Community Spotlight – Ordinis Mortis’ Gallery of Fine Art

Welcome to another Community Spotlight feature! These spotlights are dedicated entirely to community content, usually about a player town and presented by a single individual or an entire guild. For this week’s spotlight, we visited Ordinis Mortis’ Gallery of Fine Art.

As told by Amarth Shadowstring:

Located in Ordinis Mortis, a city continuously growing in its splendor and inhabited by the Order of Chivalry, is based a gallery dedicated for the finest art in Shroud of the Avatar. The city itself is quickly becoming a key trading hub with over a hundred vendors and a carefully kept inventory of traders by the town governor, Minerva. One would think that the city would’ve grown colder with a more business feel as it grows; but quite on the contrary, it has amiably maintained its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

A guildless dabbler in arts like myself felt the immediate welcome of the people of the town. Luca Xante, the late Halte Khaza and also Halte’s brother, Urwendor Donderrion were there to help set the foundation of the property on instant. Add the fact that while Ordinis Mortis features no shrines, the nearby Verat Chaos conveniently has them all, but is under almost constant siege by cabalists. I was sold on the idea of an easily accessible, developing town in a key location. Having rarely met such camaraderie, I wanted to give back something to the town – something which could be appreciated by all connoisseurs in the region.

Art doesn’t come easy, not for the artist nor to the patron! While established in October 2017, the art gallery only recently completed its collection of paintings (and prints). Acquiring a full collection took several months, during which even leasing agreements were being considered. The art itself is now distributed to and available for your viewing pleasure on all of the four floors’ walls of the golden ornate greenhouse.

The Gallery of fine Art is open for visitors and there is no payment required for the entrance. Please allow us to give you a brief glimpse on some of the art that has been gathered…

The Gallery is located in the merchant district of Ordinis Mortis:

A viewing room on the ground floor hosts many paintings by Caravaggio’s Wolf:

More art on display on the 2nd floor:

3rd floor holds prints, but also all of the prestigious bugs paintings:

Visitors are encouraged to sit back and relax, also enjoy the river view of the city:

The gallery is always interested in acquiring further pieces of fine art, should more be discovered or created. If you know of a piece that would fit the gallery well, please let us know!

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  1. Daigoji GaiDaigoji Gai

    Absolutely brilliant; and love the little touches like making use of the number decorations on each floor. Big fan of little touches and the consistency of themes between floors.

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