Community Spotlight – Serenite Crafting Museum

Recently the player town of Serenite opened the doors on its new Serenite Crafting Museum. The town would like to invite one and all to come browse the museum’s historical artifacts today!

What is a crafting museum? It’s a place where many of the game’s craftable armor and weapons have been collected in one convenient place in an effort to answer all your crafting questions related to the finished product.

Ever wonder what the damage difference is between a short bow and a long bow? How about how much protection does Meteoric chain offer over Iron chain? Just how much difference does it make if you go with Augmented or Fortified? All of these items have been gathered and placed together for your convenience so that you can compare the finished products and make the final decision for the gear you need regardless of if its protection, damage or just what looks the fanciest.

The museum can be found at the top of a hill behind the Serenite main castle:

Alternatively, you can take the signpost to the first town boundary and take the first right.

Here is a complimentary walkthrough of the Serenite Crafting Museum from curator Scoffer:

Building of the museum has been a monumental task and stands as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Serenite crafters. Weather it be making the final product, donations of display pieces, gathering resources or helping to decorate and suggest ideas on the construction of the museum itself, I would like to personally thank everyone involved in the creation of this place.

To give you a taste of what is on display, here are a few pictures to entice you to come visit…

The Grand Entrance:

Taking the left door when entering will take you to the Plate and chain display pieces. Each “type” of plate and chain are displayed in their appropriate spot and examining them will show you the material bonuses shown so that you can compare styles and utility at your leisure.

The winning entry for the 2017 Spring Crafting Contest is proudly on display towards the rear of the museum. Taking countless Obsidian Chips and several runs to the Obsidian Forge at the bottom of Hilt to replace broken pieces in its creation, this is now used by Scoffer Kada for ceremonial purposes rather than actually fighting in.

Across the hallway is the leather and cloth displays. This area also features a selection of hats and masks to add a little flare to the museum. While strictly speaking that these are not craftable, they are still on display as many can be used for patterns in crafted gear.

Going up the central staircase is a selection of tools of all varieties each with a different tool kit applied. Here you can see the differences between true bronze, silver, gold and heavy iron.

Also on the second floor is a selection of shields and weapons:

Originally the museum had many other attractions, including paintings, rugs, statues, busts and other interesting craftables. Unfortunately these had to be removed due to space concerns and only minimal decorations are in place.

While the roof area is still under construction, work has already started on the more rare pieces. Rares can be anything from telethon rewards, early adopter items, patterns from the add-on store, randomly dropped items that patterns can be extracted from, as well as every type of bone armour.

I hope you come visit the museum sometime very soon!

There are so many towns to explore throughout New Britannia. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Serenite community and to help build up the museum’s unique collection, you can contact Scoffer and other community members that live in the town.

Do you have a town, guild, or other group we can spotlight? Message community manager Berek with the details!


  1. RentierRentier

    Wow I am speechless….

    What a great idea and lots of time spent crafting….

    Well done, next time I am in the area i will have a looong, very long look on some….more…nearly all items….

    Rentier Woodpicker

  2. Alleine DragonfyreAlleine Dragonfyre

    Cairo Hayden gave me the honor of a tour a while back of the museum and it was truly impressive. Thank you for building it Serenite!

  3. kaeshivakaeshiva

    Guess if we’re going to be getting more traffic in the museum I need to stop using the exhibits to play dress-up … :X

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