

  12. Roycestein KaelstromRoycestein Kaelstrom

    1) Could we please get the craftable version for Shogun Castle Wall pretty please?
    2) When will brewery ever going to be implemented?
    3) Do you have plan on upgrading to Unity 5.6/Vulcan soon?

  13. Warrior B'PatrickWarrior B'Patrick

    1. Is there a way to expand the resident list in town access to include community items like the Bank Access Device or Weapon and Armor racks so that any resident can use these but non residents can not? Just like the Crafting tables can be used by all as long as your lot is not marked as locked but they can not take them or move them.

    2. When placing a lot marker in a POT can you also show in a different color the available area where a lot can not be placed? The information is there or else the marker would not turn red, it is just not being displayed. Nearby lots markers already placed show up, showing boundaries would help also.

  14. TeddyMITTeddyMIT

    Q1: Can you remove the material limitation of the Pattern Pack?
    ex: pattern of heavy packages can be used on light armor
    I think this can make the game more interesting, whether it is PVP or PVE.

    Q2: Can you remove the execution time required to switch DECK? Replaced by a higher focus spent.
    Further I would like to be able to increase the number of [X] switching deck.
    Rather than just switching the main and sub deck.
    ex: you can set the number for each deck in the current deck menu and use the [x] and mouse wheel to allow the user to change the deck they want at any time.
    But the cost is to set the deck number of more, the higher the cost of switching the focus.

  15. Time LordTime Lord

    Fishing and Plant Farming… Filling in the placeholders when?
    + When will the windmills and generators work or do something?
    Will they be able to pump water? (buckets of water are a no fun task which takes much fun time away)

    1. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

      I dont mind a fishing delay as long as its done well, currently fishing requires mining/forestry to level-odd.

      Please do a excetional job on this tree. ;)

  16. Sir_MichaelSir_Michael

    1) May it be possible to have subitems/markers (chapters) for the Quest entries?
    Quest of Love, Truth, Courage …
    It would be easier to sort/find things which were marked in this way.

    2) Is there a chance to calculate the time of loosing XP after death in GAME TIME, please, instead of real time? Casual players pay double :(

    3) As I made a lot of Threads about the choosen path:
    Are you thinking of giving each new player the same amount of skills/Ability points/Items to make each choice equal? (It isn’t at the moment! Love Path starter receive the most, Truth Path starter the fewest …)

    4) Are you thinking about more realistic usage of raw materials in a lot of crafting recipies, for example the amount of Ingots for making a ring or an amulet?

    Sorry for posting 4 questions – last times I didn’t ask soo much ;)
    And thank you for your time to read what we are concerned about :)

    1. FrostIIFrostII

      +1 on Question 2 !
      Casual players take a huge hit when they die if they can only play an hour a day.
      Decay should be GAME TIME not REAL TIME to be fair to the vast majority of players.

  17. AlmarAlmar

    1. Are you reconsidering how you seed the uncloned mines with ore given the issues with Serpentspine Mines?

    2. Can you consider not having loss of xp on fall deaths, since usually it’s a dodgy game mechanic that causes death falls – the Serpentspine Mines for instance….

    3. how far back will fishing development be pushed now?

    4. Is it possible to make the world more beautiful that it is now? What are your challenges?

    If even one question gets answered I’ll be happy.

    Thanks you


  18. Barnabas RootBarnabas Root

    Question: Can you please provide an update regarding the physical rewards being provided to to the Kickstarter Backers, i.e. review the list of items, report on progress, provide approximate shipment date?

  19. TalonZorchTalonZorch

    Translated question for the german player “Tauriel”:
    “Will there be a mentor system, by which I can level myself down to the level of a member of my group, so that the fights still offer a bit of a challenge?”

    If you have a question, and can’t formulate it in english – contact me and I can translate it for you.
    Wenn du eine Frage für den Postmorten hast und sie nicht in Englisch stellen kannst – kontaktiere mich und ich übersetze sie für dich.

  20. 2112Starman2112Starman

    Question: Can we get some loot distribution logic and options. Party leaders can pick how loot is distributed for the party.

    We will need this if the dev’s are putting in “looking for group” kinds of mechanics which will bring PUG groups together who dont know each other. Also, I have found in groups that people are afraid to loot so dead bodies would just lay around. It would be great to have distribution logic so that anyone can loot at any time and its evenly distributed.

    This may be a bit much, but it would be nice to have the mechanism for “epics” that allow people to opt into or out of a roll to have a chance at the item instead of say the first person to run up to the boss’s corpse gets it.

  21. amariousamarious

    Question 1: What is the current status of the balancing of taming? and what are some of the things we can look forward to regarding taming?

    Question 2: I’m pretty stoked for the Summer Telethon Stretch Goal Reward, the Miner’s Helmet with flame on top, will there be any more wearables that will illustrate which profession we have chosen? I have posted an idea for Profession Bundles and was wondering what you thought about it.

    Thank you for all of your hard work in making SotA a fantastic game. It is without a doubt getting better and better.

    1. Brass KnucklesBrass Knuckles

      Taming was going to be reworked by Atos im r40, I expect that was dropped and nothing was posted for the quarter. Taming need lots of help there are many threads the outline all the issues however some communication as to what the status is would be fantastic.

  22. manufacturedsoulmanufacturedsoul

    Any chance we could get a Player Piano / Mechanical Pianola or maybe a Mechanical standing Harp added to the game maybe with Kobold flair (add-on store)? These musical instruments could be played manually or preferably loaded with various Sheet Music songs so we could play back our sheet music songs in our homes or taverns and actually do stuff at the same time!

    I really enjoy listening to my various created sheet music songs but am bummed that I can’t do anything other than stand there playing an instrument while listening to them when I’m at home! I could be sorting, decorating, or training while listening to them with something like this!

    Great job lately guys, keep up the good work!!!

  23. Scoffer

    Q1 With the feedback for the new Serpent Spine Caves, will there be more ore added or is this as good as it gets?

    Q2: if there is not going to be more ore added in Serpent Spine Caves, will the ore be the same distribution for Verdantis and Elysium once they are uncloned? (I don’t mean same nodes as there currently is spread over 10 times the space)

  24. Scoffer

    Q3. What would be the downside if the ore nodes in serpent spine were doubled (or even tripled) ?

  25. AlmarAlmar

    When, oh when, oh when, will my mighty avatar stop tucking his cape down the back of his armour????????

  26. MenchiMenchi

    Q1: Will you be doing a pass on some of the old houses to fix bugs (f.x. viking town stronghold has some parts off center making it asymmetrical, has an invisible pillar, everything you place is floating slightly)?

    Q2: Can we get glass display cases now that we can use weapons as deco?

    Q3: Currently the flute seems very limited in playing music compared to the other instruments, is there any plans on making it better?

  27. Duke Avery

    Will artifacts get unique animations? ex. artifact instruments create magical animations, ankhs/rings/heart of vrul generate some sort of aoe animation…. etc.

  28. georgegadgeorgegad

    Q1. Is there a good reason why I can not dual weild shield, or has it been overlooked? They would be an excellent bludgeon and I would be willing to take a fair drop in my DPS for the double defence buff and the double shield enhancements.

    Q2. Are we eventually going to have a relationship stat or be able to join other factions like the red sash and city kobolds? I would love to join the kobolds driving some thieving humans from a mine, or rescue fauns for the antislave movement. Friends of the red sash could stand among red sash spawns in PvP zones and wait to mug passing players.

    Q3. Also curious If I jump just before I hit someone with my mace or hit them as I drop down on them from above do I get a hight advantage bonus?

  29. Lord Beowulf

    Q1. Do our elementals even have an attunement rating?
    If so, is it tied to that of their owner?

    If not, I’m suggesting that this would be a GOOD THING. For those who hop on and off at irregular times, or when most other folk are in bed, an elemental is a nice little friend to take adventuring. Not terribly strong, but still somewhat useful.

    If they have no attunement rating, then their usefulness becomes relatively less as the owner becomes more powerful and battles bigger mobs. What I would like to see is: as my fire attunement climbs, my fire elemental also can do more damage.

    Q2. Following my first question, when will taming be fixed too.

    Q3. When will farming be fixed and add back to the game. Or when will we be able to at least get seed back.

  30. RhiannonRhiannon

    1) Recently, it was answered recently that yes, you could make the shutters on homes stay open instead of automatically closing by default. Any ETA on that (my OCD is driving me nuts on constantly opening my shutters).

    2) As of today (4/7), we are having super whacky growth times in all garden homes (this has been documented on the bug forums). There has been no acknowledgement that it s a known problem EXCEPT a recent update note that it was fixed (it’s confirmed it has not been fixed). Update?

    3) Are you guys getting enough rest? Eating ok? You look tired…and hungry.

  31. redfishredfish

    1- What exactly are “patterns” from game lore perspective? I know basically that they’re means to an end, but it would be nice if they were explainable in terms of the game world.

    2- Can I ask Lum about the Hidden Vale?

    3- How is Chris’ daughter doing?

  32. Artte DarrowArtte Darrow

    I would really like it if a Guild could designate one POT 2 b a “hub”, where you could go to the hub from some other POT that was owned by a guild member. Even if it was one way once a day. More community. Better.

  33. infernal

    question 1: can commission vendors the ones you buy for 20k not the public vendors, be change to take their commission out of the sale instead of when listing a item.

    question 2: can you add Lord British and DarkStarr action figures to the game what I mean by action figures is open a menu and select from a few different poses that could than be placed on a shelf.

    question 3: will the viking and obsidian bundles eventually be getting themed armor sets like the other 3 bundles have

  34. rednoughtrednought

    How is the number on houses on an overland pot decided? Number of unique occupants, or total land ratio claimed?

  35. amethyst25amethyst25

    Q: when will the 1 hit point after dying be fixed? We can’t rez people with 1 hit point.

    Q: What are the chances of getting smaller round and square tables to craft in the game?

  36. LaceLace

    Q: With the recent uncloning of Serpent Spine mines, it has created a panic among crafters and miners because once again the availability of ore has been diminished. This time it is due to the size increase of the scene but not the number of nodes, nor the respawn timers. We have seen timers go up and down, how proactively you will you address this issue and can you please assuage the growing concern.

  37. EchondasEchondas

    Q: Any plans / ETA on making the summoned elementals and phoenix more unique and useful than they currently are? Right now, they are all mostly identical – except the water elemental, which occasionally heals. Some suggestions: Phoenix resurrects itself, Ice Elemental slows enemies, Fire elemental fire adds DOT, Air Elemental causes confusion…

    Q: Chris said he was working on improving the effectiveness of combining glyph combo’s and adding new ones – and update on this?

    Q: Any thoughts on better scaling the size of players and buildings on the overland map, so that when the map zooms in occasionally near a town, the player isn’t as big if not larger than the objects?

  38. Tetsu NevaraTetsu Nevara

    Q1: Can Plate Armor like White Iron get + HP% such as Fustian Cloth has +Fokus%?

    Q2: When will you work on the Skill and Combat System?

    Q3: Can you increase the drop rate on Patterns for savaging Items a little bit? Less then 1% is nasty!

  39. Widsith [MGT]

    Gardening inside user housing has been broken for all of R40. Everything inside a home (as opposed to a separate greenhouse) is at 1x, regardless of whether it’s down inside or on the greenhouse level of a row greenhouse (crafted or add-on). These has been documented in multiple threads, was supposed to have been fixed once, but was not. Will this be fixed before R41?

  40. Astor CerberusAstor Cerberus

    Q: Would you consider allowing us to set ‘resident’ permissions on lots in POTs similar to ‘Guild Chapterhouse’ permissions? Many pots use lots to create markets, crafting areas, etc and we want to give residents a modicum of access to vendors, etc.

  41. SolazurSolazur

    Q: Can the way pots are displayed on the overland map be changed to no longer show the empty slabs? I like how you can gauge the size by the number of buildings you see but the slabs are unsightly.

    Q: Can dura be made to affect the dmg you inflict (or the dmg inflicted on you)? It’s kinda uncool how the mobs can beat the crap out of you with such shoddy weapons. The same should hold for players…a weapon with full dura should do more dmg than one beaten down to the last 10%. Hey maybe the repair skill could be made meaningful too? :-)

    Q: can something be done about the loot table generally? As it is, it’s a hard grind for the mid lvl player to build up the bank account. If you go grind for an hour in many 5 skull zones the take (after factoring in repairs) you’re left with an amount that ranges from “you’re kidding me right?” to meh. On the other side of the spectrum you have the top lvl players making fortunes farming artifacts and sieges.
    Last sub Q: When the next round of arty’s drop how about making for a better distribution rather than just more phat loot for those who are already sitting pretty?



  42. Phil ScottPhil Scott

    Q1: Will it be possible to place a practice dummy that other can use when the lot owner is offline?

    Q2: Are all of the “named” towns (NPC towns) part of one of the main “Story Paths” (Truth, Courage, Love, Oracle)?

    Q3: What type of pattern is used with bone armor?

  43. 3devious3devious

    I get that you are gun-shy about having a global chat but when my guild’s town was under siege and there was no one logged in but us lowbies, I posted in Nobles chat that Rifts End was besieged. There were folks looking to farm cabalists and my guildies looking for an easy walk home were all happy about it. Do you have plans to implement a wider chat channel to give to the community members that are not of a pledge tier higher than Knight-Marshall?
    You could even put a specific item in the addon store for a low price that would only give access to that channel.

  44. steorrawulfsteorrawulf

    My understanding is that killing baddies improves your courage status and giving to the poor improves your love status. Is there a way to improve truth that doesn’t involve a quest? Maybe as an example, delivering mail shows trustworthiness.

  45. that_shawn_guythat_shawn_guy

    1) When should we anticipate the ability to put a buy order on vendors for any/all tradable items?

    2) When should we anticipate more tank focused skills (taunt, etc)?

  46. AncevAncev

    1. Does the bladed combat skill affect other skills in the blades tree? or does it just affect auto-attack and free attack damage?

    2. Do Spell Damage and Spell Critical Chance stat mods from gear affect proc damage?

    3. When the mail system eventually goes in, can offline messages from our friends list be converted to mail? or maybe just queue them to a new chat tab?

  47. 2112Starman2112Starman

    Please answer this one, Ive asked it before and no one has addressed it:

    Q: Will you offer those of us who missed world bound PoT’s and have nested PoTs the opportunity to upgrade to the world map?

    Referencing the 10 page long active GOD Death Magic thread

    Q: Is it the intention of the dev’s to allow solo players to continue to be able to solo 10K world boss’s with death magic? Are you going to bump up all the other class’s to be able to do the same? This is just continuing the trend of allowing the 1% players to dominate SOTA.

  48. RosemourneRosemourne

    1) A while back more value was placed in living in larger cities because they would offer more protection against sieges. Will this be a factor for POTs or NPC towns in EP. 1?

    2) Owners of vendors can’t remove items other players have listed on their vendor without fully clearing the vendor. Is it plausible to make the owner of the vendor able to unlist specific items of other players? This could make guild vendors and such much, much easier. (If this function exists and I’m blind, please explain to me how :))

    3) Where’s our red Darkstarr cake with chaos star on top? Not saying it was ever promised to us, but LB’s got two cakes on him. Time to catch up!

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