Community Spotlight – Kahli Player Town

From the journals of Elbyon, the Ranger of Kahli…

With the skeletons of Ravensmoor closing in upon me, I had no choice. Kahli. Certainly the rumors of peril arising from this land could not be so true, and most assuredly, could not compare to my impending doom by skeletal hand. Holding my panicked breath as if plunging into frigid waters, I ducked into the darkened canyon, descending through twists and turns akin to a maze. Even the undead dared not to follow.

What have I done?

But ahead, a glimmer of light brought me hope. Approaching, there be three disheveled merchants, forlorn, all but emaciated, and with only a paltry amount of supplies for trade.

“Traveler! Come, quickly, to the light of our fire! The night here… it becomes too dark. Do not get lost in that madness. Are, are they gone? The walking bones? Can we finally leave?” implored the raggedy banker, long since away from her comforts and riches.

The second merchant mumbled, all hope lost, “No. Our traveler friend here has refreshed the guard. Bringing more undead to the gates. We are still trapped. Trapped between most certain death and most certain madness. This gate between two wicked worlds is our home. But come by the fire and warm yourself. Do not venture further until the light of day, if you even dare.”

As I contemplated acceptance and after an uncomfortably long pause, “I cannot bear this much longer,” the third merchant whimpered, adorned more in filth than clothing. I gazed sadly upon the meager amount of wares strewn about his feet, magical in nature, components so dry a mere breeze would bring them to dust. “Aye… it has been too long. Months. A year? The vermin here are all that sustain us. At the brightest light of noon, one of us dares to fetch water ahead, but returns quickly. The ruins of Old Kahli are ghostly. The dragon’s bones emanate strongly with Artenius’ Sorrow.”

The three merchants then resumed sitting positions by the fire, returning to their nightly routine of hushed whispers and roasted rabbit. “At least our visitor brings fresh stories if not fresh rations? What is your tale, oh traveler? Might you sing words of enheartening legend for our beleaguered souls?”

Smiling softly, I attempted to dismiss worry and accepted their kind invitation of refuge, albeit foreboding. As my tale began, the legend of Kahli grew. For my words became a part of Kahli’s story, echoing softly in the canyon and into the distant peaks. With a centuries long hunger for new song and rhyme, Kahli devoured my tale as it might, one day, my being.

Would Kahli one day be as it was so many centuries ago? Alive and splendid with art and beauty? Could my tale be the first of many? Or is this canyon my new home? These merchants, my new brethren? Am I now trapped between worlds, never to see the light again except on my day to fetch the water? I think not. Tomorrow, I will journey forth, and make claim to my courage and perhaps even to these lands. I will face the dangers ahead, surefooted, strong of mind, arrow nocked! I shall not linger and wither away as these fools! Tomorrow, the mysteries of Kahli shall be revealed to me! A ranger, trapped within a mere canyon, indeed!

Additional Stories Thus Far…
”The Founding of Kahli” – Story by Elgarion, Narrated by Asclepius
”The Destruction of Kahli” – Story by Elgarion, Narration by Asclepius
”Kahli Rises from the Ashes” – Story by Elgarion, Narration by Asclepius

Land Opportunities Aplenty…
FREE Tax Free Row Lot for Each Village Leader
(Each Guild Claiming a Town Receives Use of 1 Free Tax-Free Row Lot)
(All Lots/Rooms are Tax-Free, No Fee)

Past and Future Events…
May 31st Summer Telethon Treasure Hunt of Chaotic Chaos!
(This was a test event to play with the concept of a treasure hunt. Much was learned and many prizes were awarded. Expect many more treasure hunts to come your way!)

Kahli Creative Writing Contest
(Lore posted at RPOTA.COM featuring Kahli garners $10 add-on store credit!)

The Hidden Treasures of Kahli
(Persistent Quest Line, 8 Chests are Hidden Throughout Kahli, Can you Find Them?)


The ancient city of Kahli was lost to the world during the Fall. Five centuries have spanned since its horrible demise. What became of its peoples, temples, stories and lore? Only recent whispers from a mysterious sorcerer bring hints of this locale’s vibrant history.

In the years since The Fall, the territory became a place of peril, one which harbors only the bravest of souls or those fraught with such depravity, they are shunned elsewhere. Settlers here must prepare themselves for engaging warfare and political betrayal, for your neighbors might not be your friends, and your friends might be too distant to render aid. Numerous villages abound and await claiming.

Will these villages make war or peace? Will a large faction attempt to claim them all? Will the Virtues hold any sway within this land of strife? Only time will tell.

Summary of Locations Claimable by Guilds…
(These Entire Locations May Be Reserved by Guilds or Guilds Soon to be Created)

  • Ancient Prison (Unclaimed, 24 Row, 2 Village, 1 City)
  • Boreus Village (Unclaimed, 12 Row, 4 Village)
  • Dragon Bone Hill (Unclaimed, 12 Row, 2 Village, 1 Town)
  • Field of the Fallen (Claimed)
  • Gardener’s Point (Claimed by The Gardeners of Kahli)
  • Kahli Stronghold (Unclaimed, 12 Row, 2 Village, 1 Town)
  • Oracular Rise (Unclaimed, 11 Row, 1 Village, 1 City)
  • Rowtown Meadow (Unclaimed, 15 Row, 2 Village)
  • Sequanna Parish (Unclaimed, 72 Row, 5 Village, 1 Town, 1 City)
  • Southern Highlands (Unclaimed, 5 Row, 2 Village)
  • Southern Watch (Claimed by House Serenite)
  • Stairs of Granus (Unclaimed, 23 Row, 3 Village, 1 City)

Summary of Locations Claimable by Individuals…
(These Locations Feature Lots Which May Be Claimed by Individuals)

  • Gluttony Tavern & Stables (2 Row, 4 Village Basement Rooms Remain)
  • Lake of the Four Hermits (4 Village Lots Remain)
  • Reservoir of Old Kahli (1 Row, 3 Village, 1 Village Water Lot Remain)
  • Tower of the Mad Sorcerer (8 Town Basement Rooms Remain)
  • Shanty Town (35 Row Lots Remain)
  • Shimmering Lake (3 Village Water Lots Remain)
  • The Hermit (1 Village Lot Remains)
  • Valley of the Three Lords (13 Row, 8 Village, 3 Town Lots Remain)

Ancient Prison (Unclaimed by Guild)

Perhaps the most defensible location in all of Kahli, The Ancient Prison is a cluster of 24 Row Lots, 2 Village Lots, and a single City Lot. Featuring a Watchtower and stairs to gain purchase of the Row House rooftops, a band of archers controlling this ancient location of torture and punishment could bring new purpose to its original design.

Could this be sanctuary from the harshness of the world above or will something far more sinister fester here?

Boreus Village (Unclaimed by Guild)

A place of beauty, for sure, with Boreus standing stoic, overlooking the majestic Shimmering Lake, but to claim this village presents considerable risk. Central to many nearby settlements, could these villagers one day face a war upon all fronts?

Fortunately, Boreus Village is a considerably defensible village featuring 12 Row Lots, 4 Village Lots, and some castle wall reinforcements. Making their home here are Gerald and Kendra Higglesbottom, a decorations and crafting merchant, and are oft seen nearby whilst paying homage to the likeness of Boreus. Quill and ink awaits you, oh village leader! Scribe the tale of this land, and weave your grand vision into Kahli’s rich history.

Dragon Bone Hill (Unclaimed by Guild)

This location features a hermit-like Town Lot near a beautiful display of ancient dragon bones. Having long since perished from the poisons of the fallen dragon’s decay, an enormous shell of a tree remains, casting its sinister shadow upon the Hill. With 12 Row Lots, 1 Town Lot, two castle towers, and 2 Village Lots, much room for inhabitants exists in this well defended and elevate fort. Also residing here is Ordon Oathkeeper, the banker of Dragon Bone Hill.

What peoples might claim this territory in hopes to reap the powers of the Ancient Dragon Bones or perhaps even to craft their weapons from this treasured substance? Come! Vibrant lore options abound here, oh would-be leaders of Dragon Bone Hill.

Field of the Fallen (Claimed)

The inhabitants of Kahli’s varied greatly after The Fall. Remnants of the Obsidian Empire even exist here, Hidden within the Vale, and through the centuries since, some of these Obsidian structures were repurposed, as was the Obsidian Keep within the Field of the Fallen.

Now adjoining the keep, lay an array of honored dead, each resting under the forest shade and the gentle gaze of three Oracle guardians. Is there a tie between the remnants of the Obsidian Empire and these fallen? To what purpose could the Oracle’s likeness have been constructed to watch over these fallen? And most importantly, what stories of heroism might these souls harbor, and if one could speak to the dead, what wonders might one learn from the ancient past?

Gardener’s Point (Claimed by The Gardener’s of Kahli)

A wonderful location for gardeners. This lake-side location offers excellent access to the Public Gardens and features a mere 8 row lots. Certainly a fantastic settlement for a tight-knit group of gardeners and perhaps food vendors and cooks. Imagine if the entire cluster were Row Houses with Greenhouse Roofs? A sight to behold, such an array of glass and timber. The public garden also houses crafting and cooking merchants, Donald Earthsewer and Rhianna Earthsewer, perfect residents for this perfect little gardening community.

I cannot wait to see what The Gardeners of Kahli bring in story to our humble yet deadly town.

Gluttony Tavern & Stables (2 Row, 4 Village Basement Apartments Remain)

This tavern and stables combo is a place mirth and relaxation in an otherwise dark territory of warfare and strife. Perhaps this is the meeting place for dispute settlement? Could there be truce here? Would everyone abide by this truce? Only time will tell.

For those hoping to involve themselves in more tavern life or perhaps dispute mediation, they could reside in a room within Village Lot Basement or claim one of the two Row Lots placed here. Perhaps an enterprising innkeeper might set up shop in Kahli, bringing their shrewd business sense and tales from afar? Or might they be after your coin, and water down their drinks like the swindlers they are…

Kahli Stronghold (Unclaimed by Guild)

The premier territory to conquer, will there be a faction or guild daring enough to claim this coveted location? Highly defensible, the Kahli Stronghold offers stalwart castle walls, and quick access to The Caverns of Kahli, the Town Crier for banking needs, a Crypt Caretaker, a Combat Merchant, a Decoration Merchant, and a Crafting Merchant. This stronghold harbors Kahli’s graveyard, the Moontower, and a tomb. Well protected within these stalwart walls are 12 Row Lots, 1 Town Lot and 2 Village Lots.

A small, tight-knit guild could easily lay claim to this location if they dare take on the brunt of attentions from the surrounding villages, for surely all will look upon this mountain fortress with envy.

Lake of the Four Hermits (4 Village Lots Remain)

A cavern consisting of 4 village lots placed far from each other, one of which is nestled quaintly upon the center island. A nearby fisherman, Naomi the Blind Fishmonger, offers her wares and sage advice to explorers. As with most of the caverns, this giant chamber’s true nature is shrouded in mystery.

Oracular Rise (Unclaimed by Guild)

A small settlement which offers a 1 City Lot, 1 Village Lot, and 11 Row Lots. Also featured are two merchants (Crafting and Banker) seeking the guidance of The Oracle.

Certainly those wishing to seek counsel with The Oracle must tread here, but will the lords that reside over this small plateau be welcoming to outsiders? How might they represent The Oracle’s desires as residents of the Confirmatory’s plateau? Will they take the wise guidance of The Oracle gently to others within Kahli, or will they interpret The Oracle’s soothsaying as justifications for war and strife within this already beleaguered town?

Reservoir of Old Kahli (3 Village Lots, 1 Village Water Lot Remain)

Once serving as the fresh water reservoir to the ancient city above, this cavern lake now offers sanctuary to 3 hermit like village lots, one village water lot, and a single row lot. Laboring by the shore, Dirgil the Fishmonger sells his daily catch and fishing supplies to those seeking sustenance or tackle.

Rowtown Meadow (Unclaimed by Guild)

A long stretch of 15 Row Lots capped on the west with two Village Lots. Likely, this territory is an opportune location for those wishing to create a row of private vendors or perhaps a tournament overlook into the Meadow itself. Featuring only an armorsmith and a banker, the nearby cooking and weapons vendors will likely become useful in Larmenius’ Spite, not far above to the east.

Could this village ally itself with The Southern Highlands to its south? Or perhaps with the nearby Boreus Village, or shall they become a thorn in their sides as they vie for dominance in the region? We shall see, oh brave adventurer. We shall see…

Sequanna Parish (Unclaimed by Guild)

The largest of settlements and probably the least defensible. Could there be a single guild willing to unify this immense village?

Overlooking the Altar of Sacrifice, this parish offers much housing and opportunities for building a community. With 1 City Lot, 1 Town Lot, 5 Village Lots, and 72 Row Lots, what Lords and Ladies might attempt to claim this territory and spawn their own civilization within the ruins of Kahli? This village offers 4 vendors: a magic vendor, and the Eagleton sisters (Juliana the Banker, Talia the Cooking Merchant, Jessica the Crafting Merchant).

And within the center of the parish, looking upon the city lot, is the Statue of Sequanna. Will her gaze upon the lord or lady who inhabits this home influence them to lead this territory with virtue? Will love ensue upon this place of potential light within the otherwise darkened land? Or will this lord look down upon the Altar of Sacrifice with a devilish grin and rule their territory with cruelty and tyranny?

Shanty Town (35 Row Lots Remain)

Could there be peace within this tunnel-like array of Row Houses? With no larger lot, this location does not lend itself well to be ruled, but perhaps there will be Order when one most suspects Chaos? Holding 35 Row Lots, this location certainly offers a shady location to inhabit. With difficult to find alleyways concealing Sid the Black Market Dealer (Weapon Merchant), there is little to rely upon here other than your neighbor and your wits. Tread carefully friends, for here you might find the most vile… or perhaps the most forgotten.

Can you bring this territory to greatness? Could Shanty Town ally itself with The Southern Watch, which overlooks it nearby?

Southern Highlands (Unclaimed by Guild)

Much to the Mad Sorcerer’s chagrin, there are those who took up settlement just below his Obsidian Tower refuge. In the years ahead, this sorcerer hopes to befriend his nearby neighbors to gain their allegiance in his grand search for ancient knowledge, but perhaps they will instead choose to thwart his efforts and blockage access to his tower library. With the vendors of nearby Larmenius’ Spite and Rowtown Meadow, The Southern Highlands offers a quiet refuge for those seeking a reclusive life in the distant southern mountain side. This highland area features 2 Village Lots and a quaint pocket of 5 Row Lots with a splendid scenic view of Kahli.

Southern Watch (Claimed by House Serenite)

A small walled location atop an only slightly larger plateau, The Southern Watch contains 3 vendors (Decorations, Pet and Banker) and a single access point. With 5 Row Lots and a Village lot, only a group blessed by the power of the gods could retain claim to such an outpost, for its mountain views and highly defensible features will be highly sought after.

So very recently, whispers amongst the local tavern patrons have hinted upon the new residents of the Southern Watch. It seems caravans have arrived, and sounds of construction atop the hill of The Watch can be heard echoing throughout all of Kahli. Raised high above the towers, flowing defiantly in the wind, are the gold and crimson banners of House Serenite.

Stairs of Granus (Unclaimed by Guild)

From the Great Yew Tree to the Statue of Titan of Courage lies the village known as the Stairs of Granus. This three level plateau overlooking the Shimmering Lake offers a large array of housing somewhat defensible due to the cliffs and mountains surrounding it. Featuring only a Shady Arms Dealer (Weapons Merchant), the inhabitants here likely will most benefit from the nearby traveling merchants (Banker, Combat and Magic) at Kahli’s entrance or the Tavern and Stables below.

With 1 City Lot, 3 Village Lots and 23 Row Lots, this village offers a faction considerable territory to claim and some of the most scenic of views. With a narrow bridge at its northern tip, and a winding passage to its southern, could this be plausibly defensible? Or shall raiders from nearby villages exploit the cliffs and attempt to climb their way into this supposed sanctuary for the courageous?

Shimmering Lake (3 Village Water Lots Remain)

With nearby Gardener’s Point and Gluttony Tavern & Stables, this carefully placed selection of 3 Village Water Lots (will pick from 12 available, only 3 will be placed to avoid cluttering the lake) has excellent access to merchants and fishing waters. The view here is exceptionally serene and offers a tranquil lifestyle in an otherwise war stricken land. Kip Sorrowcaster, a lone fisherman, practices his trade on the southern edge of the lake and will sell his wares and spin his tales to any willing to listen, and even perhaps to those not so willing.

The Hermit (1 Village Lot Remains)

Perhaps the most solitary of lots available in Kahli, this single Village lot is set far apart from all others. Within close proximity to the Traveling Merchants at Kahli’s main canyon entrance, The Hermit’s views are unparalleled. Whether it be a wise and thoughtful wizard, quick to help visitors, or a depraved soul, taking comfort in his solitude, bent upon foul experiments or even fouler magics, only time will tell who makes claim to this lot and what they might offer to the peoples of Kahli.

Tower of the Mad Sorcerer (8 Tower Basement Rooms Remain)

This once sinister Obsidian Tower has long been repurposed as the home to the crazed wizard, Elgarion. The “Mad Sorcerer” hoards his precious books and parchments as an imp hoards its gold. If ye be peaceful, the old man is likely to befriend you, and quickly offer an ale. If ye be warlike, do not underestimate this old fossil.

For those living beyond the borders of Kahli, The Mad Sorcerer is known simply as Elgarion, a traveler, a tavern patron, and to some, a friend. Within the tower is the Library of Kahli. Elgarion is in dire need of those willing to assist with caretaking these endless volumes of history and legend. And for those studious volunteers? 8 Tower Basement Rooms await them, free of charge for as long as they remain in his service (just decorate your areas like a library or student’s room and role-play as one dedicated to research) with full crafting accommodations available at the top floor of the basement..

Valley of the Three Lords (13 Row, 8 Village, 3 Town Lots Remain)

A widespread location to control, and actually clustered into 3 sections, will one ruling body take control of this land or will there be warring lords who inhabit this place? With easy access to the vendors at The Oracular Rise, this territory does not feature vendors of its own, but instead offers beautiful views and excellent housing. 3 Town Lots, 8 Village Lots, and 13 Row Lots are featured here.

Parting Words from Elgarion…

Avatars! If Kahli draws to you, contact me, Elgarion! I’ll be happy to provide a tour and will gladly speak of location decorations to meet your individual or guild needs. Together, oh Avatars, we shall write the lore of Kahli and bring rich story to the fantastical world of New Britannia!

Do you have a town, guild, or other group we can spotlight? Message Berek with the details!


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