Black Sails say goodbye to Captain Boris Mondragon

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    Resting in Devil's Lair in Mistrendur
    On this day in March the year of our Lord the Black Sails say goodbye to our leader, Captain Boris Mondragon
    Captain Boris Mondragon left this land of flesh and blood for a new world, a new land. The spirit world became his new land last September 26 after spending the day in The Rise where he accomplished his final goal.

    My Lady, go and ask Captain Trinity to meet me at the Pirate Queen's, the Misti Sea, when the sun is just over the trees and the sky is fully alive with color.

    I left the castle and was hurrying toward the Misti Sea when once again I saw the magnificant blue dragon circling in the sky. The pink in the sky allowing the span of his wings to be seen as to just how large he is. I always wondered how such a large creature could be so gentle when he would land next to Captain Boris Mondragon and snuggle his head against the body of the captain. Usually, unless Boris had sent him on a mission, he would remain close by, eat for a time and fly up, turn his head as if to say he would see Captain Boris later and be gone.

    So, why is he is flying around in large circles? Is something wrong? Where is Captain Boris? Hopefully the Pirate Queen will know the answers when we get to the Misti Sea.

    We had not arrived at the Misti Sea when we saw in the distance much commotion with captains and crew members running together toward a large raging fire. The blue dragon had flown like the wind before us leading all toward the fire.

    Suddenly, Merek swooped down to the ground and with a terrifying sound that only a dragon can make his huge body seemed to become a frozen statue. He lowered his head toward something on ground and covered it with his out stretched wings.
    As we neared we saw that there was a body lying on the ground. Because of the way the blue dragon was behaving we knew before we even could see the face who it was.
    The Pirate Queen had reached the area first with the rest of us arriving shortly after as well.

    There on the ground was the Elegant Pirate covered with dried blood from wounds that could only have been sustained in a ferocious fight. Upon his chest was the head of a man with eyes budging from the sockets and a mass of hair filled with body fluids and blood.

    " It is the Lord of the Obsidians" said the Pirate Queen.

    We stood there in somber silence.

    "As I stood there watching in absolute horror I was brought back to the first battles we had since Boris's mission was made known- to rid all of Novia of the evil obsidians led by the Obsidian Lord. Boris wanted to bring peace to our land so that all people could live in unity raising their families in joy. That first battle fighting along side of Captain Boris was so long ago yet it seemed like yesterday. "
    There are so many Captain's and friends here standing in the silence with shocked faces. Most had fought along with Captain Boris and the rest were friends: Captain MonkeySmack, Captain Stu, Captain Trinity, Paladin Michael, Minerva, Datendrache,Antrax, Dhanas, Margarrite, Alexander John, Spinok , Hemswal, Mac, Duke William, ScoobyDo, Lily Byrd, Elgarion, Arkah and so many more but the tears are blinding my eyes so that it is impossible to see to name any more.

    My mind became flooded with the memories of these years. These years full of adventure and trials, battles, friends, fun and joy.

    "Memories............ Oh so many memories!"

    The first link below is the type of music Boris loved and often listened to it in The Rise

    The following two links are of two of the battles held during these years of the Back Sails stories.

    Boris, the truly elegant Pirate of yesterday, of tomorrow and of today,
    I know that you can not hear these words of gratitude for you now.
    For you have already crossed into your future...the world of spirits.

    It is my hope that your spirit is able to know that you accomplished your goal for Novia. Your desire to rid our world of the present evil drove you forward each day. Your heart was kind and loving. Your manner was always a gentleman. Your care for your family was most admired for you never passed an opportunity to express the joy you felt each time you celebrated a birthday with a member of your family. You treasured your wife and your grandchildren. You loved your friends.

    My life was enriched by you over these years of friendship and in writing the Elegant Pirate stories you started so long ago. The privilege of writing with you was one of the most cherished activities I have had in my entire life.

    My heart aches with sadness that in the moons that may follow and the suns that may set you will not be here my dear friend, Boris Mondragon.. You named me your Pirate Queen and led the way to so many great adventures. There were many stories written and battles fought together along the way as well.
    Thank you for all you were in my life all these years and in so many other's. You were unique, you were truly The Elegant Pirate.

    I look now at the mourning of Merek, your special blue dragon. Not many know but your ship was even named The Blue Dragon. I see the battle worn body before me holding your final accomplishment to rid Novia of the Evil Obsidians and bring peace back into our land. You have worked so tirelessly for these many years. It is now time to rest and be quiet in this new spirit life as you realize you completed your task and met the goals that had been given to you so long ago..

    Your life reminds our hearts that we must pay close attention to our goals in the time we may have.

    We must remember that

    Time Lost Can Never Be Claimed Again.

    Time lost can not be used again.

    Time remembered are future treasures which can be shared with those who come after our time here has ended.

    Here are memories captured these past years.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The battle is complete. It is finished!

    Any of you who may have a special memory of time knowing Boris that you would like to share please do so by posting it into this thread.

    If you have any you would like to share please post them along with your written memories in your post in this thread.

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    I met Boris in a world torn by strife. He was there to set things right. We all need a hero to look up to. Boris was one of mine.

    I don't know where we go when this life is over and done with. However, it is my hope that I'll see Boris one day on a distant shore. Fishing perhaps or, just sitting watching the tide roll in. That would be a joy.

    Until then, I will never forget Boris Mondragon. Not in this life or the next. Rest easy my friend until we see each other for the first time and we can laugh.
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    The Tempest
    If I know Admiral Boris he will be swimming in the buff they way he did every morning when The Dragon was docked near my ship.
    (Don't ask me how I know this... <big grin>)

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    The Tempest
    The Elegant Pirate
    The Captain of The Dragon
    The Admiral of the Fleet

    I Salute you my Admiral
    Rest in Peace

    As a tribute to Boris I have listed links to the stories he wrote or assisted in writing in the forum.

    The list is below the video
    Play the video as you read the list.
    If you RIGHT CLICK on the links and select OPEN LINK in a NEW TAB
    the link will open and allow the video to continue to play.

    If I have missed any links, please add them to the thread:

    The Elegant Pirate

    The Departure

    War Preparations

    The Invasion

    End of the Road

    Land Travels

    Black Sails

    El Pirata
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    A few words about a friend from the SotA universe.

    I met Boris through the - so far unique - community event started by Cerus with Chapter 1: Nightmares of Novia.

    After it ended, I followed the Black Sails Saga, introduced by Boris Mondragon and Catherine Rose, a
    nd continued to tie the thread with well-known people from the SotA universe.
    And I really liked to participate and watching the progress of interesting -player made- stories, which were connected with SotA.

    It was a lot of fun to read the stories around and with Boris, and to be part of them. Who would put which idea "on paper" next? Sometimes it wasn't that easy because you had to be flexible about changing your thought processes. That was a very interesting and creative part :)

    Part of it also were a few battles between Avatars and evil Obsidians Cultists. Unfortunately, due to group restrictions, it was not always clear who was whose enemy.
    With larger groups to better differentiate "friend and foe", it would certainly be one of the most interesting event opportunities for everybody.

    And this was Boris Mondragon's vision: to create more of such events by our own ...
    Boris gave enough "fuel" for these fantasy role playing stories ...
    He was visionary.

    In his stories he was a kind of Robin Hood with a special kind of humor and always a bundle of gold for others. A very generous move. Not just in game or his stories.

    When I started a call for donations for the kidney patient Ahmed, Boris also sent me a lot of in-game items shortly afterwards with the remark:
    "A person's life is worth more than a few items..." So I could sell them and use the money for a good thing.

    Even if I met him only virtual and received information about him from his stories I learned two things about his character:
    Generosity and helpfulness.

    And whenever I was online and read his name, a smile crossed my lips:
    The Undead in Etceter Crag Mines or the dark Elves in The Rise would have nothing to laugh about tonight ... Boris was out for visiting them ...

    But one of the greatest adventures Boris and many others dreamed of was the battle at sea - with ships, with flying cannonballs, with grappling hooks and, in the end, boarding the enemy ship to free prisoners, defeat evil and of course to collect a few treasures.

    Unfortunately, in this lifetime we could not set sail with Boris to defeat the evil there.
    Who knows what kind of adventure there is right now, he has to follow? Preparing for a new life on one of the millions of planets in the universe?
    Only he and maybe the Sea Goddess know that ...

    But always on our Journey, in the fight against evil, we will remember your call, Boris Mondragon, when we face the enemy with your words

    "One Ship, One Path, One Truth."

    It was a honor to be part of your Journey!
    Fare well, Brother ...
    Onwards to better shores ...

    ..J_J J_J J_J
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    Captain Boris lives on in my imagination, sailing out on the waves of the universes to search out Obsidian injustice to overcome.

    May his example of kindness and honour remain part of each of us, resonating and bringing peace to us all as we carry on.

    He will be missed,

    Lily Byrd