Community Spotlight – Veritas Sanctuary

Welcome to another Community Spotlight! These spotlights are dedicated entirely to community content, usually about a player town and presented by a single individual or an entire guild.

For this week’s spotlight, we toured the player owned town of Veritas Sanctuary. It is a town in the forests along the coast of Longfall, just opposite of the Bay of Storms. The governor of Veritas Sanctuary, Dereck Visaard, was kind enough to provide a fascinating update on the bustling activities of the town.

As told by Dereck Visaard:

It’s been a while since we provided an update on the expansion of Veritas Sanctuary. Phase I of construction, referenced in this post, was completed shortly before the 2017 holidays when the town was a town-size POT. After the holidays, the town was upgraded to a city-size POT, and over the last few months residents have been hard at work building out the Phase 2 expansion.

I am pleased to report that Phase 2 is now complete and open for business! I’d like to thank all the town residents and benefactors who contributed RMT funds, gold, COTOs, crafting supplies, and precious time to build, test, and refine the new southern areas.

And for our German friends: Es haben sich einige aktive Spieler aus Deutschland in Veritas Sanctuary niedergelassen. Damit heißen wir jeden Spieler auch in deutscher Sprache herzlich willkommen und laden dazu ein sich in Veritas Sanctuary niederzulassen. Als Ansprechpartner dient Catweazle Waldschrath. (Anflüstern: /w Catweazle Waldschrath, oder eine private Nachricht an @CatweazleX hier im Forum)

What’s New?

Town historians explored the ruins south of Scholar’s Square further and confirmed that the elven refugees from Vertas settled near two ancient trees along the river. One of the trees still stands at the riverbank, while the other evidently fell sometime before the refugee’s arrival. The few records we found relate that the mighty stump was sprouting new leaves when the elves arrived, so they built a small shrine there to commemorate a new start and appropriately named the tree “Hope Tree” symbolizing their hope of starting a new life.

To honor their memory, we built the Hope Tree Market around its remains.

The market features a full set of expert crafting tables, NPC merchants, an Oracle and banker, several new row and village spots for player vendors, and an upgraded auction house named Veritas Coliseum on the south side. Yes, the Veritas Sanctuary Auctions will soon return! :)

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