Community Livestream – Magic Movers!

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We will be kicking off this week’s Community Livestream by giving players an in-depth look at how the Property Manager helps you move your home and lot belongings (a.k.a. Magic Movers) works by visiting Hometown and trying the feature out!

As mentioned in the Release 39 Instructions, we added a really powerful new feature to Player Housing where:

“Players can now save a fully decorated lot or basement and reload it later onto that same lot or onto a different lot in that same scene (as long as that lot is the same size). Players will start with 5 slots and, in future releases, will be able to purchase more for Gold Crowns. In a future release, we will expand this feature to allow movement of a fully decorated lot/basement between separate scenes for an, as yet, undetermined cost.”

Details for how to use this new feature can also be found in the Player Instructions document. Darkstarr also posted a detailed explanation in the forums.

The fun begins on Twitch this Friday at 4pm CT! Also join the community watching on Discord chat to ask your questions about the Property Manager.

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  1. Frederick GlasgowFrederick Glasgow

    Not to take away from anything that is shown during the live stream, I used the magic mover to move between scenes recently,it worked flawlessly. Also, in case this isn’t covered, it moves all your greenhouses and planters intact with everything placed back in the exact state they were in.
    There is also no need to remove vendors,the vendors on your lots appear right back as they were,even with all their stocked items for sale. In my honest opinion,a very great tool provided by the developers for changing scenes (cost Coto’s for changing between scenes as in two different towns) saving your lots for a town biome change, or saving multiple lot scenes or setups for various holidays. I would give the magic mover three thumbs up if I had 3 thumbs. lol

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