Update of the Avatar #50 – 11/27/13: Blade of the Avatar Novel, Combat Design, Immortality Fruit, Black Friday Goodies, and More!

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar. Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday we’re publishing the update early this week. Lot’s of great stuff to share, including the first installment of the SotA novel by Tracy Hickman and Richard Garriott, and some awesome Black Friday weekend promotions!

  • First Installment of Blade of the Avatar Novel
  • Combat Design
  • The Immortality Fruit
  • The Royal Elderberry
  • The Pickaxe of Prosperity
  • Black Friday Weekend Promotions
  • Kickstarter: The Space Bards Present Their First Album, “Neon Milk”!
  • Movember: Shroud of the Mustache


[Book Cover Art by Stephen Daniele and Tracy Hickman]


Blade of the Avatar Novel, Installment 1 – Prologue

The first installment of the serialized SotA novel, Blade of the Avatar (BotA), written by Tracy Hickman & Richard Garriott, is now available for download! Digital version of BotA is included as an Early Founder reward at all pledge levels $25 or higher, and is also available in the Add-On Store for everyone. Early Founders can download the first installment at the new Early Founder Rewards area in the community forums (accessible to Early Founders only; Early Founders are backers that pledged any amount by May 20, 2013). If you are a Kickstarter backer you’ll need to have your Kickstarter account linked to the SotA website (click here for instructions to link your Kickstarter account).

If you purchased BotA in the Add-On Store, then you will find a download link for the first installment on your personal SotA account page (log into SotA website and click on “Account” in the top-right corner).

This installment consists of the Prologue. Here is a brief excerpt (illustration by Denis Loubet, renowned Ultima artist):

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The Space Bards Present, “Neon Shroud of the… Telethon?”


On Monday November 25th from 5-9pm EST, Space Bards will be streaming a live musical event entitled “Neon Shroud of the Telethon”, created specifically for the Shroud of the Avatar game community to help fund the kickstarter for their upcoming album “Neon Milk.”

During the live-stream there will be unique Shroud of the Avatar related pledge rewards and stretch goals, live musical performances, raffle prizes on the hour, mp3 giveaways, and open community discussions about bards and music within the game.

The event will feature special guests Chris Spears and Starr Long of Portalarium, Hearth of Britannia Founder Joseph “Rustic Dragon” Toschlog, Grandmaster Bard Holt Ironfell of Poets’ Circle, Stile Teckel of The Caverns, Steven J Goldman of Four Legs Records, and more – including Shroud of the Avatar creator and astronaut Richard “Lord British” Garriott!

During the telethon, the Space Bards will also be unveiling some original tunes they have composed for consideration in the game.

The live stream will available on www.spacebards.com on November 25th at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

You can sneak a peek at the Space Bard’s kickstarter page for “Neon Milk” here: Space Bards Kickstarter

Update of the Avatar #49 – 11/22/13: Spoony Interview, Benefactor Knight Home, Story Sneak Peek, Cloaks, Gifting, and More!

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

This week’s edition of Update of the Avatar includes:

  • Britannia Burns! The Long Awaited Spoony Interview/Roast!
  • Benefactor Knight Village Home
  • Founder Knight Home Improvements
  • Story Sneak Peek #7 & Map Reveal
  • Founder’s Cloak
  • Lord British Cloak
  • Axe of Prosperity
  • Hearth of Britannia Lords of the Hearth Event
  • Gifts of the Avatar!

Britannia Burns! The Long Awaited Spoony Interview/Roast!

You wanted it! You earned it in our Kickstarter Stretch Goals! You waited for it! Well, wait no longer! Presenting… Spoony meets Lord British, Part 1!

The unvirtuous force meets the inscrutable object!

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Hangout of the Avatar ~ Community Panel ~ Ultima Dragons

Please join Richard “Lord British” Garriott and FireLotus as they host the first of a new kind of hangout… the Community Hangout of the Avatar!  Today at 5 pm CST, a panel from the Ultima Dragons will sit down with Richard and chat about Shroud of the Avatar’s development.

Update of the Avatar #48 – 11/15/13: Scene Jam & Recruit-A-Friend Winners, Skills Design, Windmill Home, Basements, Taming Turkey Call, and More!

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

We have another fun-filled edition of Update of the Avatar:

  • Unity Scene Jam Grand Prize Winners
  • Recruit-A-Friend Winners
  • Story Sneak Peek #6 & Map Reveal
  • Magic, Combat, and Crafting Skills Design
  • Thanksgiving Specials: Taming Turkey Call & Cornucopia
  • Windmill Village Home
  • Village Mine Basements
  • Movember: Shroud of the Mustache

Unity Scene Jam Grand Prize Winners!


[Chris Spears narrates a walk-thru of the Scene Jam Grand Prize Winner]

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