Royal Gardeners Wanted! New Decoration Contest

Once upon a time, somewhere in New Britannia, a mysterious Outlander arrived.
Nothing was known about his origin, a curious place today known as “The Otherworld”.
Nobody knew of his intentions and the reasons of his arrival.
Nobody, not even the outlander himself could have forboded the fateful consequences of his arrival. Consequences that were to change New Britannia forever.
He, who was the first Outlander of our lands, is today known as Lord British, the keeper of Virtues.

On July 2nd we want to gather with you in our beloved New Britannia and celebrate a very special event: Lord British’s Birthday! 

(See the program here). Inspired and amazed by the magnificent beauties, that the Community has built over the years in Novia, we want to ask you, the Community, to design the garden/plaza of Lord British’s Birthday Celebration during this contest.


  • This contest is made for groups. it is recommended to get organized in a group but it is not mandatory.
  • Every group must have a group leader (it can be the guild master, but you can also choose to have a different trusted leader for this event if you wish)
  • The group leaders are to announce which members are part of their group.
  • At the end of the Event, the group leaders of the winning garden(s) will receive the prize for the group and are trusted to distribute it fairly as agreed with the group members who contributed.


The contest begins on Tuesday, June 5 and will end on June 26, when Portalarium will decide upon the best garden(s).


  • Participants can submit their finalized Plaza in the <Submission Thread>.
  • Each leader posts on behalf of the whole group.
  • One post per participating group.
  • Resources cannot be reused for multiple gardens (one garden per group/lead!).
  • Helpers that tend to a garden may help others on their gardens.
  • By June 26th, each submission must include:
    • Location of the created place
    • 3 Screenshots of the place
    • A few sentences about the place
  • Updating your Submission is allowed at any time, by editing the respective post.


The submissions will be judged by their creativity, fanciness and/or originality.

The group of gardeners whose garden will become chosen “Royal Garden” shall receive:

  • 230 COTOs
  • 500,000 Gold
  • 1 x Stone Statue of your choice (Max. City Lot)
  • 1 x 2018 Lord British Birthday Cake
  • Exclusive Title: Royal Gardener
  • Host in your garden for the Lord British’s Birthday party

Up to two other beautiful gardens shall receive

  • 115 COTOs
  • 200,000 Gold

Once the prizes are handed over to the group leaders, the event is concluded. 

Any discussion related to the distribution of prizes are to be discussed with the members involved privately and not in public. 

Portalarium and Travian Games will not intervene in any discussions about the prizes after they have been handed over to the group representatives.


See the forum post for details. Good luck, Avatars!


  1. Daigoji GaiDaigoji Gai

    I second Sol; especially since there are some designers that have constructed some amazing large structures using the ad-on store building blocks aligned with perfection.

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