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Senior Community Manager for Shroud of the Avatar.

Community Spotlight – Ordinis Mortis

Welcome to another Community Spotlight feature! These spotlights are dedicated entirely to community content, usually about a player town and presented by a single individual or an entire guild.

For this week’s spotlight, we toured the famous town of Ordinis Mortis. The town is located conveniently just south of Brittany and across the river from Novia Market. After a few days journey, we arrived safely on the island to be greeted by lady governor Minerva. We were eager for a tour of this famous town that’s hosted countless events for the citizens of New Britannia, including a relaxing inn along the riverside called ‘The Two Vikings Brewing Co and Inn’.

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Stream with Us! Introducing the Shroud of the Avatar Livestreamer Program

Calling all livestreamers and livestream viewers across New Britannia! It is time we get the word out to new players and veteran Avatars about your channels. We’ve seen so many great in-game adventures being shown, we want to spotlight them for everyone else to experience!

We are announcing today a calendar program to make it easier for everyone to tune into their favorite streamer, and to support those who stream Shroud of the Avatar. Want to know when someone is on the air? Our calendar will have them listed!

See below for how you can be a part of this exciting new program.

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Community Spotlight – Insulam de Nocte

Welcome to another Community Spotlight feature! These spotlights are dedicated entirely to community content, usually about a player town and presented by a single individual or an entire guild.

For this week’s spotlight, we toured the town of Insulam de Nocte. The town is located conveniently just east of Brittany. After a few hours boat ride, our group arrived safely on the island to be greeted by a mysterious town guide. Our group is eager for a tour of what is rumored to be a place that has much to see, including an intense tournament series at the local arena.

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Community Livestream – Exploring Quel Shardfall

The first post-launch Community Livestream is this Friday at 4pm CT! On these livestreams we talk about all sorts of community-centric news, what’s coming up with the game’s continued development, and of course give away some cool in-game prizes!

For this week’s Community Livestream, we’re going to be taking a stroll through the Release 52 scene of Quel Shardfall with Esteben “SorcerousSteve” Zaldivar and Dan “PlagueOfLocust” Brennan, and perhaps find the Obsidian Lich deep within the scene!

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Impressions of New Britannia – Launch Screenshot Contest

Can you smell the thriving forests?
Can you taste the salty seas?
Can you sense the blazing deserts?
And the struggling fights for peace?

Can you hear the festive music
In the Taverns of PaxLair?
And the smell of burning cities
When the cabalists appear?

Hear the battlecries of Satyrs
As they come to take your soul
Feel the moments of pure glory
As the gustball hits its goal

Praise the beauty of each flower
Praise the crows above your head
Praise the sweet and too, the sour
Praise every tear that has been shed

Live the New Britannian moments
Praise the light, and too, the dark
For our hopes grow in the darkness
And stars are born from little sparks

New Britannia is full of wonderful impressions. We want to highlight all the moments of beauty, virtue, danger, and wondrous discoveries that inhabit the land. We invite you to capture your moments in New Britannia in this ‘Impressions of New Britannia’ – Launch Screenshot Contest!

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Monthly Livestream for Release 52 – April 6, 2018 (NEW DATE)

** $80,000 **

Telethon Funds Raised

Watch Monthly Livestream for Release 52 – Apr. 6, 2018 from shroudoftheavatar on

All Avatars from around the world in all territories are welcomed to join us in the livestream activities. We will be doing deep dives, answering questions, having sales, handing out prizes, and tracking towards stretch goals! In honor of the new Quel Shardfall and the unleashing of the new Obsidian Lich, our stretch goals for the R52 postmortem are Obsidian themed!


Monthly livestreams are on Twitch and include answers to your gameplay questions, world building tours, prize giveaways, sales on items, and more! Here is the schedule:

  • 3PM: Introductions and Q&A
  • 3:45PM: Deep Dive 1: Combat
  • 4:30PM: World Building Tour: New Scenes
  • 5:30PM: Deep Dive 2: Story
  • 6:15PM: Q&A Continues
  • 7PM: Ending Announcements

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New Travian Games Shroud of the Avatar Website

Greetings Avatars,

As many of you know, Portalarium and Travian Games have a Publishing agreement for most EU countries (except for the 3 Baltic states), LATAM and the MENA region.

As a part of this agreement, Travian Games will add a number of services for players within their publishing territory.

After the official launch of Shroud of the Avatar on March 27th 2018, Travian Games will operate a dedicated website at, language specific forum sections and Customer Service in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and (Brazilian) Portuguese.

After the launch customers from the Travian Games territories will be migrated to the Travian Games services. This transition will neither affect your game account nor your previously obtained pledges, rewards, etc.

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Community Livestream – Northwood and a Quest

In this week’s Community Livestream we’re going to be taking a stroll through the upcoming Northwood scene with Travis “Vas Corp Por” Koleski, and then taking on a noble quest in Brittany Graveyard (The Earth Rise quest) with Damien “Puuk” Foletto!

As always, we will be giving away some in-game prizes during the livestream, so be sure to join watch on Twitch this Friday at 4pm CT! Also join the community’s Discord chat to ask questions about what’s presented:


Community Spotlight – S Mart Factorium

Welcome to another Community Spotlight feature! These spotlights are dedicated entirely to community generated content. That content is usually in the form of a player town or gathering area, and can be featured by a single individual or an entire guild. It is up to the community to decide what we spotlight!

For this week’s spotlight we are taking a walk through the unique town and factory of S Mart Factorium.

By Vladamir Begemot: “Nestled on a mountain between Resolute and Highvale, the S Mart Factorium draws crafters and adventurers whose contributions are sold across all of Novia. Adventurers bring raw materials to the factory. There they are refined by crafters and made into furniture which can be seen on display in the large showroom.

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Win a Game Key with Loot to Shroud of the Avatar!

The launch of Shroud of the Avatar is coming up on March 27 and we’re celebrating in a big way by giving away bundles of the game and in-game items at SXSW! Even those that can’t make it out to see us can participate in the fun!

Here’s what you need to know. There are two separate giveaways, one that starts now and ends on April 2 after SXSW and Launch. This is an All-Players Sweepstakes that anyone can sign up for. The second giveaway is exclusive for those who visit our booth at SXSW. Together these giveaways include a chance for you to win a free game key and some additional sweet in-game loot.

See below for all the details!


GIVEAWAY #1: All-Players Sweepstakes

To participate in this giveaway, all you need to do is have an account on the Meretz App. Users of the app will receive points that go toward one of the following prizes. Anyone can participate, though anyone at SXSW and completes the scavenger hunt portion will receive a bonus amount of entries toward the prizes below.

How to Get Entries:

  • Get 3,000 Meretz Points per day (worth 1 sweepstakes entry)
  • 10 bonus entries per Scavenger Hunt check-in at SXSW (details will be posted at our booth)
  • Keep an eye out for “Easter eggs” for extra bonus entries!
  • See the Meretz app for additional details

Digital Prizes:

  • Grand Prize: A Town Bundle of their choice (value: $1699)
  • 2nd Prize: A Village Tax Free Bundle of their choice (value: $574)
  • 3rd Prize: A 2-Story Row Bundle of their choice (value: $299)

The sweepstakes will conclude a couple of weeks after SXSW on April 2 with winners announced on that week’s Community Livestream.

Entries are confirmed by using the Meretz App, so be sure you are running the app when on the scavenger hunt or elsewhere! You can check your progress in the app.



GIVEAWAY #2: Daily Booth Giveaway

Visit the booth (#2516) each day to pick up a ticket for a chance to win a free game key! Participants must be present at 5:30pm CT back at the booth for the drawing. Winners are randomly selected with 5 entries given away each day. Tickets may be redeemed on other days while at SXSW, but can only be redeemed once.


For more information about our presence at SXSW, be sure to keep watch for future weekly update newsletters leading up to the event!